What Makes Ignazio Different?

Seems like a funny title for a story but many people say to me Ignazio is different from Gianluca and Piero! Well, of course, they are all different from one another. In any event, I decided I would take a closer look to see what these differences are. To do this, we need to go back to the beginning! No not to when he was born but when they were born! Il Volo!
When Ignazio stepped on that stage13 years ago, he did a duet with some very famous entertainers, and he was singing their songs.
Let’s listen to a song from Ti Lascio una Canzone!

I always loved when Massimo Ranieri sang “Quando l’amore diventa poesia.” But when Ignazio sang it with him, I could see the amazement on Ranieri’s face. I think he knew that Ignazio would own this song! Ranieri was in total awe of Ignazio. I love you Massimo, but Ignazio does own this song! No one sings it like him!
Let’s listen to another song!

When Ignazio sang “A Chi,” I understood who Ignazio was. There was no song he couldn’t sing. I can’t even express the feeling I got when he sang that song. The depth of his voice! The expression! Just amazing!  Fausto Leali was, also, in awe of this teenager. I just fell in love with this performance!
So that was some of his performances on Ti Lascio una Canzone but that isn’t what makes him different! Let’s listen to another song! When Ignazio sings Memory he brings out another feeling in us! A feeling that we can hear a song a hundred times and love it but never appreciate it until the right person sings it!

How does Ignazio stand out as one of the three? Let’s talk about his voice! I call Ignazio the bridge. He is a lyrical tenor. He can sing from the lowest to the highest note in the tenor range. And God knows he can, easily, hit the high C. Waiting for it and knowing it’s going to happen is so exciting! His voice brings all voices together!

A lyrical tenor has a warm graceful voice which is bright and strong but not heavy and it can be heard over an orchestra. Ignazio’s voice is smooth, clean and clear, with an acute extension. His voice has the ability to increase the baritone voice of Gianluca while softening the spinto tenor voice of Piero.
Ignazio has many faces. He is very whimsical in many of his songs as in “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici” from La Traviata.

In the aria “Una Furtiva Lagrima” from L’elisir D’amore, Ignazio makes you feel the innocents of Nemorino’s love for Adina.

In his dedication to Pino Daniele, you hear an interpretation that is so emotional and a delivery that is so amazing that you get the sense that Daniele wrote his songs for Ignazio.
These are the different voices of Ignazio but to understand Ignazio better, we need to go to another video. One that I use from time to time and one of my favorite videos of the guys when they were starting out!

This video of the guys recording “Tous le visages de l’ amour” tells me so much about their beginnings. They were phenomenal. They barely knew one another and yet they showed how professional they were. From the very beginning they knew what was expected of them and what they needed to do. Amazing to think they were only 16 – 17 years old.
But let’s take a closer look at the video and a closer look at Ignazio.
The first thing we notice of course is Ignazio’s voice! How can you miss it! It rings out and takes over the song! Powerful! But let’s look further. You will notice Ignazio is already getting into the production end of the recording. He’s already following the music. He’s on top of what is happening around him, in the studio, not just his part in it, but everyone’s part. But what I want you to see is how serious and responsible he is. After the recording, he begins to tell us how the recording went that night. Piero, jokingly, interrupts! At first you think he’s going to get angry, but he doesn’t he plays right along with Piero. Even knowing this moment called for a serious discussion, he immediately took control and went along with Piero. Always in control!
So, we see Ignazio coming from a different direction. He understands the moment! He understands what is expected of him and, he understands that great sacrifices were made so that he could do this. He knows when it’s important to be serious and when it’s important to be funny!
No one understands music better than Ignazio does. I’m sure Piero and Gianluca will tell you that. They will also tell you that no one knows the stage or the production better than Ignazio.  That’s why he is the technical person, the hands-on man. He always knows what needs to be done and when it needs to happen. So, I will show you another video for you to understand what I’m talking about!

