Gay Pah-ree and Il Volo – What could be better?

Hello folks!

A lovely lady in Oregon bought 2 tickets for the Paris concert in June.  We all hope their concerts will be starting soon!

Unfortunately, due to various issues, she cannot attend now.  She has since bought tickets for the Verona concert and is very excited!  🙂

Below is the info for the concerts.  These are e-tickets, although they have her name on them.

They are for:
IL Volo June 19, 2021, Salle Pleyel theatre
252 Rue Faubourg Sainte Honore 75008, Paris, France

Salle Pleyel – site officiel


Seats AH 25 and AH 27   seats are 80 Euros each  but I will sell for 130 Euros total.
7 rows from the stage, Left of center section, two seats in the middle of Row AH.

If anyone is interested in these 2 tickets, please email the Flight Crew email at

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