SINGER OR ACTOR?? by Daniela

There is little news regarding Il Volo.

Scrolling through various publications, I found this post by Maura Pucci really very funny and particular and, of course, she talks about Gianluca!!

Singer 01

I am in the beautiful garden of Santa Severa, a seaside town near Rome, with my historical friends from my holidays, engaged in pleasant conversations. I have my tablet with me, hoping to give it a peek from time to time …

As my most assiduous Facebook friends may have noticed, I have not been present on the internet very much this month of August. Luckily, in a moment in which speeches languish, I have the possibility and I immediately go to Instagram and the screen lights up …. immensely!

It appears to me immediately, the last photo of Gianluca at the sea, as always a dazzling image of Italic and Mediterranean beauty.

Singer 02

I’m used to his breathtaking images that I have by the dozen by now. Personally, I don’t like to talk too much about his beauty.

Everything that could be said about him in this regard has been said by others, even that he resembles a Greek divinity, or Michelangelo’s David ….

I have always preferred to speak of his voice, even if, immodestly, I consider myself sufficiently expert and rational to evaluate CLEARLY, that is with the brain and not with the heart, both one and the other.

These are my premises to get to tell you how it ended …. In a few seconds I decided to seize an unrepeatable opportunity for fun. My friends know Il Volo well, because I’ve been talking to them for years. They follow Il Volo, when they appear on TV (and they automatically think of me: inevitable!).

But they have always rightly seen Gianluca in other clothes, elegant or casual, but never …. without clothes, that is in the version of a “mermaid” 😁😁

I want to amaze them, with … special effects, let’s call them that, and see closely the effect it does ..! 😂😂

Singer 03

I extend to Agnese, the closest friend, my tablet with the beautiful photo. She opens her eyes wide and says, “Damn! And who is this ACTOR??” She looks at me.

I don’t answer, assuming a Sphinx-like expression.

The others interrupt the chatter and look at us curiously. Agnese resumes the exam and adds:  “Do you know who remembers me vaguely? Your “Gianluca from Il Volo!”

I don’t understand if the photo really reminds her vaguely, or if she guessed it and jokes, slyly, knowing my weakness ..

Singer 04

Is it him? Of course, it’s him!

My tablet passes into other hands and the general conclusion is this: 


Perhaps in the future he could be enticed from singing to acting  … A request has already been received and rejected due to too many commitments. But if he had to face this new experience, stopping singing, it makes me think that he would be WASTED TO BE AN ACTOR. 

Time will tell…..

Singer 05

I laughed, reading this story by Maura, imagining the scene, of her proudly showing the photo of Gianluca!!

Grandma Maura, you are really cool!!😘

And here is my opinion.

I don’t see anything wrong if Gian were to do some part as an actor, but it has to be a decent film, not necessarily a film where there are songs.

However, this must not affect the Il Volo trio. Il Volo is the priority and remains. All three have always stated that there may be small single projects, but the group remains intact.

I also think it really wasted that such a beautiful voice, like Gianluca’s, is silenced for an acting career. 

Both things can coexist !! (such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra …. and more).😉

I await your opinions!



Credit to owners of all photos.

41 thoughts on “SINGER OR ACTOR?? by Daniela”

  1. What a wonderful piece. He does look like an actor or model but make no mistake he is a performer. He is amazing and wonderful to listen to him sing.

  2. Maura, I really love the way you write and what you have to say. I think that you and I are very much alike. I would love to meet you one day as I am sure we would have much to discuss about a certain young man! Grazie mille! 😘

  3. Viviane Le Strat le 27 Août 2020 14h18

    I love Maura and I admire his mind-blowing humor, certainly Gianluca has a cinema physique but his voice is so beautiful, deep and soft that we have to let him continue and progress like Ignazio and Piero elsewhere! they all three have a bright future and we the fans prefer that! I’m sure Nina Maura will agree with me! it’s true that Gianluca has a crazy charm and we all fans of all ages fall for these three talented boys! thank you Daniela for this post!

    1. Nonna Maura, is much loved by the fans of Il Volo, I have known her personally and she is just fantastic.
      You’re right Viviane, we like these guys a lot, not only because they are really good at singing, but also for their personalities.

