To celebrate Mara Venier’s 30-year career, this evening’s show has been titled: DOMENICA IN SHOW.
Guests of the first episode, among the many, Il Volo, was entrusted with the task of starting the evening.
Here they are:
Please click on the picture below to view the video.

Domenica In SHOW

The show begins immediately without presentation, with Il Volo in the center immediately starting to sing Grande Amore in the new more rock version. The song is sung in Italian, except for the words “You are my everything Grande Amore” in English.
GIANLUCA = Good evening, we are very happy to be here this evening, DOMENICA IN SHOW, live on RAI1.
IGNAZIO = We can say that: the audience is there, let’s hear … (audience ovation).
The orchestra is there …. (there was the sound of the orchestra).
The studio is beautiful, because it is different, it is beautiful, very beautiful ….
PIERO = Only she is missing, only she is missing, the hostess:
“Signore e Signori, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs: Mara Venier.
Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio go to meet Mara Venier who greets them and embraces them with affection.
IGNAZIO = We are still here. (they have already been interviewed by her)
MARA = We are still here.
GIANLUCA = After 30 years (Mara Venier celebrates 30 years of television with this show)
MARA = After 30 years I’m still here. I started the first episode of “Domenica In” in 1993.
IGNAZIO = I remember it !! 😁
GIANLUCA = When was Piero born, in 1993 !! 😘
MARA = Really!!
PIERO = Yes, June 1993.
MARA = Think , I started in October ….. but no, you ….
PIERO = I wasn’t born yet ….
MARA = You were born, you are in June ….
GIANLUCA = You are in June, so ….
MARA = June, July, August and September, 4 months …
GIANLUCA = He was 4 months old when the first episode aired !!
MARA = Mamma mia, how old I am, guys …. okay, we started in 93 (she and her staff) we are still here, I did 13 editions on “Domenica In”, and tonight we are here to celebrate, it’s a party for Domenica In, with my friends, with your friends (of the audience), and I am happy to see you again (she turns to Il Volo), because we broke up in a fantastic episode in December (they had the peak of listening ) ….
GIANLUCA= And I can say that I finally sang Grande Amore live, because at Eurovision I couldn’t sing it.
MARA = But I know Gianluca, because you were sick, you had taken Covid, my love ….
GIANLUCA = But I sang it here tonight on “DOMENICA IN” together with Ignazio and Piero.  ❤(applause)
MARA = How are you?
GIANLUCA = Well, very well. Fortunately, it didn’t last long.
MARA = Were you sorry not to be there?
GIANLUCA = Well, very, very much. But now we will get busy, because …..
IGNAZIO = He cried for a week … ❤
GIANLUCA = One week !!
IGNAZIO = We endured him for a week.
PIERO = But now he will have …..
MARA = What did he do? How have you consoled him? 😘
IGNAZIO = Eurovision is still one of the most important stages …
MARA = Indeed it is.
IGNAZIO = We consoled him by telling him …“Come on, now the tour starts, don’t worry, this summer you will sing again.”
PIERO = Now he will be able to sing on tour …
MARA = How were you at home? Were you disheartened? 😘
GIANLUCA = At home I looked at them, (Piero and Ignazio) incredible…
MARA = But somehow you were there !!
GIANLUCA = …. me at home and them on stage!
IGNAZIO = But it went well for him, he was 25 times bigger than us, on the screens …😁
MARA = It’s true !! And it was also double! 😁
IGNAZIO = Double too !!😁
MARA = I must say that from home I also thought, but why don’t they put it in the center? Because I didn’t know which one to look at, whether to look over here, or look over there.
However it is true, you have been a formidable presence in every case, but we were sorry not to see you there, because when you are on that stage it is always a wonderful opportunity.
GIANLUCA = But they were great (Piero and Ignazio), I was excited to see them from home, on the sofa, the two of them ….
IGNAZIO = We had more space on stage, that’s it.
MARA = Listen guys, just one question, then you come back later, the evening is long, there are many friends.
When you perform abroad, when the audience gets excited?  With which of your songs?
PIERO= They are actually all melodies. Now, the last album is dedicated to Ennio Morricone ….
MARA = That you presented to me that wonderful Sunday, where we had fun and were excited! 😘
PIERO = ….. we already had the opportunity to sing it live, but the world tour starts on June 3rd from the Verona Arena, then we will do many concerts in Italy, but when abroad they hear the Italian melody with the lyrics in Italian, people get excited, in any part of the globe. (applause)
MARA = And they are totally foreigners, not Italian-Americans.
PIERO = Of course there are, but mainly the audience is local, American, Japanese, now we are also returning to Australia.
MARA = How nice, guys, let’s start again!
(she turns to Ignazio)
How’s it going with your girlfriend, she’s from Mexico, right?
IGNAZIO = No, she is in Brazil!
MARA = Ah from Brazil, right!
IGNAZIO = Yes, she will meet me for the tour.
MARA = But when do you see each other?
IGNAZIO = Well, she and I see each other, every now and then, I work, she works, and like all intelligent couples, we wait for the right moment.
MARA = Oh yes! Look, I agree with you.
GIANLUCA = He always falls on his feet, like cats!
MARA = See you later guys !!
G + P + I =  More later.
MARA = Thanks for being here !!

