Tanti Auguri Piero! Happy 28th!

Ok folks, it’s that time again!  Time to wish our senior member a happy birthday!  Time to pick the song that will go with the awesome video, that Kelly always creates!

A few tips on the song selection…

  1. Traditionally, the song that is chosen is not one that any of the guys sing….

  2.  We are asking for songs that will go with the video, not songs that you would like the guys to sing…

Send all selections to ilvoloflightcrew@gmail.com by Friday, June 11, 2021.

You can start sending your wishes in as well!



Jana and Kelly

24 thoughts on “Tanti Auguri Piero! Happy 28th!”

  1. Hero from Naro…….
    Happy 28th and wishes for many more birthdays! Looking forward
    to your new album and concert..
    Warm regards with hugs!
    Sheryl Anderson

  2. What about ‘First time I ever saw your face’, a beautiful song to a beautiful face of our dear Piero…

  3. Tanti auguri caro, bell’uomo Piero! Il giorno del tuo 28 compleano. Cent’Anni!!!!!!! Buona fortuna, che tutti i tuoi sogni diventino realta.

    Dio ti benedica sempre.

    Cordiali saluti,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Questa frase ti definisce…..

      “J’ai décidé d’être heureux parce que c’est bon pour la santé.” Voltaire
      “I decided to be happy because it’s good for my health .” Voltaire

      Buon vibe et felice compleanno Piero

  4. “Being a Fan is not limited to loving your artist only for what he does, but
    especially for who he is.” ……

    28 years worth and well spent …… Grazie….!

    Buon compleanno Piero!

  5. Happy 28th Birthday, Piero! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world! Much love from the U.S.A!

  6. Dear Jana and Kelly,
    When you write “songs that will go with the video”, which video do you mean?

    1. Kelly makes a birthday video of pictures of the birthday boy and chooses a song to go with it…

  7. But we haven’t seen that video yet. So please see if any of my ideas can fit : Come Prima, Cara Mia, Al di la (Sergio Franchi), Statte vicino a me, The Impossible Dream.
    And for Piero :
    Tanti auguri, dear Piero, you are a real anchor for Il Volo, I love your voice and your smile. Hoping to hear you again for many, many years!

  8. True, we ask for songs to go with the video Kelly creates. It’s then posted on the site with all of the wishes.

  9. Form Victoria and Trish…. Over the Rainbow. And actually anything the boys sing is just fine with us.

  10. Happy Birthday Piero! May you continue to enjoy your life and spread your joy and beautiful voice around the world!!
    Best wishes, Jane from Minnesota

  11. Piero, You are a kind and thoughtful man.
    Thank your mother and father for their encouragement.
    Have a very special birthday!
    Martha from San Jose, California
    (Your final concert in 2020) So thankful I was there!!

  12. Dear Kelly,
    I agree with Irene Kumbar. “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” would be a great choice for Piero. It was his face that I saw when I randomly found the boys. It was their first PBS special in Detroit. His face was so interesting to look at. It the time I was still teaching 14-15 year old boys, and he hooked me. I have love the guys since then. I am so grateful for finding them and learning about Bel Canto music…Yay!

  13. Dearest Piero,
    Happy, happy Birthday! You have grown from an intense and enthusiastic teenager into a thoughtful and elegant man. your gifted voice is only second to your kindness and generosity. Have a terrific birthday with family and friends.
    Sandi Eyman
    Ohio, USA

  14. Buon Compleanno Piero. We miss you and your brothers terribly and can’t wait for you to come to the USA. I wish you love on your birthday and hope to see you soon. I am the lady with the little red Vespa car.

  15. Piero, I just watched a video from the Americana in Miami filmed the day after your 18th birthday. A lifetime in ten years? Hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Great success in the next ten and a very Happy Birthday.

    My all time favorite is A Mano a Mano!

  16. Happy Birthday, Piero!
    May you have many, many more years of music, performing, good health and much happiness. Thank you for sharing Bel canto with the world!
    Tanti auguri !

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