At the end of November 2021, this beautiful article by Donatella Aragozzini was published in the GRAND HOTEL newspaper.
The article is about the “new girls” of our young men. I have waited so far to publish it, because GRAND HOTEL is clearly a gossip newspaper, and then there were many live events to follow, but above all because I did not want to start useless gossip, since the two stories were very recent.
This interview draws many ideas from the VERISSIMO television show, in reality I believe that the whole article was written, just drawing the sentences, from that broadcast.
This is the cover of the GRAND HOTEL newspaper, as you can see Il Volo is on the cover, I translate the words written in the middle,
Gianluca and Ignazio de Il Volo announce: “We have found great love”, and Piero says: “I’m working on it.”
And here is the whole translation of the entire article.
Young, beautiful and talented, with a success that knows no bounds.
And now also with a heart full of love.
Far away, are the times of “Ti lascio una canzone”, where Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto made their debut little more than children, before becoming famous all over the world with the name Il Volo.
Today, the three “tenorini”, launched by Antonella Clerici’s program, are almost thirty-year-old men, who are beginning to look to a future made not only of music, and to dream of the “Grande Amore”, to quote the song with which triumphed at the Sanremo Festival in 2015.
Gianluca Ginoble is sure to have found her, who, what has never happened so far, made a relationship official, talking about it openly.
Always jealous of his privacy and reluctant to talk about his feelings, this time the singer from Abruzzo said it without fear:
“I’m engaged and really in love. I can say it publicly: I’m happy.” 
He, who “is engaged intermittently, on leasing, because he changes every two years”, as Boschetto teases him, is now very convinced of his choice, ready to bet that “in two years the girl will be the same”.
The lucky one who stole his heart is called Eleonora, like his mother, but it is her surname that tells a lot about her: Venturini Storaro, where Storaro immediately brings to mind grandfather Vittorio, one of the greatest directors of photography in world cinema, three times Oscar winner (for “Apocalypse Now”, “Reds” and “The Last Emperor”).
They have been together, “for a while”, explains Gianluca, and guilty, therefore, could have been in August, the shooting of the short film shot in the Frasassi Caves, in which the three tenors paid tribute to Ennio Morricone, singing one of his compositions most famous, “Your Love” (from the film Once upon a time in the west): on that occasion, behind the camera, there was the great “cinematographer”, as Storaro likes to call himself, flanked by his daughter Francesca, who as an architect took care of the lighting, and of her daughter Eleonora.
The words written in yellow say:
“Ginoble loves Eleonora, the granddaughter of a three-time Oscar winner.”
On the photo, the words written in white say:
“Here is the shot that Gianluca Ginoble chose to present his girlfriend: her name is Eleonora Venturini Storaro, and she is the granddaughter of Vittorio Storaro (with her in the box), the director of photography, winner of three Oscars, including the one for The Last Emperor. “
Tall, with a cascade of black hair and deep dark eyes, the young Roman also enchanted the audience of the Venice Film Festival, where she walked the red carpet, together with her grandfather and the trio, to present a preview of the short film, in a blue dress that highlighted her long model legs.
Yes, because although she graduated with full marks in Fashion and Costume Sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome, then specializing in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, Eleonora also works as a model. However, it is difficult to think that beauty is the only “weapon” unlined to conquer Ginoble.
Before her, the tenor, in fact, had several other girlfriends, real or alleged, from a certain Martina, who was close to him for a couple of years, to Francesca, a girl from his country, resembling Silvia Toffanin, from Mercedes Henger, to the Neapolitan actress Pasqualina Sanna, former competitor of “La pupa e il secchione”. (honestly Mercedes Henger and Pasqualina Sanna have never been engaged to Gianluca) 
Yet, on none of them he has ever expressed himself, keeping every story to himself, while this time he wanted to share his happiness with the fans, publishing a shot with his new partner with the caption:
“And then I met you ……”, to underline how she has that something extra that makes her special in his eyes.
“Without taking anything away from the others, Eleonora is a very good girl”, Boschetto confirmed, “We are really happy that she is part of this family, because we are a big family.”