Very pleasant the first part of the presence of Il Volo, which was given the task of introducing the “hostess” Mara Venier, always very sweet with our young men.
And here is the second part of the participation of IL Volo at DOMENICA IN.
Please click on the picture below to view the video.

MARA = Il Volo, here is Il Volo.
They have already been here at DOMENICA IN, they presented this new project of theirs dedicated entirely to the music of Ennio Morricone, and tonight, they propose us again …. (she turns towards them) …. here they are …
GIANLUCA = Here we are again.
MARA = How much emotion guys! What are you singing tonight?
PIERO = We will sing SE, a melody taken from the film NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO.
MARA = Ah, that’s nice, it’s one of my favorites and you know it.
Il Volo, guys, still here on DOMENICA IN: “SE”.
I leave you and I also take away the stool.
(song SE begins)
IGNAZIO = Thank you very much.
MARA = Thanks guys for being with me.
When will we see each other again? Where do we see you again?
PIERO = See you again this summer on tour …
MARA = When do you start? When are you at the Verona Arena?
GIANLUCA = Will we invite you to the Verona Arena?
MARA = Eh but in fact, I want to come, of course I’m coming.
GIANLUCA = It would be nice to have you.
MARA = What day?
GIANLUCA = June 3rd and 4th.
MARA = But now? I’m on the air with DOMENICA IN, I can’t come …
PIERO = However there is Taormina, Agrigento ….
MARA = Oh well, I want to come and see you live, absolutely.
GIANLUCA = Also because we will not only sing the melodies of our repertoire, but also the melodies of the maestro Ennio Morricone.
MARA = Sure!
GIANLUCA = Because it is important to try to introduce young people to these melodies too.
MARA = Absolutely yes.
GIANLUCA = We are passionate about cinema, and we grew up with Ennio Morricone’s films and soundtracks and it is important that young people, who probably never knew him (Morricone), maybe through us ….
MARA = Maybe through you, to reach young people.
GIANLUCA = …. through this music, discover these films, with the soundtracks.
IGNAZIO = We thank you, we are happy to have been a little part of the history of your 30 years of DOMENICA IN.
MARA = Thank you my love, thank you.
So, I’ll come to one of your concerts and then see you again next year, because the aunt continues. (Mara is often called aunt and she means she expects Il Volo next year, guests on her program)

IGNAZIO = Absolutely. Thanks a lot to everyone. See you on tour.
MARA = Thanks, Il Volo, Il Volo, thanks guys! 🤗

Good, was a very pleasant presence and also the audience appreciated, giving Il Volo a nice standing ovation after Grande Amore !!
But let’s see what a couple of newspapers said?

IL SUSSIDIARIO: Newspaper Article- Click Here

Domenica In Show, pyrotechnic opening of Il Volo.

Il Volo is entrusted with the opening of Domenica In Show, with one of their most representative pieces: “Grande Amore”. Warm applause for Gianluca Ginobole, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto who over the years have not only confirmed themselves at very high levels, but have also expanded their popularity and filled up with awards. Mara Venier awaits them in her living room for this first evening episode of Domenica In Show.
“We are very happy to be here tonight”, they say in unison. “The audience is there and you can hear it, the orchestra is there, the studio is beautiful, only the mistress is missing …”, who enters in grand style, to the applause of his fans.

And now let’s see the audience analysis of the evening.
The evening had the peak of listening and, who deals with the audience analysis, writes these words which I will translate to you:

“The first evening sees Rai1 in command with Domenica In show, this curve that flows rather steadily on the 20% share line, after the initial propulsive thrust of Il Volo at 22% share.”

