Hello Ilvololovers!

‘Tis a sad day for North America!  If you haven’t already heard, the NA Tour has been postponed til September, and unfortunately, not all venues were able to be rescheduled.  The underlying reason is due to Covid.  The 5-letter word that has been ruling our world for the past 2 years now.  🙁

Other suspicions are low ticket sales, but that as well, is likely due to Covid fears.  Below is what has, I’m sure by now, been circulating over all of Ilvoloworld!  I looked on Ticketmaster and most have been rescheduled already for the September dates.  As in previous cancellations, your current seat tickets will be honored.  There are still a few venues that have a FEW front row seats left – sorry, Detroit is all taken!  lol!  But still many good seats left!  Radio City has 4 front row left – if you have $1374 + fees, you don’t know what to do with and that doesn’t include a meet/greet!  

A note on the concerts in Italy for June – Verona and Taormina….

At the present time, as far as Daniela knows, they will still happen.  My personal thoughts are, because they are both open air arenas, they will still happen, while the ones that were rescheduled, I believe were indoor concerts.

***Also just announced, they will be in Brazil in November!!  I didn’t notice any dates or venues yet though…. 🙂  A real Buon Natale for you!  Or should I say, Feliz Natal!  🙂

In this sadness, there are some positives!

  1. the weather will be a whole lot warmer, for most venues!  🙂

  2. will give us more time to save up, if needed 🙂

  3. will give us more time to lose weight!  lol  🙂

  4. will give us more time to heal, if we’ve had surgery!  🙂

  5.  more time to plan what we will wear! 🙂

  6. more time to practice what to say to our guys, if lucky enough to have a meet/greet ticket!  🙂

  7. more time to join the fan club, in hopes they have a sound check audience!  🙂

  8. more time to promote their concert in your area!  🙂

  9. more time to clean and organize your place, for out of town guests!  🙂  (ok, that’s me…lol)

  10. more time for some personal projects!  (ok, that’s me, too lol)  🙂

  11. we can watch the new Elvis movie coming out and pretend we are hearing Gianluca!  🙂

We all know what the negatives can be, but I don’t want to go into that here!  🙂

Right now, a good portion of the venues are still requiring Covid safety protocols – masks, proof of vaccines, or negative PCR tests (Detroit Fox is one of them!)  No harping here, but please do what it takes to keep yourself, your fellow fans, and most importantly, our guys, safe!  🙂

That being said, I found this really cool site called Red Bubble that has USA artists that make masks and SEVERAL Il Volo ones!  I ordered 4 myself.  Buy some and wear them proudly as an easy way to promote our guys!  I ordered and got them in about a week.  They give you a discount if you order 4 or more :).  They are very nice quality and are like a polyester blend, with a tiny bit of stretch to them.  I think they are very well done!  Here is their website:  Il Volo Gifts & Merchandise | Redbubble  

They actually have quite a few things that look really nice, take a scroll through and/or do a search on masks.  🙂

Ok, with all this bad news, I thought we needed some cuteness (my kitty, my post lol)  Here is my new little kitten, Topaz!  She is about 9 months old! (be sure to click on the picture to see it larger!)

Well, another 7 months to wait…. we’re strong, we’re Ilvololovers!

We can do this!  🙂 




80 thoughts on “NA TOUR UPDATE!!”

  1. Congratulations for keeping your spirits up (and also ours)! We certainly need it!

  2. Jana, this was the first laugh I had after the sad news. We are strong, we are invincible, we are fans of Il Volo.

  3. Thanks, Jana!

    My greatest hope is that by September / October the whole situation (the 5-letter word) will have blown over, and we’ll be able to have Safe, Loving, Joyful, Memorable Meet & Greets !

    Are you all holding this thought with me?

    Good music to listen to meanwhile.

    Love to all,

    1. Jeanine, Im holding this thought really hard.Ive not worn a max yet in this mess so Im not thrilled to think Id have to in September!!

