Where do we find Ignazio on an ordinary evening?? In Piacenza, in front of Palazzo Farnese, there is a concert by Andrea Mingardi, a good Italian singer-songwriter.

The concert was scheduled for the end of August, but due to Covid it was canceled and resumed on 9 September, with all the Covid rules of distancing in the square and the obligation for those who attend the concert to wear a mask.

Andrea Mingardi turned 80 on 1 August and already deserves applause for this.

With him is a band of 11 musicians, among which we recognize Bruno Farinelli, the nice and good drummer who currently works with Il Volo.

Who knows if it is thanks to Bruno that Ignazio is on that stage, but we see the performance in this video.

Andrea Mingardi, presents to the audience: Bruno and Ignazio!!


Ignazio, what a treasure you are, to duet with an artist like Mingardi, too bad it’s short.

But from another angle we can see more of this short video.

I translate their speech to you:

AM = Talent and youth, and then he also plays football well !!

I = I must say that, I am young and I have attended only few concerts, this is one of the few that I have seen, and it is beautiful. It was nice for a boy to hear a little history of music, because in any case you are part of Italian music, to hear it told by you is to hear about all the Italian blues.

AM = When there were still galena (crystal) radios (type of radio without batteries or electricity they pick up radio waves only with a long antenna).

I = Yes, you and all your girlfriends from Piacenza (beautiful city in Emilia Romagna, not far from Bologna).

AM = It’s easy for you, because you are a talent, you are a nice guy, you are nice, witty, you introduce yourself to the girls …. you are Ignazio from Il Volo …. do this (snaps his fingers) …. how do all the girls arrive??? On the fly!! (laughs)

Instead for us, it was much more difficult, the girls of our generation, they were witches, they kept you away with their elbows, so much so that those who are over 40 still have bruises here (on the belly), and then it was much more difficult for us.

But I feel that you have an incredible voice …. all three (Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca) are good ….

I = (pretends to play violin and executes Love Story) Thank you, thank you. Let’s do two screams together??

AM = Sure, let’s do EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE, I start and you answer me.

I = But I can do (mentions short refrain of the song)

AM = Let’s go, so listen !! Because it is a celebration.

I = Otherwise I’m going to play the drums!

AM = No …. are you there?? (they start singing)

(Part of the speech, in closer video.)

This is a photo posted by Bruno Farinelli, with this comment:
“Last night in Piacenza was a truly wonderful evening! Full of REAL friends, surprises, unscheduled and full of desire to have fun and make music together!!!”

Thanks to all the guys in Andrea’s band and a special thanks to Andrea, Ignazio and Corrado!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

What can I say, our Ignazio is fantastic, and this is a rhythm that he really likes.

That’s  determination!!

And Andrea Mingardi is also good, it is clear that he was happy to have Ignazio on stage, because our boys know how to make everyone love them !!

As Bruno said, a nice evening with friends ….. and with Ignazio, fun is guaranteed.


Saturday a new television engagement of Il Volo was announced.

Today September 14, is the day of the start of schools here in Italy, Il Volo will be a guest in a program on RAI 1 at 4:35pm Italian time.

The program is dedicated to the opening of the school year and our President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will be present.

See you soon!!

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

13 thoughts on “IGNAZIO: FUN IS ALWAYS ON THE STAGE by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, I am so happy for this article. I watched this performance several times on Instagram and wishing I knew was being said. Ignazio definitely was having a great deal of fun and seemed to be right at home on the stage. Andrea could not have been more welcoming to Ignazio.
    Thanks so much for time and the translation.

  2. Grazie mille, Daniela, you have given me my Ignazio “fix” for the day! I had only seen the short videos, so I loved seeing the longer one you included, with your needed translation. (Although I must say that I was able to read and understood your little bio in Italian yesterday, after two months of Duolingo and these posts.)

  3. I love watching Ignazio on his off hours just being himself. Looks like he would be a fun date. It’s nice to see an older entertainer show him appreciation and respect for his talent.

    1. Trust me RoseMarie, I was very impressed with the words the presenter used, is clear that he has a lot of respect for them.
      What about Ignazio …. adorable 🙂

  4. Thanks, Daniela, for this post. I lived in New Orleans for quite some time, so I have heard a lot of the Southern blues. It was really fun to see dear Ignacio blend in so well. Ignacio is a stunning charmer no matter where he is. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  5. Chameleons all! Our boys wash windows! One CD does 2 large windows with a minimum of effort. Just turn your player up loud and
    Lose yourself in the music. Lovely way to escape reality. Doesn’t work with the vacuum though, unless you have a head set. BUT…that picture of Ignazio keeps showing up on the glass!

    I loved the school article. I am an educator.

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