Very well, we had no doubts, when there is Il Volo, the ratings are always excellent !!
And now, let’s analyze how our favorites were dressed!
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are dressed in different clothes, but each, in their own way, elegant and sober.
PIERO = He is wearing a gray suit with a classic, timeless cut, which he lightens by wearing the simple white crew-neck t-shirt under his jacket. Colonial colored leather shoes.
IGNAZIO = Wearing cigarette trousers, light gray with an elegant black double-breasted jacket with satin lapels. He too has lightened everything up, wearing a simple black crew-neck t-shirt under his jacket. Classic black shoes.
GIANLUCA = Certainly the most transgressive of the evening, following his “rejuvenation of image”, he wears wide-legged black leather trousers, a beautiful elegant black jacket and under the jacket his greatest transgression, a black lace shirt, with trims in black satin, unfastened on the chest and with a softly unfastened black satin tie. Black ankle boots with heel.
Naturally, he completes the youthful effect, with a clean-shaven face and disheveled and slightly unruly hair.
In short, I like the whole, even if they are dressed differently, and I must say that I like Gianluca too, even if I prefer the old version of Gian, but I would have preferred the leather pants that are not wide at the bottom, I don’t like the final wide leg, especially if you are not very tall, but it is a question of fashion.
I would also like to know your opinion on their clothing, as well as on their performance. 😉
And now let’s enjoy some great shots of the evening. ❤❤❤
I will tell you my opinion, I found Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, with voices always at the top, a stage presence of three handsome young men, with a particular elegance, always polite and never transgressive.
Very well, I saw that people confirm their love for you, not only those who were present in the broadcast, but also those who followed you from home, because the audience figures obtained are also thanks to you.
It is very close to June 3, the start of your tour, but there will still be a way to see you on TV.
I wait for you soon !!
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


54 thoughts on “IL VOLO TO DOMENICA IN SHOW by Daniela”

  1. I preferred gianlucas overall look previously. But he is still the same person and voice so I have to respect his desire to have a new look..

  2. As always, the guys voices were beautiful and I never grow tired of hearing them. Regarding their clothes, Piero and Ignazio, elegant and casual and gorgeous. I must say I am not crazy about Gianluca’s new style/look. I think it is too feminine and doesn’t go with the look of the group. I just wonder what Piero and Ignazio think of his new appearance. I think there needs to be a more cohesive appearance to them as they are a group.

    1. Yes, their voices are always on top, Gina.
      I believe that Piero and Ignazio respect Gianluca’s will, after all it is only an exteriority and between them they always support the choices of each one.

  3. I liked Gianluca’s overall appearance. His future goal is to be in acting and he presented himself as more of a matinee idol than his persona as one of Il Volo. Still would like to see him with his beard again, but, he is the youngest of the three and, as the years pass, will probably return to the bearded look.

    Thanks, Daniela, for a great story, again.

    1. Of course Dolores, I too am convinced that Gianluca will have a beard again, let’s let some time pass.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  4. I agree with your feelings regarding their outfits for the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance and their interactions with Mara and each other! Always professional and delightful at the same time!👏👏👏🌸🌺

    1. Well, Nina, we agree, after all it is the essence that interests us and Il Volo always remains Il Volo.
      They promised that they will still be guests of Mara, she treats them as if they were her grandchildren.

  5. These talented young boys are now professional entertainers dealing with the complexities of a difficult and challenging career while establishing their identities. Changes in hairstyle and clothing are all part of discovering that identity. It may be a glamorous life but not one without impasses. I worry that their values are compromised by professionals with their own interests as a priority. I wish that they find happiness in their lives because they bring so much joy into the lives of their fans with their beautiful music. They deserve to receive the love that they give❤️

    1. You know, Donna, I believe that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have very clear ideas on what is best for Il Volo, and they put this before every choice. I also believe that they are happy, happy with their love choices, and they live them with optimism and positivity, then the future, no one knows what it can hold.

      1. Thank you for your reassuring words about these wonderfully talented young men. They entered the entertainment world at a young, formative age and I love and worry about them like a grandmother. They bring such joy to the world with their music and personalities and they deserve a life filled with happiness.
        Thank you for all you do for them and their fans❤️

      2. I have a grandmother‘s love and concern for these amazing young men. They were dropped into a fast-paced world during their young and formative years. Your words of reassurance are appreciated. As I stated in my original comment , they bring so much joy to the world with their music and personalities and deserve love and happiness in return❤️

  6. Our boys of Il Volo keep on amazes me with their beautiful voices. The warmth with which they performed on Domenica In Show was magnificent. I loved their new looks. They must just alter Gianluca ‘s pants, because it was a little big and he had to keep on pulling it up. These three young men are surely blessed with their voices and looks that just get better and better. They appeared to be so enthusiastic about the new tour and so are we all. May they have a fantastic tour without covid please. I will have the wonderful opportunity to see them in Milan. Thank you so much for all your articles and I do appreciate it so much as I don’t understand Italian yet. Many blessings.