And the “family” now also includes Ana Paula Guedes, the splendid Brazilian professional from the “Dança dos Famosos” program (the carioca version of our “Dancing with the stars”), who last year literally made Ignazio lose his head. Suffice it to say that, to hold her in his arms, the Sicilian did not hesitate to face a journey of nine thousand kilometers, over twelve hours by plane.
“I’m in a moment of my life where I feel great,” he says, with an ecstatic expression on his face. “She is beautiful, but above all she is very beautiful inside, a beautiful person.”
On the photo, the words in yellow say:
“Boschetto is crazy about Ana Paula, a Brazilian dancer.”
The black words say:
“The woman who won Ignazio’s heart is blonde: her name is Ana Paula Guedes and she is a Brazilian dancing with the stars teacher. We met during the pandemic, he says.”
“We met during the pandemic: it was strange because we spent eight months exchanging messages, hearing and video calling each other, then, at the first opportunity, I went to Brazil to meet her, and from there, we got to know each other, slowly slowly . We don’t know each other one hundred percent yet, but we are very much in love.”
So much to think about tomorrow: if she replied to a fan that the wedding “one day it will happen and it will be very beautiful”, he confesses that he would not mind becoming a dad because “I always liked the idea of being a young father, I’m meeting the right person now, who knows …..”
And Piero Barone? His last official story dates back to three years ago, when he was paired with Valentina Allegri, the daughter of Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri.
But after their goodbye, he has not met anyone capable of making his heart beat in the same way.
“Love is such a strong feeling that it must be protected, many have been lucky enough to find a soul mate, I still don’t, but I know it’s out there somewhere”, he says, specifying that “feeling good and happiness is not the same thing, for now I’m fine, and I’m happy with this.”
However, it does not mean that Piero does not want to find that happiness, and to build something important with a woman, since he admits:
“I see a future with a family, with children, I believe it is the real reason for living”.
In short, for the moment he is single, but also ready to welcome him with open arms, when arrives, the ……. Great Love.
The words in the red box say:
“After having conquered the world singing love, the time has come for Gianluca and Ignazio to live it.
– I am still looking for it- says Piero, – but I know it is somewhere .“
As I have already said, at the beginning I did not want to start a lot of gossip, so I kept this article “in the drawer” and I waited for things to be made clearer by Gianluca and Ignazio.
In fact, Gianluca started posting photos with Eleonora, she followed him for the Il Volo event in Dubai, here are their beautiful photos.
Ignazio had to wait for the Christmas holidays to reach his beloved.
But, as you can see from these photos, Ignazio did not only go to Brazil, he brought with him the other two women of his life, his mother and his sister, thus confirming that his is not a simple momentary falling in love, but it is much more.
The man you see here with Ignazio and Ana Paula, posted the photo with these words of his comment:
“What a joy to celebrate the penultimate day of the year with the people we love so much! Thank you @ignazioboschetto and @aniinhaguedes for the welcome and affection of friendship! May the Lord Jesus always bless and strengthen your lives! Your love is so beautiful that it oozes and touches us all! United always !!!
Yes, don’t you get sidetracked by his clothing, this man is a priest.
But the most beautiful photos are certainly these two: how wonderful to see our two young men so happy !! ❤❤
The new year has begun and the photos of the two couples continue to arrive, Eleonora has also celebrated her birthday these days.
You will have noticed, in these last photos, that Gianluca and Ignazio have removed their beards.
Now they look like two kids and even Piero did the same and on himself too . . . the same effect !! 😮
At the end, what can I say, actually two beautiful girls, Eleonora and Ana Paula.
Gianluca and Ignazio confirmed that they are constant in the canons of their female choices: Gianluca’s girl is dark-haired with long, straight hair and Ignazio’s is blonde. 
What we may not have expected was that both the women have roles that put them “in the spotlight”.
Eleonora is also a model and also an influencer. Ana Paula, with her work, is always on television.
When the photos of the two couples began to be published, many rude and absurd comments were written on many Facebook pages. To the Fandom, who may like or not like the two girls, I don’t think a rude attitude is right (in some cases I would dare to say absurd jealousy), even before knowing these two girls well.
For my part, seeing Ignazio so happy is priceless and Gianluca is no exception.
Let’s give time to time and enjoy their happiness.
Credit to owners of all photos.

