LAST CALL FOR SONGS! Our youngest is turning 27! Tanti Auguri, Gian! Feb 11

Ok folks, last call for song suggestions…thank you to those of you who have sent in suggestions already, from near and far!  🙂

Just a few more disclaimers here….

  1. Our admins on this site, have no direct contact with either Il Volo or their management – we wish we did!

  2. We have no influence on any songs they choose to sing – if you would like to suggest a song for them to sing, I would recommend you posting it on the “official” Il Volo Fan Page site – of which you need to become a member of to access.

  3. As always, the song is chosen by Kelly, who creates the video, which is posted on our site on their birthday, along with the wishes everyone sends in.

OOPS!  So sorry, time IS flying too quickly!  He will be 27! 🙁 

Yes, they are not children anymore, and now all of them will have passed the quarter century mark!  They’ve done more in their short lifetime, than most can imagine doing in their entire careers!

Sorry, a little late this year, time is flying so quickly!  But most should know the drill by now! 🙂

Time to choose a song to go with the lovely video created by Kelly!  🙂

Here are some guidelines:

  1. It is recommended you choose a song NOT sung by Il Volo or Gian….

  2. I know many cannot make up their minds, there are so many songs, but please keep your choices to the TOP THREE! (that is per person, not per email…)

  3. You may start sending in your wishes as well

    1. to make it easier on me, please send your wishes and birthday song in SEPARATE emails and indicate song or wish in the subject, as to make sure I don’t miss anyone, I delete them, after I add them to my file.  Sorry, it’s the way I do it….

  4. Please send all wishes and birthday song choices to:


Ok, deadline for song choices are a little quick this time, but please send NO LATER THAN Wed, Jan 26, 2022.

Please send wishes NO LATER THAN Tue, Feb 8, 2022.

These dates with give both Kelly and I time to get everything together.   It takes both of us HOURS to put this together!  😉   And we both have full time jobs.

Thanks – Jana and Kelly 😉

One thought on “LAST CALL FOR SONGS! Our youngest is turning 27! Tanti Auguri, Gian! Feb 11”

  1. “In My Life,” Lennon/McCartney. It can have great range: listen to opera singer Rene Fleming’s interpretation.

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