    1. Thanks Bokkie for the compliments.
      I agree with you on Gianluca’s trousers, and also on how all three were dressed, and which you also appreciated, including Gianluca’s lace shirt. Their voices are getting warmer and more harmonious, now even the Italian journalists are realizing it, giving them the right credit.

  7. Off stage and at home wear what they like but on stage or at a show too do with IiVolo be Busness like dress the part miss the old Gianluca

    1. Maureen , now the tour starts, I really want to see how they will present themselves on stage, there are only 4 days left for me !!

  8. They sound incredible as always! But I miss the old elegance of Gianluca and his former appearance.

    1. Lou Ann, I miss it too, I admit, but I also like the new Gianluca, after all he has always had a different flair in the way of dressing, it is not the first time that he amazes us.

  9. There were always times when Gianluca dressed in unusual ways. Go back to the video of Radio City in 2013. He wore old fashioned black and white oxfords and a red hanky in his pocket. I enjoy his individuality. But I have to say I was startled by the lace shirt and didn’t even notice his pants.

    1. Precisely Gail, I just wrote it in the previous comment, Gianluca, already other times he had surprised us with very particular clothes or details. The lace shirt is nothing new here, worn by men who sing, on the contrary, lately it is quite usual

  10. Thanks, Daniela, for a great story again. I anxiously wait for June when the tour begins. To see some of their new performances. Of course, Gianluca can change his persona, but I do miss his fresh Il Volo smiling eyes persona. I feel that they also anxiously waiting for the tour to start.

    1. Kay, I think they really want to get started and there is also a lot of expectation from everyone. There have already been too many unforeseen events and changes of dates, we need confirmation and a tour that will amaze us.
      4 more days and I’ll tell you how the first evening of the tour went: Verona.

  11. Remember the suit GG wore for the tribute of Jose Jose at the Latin Music Awards in 2013, they sang his famous song Triste. It was light blue and very sparkly, with a black shirt. GG looked fantastic. You can find it on YouTube. They can wear anything they want, of course, my favorite look is black tuxes and white shirts. But I’ll take them anyway I can. Expecting to be surprised by Gianluca.

  12. RoseMarie, here we are, finally it starts, just a few more days and you will see them in Taormina, how wonderful.
    I agree with you about Gianluca’s appearance, that shimmering blue suit, it was quite embarrassing, but Gian was fine and now nobody remembers it. I also prefer them in tuxedos and white shirts, because they are a scream !!! but I accept them in any case, even if all three had the lace shirt !!

  13. And I thought the holes in his pants, a ways back, was cause for concern! Wrong again. Piero has such intelligent eyes and a great smile. He seems to me the most grounded. I like that. Daniela have a wonderful concert experience and I will look forward to all your coverage of the events!

    1. Mark I quite agree with your remarks about Piero. His voice is to die for too. I watched the Live in Pompeii concert, the one that Dolores sent me for my birthday, last night. Bless Piero when he said he hoped he wouldn’t disappoint when he sang E Lucevan Le Stelle.

      My DD gave me the Notte Magica DVD+ 2 CD’s, so I have been listening/watching those since returning home last Thursday. Spent an age trying to get them to play as Nero did not want to co-operate, even though I knew they were ok, as is the Christmas DVD. In the end I had to part with my brass for RealPlayer instead. All three DVD’s will play on my old laptop (Windows 7) via Windows Media Player, but not on Windows 10. Unfortunately the speaker quality isn’t as good on that as it only has the internal speakers. 🙁


    2. I remember Mark, how worried you were about the holes in your pants, you see the fashion of that moment has passed.
      After a year from the last concert, I really want to see them again and hear them again live !!

  14. Ciao Daniela! I was hoping to get your translation of this show full of happiness and good spirits (plus superb singing)! Speaking of Gian, I’m wondering what that very creative and slightly naughty fashion shoot that I saw on Instagram was for. Of course, he looked terrific.

    1. Thanks Judi, I see that I am creating a lot of anticipation for the concert on June 3rd!
      You know that Gian has always said that he would like to be an actor too, I think the photo shoot served to show Gianluca, beyond Il Volo.

  15. I enjoy watching them with Mara. There is alot of affection between them. Their performance was wonderful as usual. I too like Gialuca’s previous look and I also like him with the beard. But I was glad to see him smiling and having a good time. It seemed to me lately (even before his second bout with covid) that he rarely smiled in many pictures. As long as they are happy and singing for us, that’s what is most important. I’m really looking forward to your post on the concert, Daniela.