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    1. Beautiful story and photos hope they’ll continue to be happy and I’m sure Piero will find his true love when he least expects it ❤️Thankyou for sharing ❤️❤️

  1. I am so happy for Igna and Gian. Being in love and being loved is what makes life so beautiful. I hope my darling Piero also finds his special love as well. I wish all good things for our three angels ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I really enjoyed this article. It makes my heart happy to see Ignazio and Gianluca so happy and in love. I pray that Piero’s someone special will come along in the not too distant future. Both Gianluca and Ignazio mentioned that their girlfriends would be traveling with them from time-to-time during their upcoming tour. I am hoping that one of them will be in the audience on March 11th.

    Daniela and Pat another great job! ❤️

    1. I’m happy for the boys..but in the career if traveling I think to stay with the guys they must travel with them…this is not 40 years ago when love lasts I believe the girls have to sacrifice for these guys there are too many disruptions out there now. It’s hard to keep a regular guy out of the spot light. Imagine how hard it’s gonna be to keep these italian guys.. today love is just a word….and to say this word you need to be next to your love 100 percent!!!!….

    1. I agree with you RoseMarie, and I was sure that on this site, our guys would find only good words, while on some other pages I have read really very bad comments.

  3. Thank you Daniela for another great article from the Flight Crew. Its nice that they want to share their girlfriends with us all but their private lives are theirs alone and should not attract negative or rude comments. I am extremely happy for them both and wish them all the luck in the world for the future.
    Pieros time will come when it’s right as he is a fine young gentleman. I wish them beautiful lives ahead 🥰🥰🥰xxx

    1. Kate, unfortunately not everyone thinks this way, I have read really very bad things aimed at these two girls. I agree that the private life of our young men is indeed PRIVATE. We must be happy with their happiness.

      1. Me, again. Why would anyone have anything bad or negative to say about either of these two girls?

  4. SO happy to see Gianluca and Ignazio in such beautiful relationships; may they both be blessed with true love forever.
    Please let us know when Piero’s turn comes!

    1. Judith, the happiness of Gianluca and Ignazio is our happiness, we hope it will be lasting, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the moment, and I’m sure it will soon arrive for Piero too.

  5. Daniela, what a wonderful article – thank you so much for giving us some more details of Ignazio and Gianluca’s loves. The girls are gorgeous, and I’m so happy for our guys 💞 I’m sure too that dear Piero will find that “special someone” some time soon – but there certainly is no rush !! Sending love to them all ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Wait till Piero sees my granddaughter in Boston March 15! A beautiful, petite 27 yr. old Attorney. Who doesn’t need an attorney now and then? Vincero !

  7. Ok, like everyone, I’m happy for the guys. But can’t help wishing that Ignazio could have found a nice Italian girl like Gian did. Or at least a European one, or even an American one would have been easier. But maybe she will give up her career or find a way to work in Italy, who knows. But I hope she’ll soon be ready for a baby or two, ’cause that’s what Igna seems to have in mind. Grazie, Daniela, as always.

    1. I agree, Judi, it would have been easier. But, love is love – wherever you find it and Ignazio seems beyond positive that this is his “one and only” for live, so let’s hope it is true.

    2. Judi, I think your thought was everyone’s thought, especially Ignazio’s mother, but you know, love has no boundaries and nowadays everything can be more possible.

  8. Thank you,thank you for such a great article! I love it with all the photos and translated information. Appreciate it so much ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🎶🎶

  9. Thank you for the translation Daniela. They do seem in love. Time will be the test. Much happiness to all three of them. Very excited to see them in NY, my first concert. Love to the guys and all their crew and fans.

  10. Thank you Daniela for sharing this with us. I do hope it works out for them both. To those who have made nasty comments, well they should be ashamed of themselves.

    As for Piero, what has really annoyed me is the way the powers that be keep calling the friendship he had with Valentina Allegri ‘an affair’. Well I don’t know what ‘an affair’ is in Italy, but in the UK it is something rather sordid when one, or both, are already married, which is clearly untrue.

    I do hope one day he finds someone he can share his life and career with. Not that it will be easy for him, Gian or Ignazio and their respective ladies. On the other hand, I remember Bob Hope saying something on the lines of he and his wife hardly ever saw each other, which is why they stayed married for so long!


    1. Roz, I think whoever wrote the bad things I’ve read was driven by stupid jealousy. We love these three men very much, but we don’t have to be ridiculous, it’s their life and their happiness we’re talking about.

      A relationship, in Italy, is understood as a feeling that unites two people, it is often used to say if the union had a short time.

      It is also used to mean a sentimental union between two people, of whom one, or even both, have already contracted marriage.

      If you have read that Piero had “a relationship” with Valentina, it means that the feeling was short-lived.

      1. What I read said an affair, which I didn’t think sounded right. I think it was in Italy 24 News. Mind you as they can’t get the two tenors and a baritone correct, then the chances of them getting anything else right is pretty slim!