  4. You are being very positive and keeping things in perspective. I am disappointed, but I know Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca must be very disappointed! They were looking forward to doing what they love and do best. I’m not sure if I should get a refund on two venues and purchase new tickets when they go on sale. With the early fan sale, I had difficulty with Ticketmaster getting tickets for Bethlehem, so I didn’t get the ones I wanted. My son was finally able to get through to order them.

  5. What about West Coast of Florida. I know that it is indorrs? So sorry that this has happened to all of us. . But you know, we are strong and we will survive this pandamic.
    A wise man once said……” You Gotta Believe”! Il Voloites will stand strong. We ain’t down yet. I hope and pray that I get to meet my wonderful young men. Praying got good health and happiness for all of us. Never ever give up. Bless you all. Irma momma

    1. We have to remember that safety is the most important issue. I, for one, am glad the concerts have been rescheduled for 5uis pandemic is far from over. Hopefully, the concerts will not be rescheduled again.

  6. I saw the email notice at 10:00 this morning. It came as a shock. My venue, DPAC, had been cancelled altogether (I had front row middle seats with meet and greet). I quickly reordered tickets for Atlanta in Oct. and got second row middle seats with meet and greet. I feel lucky to have gotten those. What a mess! Good luck to everyone rescheduling!

  7. The postponement/cancellations are a real bummer ! But as you said, we are strong and we will prevail – I already ordered VIP tickets for Indianapolis with Ticketmaster, and this time it was easy ( not like in November). and already I feel better. I hope these concerts will go on
    as planned. They say hope is the last to die – and I’ll keep on hoping .

  8. Love the positivity!!! 🤗🤗😆Best laugh in the sad news- for us as well as for the guys I am sure! Re-arranging trips all day but feel soooo blessed 🙏and lucky to still be able to go see them! It’s been hard on everyone with the virus- but we can’t give up hope for better times! Thank you for spreading the “good feels”❤️❤️❤️

  9. Jana, love your list of positive points! Sad that my SAN FRAN
    was cancelled and now contemplating LA. Thanks for
    Keeping our spirits up.

  10. At 1374 plus fees I can see why tickets sales are not as expected. But I love your enthusiasm and positivity and hope the concerts go ahead.

  11. Thanks Jana for the explanation. Yesterday I was at the dentist and asked the hygienist if she was familiar with Il Volo. She went nuts – going to Boston on March 15 etc. etc. I got YouTube on my phone and she cleaned my teeth to O Sole Mio. Most fun I ever had at the dreaded dentist! when I got home, the phone was ringing. The son who gave me tickets for Christmas says he has terrible news. Nobody’s dead but the concert is off.

    I checked the venue and all other scheduled artists are on. So, of course, I imagine the worst. Is there trouble in Paradise? Did Piero get a job at the Met? Did Ignazio move to Brazil? Is this the beginning of the end? Is it really Covid? And there you are this morning. I accept your timely explanation but I wonder?? No cavities.

    Nothing more beautiful than a kitten.

  12. Congratulations Jana, you can be very positive and I think everyone needs it. I laughed a lot at your list of positive things, especially No. 3 !!
    This Covid has bored us enough but we are stronger than it.
    For now Verona in June is confirmed, but my tickets are from two years ago !!

    Your kitty is delightful !! 🙂

  13. Thanks Jana for the positive thoughts. I held my breathe looking at the cancelations. Luckily my two shows are still on. I’m hoping it will be a blessing in disguise and we will be able to not need masks and will be able to get a hug from the guys. Love your kitty. Amazing how they come in and take right over.

  14. You are right…..we are strong! I loved your list! haha I am one that will be recovering from Feb. 28 back surgery! Maybe I can go see IL VOLO after recovery! Like you told me last night I can tell everyone that they postponed their tour for ME! 😍 Your new kitty is so sweet. I’m sure she will be lots of company for you! Thanks for the post, it was great! 😊

    1. Dear Patti, I hope your surgery goes well and you will be recovering soon. All the best to a very special lady from Dolores. Hugs!

