Which One is the Good, Which One is the Bad, Which One is the Ugly? by Giovanna

The Il Volo guys seem to be making the rounds of the Italian (and other) media to promote their upcoming album and tour.  The interview below is translated from an article on the Il Volo Italian Fan page by Stefania Zizzari.  You may have seen it pop up on Instagram or Facebook.  The original article is shown here and fully translated down below. 

The red caption near the top says:  “In an enchanted place.  Gianluca Ginoble (26) Ignazio Boschetto (27) and Piero Barone (28) are the stars of the short film by Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro dedicated to Ennio Morricone, shot in the grotto of Frasassi (in Ancona province, 50 years after its discovery).  The guys from Il Volo interpret “Your Love” from the movie “Once Upon a Time in the West.”


The blue caption says:  “In 2011 on stage with the Maestro in Piazza del Popolo we were very excited.  And He: “Take it easy, I’ll tell you when to lead off.”


All three of us are a little good, bad and ugly.

By Stefania Zizzari


The first time that Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone met Maestro Ennio Morricone was informally at Forum Studios of Rome, the recording studios where the guys were working on their first album.  It was 2010.  The following year, Morricone invited them to perform in Piazza del Popolo accompanied by the Rome Symphony orchestra, which he conducted.  “We were very young and very excited”, remembers Gianluca “We missed the starting cue and the Maestro said “Don’t worry guys, I’ll deal with it.”

Today those three “little boys” are grown up and to the Maestro, whom we lost last year, they are dedicating a tribute with their extraordinary new record “Il Volo Sings Morricone,” interpreting his most famous soundtracks.  Among these is “The Ecstasy of Gold” from Sergio Leone’s film, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” with the lyrics written by Maestro Andrea Morricone, son of the composer.  For the video of this track they chose the same setting as the film, which location also inspires the cover of the album. 

Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio:  which of you is the good one, the ugly one and the bad one?

Gianluca:  It depends on the day.  We are all three of us a little good, and little ugly and a little bad (laughing).

The album is a tribute to the immense work of Maestro Morricone.

Piero: It’s been like discovering an entire world.  Did you know the Maestro wrote “Se Telefonando” inspired by the siren of a passing ambulance, while he was in line at the Post Office?

Gianluca:  We would like to make these masterpieces familiar even to the youngest [listeners].

In March you will leave for a world tour:  a hundred dates throughout the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, and Italy.  How are you getting ready?

Ignazio: We can’t wait to go.  On the repertoire of Maestro Morricone, we were already prepared for the event at the Arena di Verona in June (which will be rerun on Raiuno (RAI1) on November 10, the date of the Maestro’s birthday, editor) and we are ready.  And then we also work out, take care of our nutrition, and rest a lot, because there will be months of fast pace:  we sing, we travel, we keep moving, we change hotels.  It’s stressful, but it’s what we love doing.



What do you always bring with you?

Piero:  A “Smart Watch” so I can monitor my training.  Ignazio and I play tennis and we have tried to bring along our rackets, but it’s complicated to find a court and the time to play.

Gianluca: An object belonging to a person dear to me, so I have them always with me.

Ignazio:  I, even more than the others, because I’ll bring my girlfriend!



When you are overseas, what do you miss from Italy, besides your loved ones?

Gianluca:  The food.  We have a rigorous nutritional regimen so we don’t get weighed down before we sing.  But for sure, I miss my mother’s Saturday night pizza

Ignazio:  You ask for a chicken breast and they bring it with pesto on top!

Piero:  I like to get up early in the morning and go running.  In Italy, in every place, there’s a lovely fragrance, a particular light, something magical.  Overseas, it isn’t always like that. 

When you leave, who is the first one to arrive at the airport?

Gianluca: The most punctual has always been Piero, Ignazio and I have gotten better at it over time.

Piero:  The one who has no discipline is Ignazio.  This morning he was supposed to be ready at 9:30 for the press conference.  I called him at 9:25 and . . . I woke him up!

Ignazio:  That’s because I do things rock n’ roll style (laughing). 

Who has the most baggage?

Ignazio:  I’m the one who travels the lightest.  Piero brings everything with him.

Piero:  It’s true.  Gianluca and I are the fussiest.  Yesterday evening I recorded a video on the best way to fold your pants and jackets (laughing).


How do you use your free time during the tour?

Gianluca:  I like to be a tourist and go around the city.

Piero:  Me too.  But first I have to find a trail to go running.

Ignazio:  Relaxing in my room.


The caption under the picture of the album cover says:

A Tribute to the Maestro.  Among the 14 tracks on the CD, which was released worldwide on November 5, there’s even an unedited version of “the Colors of Love” composed by Adrea Morricone, son of the Maestro.

What are the first three songs on your playlist?

Gianluca: “Moth to a Flame” by The Weekend, “After All” by Elton John and Charlie Puth, “Easy on Me” by Adele.

Piero: “My Way: sung by Simply Red, “La Musica e Finita” (The Music’s Over) by Ornella Vanoni, “Sign of the Times” by Harry Stiles.

Ignazio:  It’s the time for “Fiore di maggio” (Flower of May) by Fabio Concate.

Unusual things from among the fans around the world?

Piero: The Japanese public is so attentive that when they listen to you, they close their eyes, and you ask yourself “Am I boring them?”  Then suddenly they explode into applause:  they have no middle ground.

Ignazio:  In Honduras the public screamed so loud we couldn’t hear our own voices in our earpieces.

Gianluca: A fan in Kiev held up a poster that said it all, and we enjoyed it the most: “I love you more than pizza.”

