Christian Panico and Ignazio Boschetto at the airport bar

I LOVE TO SING by Daniela

After the beautiful Christmas performance of Il Volo in St. Peter’s Square, I followed with interest the various comments under the video published on YouTube by RAI.
Among the many compliments and some (but very few) comments of Italians who said that the boys are obnoxious and arrogant, I noticed a nice comment made by an Italian man Christian Panico, who I discovered to be an Italian singer with a tenor voice.
His comment went something like this:
“I don’t understand this aversion to Il Volo, they are good and I personally met Ignazio Boschetto, a nice guy, good and very helpful.”
I got very curious, it’s really rare here in Italy that other tenor voices compliment our guys, so I looked for other news on his Facebook page and here’s what I found.
Really many, many compliments Christian Panico, you have a beautiful voice . . . very beautiful your performance of Grande Amore!
This beautiful video is accompanied by these words from Christian: “The Italian bel canto in the world, the new generation that goes on and represents us. Three clean faces, three good guys, I like this thing! Well done, you deserve your success! Here is my little gift for you.”
Double honor to you Christian, who sincerely recognize the success and merit of these guys.
I read that you too have a story similar to theirs, you have a beautiful voice that deserves success, but you had to leave Italy to have it. You are known and successful in eastern Europe, but I admit that I, here in Italy, had never heard of you.
On Christian’s page, there is also a photo of the meeting with Ignazio.
And this is his comment on the photo!
“Curious about life! You are leaving for Iceland and who do you meet at the airport bar while we ask for a vegan croissant together? Ignazio Boschetto from Il Volo. Is he vegan too? He too is a tenor … He is also very nice and a very simple and humble person. He has all my respect for this, very helpful, we had a quick chat, they went to do a concert, I instead spent 12 days in Iceland, before resuming work on my recording project.”
Then I found this beautiful video.
Listen to the beautiful voice of Christian Panico in this beautiful “cover” of THE SOUND OF SILENCE, translated into Italian IL SUONO DEL SILENZIO.

And therefore, I decided to contact Christian Panico and asked him if he wanted to answer some of my questions.
He was extremely kind and immediately accepted.
So here’s his little interview:
1) I know you accidentally met Ignazio at the airport. Did you already know him or was it your first meeting?
Hello! I did not know him and I have to thank my mother who recognized him even though he had a mask … We were in the airport and it was the first time I met him.
2) Did you also meet Piero and Gianluca?
Unfortunately no. Ignazio was on his way to them but I don’t like being intrusive even though I admit I would have liked to have a chat with them.
3) You wrote that Ignazio was immediately nice and helpful. What do you think about the fact that these guys are often accused of being obnoxious and arrogant, thanks to what our journalists have always written?
I only met Ignazio and seemed to be talking to a friend, very helpful and nice, a really nice surprise. In short, Il Volo are now among the most famous Italian singers in the world and could certainly be “full of themselves.” (But Ilvolovers know they are not!)
The journalists? I don’t know what to tell you … In no uncertain terms, maybe those who speak badly do it because they don’t take money, like those who speak well of those who make music, which I wouldn’t dare call music, like Trap, and the like. There are also those who write well about that stuff, so anything is possible!
4) As a vocal coach, do you think Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have had vocal study commitments during these years? What do you think of their vocal background?
I am sure that they have taken lessons over the years. There is a vocal growth that is not just their own thing. I would be surprised to be proved wrong, but anything can be … Even Bocelli himself confessed to me in one of our meetings that he had studied and continues to study even now.
I don’t want to hurt others, but I think Ignazio is the most vocally gifted. I think Piero studies a lot and there have been significant improvements and that Gianluca has a very beautiful timbre, a beautiful voice quality.

5) Have you heard about the next project dedicated to “Morricone”, what do you think?
No, I didn’t know anything about it. In my interpretations, too, I paid homage to the teacher with a piece that is very close to my heart (I was also moved while I was singing it). Morricone’s disappearance was a great loss.
6) Would you give vocal coach lessons to Il Volo or have you already given them? In case, how did you find yourself?
They will certainly have more qualified and talented teachers than me, even if I have taught professional tenors from Japan to Russia, a country where I have achieved some success as a singer. I would love to sing with them, but also among us, for to have some fun, who knows … Never say never!
7) You have a beautiful voice and undisputed vocal skills, as well as heart, you also have a strong technique due to study, which today is rarely found in most young singers, yet radio and TV spur relentlessly to follow these singers often out of breath, what do you think about this?
They are killing the music! That’s all … Probably, those who decide and move the gears of the music world and beyond, want us stupid! There are no other explanations. Being a singer is a profession and as such must be taken seriously, you must be prepared and do it by professionals and not improvised.
Instead, now there is the fashion to see success, people with no art or part, as if they wanted us to understand that to become famous (and not singers, which is very different) you don’t need to be a good singer or have studied. I do not think that in 30 years we will listen to the music these gentlemen produce, on the contrary I am sure that we will listen to the great hits of thirty years ago, which we still listen to today. You draw the conclusions.

