LAST CALL! Tanti Auguri, Piero!! Another year has gone by…you will be 27! Send your wishes now!



Ok ladies and gents, fans of Il Volo…. it’s time to send in your wishes!

Many of you have already sent in your wishes, but TIME IS RUNNING SHORT

Please send to our Gmail account: by Monday, June 22, 2020.

I will need some time to put all of the wishes together!  🙂


Thank you – 

Jana and Kelly!

22 thoughts on “LAST CALL! Tanti Auguri, Piero!! Another year has gone by…you will be 27! Send your wishes now!”

  1. Wishing you Piero a beautiful (as you are) and wonderful celebration for your birthday. May all you dreams come true. Love you.

  2. Happy Birthday to a wonderful man. It’s been a privilege to listen
    to your beautiful voice these ten years. May God bless you many
    more years.

  3. Happy Birthday to one of “my guys”! It was a thrill to meet you Piero, although be it short. The place was Ikeda Theater in Arizona. I fell in love with you long before that,,,,but I made up my mind if God is with me I will see you in person. I say what I’m thinking and at the sound check you were second to come and see us… I told you right off the git go “I love you Piero” and I meant it with my heart as a Grandma. You have a lovely family as I see on the different IL Volo sites. You are a blessing to many and I love seeing “My Guys” with the babies…. so tenderly held. Thank you for the person you are, and if you remember I told you so at M&G what wonderful manners you all have and I thanked your parents. I relive this venue over and over. First concert of a life time and I’m so glad it was IL Volo. As you said one time “we stay humble” and those are very true words. I wish you joy and happiness and a long life so all ages can hear your magnificent voice. Tons of love for you Piero and have a wonderful birthday…. wish I could be there! Hugs and cheek kisses… got both from you in AZ! Those memories are going with me to heaven. Not sure this site puts up emojis… but here is one and I hope it works <3 Love U to the moon and back and then some.

  4. Happy Birthday Piero, you beautiful man with a beautiful voice, smile, eyes and heart! Have a wonderful day in the sun and post lots of pictures.

  5. Happy Birthday Piero!
    We have been following Il Volo since 09.
    You are a great singer with a heart to match!

    Maria & Alan
    San Diego

  6. Happy Birthday Piero! May this year be one of dreams and wishes coming true for you.

  7. Happy, happy birthday Piero, hoping you enjoy your special day with family and friends. Thankyou for sharing your magnificent God given gift with the whole world. God’s blessings always. ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎂🥳🎁🎈

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Piero. What a man you are, you seem to live, love, appreciate it all. You have a voice no one can forget, cuts to the soul. Enjoy your day and your 27th year.

  9. When you sing to those sitting in the first two rows,
    you make eye contact,and your smile reveals your
    authentic warmth for your fans.
    Today Piero, you sit in the front row as WE sing
    Happy Birthday to you!

  10. I don’t mean to be a pest, but did you get my birthday message for Piero? I couldn’t remember the correct email address. Thanks – Allene

  11. Happy 27th Birthday Piero
    I follow you almost Everyday .
    Wishing you the Happiest, Unforgetable
    Birthday Celebration with your Family
    Loveones. Wish you all the Best for
    today and in the Future.
    Good Luck& God Blessed 🎂🥂🎁🎉✨
    Sending much3x Love from Germany🇩🇪

  12. I love these three, but Piero is my man. His voice is dreamy and so are his looks, not to mention his personal grace; a perfect package! Ah to be years younger! Some very lucky woman will complete his life, meanwhile we’ll all just admire from a distance. Perhaps, year 28 will bring his operatic debut; something to look forward to. Here’s hoping that year 27 brings him much happiness and many professional rewards. Happy Birthday Piero from a fan!

  13. Happy Birthday Piero! Enjoy every minute of your day with everyone that loves you. I also wish you a wonderful 28th year, may all your wishes come true. A big hug, and thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us all. God Bless.
    Ineke from South Africa.

  14. Happy Birthday Piero , just always remember how talented you are and always treat the fans like my sister and I were treated. YOU ARE THE GREATEST. KAREN and Jackie from mn.

  15. A very Happy Birthday to you Piero, you’ve been touch my an Angel. Your has the texture and warmed of Placido Domingo. Your rendition of Love story is a masterpiece. Would love to hear you and Gianluca Do a duet of “Perhaps Love”, as the Domingo and John Denver so beautifully . Vincent Brooklyn NY.

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