This happened in Dubrovnik. Ignazio steps on the stage and immediately recognizes that Gianluca is having a problem. So, he sings his part and then immediately begins to fix Gianluca’s problem. You will notice Ignazio already has things under control and has already started changing out equipment while they are still getting things together behind the scenes! They are just arriving with the equipment but, too late, Ignazio has already taken his own equipment and exchanged it with Gianluca and then he walks away, and the performance goes on. He is really hands on. He always knows what’s going on and what needs to be done! He has a very precise quick mind!
Look at him on stage!
Ignazio is the ultimate entertainer. He is the production. His presence is there in every aspect of the production. He is a prolific entertainer! He sees music! He feels music! He breathes music! Follow him around the stage. The little gestures aren’t just for our entertainment they are real movements within each song. Ignazio is the means by which the production moves on.  We know these guys have amazing voices but, what if they got on the stage and for two hours, they did nothing but sing. I don’t think it would work. A performance needs the ability to move on. There’s no change of scenery and no intermission so how do you move the performance along? Ignazio! The joking he brings into the performance provides the levity to relive the seriousness of the performance. He brings a certain ease and suspense to the performance. The audience is always wondering, what will he do next?
Let me tell you what you are looking at. Ignazio is following every note that is sung or played on that stage. His mind is in motion. He is sensitive and passionate with music. He has the ability to see the music as it is happening. He knows where every instrument should come in and out. That’s why you notice little things like him smiling, nodding, pointing towards the musicians, Gianluca or Piero.
You call Ignazio funny I call him brilliant! I’ve said this before, but I will say it again! I am making a prediction here! Ignazio will compose a great opera one day. And probably write the libretto! Remember I said that Ignazio!
But we also know Ignazio loves plays. So, there could be a great production, a Broadway play in his future. They say, “Nothing is impossible with God.” I will say “God had a great plan here and maybe this is part of it!”

Ignazio proved to us during the pandemic that being in quarantine doesn’t quarantine your mind. No, it opens your mind to different ways of producing! This video showed just how brilliant this man is. He wouldn’t be held back by his circumstances. He felt a need to produce and even though the moment didn’t allow it, he found a way to overcome his confinement and sing out! An absolutely phenomenal performance by Ignazio! And let’s not forget the amazing men who accompanied him. Giampiero Grani, Alessandro Quarta, Bruno Farinelli, Gino de Vita, Pierluigi Mingotti and Andrea Morelli.
Ignazio’s experience and love of the production has led him to take a giant step into his future!
Of the three, Ignazio is the one who has already set his future in motion. I know Piero has a phenomenal plan to become an opera singer and I plan to be there when he sings in his first opera, but Ignazio has already made the first move to pave the way for a future doing the thing he loves most!

At 25 Ignazio started his own production company.  Does that surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me. It makes a lot of sense to me. At the beginning of 2020 Ignazio started a production company called, Floki Production and the first person he signed was Nico Arezzo! And the first song he released was Gorilla!

In 2021 Ignazio signed another artist, Giada Luppi. As most of you know Giada is a World Championship Skater. The eighteen-year-old won the Gold Medal in the Junior Category and became the World Champion in Paraguay. Giada sings and skates to her song La Rotta, (The Route) that she and Ignazio wrote together.
I don’t think Ignazio will stop there! Let’s look at Ignazio the lyricist and composer! Who can ever forget Màkari?

When asked about the song, Ignazio explained how he experienced Sicily. He said, “It is a Sicily as told by a twenty-five-year-old who lived Sicily through stories, through images!… It speaks of “a land of sages and a land of fools, made from devils and saints.”
Ignazio invites you to live a new reality through his eyes. He invites us to see a different side of Sicily through his beautiful theme song, Màkari.
This song speaks volumes! Where did the words to this song come from? Ignazio’s heart! There is something very mysterious about the song. Besides the fact that it speaks of a land of sages and fools, it also speaks of truth! The truth as seen through Ignazio’s eyes.
Think about the words of the song! Is Ignazio talking about the writer who leaves his home and returns after a long period of time or the entertainer who travels the world? The similarities in his life and the life of the writer, Saverio, (played by Claudio Gioe) are striking, that’s why he was able to write such an emotional song!
This song is the perfect theme song for the series! I feel like Ignazio wrote the song and then they made the show. His words are very enticing, they pull you into the story. They tell all there is to know and, Ignazio tells us a story, through the imagery of his words!
That’s what’s so amazing about Ignazio. As a composer and lyricist, he can take you to another place, another dimension. I know he will not stop at this song. He will continue to write!
We know there are more Morricone songs to come!
In the industry Ignazio has proven there is no place and no space he can’t occupy! Ignazio is more than just a phenomenal singer! He wears many different hats! Entertainer, Lyricist, Manager, Entrepreneur!”
It takes a certain person to do what Ignazio has done! It starts with a brilliant mind that keeps opening to new and exciting things every day. It takes a person who sees a certain reality in a world that addresses a new beginning every day. But above all it takes a dreamer to reach for the future and achieve it at such a young age. Ignazio is a dreamer! Only a dreamer could achieve what Ignazio has achieved in only 27 years! Ignazio what will you be like at 50? You’ve already done it all. I wish I will live many more years so I can be a witness to all the amazing things you will do!
What makes Ignazio Different? All of the above and all that will come in the future. My dream! I should live long enough to attend the opera he will compose! I’d certainly be opened to going to his first Broadway play! Ignazio never forget, “Nothing is impossible with God!”
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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  1. Yet again Susan you have done us all very proud. What an interesting foresight into Ignazio and his abilities at such a young age. I will be looking at him in a different light from now on. Sadly, I know I wont be around to see the 50 year old Iggy (as I like to call him) or Piero and Gianluca but I hope with all my heart they are still entertaining people with the passion that they are entertaining us all with right now. That was a lot of information to take in, you are very clever. Once again Susan, thank you my friend 🌹💐🌹💐

