As Dario Gerardi’s poem dedicated to Il Volo, you are very pleased with it and, as promised, here are the other two poems.


Explosions of energy … Like thundering voices from the immense and beyond, they expand in the hearts and minds of those who want to dream so much.

The power, the strength, beyond the speed of light, hearing them you can not help but fly with the imagination in a different dimension so majestic. 

Diversity makes unique, the union of three artistic sources where awareness of one’s immensity is master…….

Where the power of music wonderfully intoxicates those who are never satisfied with sound. 

To believe in the power of love …

Where everything seems like a daydream … 

Words filled with sweetness as if in listening to them all bitterness is hidden from this world.

With the voice you can conquer the world, with love you could conquer the universe. 

Emotional gratitude will never disappear from those who will never forget them.

Dario Gerardi


Beautiful sensations … 

Simple, humble, moments of wonderful and enchanting emotional baths transmitted by those who know how make to dream, to those who never want to stop loving. 

Immense happiness …

As everything flows in the universe, their, only fixed point of what is beautiful and never lost. 

Besides simple but complex vocalizations, their quality has been distinguished since the beginning.

Perhaps out of envy, perhaps out of jealousy, those who judge them badly … their sweet, intense melody never entered in their hearts.

As they travel and excite the whole world, they only expand sensational moments of happiness deeper and deeper. 

At the base of a great masterpiece …

Foundations of complete humility … their being is the most beautiful act of generosity. 

Grande Amore … L’Amore si muove … just theirs, with their voice.

For those who love them they have already made the center straight to the heart.

From a port, from an airport, from a station …

Each trip has its own destination …

To be scattered among the snows of the Pole, they will be the only bright night stars to follow … Il Volo.

Dario Gerardi    September 2016

What can I say, there are no words.

Dario captured every sensation perfectly, every emotion and described everything with magnificent words.

Thanks again, Dario, from all of us!


Credit to owners of all photos.

19 thoughts on “THOUGHTS IN FLIGHT by Daniela”

  1. You are so right . These three young men have a high level of talent. They are always surprising me, just when I think I have seen everything they bring another astounding performance They are very loved and they love each other.

  2. Bravo Dario, he may be blind but he can see what we have in our hearts for these young men. Daniela, do you know if he ever met the guys?

    1. Jill you’re right, I hope they read, or rather I saw that Torpedine saw this post, surely he will have appreciated these thoughts.

  3. Dario has a gift putting words together so beautifully. I sure hope IL Volo hears his poems. Keep on doing Dario, you have a keen sense of what life is all about. You may be blind, but you see and feel beyond those that do have sight. I think I know how you feel because they were singing for 10 years before I heard of them, and when I did, that was it! I love them and their antics and songs, politeness, and how everyone goes crazy when they hear their name. Thank you Dario, as I said you see and speak well of what life and people are about. May God give you all that you need to be well and happy.

    1. All true what you say, Sassylady, one can have sight but be blind, another is blind, but sees beyond his eyes, sees with the mind, sees with the heart, Dario is just like that.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, Daniela! I understand the poet is blind…perhaps in his eyes, but his heart has captured the essence of these three beautiful, talented Italian men and his words are truly beautiful. I am a Forever Follower of Piero, Ignazio and my Gianluca. Thank you, again, for sharing this.

    1. Exactly Eleanor, there are many ways to see and Dario has developed a lot, that of feelings.
      I hope Ignazio, Piero and Gian have read these beautiful words.

      An interview with Gianluca is on the way, I’m not doing it, but soon it comes !!

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