  4. Daniela, thank you for this post.

    Gianluca has said he would like to pursue an acting career someday. I, like you, would definitely not want him to sacrifice his singing career for acting. However, I truly believe he would find a way to do both. He, just like Ignazio and Piero are multi talented. The fact that they are still so young and have so much to give, I anticipate we will see each of them expand their careers while continuing to perform as lL Volo.

    1. Mary Jane, I am also convinced that Gianluca could also be a good actor, but regardless of whether he continues to be a great singer, we will enjoy both roles!

  5. “Wasted to be an actor” would also be my assessment. It is true he is handsome and has sculpted an Adonis type physique and I think acting would play into his seeming craving for affirmation and acceptance from the fans applause. He really puts himself out there with all the shirtless poses. I believe he would jump at the chance to pursue an acting career and this, of course, would take too much away from IL Volo, especially if the parts he plays would be in conflict with his IL Volo persona. I’m sure he would be sought out for the handsome playboy type roles and nothing more serious. And the older he gets, he know his chances of breaking into the acting career, would diminish. “Looks” mean a great deal in that profession. His voice would only get better!

    1. Mark, I don’t know what kind of part was offered to Gianluca, but he refused. This makes you understand that he would not throw himself “at all costs” into an acting adventure, without considering the advantages and disadvantages, for him and for the group. Therefore I am sure that if he agrees to do so, Il Volo will not suffer, I understand that these guys put Il Volo before their individualities, this is not easy, but these guys think first with their heads, than with their ambition. Rumors have said that “A Chi Mi Dice” was strongly desired by Gianluca and certainly did not value him, but Ignazio!

  6. He is so handsome I can see him as an actor but most importantly is the group Il Volo. i pray they will always be together. I have to say I listen to them more than anyone. They bring such happiness to all. i was fortunate to meet them thru meet and greet. What a special moment. So, if he can do both I am for it.

  7. All three of the young boys bring delight into my every day…..
    I think they each individually could do pretty much anything they
    set their mind to…….Thanks so much, my friends……I look forward
    to a new album soon…
    Sheryl (Grisabella the glamour cat)

  8. Here is my take on this: Many people can act, but there are very, very few with the voice of Gianluca. If any! His voice is a golden gift and a very rare precious thing. As you say, if he acts it should definitely be a side activity, he should focus his career on his voice. Namely–Il Volo!

  9. Oh no! Gian does not need to be an actor. There is nothing he could do (even if done brilliantly) as an actor that could surpass the joy and absolute amazing range of emotions we experience from his songs. He has a gift beyond measure. Actors are a dime a dozen but silencing his voice would be a travesty! Our emotions while listening to him in solos or with Piero and Ignazio are personal, private and soul touching. Actor? No.

    1. In fact, Judy, we all agree, if he has any acting parts, they shouldn’t preclude Il Volo or exclude his beautiful voice! It would really be a great loss.

  10. I will love to see him acting but he is such a great singer that I will hope he keep singer ….always

  11. Well, Ignazio has Floki, his recording company, Piero is studying opera and hoping to perform with an opera company some day. If Gianluca wants to his hand at acting, why not. But there are many, many actors and only one Gianluca with that fabulous voice. He is the best baritone in the world but would be one of many actors. Remember Elvis Presley always wanted to a serious actor but was only cast in mediocre musicals. He was a very unhappy man because of that. I hope Gianluca never gives up his first love, singing 🎶🎶🎶

    1. RoseMarie, I agree with you. I just want to point out that years ago, the singers who were also actors, were engaged in really “light” films, here they were called “musicarelli”, where the singers also had to sing some songs, and the plots were sometimes ridiculous . Now that’s not the case. Jennifer Lopez has made many films, but she does not sing in her films. Sure, the role of Lady Gaga was fantastic, she could demonstrate both arts, but these films can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
      The film “Un amore così grande” has sinned in this. I didn’t like that the main performer was just an actor and had to impersonate an opera singer. But a good opera singer is often also a good actor (they also study acting for operas), but a good actor is unlikely to be a good singer too.