  2. Susan, I spent the morning listening to the videos you mentioned and, without a doubt, Ignazio is a genius!! His rendition of Memory had me in tears, but he expressed his joy of singing the song with his accompanist on the guitar with smiles and nods of approval. He is always open to acknowledging how good they are and what it adds to the song.

    La Traviata in the beautiful Bolshoi Theatre was glorious.

    Such range, and control he displayed in his solo and crystal clear vocals of L’elisir d’amore. Don’t know the translation but it was amazing.

    I loved to see him play to and play with the audience when singing Pino Daniele’s songs. He has such devilment in his eyes, but can switch his moods immediately if some other look is appropriate.

    His grace and thoughts for Gianluca at Dubrovnik were genuinely appreciated by Gian. You could see it in his eyes.

    All in all, he is a wonderful man and I hope he reaches his potential with his God given gifts.

    Both you and I are avid fans of Ignazio, Susan.

    Hugs, Dolores

  3. Wonderful article Susan many thanks . Ignazio is truly a very versatile person with the most beautiful voice, he will certainly achieve all that he wishes to do and we will enjoy every moment of his journey.

  4. I have absolutely no problem finding Ignazio different for he certainly is, and in all the right ways. Thank you so much for illustrating it so well. Happy New Year to you and your near and dear.

  5. I love Ignazio and everything about him to eternity and beyond! Thank you Susan for writing such a beautiful article about this beautiful young man. Hugs!

  6. Again thank you for the beautiful article about Ignacio he really is a gift from god for his family and fans

  7. Thank you so much Susan for such a wonderful article. It was a real pleasure to read, especially as most of the videos I had not seen before. I was especially interested in the studio one where they were singing Tous le visages de l’ amour. I seem to remember Piero saying a while back how much trouble they had with the r’s.

    I spent ages why the melody seemed so familiar. I finally twigged, She by Charles Aznavour.

    Hugs Roz

  8. A great article. That young man was born to sing the music of Pino Daniele. My dear friend Nellucha loved this boy, I wish she were here to read this. He makes us laugh and cry with his voice and choice of songs. I’m waiting for more of his own compositions. Long live Il Volo!!!

  9. Thanks Susan for the retrospective article on Ignazio who never fails to delight and amaze. Those two concerts in Taormina in July 2014 are favorites of mine, although I have to say I prefer Ignazio’s performance of Memory on July 20 to the one you posted here on July 21. Both are great, but I think the very first concert on Italian soil gave the boys an additional boost of adrenaline and the whole concert is spectacular from beginning to end.
    I am glad you posted some of the songs that Ignazio only sings for Italian audiences (WHY??) so that those on this site that aren’t aware of them can enjoy them maybe for the first time.
    Kudos for a job well done!

    1. Penina, I’m trying to figure out whether you are aware of the concerts that are available on YouTube, where they sing all kinds of songs. Right now I’m watching the one from Bari 21.01.2016.
      It makes me think about what Piero said recently, that the audience gives them oxygen. This concert audience is beautiful, without getting totally carried away like the Latina audiences do.

      1. Gail, I am very aware of all the concerts on you tube.I have been following the guys even before the first Detroit concert. I just have my favorites! I am partial to that first concert at Taormina (July 20, 2014) because it was the first ever in Italy. Ignazio dancing with Antonella Clerici, Piero singing to his mom who was seeing him for the first time in concert, Gianluca flirting with Piero’s sister–it was just one of a kind from beginning to end.

      2. Many thanks Penina, I had a look for the 2014 concert in Taormina as I hadn’t seen it. Haven’t seen much of their early work to be honest. I have seen Piero singing to his mum, but not sure if it was the same concert. I have it on now, so will no doubt find out in due course of time. 😉


      3. It was the same concert Penina, but whoever filmed the one I found is too far away. It follows Ignazio and Gianluca rather than Piero. No matter, I have the other copy of that song filmed at close quarters.

        My Italian must be improving as I managed to follow some of what was said. I noticed they did speak slower than they do in the later concerts. I still have a long way to go, but only been learning for just over three weeks, can’t expect overnight miracles. 🙂

        Are there any others I should look out for?

      4. Roz, One of the concerts I like was their 1st appearance at Radio City in 2013.
        There was a YouTube video of them walking around in New York in 2011 where Ignazio said that they hoped that some day they would be able to sing at Radio City.
        By 2013 they were already very good.