8) Il Volo had its first real successes abroad and then, consequently, managed to establish itself in Italy as well. You too have had a similar approach, you have been successful in Russia and in Eastern Europe and despite your skill you have often been hindered here in Italy. Why does Italy struggle so hard to recognize deserving people?
Il Volo had the opportunity to get off to a good start here in Italy with a television program that gave it visibility. I too was one of the singers of the great Paolo Limiti (a good songwriter and host of Italian music programs), whom I remember with great affection, a great professional.
I missed the period after the debut …… Il Volo had the TOP in Italy as management. I have not had the same luck, perhaps that is the missing piece for me in Italy. Italy is not a meritocratic country and honestly I have not understood how the music world works in Italy either. If I hadn’t been a good singer I wouldn’t have been successful in Russia or I wouldn’t have had 10,000,000 views with my Italian HALLELUJAH on Facebook. I am very sorry not to be able to break through here in Italy, in my country. I had to be born in another era.😑
9) What do you think of the current Italian music scene?
One word DRAMATIC!
Except for rare cases. The thing that leaves me speechless is to see that not even the Big of music, are no longer able to pull off real hits, as they did in the past.
We are experiencing the musical Middle Ages, as a historical period.
10) What do you think of talent shows?
Maybe I’m the cause of this situation ????
I think they are not meritocrats like those of other countries and I assure you that there are people who are very deserving talents. Indescribable talents … Back from Russia, I also tried to audition for some reality shows and you think that I didn’t even pass the first audition! I remember in particular one for XFactor and I want to tell you about it. I went from Rome to Milan to participate in the selection. They let me into one of the many small rooms and there was a 20 year old boy there, alone, without a microphone and he asked me to sing 60 seconds of a song, guess which one? “Grande Amore” by Il Volo.
After singing, he gives me many compliments and then tells me: “But they don’t take you anyway.”
Surprised, I asked him why and he replied: “Because we are looking for something different. Even today I don’t understand what this ‘different’ is.
This year I auditioned for ‘All Together Now’ and this time after four auditions, I arrived in the top 28 but in the end Ricci (program author), told me that I was good, nice but they were looking for “other” and he put me as a backup. Unfortunately for me it is fortunately for the competitors, no one retired. 😑
Mine is a very difficult job, but I love it, I love to sing, it is the truest expression of my soul. I am naked at that moment and I will never betray the music, which has given me so much. This is why I sing, if I am successful, I will be happy but only because more people can listen to me and because I will have the opportunity to do many beautiful things!
Greetings to all and ‘Hurray Il Volo’ , you are the Italian pride, keep it up!”

And since Christian Panico mentioned his Italian version of “HALLELUJAH” in his answers, I propose you listen to it, you will not regret it!

Grazie Mille Christian, it was nice to be able to interview you.
It was a real pleasure meeting you, you are a good artist as well as a good person, you have talent, you have technique, you deserve great success and we wish you so with all our heart.
For those wishing to get to know Christian Panico better, here are his links:


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Wonderful article and interview Daniela! I actually remember when Ignazio met Christian at the airport. He posted a picture and I believe he mentioned that he was vegan! Christian has hit on some very good points here. It’s shameful that great talents like IL Volo and Christian Panico had to leave their country to be recognized is foreign lands as the great performers they are, only to return and be put down by the press. But one thing I will say is our guys are loved and appreciated by the Italian people and nothing the press says or does will ever change that! This has inspired me to write a story along the lines of what you discussed with Christian. Thank you again for a wonderful article!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Susan. The attitude of critics and journalists is really incomprehensible, but nothing can be done in the face of sincere admiration for these artists.

  2. Thank you, Daniela! This is a great article!!! I had not heard of Christian, snd he is a wonderful singer! I’d love to hear him sing with Il VOLO someday!

    1. Barb, as I said in the post, I hadn’t heard of Christian either, but when I did, I was amazed by his skill. He is very good and honest towards our guys.