  15. Well, Jana, I hate to pour salt in the wounds, but me being almost 90 years old, I am not very optimistic about seeing my wonderful boys again. I had second row center seats, with VIP meet and greet, to see them in Ottawa, which has been cancelled and not rescheduled for September. I saw them last in 2012 but definitely will not be around to see them if it takes another ten years!!!

    Good luck to those rescheduling and enjoy them for me, too. I am very disappointed and feeling quite blue today, but no one died and the sun is shining, so all’s right with the world.

    Hugs, Dolores

    1. Dolores, I know it’s a far drive, and probably more expensive, but there are some 2nd and 3rd row vip pkgs left for Toronto if you hurry! They are $735 CA dollars. At least it does include mg! 😁

      1. Thanks for letting me know, Jana. I’m waiting for my refund from TicketMaster in the amount of $1,600.00, but until then won’t go over the limit on my credit card. Besides, I would have to take the train, and have a hotel room for at least one night, so unless you think I should go on Go Fund Me, I’ll pass for now. Just joking!

      2. DB, let’s face it, you are 90! What’s the worst that could happen? You’d live long enough to see them and pay off your credit card! If not, at least you’d have good hopes to see them, and have it keep you going. The bills will be there long after you are gone! 😁 tell all the kids and grandkids for presents, “just send money!” Lol I know most people as they get older always tell the relatives they don’t need a thing, but these guys fill your spirit and that’s “almost” priceless! 😉 I would certainly not encourage anyone to truly spend more than they could afford, but think about it… 🤔 j

  16. Sorry I didn’t mention Topaz, but I think I’ll go now and pet my two old cats for some good feeling. There is nothing that makes you feel better than that! Dolores

    1. I would sure try to get that ticket and go. My refund for lasVegas in 2020 took only about 3 weeks and that was during the big shut down of covid. The interest on your credit card wouldnt be that much if you missed the due date for the full balance. Compared to the Joy of IlVolo!

      1. Thanks for your kind words, CDJ, but I’m not about to go through the anticipation, wondering, worrying again. I think I’ll wait until someone, somewhere puts it out on DVD and I’ll buy it then and watch it whenever I feel like it, over and over again. Dolores

  17. Thanks, Jana, for the lesson in positive thinking! The guys must be devastated–they were looking forward so much to touring again. I’m hoping there will be more appearances and interviews we can catch. Your kitty is adorable and looks totally spoiled already!

  18. It’s really too bad about the cancellations. You didn’t say if Atlanta was one of the concerts that couldn’t be rescheduled. They are extremely gifted young men, but I have to say, I do not have the kind of money they want for the tickets. If I had $1,300 for front row seats to their concert, I still couldn’t in good conscience purchase them. My adopted grandson lives in Africa and is dirt poor, struggling from day to day to be able to eat and keep a roof over his head. I love Il Volo and will support them through the purchase of CDs, but really, I wish the ticket prices were more reasonable for elderly fans on a limited income. My best to them.

    1. I can understand where you are coming from. I rather fancied going to see Andre Rieu in Leeds in April. Nearly fainted when I saw the price of the tickets. I am hoping to get to see Il Volo one day, but it could mean a couple of years saving, especially if I have to go to Italy to see them. I don’t really have any hopes of them coming to the UK, especially anywhere north of London.

      Hugs Roz

  19. Karen, sorry to hear about your grandson in Africa. Can completely understand! The NYC prices are always inflated, because it’s NY! But I do think those prices are pretty crazy!! Most of the front rows were only about $200 or $250, and VIP pkgs with mg, ranged from about $500 to $750 depending on the venue.

    Yes, Atlanta was rescheduled, so if you already had tx, you are good!