      5. Watch this version. This is the one I have on disc. WHoever filmed it must have been sitting in the front couple of rows. You will see the back of Torpedine white head in the middle front row, the lady to his right with the blond hair in a bun is Antonella Clerici. Piero’s family is down on the left. All close, as if you are sitting right there.

  10. Merci Susan pour ce superbe article je suis d’accord avec toi Ignazio est exceptionnel et pour moi il a un petit plus que les deux autres je ne parle pas de la voix même si elle est unique mais dans sa personnalité ,sa façon de faire ,il a beaucoup d’humour etc ….. il y a tant de choses a dire Encore une fois bravo et merci

  11. Thank you so much. Your article is how I think of Ignazio. I love the way he hands off the song to his partners by turning to them or putting his hand and arm pointing to them. He has so much energy, I do wonder if he needs alone time to recover and allow his creative juices to develop or to quiet his busy mind. My hope is for a song about loving. He talks about the importance of love. My favorite solos are #1 Ti Volio Tante Bene, #2 A Chi, and #3 Unchained Melody dedicated to his Mama on a wedding anniversary.

  12. Years ago I first noticed Piero with his quirky haircut, his kind of geeky looks, powerful voice and that smile. But over the years watching them grow up Ignazio has captured more and more of my attention because of his beautiful, expressive voice and his charismatic personality. A man of many talents who also seems to be such a nice guy. But the moment I will never forget is sitting in the 9th row in the Arena in 2019 watching and listening to him sing Almeno Tu Nell’ Universo. The emotion was palpable and he got a standing ovation before he could even finish the song. It took a full minute of listening to the applause and trying to visibly collect himself before he could sing the last notes of the song on perfect pitch. It was life changing. He is a true performer and entertainer, and is at home on the stage. He has something very special. Loved your article Susan . thanks for the deep dive into the world of Ignazio

  13. Yes, Ignazio is very specially different; he embodies music.
    It was so impressive to see him come to the rescue of Gianluca in his predicament and so smoothly solve the problem without missing a beat! It must be very reassuring to the other two to know that Ignazio is so capable technically in the event of problems.

    Not knowing much about performing equipment, I have to ask why the ear pieces are worn by the guys? I notice they are constantly taking them out and then putting them back in place; there doesn’t seem to be any consistency. Do they receive the orchestra’s music through those ear pieces, can they hear the other singing too, and do they ever get direction through those devices? I’ve often wondered.

  14. Susan, you have certainly made clear your admiration for Ignazio – and for good reason. Just witnessing his performances at age 14, it is obvious that he is a born professional and I agree that he will become more successful through his life.

    I also learned from your post that there are different types of tenors. When Piero sings, I get a lump in my throat and Gianluca’s voice is SO smooth, I could listen to him for hours. And, of course, the three together – magic.

    Barbara Streisand’s rendition of “Memory” is still my favorite but I must admit that Ignazio’s comes in a close second.

    Thank you for this very insightful and informative post; as with the others, it now resides in my “Il Volo” folder.

  15. Thank you again for the wonderful article. Yes I recognized how special Ignazio is when I first lustened and watched il Volo. They are all three great. But he always stood out as my fav and the most talented and gifted and his personality just shines through. Just genius. But nice also and down to earth.

  16. Susan you did again I sat here read and listen to the videos songs I’ve heard before I cry and also was happy and proud ignazio is a brilliant person love your story thank you again 💕💕💕💕

  17. This article is spot on. Ignazio reminds me of Maradona; when he ran with the ball his body would thrust back to give him that extra surge to break away from his opponents. Ignazio does this with his voice to expel the most powerful and sweet sounds. He is one big talent!

  18. Thank you for this great read!! From the first time I ever saw them (March 2021 as teen agers) my eyes and my heart went to Ignazio! I knew he had something great! You are spot on!! Yes he lives the music!!!! I have been lucky enough to get a front row ,VIP, Meet and Greet ticket for the upgoing tour for the concert in Atlanta Ga. I’
    m so excited to get hear and see them in person!!!

    1. Lucky you, June! Front row will be fantastic. Have a great time and I hope you will report back to us about the show.
      I thought Ignazio looked adorable in his early teens; like a cherub with his dimples and all! (But don’t tell him that…!)
      Have fun!

  19. Another great article Susan Yes Ignazio is a very, very talented performer and also a real sweetheart. I love all three and looking forward to seeing them April 10 They are the BEST

  20. All three of them are wonderful but there is something so special about Ignacio ..he has a quality in his voice that Ive never heard from any other singer and I never tire of hearing him hit those high notes.as in A chi mi dice

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