    1. Boston girl, I have deliberately not made comparisons, I appreciated both different performances.
      Ignazio’s performance was sweet and aimed at the heart, Christian focused on very high singing ability, very different, but honor to both.

  3. Ciao Daniela, did you ever think when you joined The Flight Crew that you would become a reporter, writer, translator and beloved friend to so many people all over the world? Christian is a very good singer with a lovely voice. I wish him success in his home country of Italy. I like Boston girl’s comment on the “sparkle of Ignazio”. Ignazio sings from his heart and soul as do GG and Piero but he does have that sparkle.
    Keep up the good work Daniela. Have you heard anything about a new album of Ennio Morriconi’s music? There was an article in today that hinted to it today in an interview with our boys.

    1. Really not, dear RoseMary, I didn’t really think about all this, but I must tell you that having found so many friends around the world, I’m so happy !!
      Yes, Christian is very good indeed and deserves success.
      Yesterday I immediately read the interview you say, thinking of translating it immediately for you, but I saw that it is only a summary of the press conference made for the Morricone event. Even then the boys said they will make a tribute CD to Morricone’s music.

  4. I found this post so interesting. I was not familiar with Christian, but I like his voice and he can certainly get to those high notes just like Ignazio. i was interested in his comments about music in Italy today, and it is truly a shame that he has not been able to get recognition in his own country. Il Volo certainly had a difficult time, but thank goodness they have at least been recognized by the public if not by the critics. His comments clarify for me the difficulties in getting noticed in Italy saying fame seems more important that studying music seriously, that the music industry seems to “want us stupid” and this current music will not be memorable in 30 years, but his and Il Volo’s music will live on. Christian, if you are reading this blog, I wish you much success. You are talented and I will check in on your you tube page . Thanks Daniela and Pat for another great post!

    1. You’re welcome, Janet. I too was not familiar with Christian and I am glad Daniela has made him and his fabulous voice known to us!

      1. Grazie Pat. when I told you about Christian Panico, you immediately went to look on you tube and you found Helleluja and you were amazed.

    2. Thanks Janet, in fact the interview with Christian has “exposed” certain problems and defects of the current Italian music scene. To hear the difficulties that deserving people have and to know that so many people who have no value are pushed forward by radio, newspapers, critics … there is a strong anger.
      Christian certainly has a lot of skill and talent and will be happy reading these nice comments of yours.

  5. Thanks for the great article! I enjoyed the sound of Christian’s voice and would love to hear him sing with Il Volo. I agree that “The Sparkle of Ignazio” is missing, but he has a wonderful voice and I would like to hear more of his music.

    1. Jeanette, Christian publishes many songs, even last night, a beautiful one taken from the music of The Gladiator, a really beautiful performance!
      The channels to follow him are at the bottom of the post. Christian will be happy.

  6. Thankyou Daniela for this very interesting article.I agree. Christian has beautiful voice. Although no one can sing Grand Amore like Ilvolo he did a terrific job. I think he is right about most of the singers of today. Most of them will be long forgotten in a few years but the great singers will be remembered for years to come. Its a shame he is not recognized in Italy. I would like to hear more from him and too would like to hear him sing with IlVolo. From what you wrote he seems like a nice, humble young man just like the boys. Thankyou for introducing us to him. I wish him well in his career.

    1. Yes, Cathy, I got exactly this impression when interviewing Christian, that he is on the same page as the boys. Simple, humble and with a lot of talent.
      The channels to follow him are at the bottom of the post. He will be happy with that.

  7. Yes, he does have a lovely voice, reminds me a tad of Piero’s, crossed with a tad of Ignazio. I loved that he said Ignazio seemed the most talented of the 3. I also told this to Ignazio in Verona and he immediately replied “no, the 3 of us…” The picture with his new puppy is so adorable. I bet his pup and Luna would get along well! I follow him on Instagram, as well. I think I saw the post from Ignazio. So nice he agreed Igna was nice and friendly. 🙂 Would be interesting to hear him and Igna do a duet… I think Igna would have to be careful as to not drown him out though.

    Extending on Rose Marie’s comment, it is true, it is amazing you just reach out to these celebrity persons and they totally agree to answer your questions! We are so lucky to have you!

    1. Jana, I believe that Christian is really a deserving person and it was lucky for me to have contacted him, but I must say that I immediately found in him the simplicity and the desire to collaborate.

      Thank you so much for the compliments, you are very kind, and I love writing for this site.