Authors note:  So, for those of you planning to attend Il Volo concerts during the US Tour, what are you going to write on your poster?

Grazie Mille, Giovanna!  🙂


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  1. Some of you may have seen my poster in LV during the Fan Faire. (Remember that fun?!)

    My fav quote for the guys:

    “Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.” ~ by Lao Tzu

    And, as my poster also said: “IL VOLO, the Universe is listening!”


    Who out there might I see on Easter in Arizona? So excited!

    Love from Jeanine

    1. I like your poster. Vincenzo and I are still figuring out what to put on our poster for Atlantic City. We are considering writing: “SPEAK ITALIAN! Some of us are Italians too!”

  2. Jana, thanks for great translation of Giovanna’s article. The guys give us just enough personal info to keep us wishing for more! They are always entertaining and l bet they have a lot of fun in between their hectic schedules and the pressures that come with their success. They seem to thrive under pressure with appreciative smiles. They love us (their fans) and we love them right back. Poster::. IL VOLO IS 💕 LOVE. Best wishes to all,. Elisa Marie

  3. By the way, it’s easy for them to be gracious when they are at home on TV. Like any of us, they can get jet-lagged, cranky and moody on the road, but they mostly handle it well. Giovanna

  4. Dear Jana
    Thank a Lot for this article and for your nice Job i am becoming one of you Fan too!!!
    Tey are exceptional as always!
    I will be in the Europe tour in Paris if they come and in Milain My post will be:


    PS/ Hope Pat she is recovering and she is feeling better
    All the best Pat ! Take care of yourself!

  5. Great work again! Informs us of things we don’t know and wouldn’t without you translations. Wishing the boys a wonderful and successful tour in 2022. Looking forward to more of your grand translations.

    1. We appreciate your thanks. It’s always a pleasure to do the translations, especially when the guys reveal a little something of themselves and their off-stage personalities. Giovanna

  6. Too bad, but my seats in the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on March 4, are right next to the wall!!! Didn’t realize that when I bought the tickets but won’t replace them as I might not get any better ones.
    I might make a poster although they may not see it from way over there!!! I, and my group are just lucky to be able to see and hear them, I am thankful for that.
    I also messed up my meet and greet package (being almost 90 years old I’m not too sure of ordering on line), but will get to see them anyway before I check out of this universe!!! Halleluja!!

    1. Hope you will enjoy the concert Deebee and I am sure you got your meet and greet package
      An italian Fan

  7. Hello Folks – my poster would be based loosely on a quote by Barry Manilow….it goes something like this:

    It’s not the words of the song/music, it’s how I make you feel….

    So, guys, it’s not the words of your songs, it’s how your voices make us feel! 🙂 (or I suppose like the Michael Jackson song? lol)

  8. A FUN POST!

    Was just thinking, we could have a really fun post! Whomever wanted to, please send your wishful quotes/posters of what you’d bring to the concert.

    I can make a post out of them? I know some of them are already here…

    Please send to the Flight Crew email…. 🙂

    When things settle down a bit, I could also make it an official post 🙂

  9. Listening to the Morricone CD today and it is fabulous!!! I think my favorite. Their voices gave grown and are amazing and the songs are exceptional. I am hoping to see them in Atlantic City, New Jersey in March. It will be my fourth concert, and hopefully a meet and greet as well. They are each good. There are no bad and certainly no ugly in Il

    1. There is certainly no ugly one, but any one of them can be a little mascalzone (rascal) at times.

      1. I think exactyly like you JO Ann and I add that Piero is tjhe most “Mascalzone” of them ….. he hides his game very well LOL

        How do you say in your language ?” that are the ones that show and talk less than do the most” correct?

  10. Vincenzo and I are coming to Atlantic City too. Maybe we can find each other before the show. Giovanna

  11. Well, here I am again!!! I bought better seats for the concert in Ottawa on March 4, 2022 from Ticketmaster along with Meet and Greet and they REFUNDED me the price of the original tickets! So thankful for their prompt and courteous handling of my request. Good company!!

    Do hope this is the last episode in my Il Volo ticket hunt! Hugs, Dolores

    1. Soooo happy for you Deebee ! Hope you will enjoy, have a great show
      I have to wait untill october 2022………!!!!!

  12. You said it pretty well. We say “It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.” (Sono quelli tranquilli a cui devi stare attento!) And yes, Piero is the clever one.

  13. Well I dunno about good and bad, but none of them could be described as ugly. When I first saw them I did consider Gianluca to be more on the lines of Lord Byron, as in mad, bad and dangerous because of his good looks! Ignazio is obviously very naughty, but in the nicest possible way. Whereas Piero does seem to have a serious side to him.

  14. I can only hope that Ignazio will be very naughty in Boston! Bostonians can be a little stuffy. My poster might say ONE IRISH SONG FOR BOSTON AND NY.

    1. Ah, now you are speaking my language. I love Irish songs, especially when played by Phil Coulter. I have three favourites at the moment, though none are Irish. One is Italian, Il Silenzio. It was commissioned by the Dutch to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands in 1965. It’s composer, Nini Rosso was Italian.

      My other two favourites of the moment are Highland Cathedral, yet another unofficial Scottish anthem, and the Australian unofficial anthem I Am Australian. Hi time England had a new anthem I reckon. Add Il Volo’s new album to the mix, and my days are filled with music. 🙂

  15. Welcome, Kate! You are going to read a lot of wonderful stories here and meet a lot of very special people!!!

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