    As for pricing, you can get the “cheap” seats in most venues for about $50 or so. 😁

    Tx, Jana

    1. I think–if I remember correctly–that the ticket prices on Ticketmaster were much higher than if you bought them through the pre-sale on the fan club. Did anyone else notice this? It is worth the price of membership to get a big discount on the tickets.

    2. Just checked TicketMaster for the concert at Meridian Hall in Toronto in September and the seats I would like are close to $700.00 each, without VIP MG, and without train fare, etc., so, although , as you say, I am nearly 90 and what the heck, I’ll still pass this time. I think someone is gouging the ticket prices and I’m sure it’s not our boys!!! As for the cheap seats, they aren’t $50. as you mention, but are about $75.00 in the nosebleed section. Call the paramedics!!!!

  20. Love your kitties Jana. I have a black and white female called Inky, so called because it looks as though she dipped her nose in the ink bottle. Ha, is that where by bottle of ink went? There am I blaming Robin Goodfellow (Puck), when it was her all the time!

    Ta muchly for the giggles, and also for the pointer to the masks and stuff. Yes, they do sell here in the UK, so I could be purchasing a mask and T Shirt in time for a birthday lunch with friends on the 1st of March. Not my birthday I might add, but hey ho, I am just happy to get out again. 🙂


  21. I’m thinking of Phoenix and the peanut gallery and taking binoculars. A far cry from front row/M&G in SanAntonio. I am also hoping for some more venues on the west coast.

    1. and I love your #11 re: the Elvis movie, just last night I said to hubs, too bad Gianluca wasn’t playing Elvis, he looks more like Elvis and sings way better than the actor playing Elvis. and Gian would like to act. But. I’d rather he be in IlVolo!

  22. Thank you so much Jana! For me and my husband, the cancellation actually worked out better, since we didn’t have tickets. We were planning a Fall trip to Boston so it worked out! I just purchased 2 orchestra seats! This will be our 5th Il Volo concert. The first one was 9/27/13 at Radio City. The last time we saw them was 2/22/20 in South FL. We had 2nd row, with Meet and Greet, great concert! We are looking forward to seeing our guys again!

  23. I am so disappointed for us Il Volovers and also for our Il Volo boys and the whole crew it takes to bring their show to North America. They were also excited to bring their new concert to us and have been preparing for months. This is a big expensive proposition and just weeks away to start. No wonder Gianluca has had such a serious face. My concert is cancelled altogether. Tough. I’m trying to think of some alternative place I can go and see them. We are all in this together.

  24. HI. So one has to purchase the expensive seats in order to have a meet and greet? Fan club membership doesn’t get us that opportunity? And if I have a balcony seat for Phoenix in April would they exchange/upgrade to a lower level aisle seat for October reschedule? Never wanted to attend a concert so badly as this one. I thank God it wasn’t cancelled. Thanks for any info or advice. Cats rule by the way!

  25. JL, just to answer you quickly…. I’m hoping not! 😁 I was actually working on that the day before everything was canceled, so I have a feeling that is why I couldn’t get an answer.

    For the last several months, I’ve been in contact with omgvip, the group/company that organizes the mg. Because in Detroit, we got front row sests, but NO MG! Their email folks had been quite responsive, but then I hadn’t heard anything for nearly 3 weeks!

    Previously, at the 2020 concert at the Fox. It was the same way, but you could purchase the VIP upgrade for the mg. (Like in most previous concerts) I was concerned that they didn’t have this option yet on their site, so, I got on the phone. Talked to some really nice guys, found out the number for a medic alert (yeah, dialed the wrong number he gave me lol!) On the phone with ticketmaster for 90 min with Ivan, and the next day everything was postponed!

    So a long answer to a short question! I was going to do a post on this when I had some answers.

    Ok, gotta run, need to get ready to go somewhere!


