On the evening, of March 1st, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero got on a plane to Los Angeles to participate in the Filming Italy event.
But what is Filming Italy?
Created and organized by Agnus Dei di Tiziana Rocca and the Italian Institute of Culture Los Angeles, Filming Italy – Los Angeles promotes Italy as a film set and bridge between Italian and American culture. The Festival whose artistic direction is entrusted to Tiziana Rocca, is presented under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles and will see the presence of Consul General Silvia Chiave.
This year, among the various guests, there will also be IL Volo who will also receive an award

Here is the greeting from Il Volo to Filming Italy.
PIERO: We would like to thank Filming Italy LA and the Italian Cultural Institute.
IGNAZIO: Because these have been two difficult years, and a festival like this really was needed.
GIANLUCA: Yes, to start over, to return to reality. We would also like to thank Tiziana Rocca, because she believed in us since the beginning of our career.

And here is Il Volo with Tiziana Rocca and in some beautiful shots. 😉

And here we are on the evening of the event, on the red carpet.

The guys after they received their award!

The following day Il Volo performed, three songs, in the theater but there were only short videos of the performance. Luckily, I found the full video.
“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”

And here is an article that talks about the Filming Italy Festival in Los Angeles. I have translated the part that interests you, Il Volo.🤗
(click on the link below to see the full article)

Filming Italy LA – Click – here

Il Volo reserved for those present a tasty preview of the concert to be held at the Dolby Theater on October 15: an exclusive performance of three songs taken from the latest album, dedicated to the memory of maestro Ennio Morricone. ‘If’, ‘In Fantasy’ and ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’, the latter famous theme of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with the words written by the master’s son, Andrea.
The voices of the two tenors and baritone were so powerful that they shook the walls of a theater usually reserved for private screenings, not for a concert of such intensity. 

After the Festival, dinner with Tiziana Rocca and the Italian actor Salvatore Esposito.

Here they did a short interview with Access Hollywood.

While they were in Los Angeles, Il Volo was also interviewed by Morning News:
And then, they had an interview that aired on Fred fm.

(enter this link and press the PLAY PODCAST button, the interview is in English)

Fred FM – Click – Here

Below, Il Volo released this nice and funny radio interview with David Serero, for The Culture News on iHeart Radio

They then gave an interview for the Mexican broadcast Telehit.
And another interview for Mexican television, TV Azteca

Also, an interview for ET has been announced, which is in the promo video, but hasn’t aired yet.
The same video was also shared by Fox Theater.
A few more photos in Los Angeles, before returning to Italy.

I think Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were very happy to be back in the US.
The situation here in Europe is very tense, but we pray, and we are all confident that peace will soon return to reassure all peoples.
For this reason, I want to close again with the video appeal for peace, shot by Il Volo during their period in Los Angeles.

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  1. How fortunate we are to have you and your inside information and translation to keep us informed on our boys! We learn so much with each of your post and enjoy them very much. Thank you for all your endeavors. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Wow – our guys have been busy! And it looks like they had great weather in L.A. The Festival video was terrific–so glad you found that, Daniela. And I especially loved the interview with David–he was almost as enthusiastic about the guys as we are! Thanks also for finding some extra things I missed, as always.

    1. Judi, I too loved the interview with David Serero, he was very proud to talk to our guys. They’ve been really busy, and new interviews are published every day

  3. Daniela I really enjoyed this post. Loved all the photos and the videos and good to see them getting publicity in the US. I have always thought in recent years they have not gotten enough air time in the US to show to those not yet familiar with Il Volo how great and funny they are. Hopefully new fans will be brought on board from seeing them on Access Hollywood and Entertainment tonight. They looked and sounded great and looking forward to sold out concerts in the fall. Thank you Daniela and Pat for keeping us up to date.

    1. Thanks Janet, you are very kind. I think Ignazio, Piero and Gian were very happy to be back in the US.
      We hope to see the full ET interview soon.

  4. As always, thanks, Daniela, for keeping us up to date on the latest Il Volo news and activities. They are such unique and great guys – always appear to be enjoying their experiences, are true gentlemen and deserve every bit of praise and recognition that comes their way. I hope Pat is continuing to improve and feel better. Thanks, again.

    1. Judith, I can tell you that Pat’s recovery is going well.
      We hope that these interviews will help the boys to keep the interest in Il Volo alive, they deserve it.

  5. Love all the videos, and photos of course. Would still love to see the boys here in the UK, but it the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, then I had better save my pennies, and sharpen up my Italian, and see them in Italy. Perhaps if I saved really hard I could even go on the Orient Express. Hmm, maybe the last bit is wishful thinking! 😉

    Can I offer a quick congratulazioni to the Italian rugby team. Pity it had to be against Wales, but hey ho, brilliant for them anyway. 🙂


  6. Thanks Daniela. The Dave Serero interview was fun and his enthusiasm was contagious! A good match for them!

  7. Thanks Daniela, Even though there is upheaval in Ukraine,
    you brought us images of spring to lift our spirits.
    Love Sorero’s interview. They made each other laugh !

  8. Daniela: thanks for some terrific new information about the guys-interesting that they have formed so many clubs around the world. Question: what is the name of the Italian restaurant in the photos? Will be in LA in the coming months. Thank you!

  9. Don’t know how I missed commenting on this posting! The interview with David Serero was so refreshing!! He genuinely admires them and you could see that in his approach to them. No set questioning and his laughter was so real and they seemed to enjoy talking to him.

    However, Gianluca, as usual, was a little reserved. But, Piero and Igna made up for it with their spontaneity, especially Igna. Such a great interview!

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