On February 12, Il Volo was a guest on the German TV show ZDF. Here they are upon their arrival in Berlin.

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero left Italy for Germany on Gianluca’s birthday, already 27 years old for him.
Our “boys” are young men, but Gian without a beard does not look his age at all. Poor Gianluca, he couldn’t even celebrate his birthday with his family, but he celebrated with his two fraternal friends Piero and Ignazio.

The show titled “Die Giovanni Zarrella show”, is hosted by Giovanni Zarrella, who is an Italian naturalized German singer, showman and dancer.
Born to Italian parents in Germany and raised there, he is active and well known, essentially in German-speaking countries.
So here is the performance of Il Volo.
Please click on the photo below to view the video.

(I will try to translate what was said after the performance. I don’t know German, but I try to interpret from the answers what was asked.)
GZ = Ladies and Gentlemen: Il Volo.
Great guys! (applause)
Nice to meet you, how nice to see you.
I + P = Hello everyone.
GIAN = Good evening everyone.
IGNAZIO = I can’t speak German.
GZ = You don’t speak German.
IGNAZIO = No, I can only tell you a few sentences.
GZ = It doesn’t matter, there are those who translate.
I am very happy to have you here, (to Gianluca) was it your birthday yesterday? (Applause)
GIAN = Yes, yes, 27 years old.
GZ = 27, you could be my son!!
PIERO = We want to say something really important, that we really feel in our hearts.
Coming here, in Germany, to see an Italian, conducting his own TV program, is truly fantastic.
GZ = Thanks a lot guys.
GIAN = We can say that Giovanni Zarrella is a pride, not only for Germany, but also for Italy, and it’s beautiful!
GZ = Thanks a lot guys, what a thrill. Thanks again.
Guys, 10 years ago, you started singing around the world, but for two years there has been a break up (Covid), and not much has been done in this time. I didn’t have time for gardening, now I have some reconstructed gardens. What did you do at the time?
IGNAZIO = Surely we have had the opportunity to give space to creativity. We had to think about the time that was coming and we thought about paying a tribute to Ennio Morricone, a great teacher of whom we are very proud and for Italy he is like a flag.
PIERO = We sang all his most important melodies, from “L’estasi dell’Oro”, to “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”, to “Mission”, melodies known all over the world and some sung for the first time.
GZ = And all these fantastic melodies, sung for the first time by these fantastic singers, you will find them on their latest album. I am so glad to have seen you this evening.
IGNAZIO = Then during the pandemic we also ate a lot, me in particular. 😁
GZ = Soon back on tour, when are you leaving for America?
When will you return to Germany?
GIAN = We will be back here in Germany soon, after two years of pandemic, as you (to the audience) want to go back to see concerts, we want to go back to doing them.
PIERO = We will be here on June 25th, the day after my birthday, in Frankfurt and on the 26th in Dusseldorf.
GZ = Guys it was a pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen: Il Volo, thank you guys, grazie mille!!
And this comment was posted by Giovanni Zarrella, with a short video:
“Thanks a lot @ilvolomusic! 🇮🇹 Crazy voices and a great version of the classic The Ecstasy of Gold! 😍 We got goosebumps and you? 👏
These days, also, the second series of the TV drama has started: MAKARI, whose theme song was written by Ignazio Boschetto and sung by Il Volo.
The first series was very successful, but the first episode of the second series also had the highest television ratings.
Here is a summary of what the online newspaper DIRETTA SICILIA wrote, about the theme song:
Click here to read the article in Diretta Sicilia.
Màkari is not surprising only for the story of Saverio Lamanna (the protagonist). It is a product also characterized by the extraordinary participation of Ignazio Boschetto.
The Il Volo singer has in fact written the theme song of the same name for the fiction, which also marked the first season. “An honor for me to have written it – said the artist to the Giornale di Sicilia – is a song that tells about my Sicily where I return every year in the summer.”
The other two members of the group, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone, sing the song with him and said they were “proud of the work Ignazio did.”

Il Volomusic posted this comment:
“Dear friends of Màkari, Saverio Lamanna’s investigations are back and we too, with the initials theme song you loved so much, and for this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Màkari is home and our heart sings for you.”
So let’s listen to the beautiful song with the video of the second series. ❤❤❤
Please click on the photo below to view the video.
About Màkari.
I have been pointed out to these three beautiful videos, published by Los Volos Mexico, where only the single voices of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are heard singing the song. I find them fantastic, and you?
Please click on the photo below to view the Gianluca’s video from Los Volos Mexico.


