Searching here and there, I found this old video. It is an interview made with Al Rojo Vivo, for the promotion of the CD: IL VOLO.
But how young they were, just kids, but what mature answers they gave.
I understand that even then they were clear, what they wanted to do, and what they wanted to be: IL VOLO.
I translate for you and I remind you that I try to guess the presenter’s questions from their answers.
PR = Welcome to Miami…… in Italian???
PR = Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, Ignacio in Spanish.
I = Nacho
PR = How did you meet, you are young, you have been friends for a long time …
P = We met in an Italian television program: We arrived there singing individually and on the fourth episode, the director decided to combine our voices.
PR = And at that moment did the three voices come together perfectly? Did the three voices mix automatically?
P = Yes, we have three not completely different voices, but Ignazio and I are tenors and Gianluca is baritone. There are three different types of voices that mix, make Il Volo.
PR = Do you prefer to sing in a group or do you prefer to sing separately?
I = This project was born as Il Volo, it was not born as Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble or Piero Barone, it was born as Il Volo!
G = From the beginning.
I = From the beginning, so we prefer to stay together, united.
PR = Your age.
P = 17
G = 16
I = 16
PR = Explain to me why you sing opera and not songs like Justin Bieber.
G = We do not sing opera, our genre is pop-lyrical, because on our CD there is no Nessun Dorma (surely then, they did not imagine that in the future they would also sing the Nessun Dorma), La Boheme, and there are no not even songs like Baby or One Time, for example, by Justin Bieber. Ours are pop-lyric songs, and it is also a novelty, because it is the first time that 16-year-olds have been singing this type of music.
PR = But also sing a song called O SOLE MIO.
I = It is not an opera song.
P = It’s a traditional song.
G = It is a song of the Italian tradition, because on our CD there are various songs, in Spanish, in Italian and in English.
P = Type: Smile, by Charlie Chaplin, is in English.
Which are part of the Italian tradition: O sole Mio, Un Amore così Grande, Il Mondo.
I = Also a traditional song in South America ….
P = Spanish, the Reloj (hints at a small refrain)
G = They are all performed with modern arrangements, with the addition of guitars …
P = Because we are three young boys
G = So that’s the beauty of this new project.
PR = Whose idea was it to bring you to the US from Italy and put Spanish songs on the CD?
G = I’ll explain, we are the first Italian artists who signed a contract directly with an American major, it is the first time.
Ours is an international project, it is a music that is enjoyed all over the world, not only in Italy, in fact we are having excellent results, we are really happy.
P = We decided to do the CD edition in Spanish, because we feel that Spanish is a language that belongs to us. We have fun when we sing in Spanish.
I = We must remember that it is also thanks to our producer.
P = Yes, our producer, Humberto Gatica, thanks to him we recorded the Spanish version, because he speaks Spanish and in the recording studio, he helped us with the correct pronunciation of Reloj.
G = But then you know that he is Lucho Gatica’s nephew.
PR = There is another group called IL DIVO.
G = Yes, let’s say that Josh Groban, Il Divo, Bocelli, our genre is more towards these singers.
PR = Which Italian singer would you like to inspire in the future?
I = Certainly Pavarotti was the Italian singer who had the greatest success also abroad, as regards the opera.
P = In pop-lyric I would say Bocelli.
I = Each of us would like to do the same career as Bocelli
G = Yes, Pavarotti or Bocelli
P = But we hope to make a good career like “IL VOLO”.
PR = You are young, do you see other plans for the future outside of music?
P = No, no, always in music, we always hope to sing together, our dream is to sing all life. In my opinion, we were born to sing.
G = We are three different voices, but one soul and when we sing together, when there are harmonies, we feel all the emotion we put into singing.
P = Three voices and a soul.
Thanks to music, we are able to transmit our emotions.
PR = Do you have a girlfriend?
I = Let’s change the question !!
PR = Why doesn’t this job allow you to have a girlfriend?
G = Yes, it allows, but it is very difficult.
I = Let’s say we don’t want to talk about it, we want privacy about our love life.
PR = I understand, you are reserved for your private life.
P = Perfect, we prefer to talk about music.
Music is our job, they are one thing.
Girlfriend is another thing.
PR = You want to keep the two things separate. Private.
We better talk about music.
But what do you do in life, besides Il Volo and privacy?
I = Piero loves to upgrade cars, to transform them.
P = I make cars faster.
G = I play football.
I = I love planes.
PR = Airplane pilot? But really or remotely?
I = I’d really like to, for now I’m training in a program that is a type of real simulator.
PR = Do you want to say something to your fans, maybe future girlfriends?
G = We hope that all our fans really like this CD, because, as Piero said before, you can feel all the emotion, all that we transmit with our voice, is on our CD.
P = And it is a CD suitable for all people of all ages. We sing in three languages and there are songs for young and old generations, for everyone.
G + I = It is a CD for everyone.
PR = As you say in Italian: no to piracy.
Every time I find these old videos, for me it is a reconstruction of some missing moments, as I started following Il Volo after Sanremo 2015, but it is always a confirmation of how big these kids were already, at that time, mature and always well educated.
Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, you have started the road well and over the 10 years you have not lost or changed your path.
Well done!!