  8. Thank you Daniela for this interesting interview. Its amazing that Italys best singers have to find their audience in other countries. Italy only wants to copy the rest of the world snd not be proud of their own bel canto. Its sad.

    1. Laura is truly incredible, what makes me angry is that the raw material, the good singers, are there, absolutely inadmissible that unworthy people advance!
      Very sad.

  9. This is a beautiful article. How sad that Italy does not even recognize the golden talent of our young singers, and also of Christian, who also has a delightful voice. Thanks for writing something that I would never have heard of, here in America. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

    1. Dena, I hadn’t heard of it since I live in Italy and he is Italian, I absolutely imagined that none of you were aware of it.
      Very sad, he deserves to be known, at least in Italy.

  10. Italy is definitely the country where the best singers come from!!!
    I do not know what is more beautiful ~ Cristian’s voice as he sings the song Hallelujah, or the Italian version of this song! No wonder he got all those ‘likes’ on facebook!!
    Also Daniela, added to your other skills, you have become a great ‘interviewer’. Next must be your Il Volo interview.
    Thank you and also thanks to Pat for this very nice post, from Ineke in South Africa.

    1. Thanks dear Ineke for the compliments, maybe I could interview Il Volo !!!
      You’re right, we have great singers here in Italy and the Italian version of Hallelujah is very beautiful, the words are from Christian.
      My virtual embrace reaches far South Africa!

  11. Daniela, I also (like Jana) loved his opinion–and agree–that the best vocally gifted is Ignazio, but they are all wonderful and together–they are dynamite! Also, smiling at his mention of Ignazio as such a nice guy (no surprise there). But as to the subject of current Italian music, it’s the same here! I am fairly current regarding books, movies, tv–but popular music…I’m pretty much totally out of it. Hopefully, someday this will change, but for now, there’s Il Volo and a few others. Grazie mille, Daniela, for this. Now a question for you–how is Alessandro doing after his surgery?

  12. Dynamite, that’s the right word, Judy.
    It saddens me to know that the musical situation is the same for you too.
    Too bad, because music can help a lot in life and good music is gladly listened to and relaxes the tensions caused by daily stress.

    Alessandro is proceeding well.
    This was published on January with this comment “I can’t wait to play it in the theaters in front of you”.

  13. Thanks for that link and the good news, Daniela. He’s sounds amazing, but HE’S SMOKING??!!

  14. Dear Daniela,
    Grazie for another great article and bringing Christian to our attention.
    He is a very gifted singer, and has such a cute dog( you know I had to mention the dog)😁
    Yes, he should definitively sing a song with Il Volo, and what a lovely picture of him with Ignazio.

  15. Dear Daniela, bring me joy again! I read the comments of the fans under the material and I agree with almost everyone. We love our boys, we trust them, we support them and we like their lives and everything they like. Their only GREAT chance is Mr. M. Torpedine. This is their strength in front of the media and sales journalists. Too bad for Christian, but in my opinion, the difficulties make us stronger! We love you and look forward to new wonderful material from you. Happy New Year 2021! 🎇🎇🎇

    1. Hi Antonela, you are very sweet, and I am very happy that you like what I write.
      You are right, despite everything, the difficulties strengthen us, but certainly we must support the good artists who struggle to succeed or are hindered by silly and misleading criticisms. It’s our job as fans and we the volvolers know how to do it very well!

  16. Very beautiful and, dare I say, almost on a par with Ignazio. As I listened to him I was also hearing Ignazio and the way in which I think he would be interpreting the same songs. How could this man go unnoticed?

  17. While appreciating great singers, and I may be way out of date, but have any or most of you dedicated fans seen (heard) on YouTube – Piero singing A Mano a Mano in a studio setting? It really stays with you ! !

    1. It’s lovely. One of my fvorite videos. Actually I love all three videos from that radio program Social Club–Gian singing Sempre a sempre, and Ignazio’s Pino Daniel rendition. Watch them all!

  18. Hi Pat. I went back to the RAI social club and enjoyed all of it. Never saw Gianluca so spontaneous. But I still can’t get away from A Mano a Mano. Accompanist was pretty awesome, too. I love finding those unusual videos during this drought!

      1. Pat, that video is a great one, the guys are so relaxed. I loved Igna doing Pino’s music. O Scarrafone is a favorite of mine. At the Detroit sound check I asked Piero if he would sing Mano a Mano in concert, he said maybe the next time. Gosh I hope so! He sings it beautifully.

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