Our youngest is turning 27! Tanti Auguri, Gian! Feb 11

OOPS!  So sorry, time IS flying too quickly!  He will be 27! 🙁 

Yes, they are not children anymore, and now all of them will have passed the quarter century mark!  They’ve done more in their short lifetime, than most can imagine doing in their entire careers!

Sorry, a little late this year, time is flying so quickly!  But most should know the drill by now! 🙂

Time to choose a song to go with the lovely video created by Kelly!  🙂

Here are some guidelines:

  1. It is recommended you choose a song NOT sung by Il Volo or Gian….

  2. I know many cannot make up their minds, there are so many songs, but please keep your choices to the TOP THREE! (that is per person, not per email…)

  3. You may start sending in your wishes as well

    1. to make it easier on me, please send your wishes and birthday song in SEPARATE emails and indicate song or wish in the subject, as to make sure I don’t miss anyone, I delete them, after I add them to my file.  Sorry, it’s the way I do it….

  4. Please send all wishes and birthday song choices to:  ilvoloflightcrew@gmail.com


Ok, deadline for song choices are a little quick this time, but please send NO LATER THAN Wed, Jan 26, 2022.

Please send wishes NO LATER THAN Tue, Feb 8, 2022.

These dates with give both Kelly and I time to get everything together.   It takes both of us HOURS to put this together!  😉   And we both have full time jobs.

Thanks – Jana and Kelly 😉

17 thoughts on “Our youngest is turning 27! Tanti Auguri, Gian! Feb 11”

  1. Hi, just for clarification Gianluca is turning 27! He was born February 11, 1995. I know time flies!

  2. the video with birthday wishes and the song that go with it, are posted ON Gian’s birthday – Feb 11 😉

  3. Happy Birthday, GianLuca! I saw you perform in Orlando two years ago and really enjoyed the concert and meeting you afterwards. I couldn’t tell you then, but my nonno was from Morro d’Oro.

  4. Hey Jana, you can’t catch us asleep at the wheel. ! Of course we know it’s the 27th bday.

    1. On the same Sinatra theme as Camille, I would love
      to hear “Fly Me To The Moon” OR “Come Fly with Me”
      both songs connecting The Flight, Gian, and Sinatra”

  5. Happy Birthday dear Gianluca. Hope your day is filled with love and happiness.

    Will be coming to see you on March 23 – can’t wait


  6. Happy Birthday, Gianluca! One of my wishes for you is all the love and happiness your heart can hold. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent and beautiful, beautiful voice. 💙💙

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