  11. My 88 year old heart sings with the news and the pictures. I can only wish them such bliss as I enjoyed for 64 years!
    As for those with ugly comments…im sorry for them as they are people unhappy with themselves.

    1. And eaten up with envy and jealousy for what Ignazio has found in life through raw talent and a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

  12. I am curious to know if Ana speaks Italian and or English or only Portuguese. I’ve read that Ignazio speaks some Portuguese. How would she interact with all his family and associates, unless he is there to translate. I would think this would present a great difficulty for them with their busy lifestyles and careers? He does look terribly happy.

    1. Mark, I think Ana Paula doesn’t speak Italian, maybe now she’s learning it.
      Ignazio, of the three, even before finding love, was the one who spoke a few words in Portuguese. I believe that in the beginning he and Ana interacted with messages using the translator, (as we do) and then, Ignazio’s willingness to talk to Ana, will have done the rest. On the other hand, it is perhaps easier for us Italians to understand and speak Spanish and Portuguese than other languages.

      Yes, Ignazio looks terribly happy and that is what matters to us now.

  13. Thank you Patti and Daniela for all the pictures and the translations. Like every other Il Volo fan, I wish them the best and, no rush for Piero. He will find his true lady love in due time.

    Can’t say I care for the no/not much facial hair. Somehow I can’t see the very emotional love songs going over as great as when they were
    “Latin lovers”. Or is that just me?? They look so young without their beards but that may have been their choice, or did their new ladies have some say in the matter? Whatever, as long as their voices are the same, who cares?

    Ana looks so young in the pictures with the family, I was wondering who she was, until Daniela mentioned the priest with Iga and Ana!

    1. Hopefully they will have grown the facial hair by the time they are back on the road. Haven’t seen any photos of Piero since the one without the beard. I want to see his lovely smile again.


    2. Hi Dolores and thanks for the compliments. Certainly Piero’s time will come and it will be beautiful and full of love.
      I think our guys cut their beards almost together, by mutual agreement, but I think it was a time of rest on the face, and then go back to having a beard on tour.
      From the photos, Ana seemed to me a very simple girl, and united with the family. I too was amazed when I discovered that the man in the pink shirt is a priest!

      1. Reminds me of the time when a gentleman of the cloth was on his hands and knees cutting the grass with a pair of scissors. Bless him, it was set out as a cross. Lovely man too, such a sweet nature.


  14. Thank you Daniela for translating and Pat for posting this beautiful article. I’m really happy for these two fantastic young men and wish them all the best, let their love last forever. I hope that Piero will find soon his l’anima gemella. They all deserve all the best.

  15. A difficult year for the Boschetto family. So that they are all
    together at Christmas, Ignazio takes mama Catarina and
    Nina with him to Brazil to meet her family. To me, that
    is a clear message, especially including the priest !
    Love their dancing videos as well.
    Thanks Daniela and Pat.

    1. Yes Martha, all together at Christmas, a really nice gesture. As the priest, who is definitely a friend of the Ana’s family, said, the two of them exude a lot of love.

  16. Daniela, I was sorry to hear that there are those making rude comments about the guys and their girlfriends. Gianluca and Ignazio seem very happy and I am happy for them. They deserve all the best. If others don’t like their choices that’s too bad. It doesn’t matter what they think. The guys are in love and I’m thankful they are so gracious to share their private lives with their fans. Thank you for telling us more about their lovely girls.

    1. Cathy, I have the same thoughts as you, and so, I’m sure, all of us on this site.
      Unfortunately I have read really rude and inappropriate comments on these girls, so much so that some administrators of the pages had to cancel and unfriend those who had commented.
      We are so grateful to our guys for letting us know about their private life, which is still PRIVATE anyway.

  17. Thank you Daniela and Pat for translating this article. I agree with all that has already been said. Love and finding a life partner makes the ups and downs of life manageable and often wonderful. I am so happy that these 2 young men seem to have found their partner, and hoping Piero meets that special person too.

    1. In fact, Janet, we must be happy for Ignazio and Ginaluca and hope that Piero too will soon find his ideal woman.
      And if time tells us that the couples didn’t last, we will be ready to encourage our guys in a new quest, but in the meantime, we are happy for them.

