As we all know, IL VOLO mostly performs songs from an already known repertoire. But on every CD, there are texts written specifically for them, or songs that only they led to success, and are songs really beautiful. Too bad that, often in concerts, these songs are not always performed. So I thought I’d group them here.

Happy listening and enjoy!

2010  E PIÙ TI PENSO from the CD, IL VOLO, Music by Ennio Morricone. The lyrics was written by Tony Renis, for Il Volo.

2011  HASTA EL FINAL from the CD, IL VOLO, Spanish edition. 

2012  WE ARE LOVE  from the CD, WE ARE LOVE, it won the Billboard prize. This video was shot in Bologna.

QUESTO AMORE, Italian version of I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING from Aerosmith.

IL CANTO, written for Pavarotti, but he never sang it.


2015  GRANDE AMORE, from the CD, SANREMO GRANDE AMORE winner of Sanremo 2015.

2015  SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA, from the CD, LIVE AT POMPEI,  the video was filmed at the Arena in Verona.

2015  L’AMORE SI MUOVE, from the CD, L’AMORE SI MUOVE, written by F. Renga for the birth of his son and the words rewritten by Renga for Il Volo. The beginning of the video is taken in Montepagano – Gianluca is sitting in the alley near his home.


2015  PER TE CI SARÒ, video shot on Lake Tenno, in the province of Trento.



2016  AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAE, from the CD, NOTTE MAGICA, video recorded in Panama 2019 during the mass officiated by the Pope for WYD.

2018  MUSICA CHE RESTA, from the CD, MUSICA, third place in Sanremo 2019. 



2019  NOCHE SIN DIA, from the CD, AMAME – this CD was not released in Italy and the video is not visible here.

I don’t know your thoughts, but as we are forced home, nothing is better than enjoying these beautiful songs. And some videos have the words to the songs, so we can practice singing with Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

Their Songs 01

I would like to hear these beautiful songs several times in their concerts …….. and you?  😊



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

37 thoughts on “ONLY FOR IL VOLO – THEIR SONGS by Daniela”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you… How fun is it to have these beautiful songs all in one place… You did a wonderful job putting these beautiful songs together for us…I appreciate every article you post
    because you share your love for Il Volo with all of us….❤🎶❤🎶❤

  2. Thank you Thank you An excellent choice of songs will listen to them again Hope all is well with you and your family Happy Easter to all and stay safe.

    1. Grazie Beverley, I thought that in these holidays, but forced home, you can relieve your thoughts a little with these videos.
      My family is fine, thank you.

  3. Thanks Daniela for your tireless search to post and entertain us fans. Every time I hear a pretty song I think this would be great for IL VOLO. I know it is not popular with some but I wish they would sing some songs from the AMAME CD.

    1. Regina, you know that I think, that they should make their beautiful songs of Amame listen more, but unfortunately the ilcd does not exist here and they are not even on you tube. This release is the only video of Noche sin dia, made by a fan.

  4. Thank you so much Pat and Daniella for this gift of videos of songs that we do not often hear in concert here in the states. I was hoping to hear some of them on their recent USA tour. I know that later today I will enjoy listening to them. Stay safe all and Happy Easter !!

    1. You’re welcome, Annette! So many of these songs touch my heart and soul. I also wish they would sing a few of these at their concerts.

    2. Annette, just because I know that many of you would have liked to hear some of these songs, I thought of proposing them all together.
      Stay safe too.

  5. Thank you so much for putting all these songs together to enjoy on this special day. Apart from listening to such a selection ,how wonderful to see how the Boys have evolved, starting literally as kids and now young men who give so much pleasure to so many. Thank you again, and pray for the return to normal as soon as possible..

  6. I love the song “Romantica” and play it every time I listen to them. You mentioned “We Are Love”. I adore that song as well and hear them sing it when they were on the “We Are Love” tour. Bouna Pasqua – Ciao

  7. I enjoy all of this beautiful music and the beautiful voices of the very handsome men! Some of the music is very bittersweet as I lost my husband and I remember him. Other music is very uplifting and I sing to it and remember the happiness I had with him and the blessings. I remember the amazing concert in March I was blessed to see them in San Diego! God bless you all and I hope you’re doing well!❤️

    1. Mary, I think that in life, songs always accompany us, they mark a path and, although painful, I think you will also remember happy moments, spent with your husband, cheered by the sound of some songs.
      A hug.

  8. This is such a good idea and I thank you all for putting it here for us.
    You are so right, some of these very beautiful songs have gone by. My absolute favorite is from the 1st PBS show. It is Ti Voglio Tanto Bene sung by Ignazio. My husband was alive at that time and when we watched him sing it, looking at us on the TV screen, we had to look, hold and kiss each other. He was so young and at the time he had his eyes open all the time and it felt he was singing this love message just to us. My husband is gone now, but Ignazio and the song remain. I would appreciate it if when Ignazio sings his solos he would look into the camera again as though he is singing just to us. His gift is so special.

    1. Kay, you know that TI VOGLIO TANTO BENE is a song written before 1930 by De Curtis, who also wrote NON TI SCORDAR DI ME and together with his brother, TORNA A SURRIENTO.
      Of course Ignatius gave his imprint on that song and his gaze was truly penetrating. What a beautiful moment it reminded you.