  12. There are obviously very many who think Gianluca is very handsome – and so he is. And he poses a lot. But for me the one who resonates more is Ignacio! Besides being handsome and charming, he has an enormous charisma! I think he could certainly be an actor, but nevertheless I hope all three will remain dedicated to IL Volo. When they sing together, their music is just mesmerizing! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

    1. Dena, all of us, have favorites, but we know that all three are fantastic guys, with great singing skills and also beautiful and with great personalities.
      I believe that all the doors are open for them, but they must NEVER close the door of Il Volo.

  13. Gianluca is already an actor. He plays straight man for Ignazio and Piero every show. Actually, he doesn’t have to dance or act or sing . . . . .just sit there in the sun and SMILE!! Right,Maura?

    1. Boston girl, I believe that all three are already excellent entertainers, and maybe even actors, for what we see during concerts. And in their songs, especially in solos, they not only sing, but there is a transport with all of themselves, which many actors do not know how to do!

  14. I Think that Gianluca would make a fine actor and if he wants to pursue it that is his choice. People can take lessons to learn how to act but Gianluca’s voice is God given, one of a kind. The singers that Daniela mentioned were and are all fine actors and actresses but they were all solo performers. I think being part of a group would make it more difficult for him but I’m sure he could do it. I wish him well whatever he does but I hope he always puts his singing first. He along with Pierro and Ignazio bring so much joy and pleasure to so many of us! I hope to be able to listen to them for a long time.

    1. Cathy, everything you wrote is true. I agree that a good singer can become a good actor, but not the other way around.
      However, I firmly believe that Il Volo will delight us for a long time with their beautiful voices.

  15. The biggest challenge for both a singer and an actor
    is to reach deep inside and convey the authentic emotion
    in either the lyric of a song or the words on the page of
    script. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are all capable of
    great acting, they have already completed the 11 year
    Master”s Class in Acting.

    1. Perfect, Martha, I wrote a comment a little higher, saying that the three of them are already excellent actors, because in their solos they convey all the emotions, my thoughts are like yours!

  16. I don’t believe that a career in acting for Gianluca would do him justice, as it could never outshine his gorgeous baritone voice as the singer that he is. However, he does in his own way use his acting skills in his expressive vocals that are so special. With his gorgeous looks and Italian style, he could do very well in the modeling field, which he displays ever day in all of his selfies. So singer first and modeling on the side. What a bright future!

    1. I agree with you, Susan. Gianluca does act as he sings. The expressions on his face sometimes change so quickly! I have seen him do a half smile and then go right back to a very serious look in less than a second! All of the guys interpret their songs differently….in their own way. It is a kind of acting I believe. And I think they do it VERY well! 😄

    2. You’re right, Susan, his voice first of all, and anyway while he sings he interprets!
      Did you notice that Dolce & Gabbana uses the selfies of all three Il Volo boys to advertise their clothes? Perhaps it is a small opening towards the world of fashion.

      1. Yes, always nice to have a sideline, especially since they are all into fashion

  17. In looking at all the photos of Gianluica – and, yes, he certainly could be a full-time actor – I liked his appearance better in 2011;. That is, he is outstandingly handsome now, but I think his black hair in 2011 was more becoming. I really like brunettes a lot. I live in a place where there are very few really pure brunettes. I know that lightened hair matches better with his suntan. Of course that is only my personal opinion. Speaking of pouring yourself into a song, I think Ignacio does that, even intensely, in parts of “I Chi Mi Dice” . Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  18. Including with all the singers/actors mentioned there is also Mario Lanza who had 6 very popular and successful films. I always thought of Gianluca as a second Mario Lanza.
    As a sideline for Gianluca, it would be fantastic if he went to Ignazio and his Floki recording studio and recorded for us some of those Frank Sinatra songs ~ not only just a few sentences, but the full song!

    1. What a great idea! And not just Frank Sinatra–he sings a number of Elvis songs in a way to curl your toes! I’d love a CD of solos from each of them.

      1. That is a great idea, but it would have to be a boxed set. I wouldn’t want them to be separated. It should be a progressive journey from their first to the latest so we could hear how their voices have matured over the years.

      2. I agree. A boxed set. What a thought! Although Piero hasn’t sung anything new in a long time. I have a little CD that was a bonus with Buon Natale from 2013 that has Italian versions of Christmas carols and 3 solos–Maria by Gianluca,, Memory by Ignazio and Where Do I Begin by Piero. That’s how it could be done–either have solos from all three on one CD or as you say a boxed set.

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