  18. Thank you so much for the translation of this article and all the photos ! I just hope that the publicity (good and bad) and being in the public eye won’t interfere with their private lives. I think that’s what happened to Piero.. He got burned, so he’s being extra cautious. H
    is time will come, but it must be hard with the comparisons and all the attention given to Gian’s and Igna’s love life. I want them all to be happy!

  19. Young love makes you feel young again! So happy that they are happy. Thanks Daniela and Pat for a heart-warming update! I especially liked the pictures as I am not on Facebook.

    Not one who likes facial hair, I found I loved it on them! (Not the goatee; I think Ana must have objected too!). I hardly recognized Piero, clean shaven. They are all so handsome either way!

    Like everyone else, I wish them long-lived love and happy lives.

    1. I’m not normally a fan of facial hair either, but on them, especially Piero, it looks good, so distinguished. 🙂 I had to look three times, even then I wasn’t totally convinced it was Piero. I think the main problem was that I there wasn’t his lovely smile.

      1. Roz, I admit that I too am not an admirer of the long beard, but that barely mentioned beard makes the faces of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca perfect and bewitching. Piero should let his hair grow a little, he looked so good with the slightly longer tuft.

    2. Sally, many times I think that I use photos and videos that have already been around the world on all facebook pages, but then I remember that some of you do not have facebook and therefore I try to publish especially for you.
      It is so nice to see Gianluca and Ignazio in love!

  20. Ignazio and Gianluca seem so happy and that’s all that matters I think the women are very attractive and Ana seems to be very fun-loving a good match for Ignazio. Wish them all lots of happiness and I know Piero will find somebody soon..

    1. Gianluca and Ignazio are happy, Ignazio in particular is bursting with happiness and at this moment it is very important for him, I think it has helped him to overcome such a sad period.

      1. I agree – such a sad period for Ignazio and his family. It is too bad his father is not here to share in all the joy.

  21. So enjoy your stories, and this one you have told with such kindness and respect.
    We all want them to be loved and know personal happiness it is the one thing that completes us all…..may their relationships grow and bring them every joy possible.
    Thank you so much.😘🇦🇺

  22. Thank you Daniela and Pat for a look into this phase of Il Volo’s life.Of course I want them to have everything success, love, and a family of their own. That being said the entertainment business is very hard on marriage and family life. What does your loved ones do while you are traveling most of the year? Jason Mamoa is a good example as he and the love of his life are divorcing. I’m not familiar with the Italian culture so I don’t know how it will go. I do wish them great love

    1. I get your point and fully understand your concerns, but don’t see how people can be expected to exclude love, commitment and sharing one’s life with someone because they are in show business, travel a lot etc. Perhaps marriage could be left out of the equation; many people in my community stay together for life, have children and raise them together without ever being officially married. If the love and commitment are sincere and genuine, I believe that nothing will break the bond. Just my opinion. I, too, truly wish all the best for both Gianluca and Ignazio.

    2. I agree Kay, marriages with such enormous distances, and between show people, have a lot of difficulty in working, but this does not exclude that they can succeed. I would say that being both in the world of entertainment can have a greater understanding of the situation and in any case, as Judith says, nothing should be precluded, if there is true love. Of course there are difficulties but together they can be overcome.
      Judith, I think the way our guys were raised by their families, marriage is sacred to them.

  23. Congratulations to Ignazio and Gianluca. Your ladies are lovely, to Piero I say this special love will happen for you. To all of you don’t hurry, enjoy the journey

  24. I am a fan from Detroit, Michigan. In Piero’s beardless picture, I see that he is wearing a Michigan State University sweatshirt, does he have family or friends in Michigan?

  25. Thank you Daniela and Pat! I am not on any social media now or likely ever again, so your articles are thrilling to me. These three young men, close to just being men, are so wonderful and talented that my prayer for them always is good health, safety and happiness. They have all expressed the desire to be fathers some day and will be be amazing as fathers and husbands. I was fortune to be married to such a man for fifty three years before he passed. I know that no matter what trials they may have with distance, travel and normal problems in a marriage they will be committed and true to the women they chose to promise their lives to, those women will be most fortunate .
    I’m also grateful for how all of you protect them and their privacy so thank you once again. As a grandmother to 7 ages 21 to 46, I’m protective of them and feel the same for these 3 beautiful young men, I too want to protect them. I’m a huge fan since the beginning, so was my husband, they continually bring music to life for me. I long for the day I get to go to one of their concerts and meet them.
    God Bless you both and Ilvolo, Carol

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