  9. Thank you ladies again for the wonderful job. I love all of their music, old and new, Italian, Spanish and English. I went to 4 concerts this year and I was hoping they would sing something from the newer CD’s but that did not happen. I guess we have to wait for the next tour. I wish you all Buona Pasqua, and Happy Passover, if you are celebrating. My Easter is next week. Love, health and happiness to our guys and their loved ones.

    1. RoseMarie, I was also hoping that this year they would make some of these beautiful songs. We have to make a long signed letter and make them understand that you don’t just want the classic repertoire in the US.
      I think we will listen to them here in Italy, and you will be there !!

  10. Thank you, thank you Daniela. A wonderful compilation, and one to be treasured. So much work to give us so much pleasure. Thank you again.

  11. Daniela, you are such a treasure–always posting so much information and helpful translations and now these videos, many of which I hadn’t seen or heard before! I especially enjoyed the video with Placido–the guys were so thrilled. I’m wondering where you learned all your good English–it must be wonderful to be bilingual. Now I can’t help but hope that you might be translating Ignazio’s recent Billboard interview. It looked like he and the interviewer were having so much fun.

    1. Judi, thanks for the compliments.
      I’m not at all bilingual, I barely manage when I have to speak English, but to write, I help myself with the translator, and then there’s Pat who supervises me!
      I will try to translate Ignazio’s interview with Billboard, he said some very nice things about himself.
      In the video IL CANTO, the boys were really very excited to meet Placido Domingo, a friendship that lasts very strong, still today.

  12. Thankyou Daniela such beautiful music videos much appreciated on a cold wet Easter Saturday in a small country town in Australia. Like every where we are u der mandatory quarantine you can only do so much housework, movie watching so just listening to ll Volo takes me to another place thanyou

    1. Ros, I really thought about this, during this post, we are forced home (unfortunately) we try to relieve our time, and I’m happy to have succeeded with you who are so far away, Australia ….. wow.

  13. Grazie, Grazie, Grazie mille Daniela amica mia!! This is so fabulous!! I love all of them of course!! Hasta El Final is so absolutely amazing…..and I did not realize “We are Love” video was shot in Bologna….I can really see that now, since I have been there a few times!
    I miss hearing some of the older songs too! It is so awesome to see these older videos from when they were in their teens, and seeing their transformation into the beautiful young men they are today!! You may have outdone yourself on this one!! 😉😊🤗😘❤

    1. Grazie mille, , Deborah my friend. Did you really not know it was Bologna? But now you recognized it, it is famous for its very long arcades, right where you also have some of your photos. Now you will watch that video with more interest.
      I also really like Hasta El Final, I had read that it had been the final theme of a film, but I did not find a sure response.

  14. Thank you Daniela for this amazing collection of videos. I will definitely have to save it. Two of my favorites that they never performed were Vacanze Romane, and Romantica. There is a video of them singing Romantica on Porta a Porta. I think I have it saved somewhere. Also We Are Love was a big song for them and I was surprised to not see it on their PBS special in Matera. A nice performance of that song was recorded by Maria Sergeeva at the first concert in Taormina. I watch that one when I want to smile. It is on YouTube. Questo Amore is another favorite. They opened the 2013 tour with that song. I’m not sure if there’s any good videos. I will have to look. Thanks again!

    1. Grazie mille Laura. I was also amazed that on the 10 year CD there was NO WE ARE LOVE, I like it very much also in the Spanish version.
      For ROMANTICA, I have already answered above. You may already know but VACANZE ROMANE is a song presented in Sanremo in 1983 by Matia Bazar, it ranked fourth, but won the critics prize.

  15. Thank you Pat and Daniela for this lovely post. It’s such a good idea and many of my favorite songs are on it. I particularly love Farmi Aspettare, Aspettero and many of the songs from Musica and Sanremo Grande Amore. Thankfully I do have almost all on CD’s. And of course, they do vary their songs depending on what country they are touring. I will be listening to these quite often!
    Stay well and have a blessed Easter.

    1. Margaret, I found almost nothing on NON FARMI ASPETTARE, but it’s nice to be able to sing with them, since there are lyrics.
      ASPETTERO’ is a magnificent song, with beautiful words.
      Happy Easter.

  16. Pat and Daniela… just great that you put this collection together for us. The harmony in Hasta El Final is as beautiful as I have ever heard… and Ignazio’s soaring voice is unbelievable. Wow. Several other songs, we never hear enough, Non Farmi Aspettare, Aspettero, Tornera La Amore, Fino A Quando Fa Bene … all so well done, so moving. What can you say about such talent? Aren’t we lucky those boys came together and stayed together to give us such pleasure? Again, thank you very much for putting this together. You really brightened our day.

    1. Nancy, this is precisely the problem, Il Volo has a beautiful repertoire, but which often does not enhance in their concerts, and it is a real shame.
      They must have more confidence in unreleased songs.

  17. WOW! This is awesome. Nice to have all theses songs together. Thank you so much, Daniela.

  18. This post would be the perfect introduction for anyone curious about IL Volo or for someone who had never heard their music before. This would be the first recommendation I would make. Over all it makes the best impression for a new listener. I liked that the Italian words were shown on the screen during the first song. I think I learned a word or two.

  19. Mark, I’m glad you liked this list of songs, these songs are part of their CDs, as you heard are a combination of lyric and pop and I like them very much, too bad they perform this songs very little, almost nothing in concerts .

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