Photo of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero inside an Easter frame with flowers and Easter eggs

Happy Easter 2021 by Daniela

Unfortunately, again this year, for the second year, Easter 2021 will be a subdued party, but certainly not for the anniversary that always has a great value in our hearts, but for the celebrations that flow from it.
The strict anti-covid rules do not allow us to celebrate in happy company as we would like, but to honor the feast of the resurrection in an intimate way, and for some it will even be solitary.

Closeup of Pope Francis praying

So once again yesterday, during the Via Crucis on Holy Friday, we saw the solitary Pope praying in front of a beautiful empty St. Peter’s Square.

Pope Francis praying in an empty St. Peter's Square

But the resurrection means the beginning of a new life, hope for all people, a new vigor that comes from a great sacrifice.
And so let’s open up with joy to this new beginning, nature gives us a great impulse, blossoming new life everywhere.

A hillside covered with flowers

During these long pandemic times, many people will be discouraged, but many people are working to restore serenity in us, because then we can all hug and smile happily.
Even our dear Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, are working for us, to make us rejoice with their beautiful voices, the rehearsals of the tribute concert continue:

 “Study days 🎧 Something special happens when we make music together … ”

While waiting to see their work realized, what better way to listen to their beautiful voices in a splendid “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae” ❤

And therefore, hoping to soon be able to hug and kiss, hold people without fear of contagion , travel and attend some nice concert:


Buon Pasqua graphic with Easter eggs

Happy Easter to those who are alone

to all those who have the joy of a family next to them

Happy Easter to each of us, so that love and serenity dwell in our hearts.


A warm hug to all of you, from the whole staff:
Daniela, Pat, Jana, Kelly, Daniela Ci, Susan, Jo Ann

Photo of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero inside an Easter frame with flowers and Easter eggs

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21 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2021 by Daniela”

  1. And a Blessed Happy Easter to the team and to all. So beautifully said Daniela, thank you♡

  2. Your kind words help those of us who are alone ~~ feel less alone. I thank you and look forward to those wonderful moments with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and all of us who are friends and fans. Stay safe and Happy Easter.

  3. Gracias Daniela una vez más por este mensaje tan conmovedor 😔yo personalmente estoy muy triste porque estoy perdiendo la esperanza de conocer a mis ídolos personalmente pues los conocí un poco tarde y solo sus videos y entrevistas me ayudan a sobrellevar todo esta situación. Gracias otra vez y esperando su próxima información acerca de ellos: nuestros 3 príncipes ❤️

  4. Beautiful post Daniela. Things are easing up here so a slightly better holiday from last year. Wishing you a blessed day.

  5. Thank you to all the I’ll Volo Flight Crew staff and a Happy and Blessed Easter to all!

  6. Wishing and praying for an Easter to warm our hearts and feel the love of Easters past. Hoping for the best celebrations for each and every one. Thank you Il Volo Flight Crew for giving us a base to keep up on the interests of the talented ones who thrill us with their music.
    Happy Easter All!

  7. Easter is both sadness and joy, but Joy triumphs when it is about IL Volo. Such magnificent voices reach every corner of our world spreading love, joy, hope. I wish I could bask in the rays of your sunshine and wish you a great coming year. You are in my thoughts, prayers, and comfort to each. You stole my heart hearing you sing IL Mondo. My final wish on this earth is to see you, hear you sing, and a big big hug from each of you. You are each special in your own way, and loved mountains and mountain of charm, pride, from all over the world. Happy Easter “my guys” somethin about “my guys” that is special and no one has.

    Love you mucho.

    Jackie Rote, USA

  8. Happy Easter to everyone involved with the family of Il Volo. From the technicians to the managers to the beautiful and talented Il Volo. To each of you I wish you a life of God’s love, grace and mercy. May God be with you always.

  9. Thank you, Daniela for this beautiful message. To the lL Volo Flight Crew Staff and to our members during this season of rebirth may you be blessed with peace, happiness, love, and good health. Happy Easter to all.

  10. Grazie mille, Daniela, for your beautiful message. The Ave Maria is a wonderful choice for Easter and our young men’s rendering is an Easter gift even better than chocolate! Let us all remain strong and thank the Lord for all his blessings. Happy Easter!

  11. Thank you for your message and to the Il Volo flight crew for all you do!
    Easter Blessings to all.

  12. Thank you for such a nice message on this beautiful Easter Sunday! Il Volo music is always very inspiring, especially for those that are alone. Best wishes to all the staff and thank you !,

  13. Thank you Daniela. I hope that you and all the ladies of the Flight Crew had a happy Easter. I hope that you and all of your families stay safe and can be together, if not now soon. God bless.

    1. Happy Easter, Kathy! My hometown is St. Joseph, MIssouri not too far south of you. In fact, my Dad was born in Omaha! I now live between St. Joseph and Kansas City. 😀

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