  26. For better or worse they say. We have to get philosofical about this situation. As followers of Flight Crew, we are self proclaimed fans of the concept of Il Volo. This involves a degree of loyalty for us. We have to keep this concept of world class music and entertainment alive for another 6 months. No shows – no new fans. Status quo is not good enough. So our work begins. Mention IL Volo in every conversation. Surprising how many people will listen – even the dentist. Our news will be sparse unless they’re busy in Europe and So. America? Morricone generated a lot of interest but that fades. It’s up to us.

    1. I do my bit here in England, but it is a lot like pulling teeth. Whenever I mention Il Volo I get completely blank looks. Get the same for anything that isn’t in the top 100. Some had heard of Il Divo, even Andre Rieu, but Il Volo, forget it. I will definitely have to invest in an Il Volo mask. 😉


  27. Hi, I think someone asked about the soundcheck, but I can’t find it….

    Again, yes, the sound check is “free” if you join the fan club for about $20, it’s in euros….good thing, is that it’s good for all concerts, if you were planning on going to more than one.

    Also, we don’t know for sure right now if they will have any sound checks. The sound checks are also run by the omgvip group in association with the official fan club.

    Unfortunately, covid and its aftermath, will be ruling us for quite some time, I’m afraid. 😰


    1. Hi. Me again, Jo Lynn, I had asked about soundcheck attendance. If I have only an e-membership with nothing to show at the door, how does that work? I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but any advice will help me plan better for my Il Volo experience. Thanks so much.

      1. JL,

        Wow, sure didn’t think this post would get so many comments! 😁

        So, yes, digital membership is fine. They check your name off a list. Card doesn’t mean anything, just a nice token to have. 😉

        When I get a few extra minutes, I’ll respond to more comments!

        Been a busy weekend!


    1. BG, I don’t know…might have to give you a citation for improper use of spelling! 🤣🤣🤣 just kidding! I knew what you meant. It was before coffee, right? 😉

  28. I’ve said before, attending a sound check is almost as good as a meet and greet and a fraction of the cost! Well worth the $20 cost, and as Jana said, good at multiple venues. Fingers crossed that they allow them on this tour.

    Just as an aside, I helped a friend buy a ticket for Atlanta yesterday, and she got a front row center loge seat for $89 plus fees that came to $110 total. That is a fabulous “cheap” seat. Purchased through Ticketmaster. She will join the fan club and go to the sound check and save tons of money.

    Loved the cute kitty. Nothing more comforting than a sweet cat! And some positive thinking!

    My husband teases me and says the Fab Three will be on walkers by the time we get to finally see them in person. No Volare, oh, oh but Volare, eh? eh?

  29. I had a sinking feeling all along that for some reason (pessimism) I would not get to see them in concert and now it’s true. Disappointment is an understatement. I go north in Sept and Oct to be with my family once a year, so weighing both things, family comes first and IL Volo second, much to my chagrin. Am trying to look to the future and the possibility of seeing them in another time frame and maybe a different venue. I worry what affects this postponement may have on their US fan base. Damned pandemic!!!

    1. I must admit I wondered the same as you.

      I can’t really see them appearing here in the UK for the foreseeable future, but as the moment I don’t really fancy the idea of going elsewhere in Europe unless I can be certain that I will get not only a concert, but all the extras as well, M&G for instance.

      It isn’t going to be cheap to go to Italy, so I want my money’s worth so to speak. I was aiming at next year originally, but I think 2024 may be more realistic. Life has improved a wee bit since this pandemic blew up in our faces two years ago, but I reckon it still has a long way to go.

      We are at least hoping to go on holiday here in the UK this year. I think ‘himself’ is going to go stir crazy if he doesn’t.


      1. Rox, you really should consider a concert in Italy even without a meet&greet. I have been there in 4 soundchecks and 1 m&g and the soundchecks were zillion times better and practically for free (fan club 20 euros vs m&g 200 euros).

