“Le Cose Che Sei Per Me (The Things You Are to Me)”

Kane Alexander

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Auguri, Ignazio!!! I send my warmest wishes to you for your Happy Birthday!!! ♥May your ‘new’ birthday year hold many joys and blessings you so deserve. You have given so much to so many with your beautiful voice, and fun personality…..but, most of all, you are one of a kind, so special, compassionate and considerate. Your kindness, and gentleness has touched me every time I have the wonderful experience to talk to you briefly at the Meet & Greets after the fantastic concerts. I pray you and your family and friends are well and safe. You are loved.   ~~ Senior Grandma, Harriett from Chicago, IL.





17 thoughts on “HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, IGNAZIO!!”

  1. Beautifully presented. Thank you for your wonderful presenttion. Truly appreciated. We love you We love il Volo

  2. Lovely presentation Daniela! I guess it was not my destiny to be able to follow Ignacio and IL Volo in all their concerts around the world! How I would have enjoyed that! Ignacio, you are extremely special and you can’t be compared with anyone! Have a gorgeous birthday and many more! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

  3. Daniela, Pat and all who put this together. So much effort just for us and the expression of love we feel for Ignazio (and of coarse Il Volo.” It came out so well. My heart is full.

    1. Thanks Kay! This post was a group effort this time between Jana, Kelly and I. Lots of love here for Ignazio for sure!

  4. Thanks to the Flight Crew team for the wonderful birthday tribute for Ignazio. I hope he or someone on his team will see all the heartfelt greetings for his birthday. Also love that song. I would love to hear Il Volo sing that one.

  5. Thank you, ladies, for this birthday compilation of wishes to Ignazio. You outdid yourselves. Does Ignazio actually get to see these posts? He needs to know how much he is loved. What a lovely song was chosen. Thanks again.

  6. Ignacio will receive so many greetings – he is such a celebrity! Will he even see these – even just a glance? What a lovely presentation. Thanks, Daniela.
    Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  7. Thank you Kelly, Jana and Pat for this lovely birthday tribute to Ignazio. The photos were great and it was so well done!

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