Grazie mille to Los Volos Mexico! ❤❤❤
But surely this is the news that made me most proud of our boys.
On Sunday 7 February, on RAI 1 in a television program entitled I FATTI VOSTRI, a beautiful interview with Pope Francis was broadcast.
Among the various questions, one concerned music, because the Pope was photographed by the paparazzi, while he was leaving a music record shop.
The Pope said he had not gone to buy records, but to bless the shop which is owned by friends. When asked what kind of music he listens to, the Pope said, without going into particular, that he listens to a lot of classical music and that he also likes tango (He is Argentine).
But the two journalists, who are very curious, intercepted a tweet made by Cardinal Franco Ravasi shortly before the start of Sanremo.
The cardinal’s comment goes like this:
“Sanremo 2022 is approaching and I have received another series of musical materials from Pope Francis. Best wishes to the Festival (Sanremo).
And in the video the vinyl of Il VOLO appears clearly visible.
Please click on the photo below to view the video.

Here Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in audience with the Pope.

Excellent musical taste, Pope Francis, who knows if he will have heard the beautiful tango POR UNA CABEZA sung by Il Volo …….

That’s all for now.
Ignazio Piero and Gianluca are not very active in this period, I believe that all their attention is towards the tour, the dates are slowly approaching and we hope to have confirmation that everything can be done, in safety for everyone. We all desire for normality and to attend many good concerts !!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. This post was already ready for publication, before the news that the tour was postponed to September.
    Of course we are all very sorry for this news and I believe that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are even more sorry than us.
    I have seen that some dates have been canceled, but I think they will add others later. I hope you all get to see the concerts you were so excited to attend and I hope this Covid situation ends once and for all!


    1. Thank you again for wonderful article. I’m so sad the concerts have been postponed I was so looking forward to seeing them in concert for the first time. Oh well now have to wait till 9/23 Borgota AC NJ

      1. Angela, you will have to wait a little longer, but the wait will pay off.
        I hope other dates will be added to make up for the canceled ones.

  2. Wonderful article. The translated conversation is always a plus! The individual pieces of Makari by each one was very nice. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Daniela! And thank you Il Volo Mexico for the accapella individual voices!!! In the interview they did not answer about the American tour, went right to the dates in Germany. I had one concert moved and one canceled 😥. And my Milano concert in October is now a week before Christmas and I cannot have vacation in December.. this one has me 💔. And I don’t see Japan or South America dates on their website. Oh well, thank goodness for the music we can play any time we want or need them🎶🥰. Thanks again Daniela, just great!!!

    1. Karen, I am happy that you liked the videos of Il Volos Mexico, it could only be like this.
      I too had noticed that they had not answered the question about the start of the American tour, perhaps they had not yet decided to move the dates to September.
      I am very sorry for the concert in Milan, I understand that the weeks of December are not exactly the best, really a pity.
      I think Japan and South America tour dates will be announced soon.

  4. Daniela, When I was in Sicily last September I could access
    RAI 1 and see all of Makari season 1 on my laptop. What a
    treat! Great program and to hear the theme on each
    Glad you caught the the Pope item.
    I am sad my San Fran concert was cancelled. I am
    wondering why you think they may add concerts later?
    Glimmer of hope… Hugs for you and Pat.

    1. Martha, also the second series of Makari is having a great success, it is really pleasant and offers beautiful Sicilian landscapes.
      Yes, our Pope has an excellent musical taste !!
      I strongly think that they can add new dates, unfortunately having canceled some dates does not make anyone happy, but I believe that if there is demand and availability of the seat, Il Volo will add new dates.

  5. Thenk you very much Daniela and Pat for translating and posting this beautiful. I’m sorry for the rescheduled concerts in the USA. I hope that I will finally be able to see and hear our boys at last in July. My tickets are waiting for two years.

    1. Jolanta, my tickets have also been waiting for two years to be used and I hope this is the right time, I’ll be in Verona, if everything is confirmed !!

  6. Grazie Daniela for all the nice hard work you do for us
    The concert for milan has been post poned again for december now I dont know if I can attend

    if that would be the case I will put a note later on in teh blog to see if someone would be interested in the tickets for milan
    Grazie Ancora a te
    Auguri a PÄT!

    XOXX Alessandra

    1. Alessandra is really a pity that you don’t come to Milan, now you are sad, but wait, maybe you will find a way and then you will be happy.
      Otherwise you will make an announcement, as you say, or there is a site where the fans are selling their tickets that they cannot use.

  7. Grazie mille, Daniela and Pat. The Berlin performance was terrific, the Por Una Cabeza is one of my favorites, and I was so happy to read the Diretta Sicilia article. I love Sicilia, I love the Makari theme, and I love Ignazio!

    1. Judi, I love Por una Cabeza, because all three have shown us to do something different and have been very good, I hope they do other pieces like that.
      The three things you wrote me that you love, I love them too !!

  8. BULLETIN! To repeat the note I posted on Jana’s NA Tour Update column, for those in the east USA and Canada, who have access to Detroit PBS, they have just announced that Il Volo’s Tribute to Morricone, which PBS taped in Verona last year, will be televised this coming Saturday, February 26th at 8:30 p.m. on PBS Detroit.

    I think it is sort of a consolation prize to those who had their concerts cancelled. Anyway, I say Thanks PBS Detroit!

  9. How nice that our guys manage to stay in the public eye in spite of all the cancellations. Thank you for your good work.

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