        That m&g was certainly not worth the money: about 5 seconds to shake hands with each guy and then the photo. And we were told the guys were in a hurry (as always), so the organiser was hurrying us all the time.

        Verona and Taormina in June are sold out but the three concerts in December are a good option.

      2. Sadly Riina I couldn’t make it to Italy this year, and especially in December when I have way too much other stuff going on. I doubt I would trust the weather either, says she being blown off her perch in February! There is also the small(!) problem of Covid. It hasn’t gone away, and unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future.

        Perhaps they may have concerts in the late summer/autumn next year. The way things are going it will probably be 2024 before I could go as far as Italy. I have learned the art of patience after all these years.

        I decided to invest in a T-shirt and mask from Redbubble. A wee bit on the chilly side to be wearing a T-shirt, but I reckon I will be wearing a mask forever and a day, if not longer.

        I think we are asked to still wear a mask on public transport, and also in most shops. Not that it matters as ‘I’ will decide when the time is right to dispense with one, not our government.

      3. I have 2 tickets for the October 7th concert in Rome, but as this has moved to December i’m unable to make it. I am travelling from the UK, so have decided to get tickets elsewhere in Europe. So if anyone wants the tickets I am happy to sell them . Thank you

  30. My venue in North Carolina was cancelled but I just got a ticket for Clearwater, Florida for October. Flying down to visit with nearby family and see Il Volo. Where there’s a will….!❤️❤️❤️

  31. Thanks, Jana, for the update. Stupid COVID. I was somewhat fearful Montreal would be cancelled as I believe we only open to normal capacity on March 14 – not sure, though as I have just come home from 4 days in hospital so out of touch! Hopefully but the time they next hit our city, I will own a Smart Phone and be able to purchase tickets. I am a cat lover, as well, so will check out your photos later – CUTE!

  32. I have tickets for Rome for October 7th, sadly this has been postponed until December, which I can’t do. Coming from England, I would like to go Bucharest in July, but tickets are not available yet, I tried to register my details so I”m told when the tickets go on sale, but it didn’t like my email address. Also I have 2 tickets that i’m not going you use. Any suggestions thank you

    1. Sally, the Bucharest tickets are already available for several days. The best seats are already sold, but about in 10th row there are still some. is the official site for them.

    2. Sally I have had the same problem with various companies with my TalkTalk address, all three of ’em. Can’t understand why as they are legitimate address, just used my usual one to order my T-shirt and mask. All very weird.


  33. Oh indeed this is sad news…. And rather inconvenient info for many. As I am in the understanding that most states in the US have no restrictions in respect to social gatherings and big events, I am truly puzzled as to the necessity to cancel the tour! It is for sure not for health reasons for the boys and their Italian crew – they will most likely all have had 3 vaccination shots and hence have only a minimal chance of getting a serious illness – getting it with 3 shots is generally like having a cold or weak regular flu. And as to the America’s it is up to them to attend or not if they have not wished to have any vaccinations. So when other artists can tour the US – why not Il Volo?

    I actually not surprised though that the ticket sale has been slow – I do understand if people are still a bit reluctant to go out and socialize yet in spite of the Corona being on its way out. I live in Denmark and as of February 1, our government declared the COVID pandamy for over and of no national risk. Practically all restrictions have been lifted and we can live a normal life. Not that the Corona is over as such – in the contrary / never has as many people been reported I’ll with same right now – but being so mild it has no influences on our health system – only a few are admitted to the hospital. The reason more than 90% of the population has had 3 shots and/or have had the disease. So a similar situation must appear soon in the rest of Europe and the overseas countries likewise having been active on the vaccination and test scene. Incl the US I would think – so Il Volo why this cancellation? And ok there may be less seats sold but probably sufficient to make a break even, so…