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Daniela and Pat, so good to read this. Thank you. Having been a follower from the Tony Renis, and Humberto Gatica days this shows how well and how much time was spent to prepare them to be successful. They rose to the challenge for success. Rare for kids of that age. I just love them.

  2. I remember these days of their youth. They still are well grounded and articulate. And handsome!

  3. Thank you for the videos. I will always love Il Volo. I did write an email to the other day to say I will not be able to comment for a while as I always do because I’m VERY, VERY ILL. I am sorry. Please continue to send your posts to me and a friend will forward them to me.

    I did send my wishes to Piero for his 27th birthday–Buon Compleanno, Piero.

    I have prayed for all of you many times, and I humbly request if you wish, to pray God willing, I will return some day and post again.

    Love to all and God Bless,

    Il Volo Fan from day one,

    Elisa Marie

    1. I wish you swift and complete healing. I’m sure listening to Il Volo will ease your recovery as it did for me when I had open heart surgery. I gave the guys each a thank you note to let them know how grateful I am that they are on you tube because their music is my personal therapy and so is laughter. When you are up to it I’d like to know how you are doing. Doris Jaffe (

    2. Here’s wishing you a speedy and complete recovery and many more posts from you in the future for us to enjoy. A positive attitude goes a long way with any illness. I think you must be one of the most steadfast fans the boys have. They would want to know that you will be good as new soon!

    3. Prayers for a speedy recovery, Elisa. I hope you find comfort knowing we all care and listening to Il Volo.

    4. We will miss your posts Elisa Marie and wish you strength and a return to good health soon. I will keep you in my prayers and God bless you.

    5. Dear Elisa Marie, what a displeasure to know that you are very ill.
      Be positive and always follow, as far as possible, our messages and the beautiful music of Il Volo. I sent you an email. You are in my prayers. A hug.

  4. Loved this, I watch all the old videos and agree they were always so mature in answering and very determined about what they wanted to do and have accomplished their goals and much more They are the best.

    1. I agree Beverley, so young and so mature. This experience and the coexistence away from home made them mature certainly before, but they were already, however, boys with excellent setting received from their families.

  5. Best wishes to you Elisa Marie, our prayers are with you too.
    I loved when Ignazio said this project was born as Il Volo, not as individual singers, and they will stay together as Il Volo. Very mature young boys even at age 16 and 17.

    1. I too loved that clarification, with those words it clarified the concept very well, they are IL VOLO and I hope they will never forget it!

  6. IL Volo are three miracles meant to bring joy and happiness to all people. They are well educated, mannered, and enjoy singing for the people. I was 82 years old when by chance I discovered them. and every day I listen to them. Sometimes I go to You Tube and have spent 3 hours or more just listening to them. They have God given talent to bring pleasure and happiness to all. Viva IL Volo, I love them dearly and hope to see another concert before I check out. They are the best of the best and I thank their parents for raising them to be the good people they are. My love for IL Volo will stay with thru eternity. Hugs and Love to “MY Three Guys”!.

    1. Sassylady, it happens to everyone, to go on you tube, and waste hours, and hours, watching these three. In particular, watching old videos is exciting.
      Tomorrow there will be the post for Piero’s birthday !!

  7. Thank you Daniela…I don’t know if you actually read these comments, but it is a thrill when I get to see the guys and read the interviews and the comments. It’s wonderful to get to know them better, and you do an extraordinary job communicating these things. I am very appreciative…I am a Forever Follower…I love the guys…Gian has my heart, right from the beginning. Thank you, again!!

    1. Eleanor, I read, I see and I respond to all your comments, you must be sure of this.
      Thanks for the compliments and I enjoy it too, when I look for something for you, I like that you are happy.

  8. Thank you Daniela. Your translations always make my day! Learning more about their character just makes me love and appreciate them even more. I hope I get to meet you some day.

    1. Lynn, I’m glad you like my posts, thanks for the compliments. I too would like to meet you, maybe we will meet at some concerts!

  9. THANK YOU, Daniela! I remember those early years well….they really made a huge positive impression on so many of us! We knew they had unparalleled potential, and WOW, have they ever proven themselves! They are what I look forward to the most in these uncertain times!

  10. Well I love Daniela’s replies, and I enjoy reading all the different comments. I noticed watching the photo shoot that Gian has hardly changed at all (always so handsome) that Piero, though cute, tried to hide his full smile, but now his smile is wonderful, and Ignazio, who had the pretty face and great dimples,changed so much with the weight loss (but still has the pretty face and dimples, thank heavens.)
    And he had my heart, right from the beginning. Grazie mille again, Daniela.

    1. Judi, I’m glad you like my answers.
      It’s true, Gianluca has always been beautiful.
      I would say that Piero, who then seemed the youngest, acquired a dazzling smile, surely the operation on the ears also did his part.
      Ignatius must stop shaving his hair laterally to the face, this lengthens the face a lot and looks thinner, moreover the goatee under the chin further increases this fact.

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