    Personally I am likewise hit by this situation as I am holding good tickets for the Rome concert on October 7, having planned to fly down and combine with a small autumn fling of the city. But, alas the new date of December 23 is totally impossible to work with! In Denmark we celebrate x/mad in the evening of the 24th so no way we can be home in time plus – if any flights available at all – they are bound to be extremely expensive and definitely not the bargain tickets we have planned for. Arghhh / ok the local Tomans can manage that date but all the European fans flying in cannot so it is rather sad…

    Well nothing we can do about it all. but I do most certainly hope there is a very strong and good reason for doing so as it is truly inconvenient for many people!
    Rgds from Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister here in the UK keeps batting on about changing the rules regarding Covid, but I read the figures. People are still being infected, many for a second time, there are still way too many deaths for my liking.

      I am still a great believer in taking precautions, as in wearing a mask, etc. If the boys and their management feel the risk is too high, then I for one cannot blame them.


  34. Jana Thank you again for your article for keeping us all cheerfull even though after pandemic is not easy Thank you Thank YOU Thank you!!!!

    My concert in Milain is been postponed AGAIN, from october to december 2022 this time

    I fly from France so not sure I can get to the concert during december as I will work…..

    any way let’s keep positive and see if I can find ticket in France even in here in France il volo are not very well known….. I have to reschedule evrything again

    As one of the fan said lets keep supporting them and yes as an Italian I look forward to hear live the 3 guys singin Morricone that has to be just Poetry and will reapy of all this

    All the best for everyone and keep that smile and patience ……..


  35. BULLETIN! For those in the east of USA and Canada who have access to Detroit PBS, they have just announced that the Il Volo Tribute to Morricone, which they taped in Verona last year, will be televised this coming Saturday, February 26th at 8:30 p.m. on PBS.

    I guess it’s sort of a consolation prize, but not being able to go to the concert in Canada in September, I’ll be only too glad to watch it again. Thanks, PBS Detroit!

    1. DB, really, like the whole concert like the dvd you had to buy for over $100?

      It is nice. It’s in English! They cut most of the jokes and banter. But at least you hear the songs!

      Are you in Michigan? Jist curious how you saw this on Detroit pbs? Instagram?


      1. Jana, I live just outside of Ottawa (the capital of Canada) but my TV satellite server brings in Detroit and Spokane, WA. I was watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS Detroit when the notice came on the television. Thought I’d let those know who hadn’t seen the notice.

        Yes, I already have the DVD, which I paid $120.00 for but will watch the program on the TV just the same. And, as Penina said, the PBS station doesn’t show it all as they have to take time for pledges being made to their station. Dolores

  36. Personally, I think as a consolation to their U.S. fans, the guys should consider rushing out an English version dvd of the concert available for a normal price.

      1. I think that is an awesome idea. I too lice on west coast florida / I hope that happens,
        Stay qwll everybody and keep the faith.

  37. My heart is broken. I have been very ill and was trying to get healthy in time for my early April Concert here in Florida. It was my reason to really work on getting back in shape. I must admit, I have been expecting this to happen. Our COVID numbers here have gone down, finally, but we still need to wear masks and be careful. Oh, I have memorized all the English songs on the Morricone Album!

  38. Where can I find the rules that govern the posting of comments so I can find out why my comment disappeared ?

    1. Gail, I’m so sorry, eas it on this post? I don’t see any other comments that you have made? I get copies of all comments to my email….

      Maybe try again?

      I know, sometimes, and it’s happened to me even, there’s a quirk with WordPress and it rejects uour comment.

      Let me see if I see anything. 😉


    2. Hello Gail, just to let you know, I couldn’t find any other posts from you and we didn’t remove anything… 😉

  39. I need some help getting into my fan club account. Every. Time I try the say they do no recognize my email do not ask anything else want to get tickets for concert in A C. I have sent this request many places to many different no one answers me can you help me Please ?

    1. Marie, sorry you are having so much trouble, but you do not need the fan club for any tickets for usa. That was only for presale tickets. Just go to and look up AC 😉

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