    1. Yes, Cathy, I agree with you, Gianluca was smiling, and it’s nice to see him smile, but I think his photos where he looked sad, I would say they were photos where he was serious, he wanted to give a different appearance, I don’t think he was sad at all.

  16. Thanks again for translating this for us. The music and banter were great!

    I concur that Gianluca’s new look is a poor choice, his choice for sure, but way off base for Il Volo. Casual elegance was once their collective look and suited them perfectly. I think Gianluca is getting poor advice here. His greasy, curly long hair and feminine clothing is not what an aspiring masculine singer/actor should choose (my opinion). We all know this look is so foreign from the handsome, masculine, ripped soccer player he is and has always been. I agree with the idea he should dress as he pleases in private, but professionally, he needs a more masculine elegance like Piero and Ignazio always present.

    1. Sally, in reality, Gianluca’s hair is naturally curly, now he keeps it long and disheveled and his clothing that you say “feminine”, in reality here is used a lot by artists and singers, and some are really exaggerated, horrible, I try to attach a photo of the two singers who represented Italy at Eurovision and who are very popular here.

      Of course, Mahmood and Blanco’s style was much praised by the newspapers who said they are style icons.

  17. Thank you so much, Daniela. It great to see the guys at any time and they only continue to get better. I thought they all looked fabulous – always so stylish – and I love Gianluca with or without his beard. Is it my imagination or does he appear to be thinner? Here’s hoping their tour goes smoothly from start to finish; they more than deserve it. Again, thanks for the story, beautiful videos and photos.

    1. He doesn’t seem thin to me anymore, I think it’s due to the longer hair that thin his face and the baggy pants that make him look thinner.

  18. Well, you asked! I do not like what Gianluca looks like at all. I think the hair is awful. I don’t care for the clothes and agree when performing they should have some agreed upon “look” that they all conform to within their own choices. And I also agree that I didn’t think he was smiling much for a while, so it is good to see him joking here.

    1. Penina, I asked on purpose why I wanted to hear your opinions, for better or for worse. For me, if these are the changes, there is no problem and I am sure that if we ask the 15/20 year old girls, they tell us that the best look is that of Gianluca.

    2. Just as an afterthought, our boys were not “in concert” in front of thousands of people, but rather in the comfortable homey setting of their dear friend, Domenica, and dressed more casually. They always present an appropriate appearance when actually on stage and will again in future, I would think.

  19. Can I put my five pennorth in here pretty please? I know I haven’t been around for the last couple of weeks, but between holidays (very wet) and watching the two DVD’s I received for my birthday from my DD and from Dolores, life has sort of got in the way.

    Anywhoo, loved the suit Piero was wearing, but then I would probably say that if he was wearing a potato sack! Prefer the slightly longer hair than has been seen for a while too. I also thought he looked somewhat slimmer than he has done for a while, but that could just be my laptop being silly. Not that he was exactly overweight of course. A pound or so, or even a kilo, can make a difference when one is already of a slim build.

    I also liked Ignazio’s outfit. Never heard of cigarette trousers before, one learns something new everyday, complete waste of a day if one hasn’t! I notice his hair appears to be a wee bit longer than usual too, especially on top!

    Now we come to Gianluca……………… well I can’t say I was exactly impressed with the outfit. It didn’t seem to go with what Piero and Ignazio were wearing, but having seen the the electric blue suit, least said and all that. Still it is his choice, and one has to accept it as such. At least I am assuming it was his choice!!! I have seen a recent photo of him wearing a white lace shirt, so perhaps lace has become his ‘thing’.

    Nice to see him smiling more, he has been looking far too morose over the past few months. Perhaps he was practicing for his future acting career! I wonder how long it will be before he turns his attentions in that direction.

    In the early days I wondered if Gianluca grew the facial stuff to appear much older than he was. Whereas now he is going into reverse, perhaps he thinks at 27 he now needs to look younger. If that is the case, then his assumption would be correct.

    Hope you enjoy the concerts, wish I could be there as well, but it isn’t going to happen, not unless the Thunderball comes up so I can afford to go to Italy., though even that wouldn’t happen this year. 🙁


    1. Roz, you hit the mark, everything you wrote is perfectly aligned with Gianluca’s current choices and he is obviously supported by his two friends, who in this way satisfy him, knowing full well not to risk anything for Il Volo!

  20. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the video and translation of Il Volo’s appearance to celebrate Mara Venier’s 30 year career. She obviously is doing something right and recognizes talent.

    I can’t say I like Gianluca’s new look and who knows, it may change again sooner or later! He has always been especially elegant and wears clothes very well. You can understand how disappointed he was not to sing with Piero and Ignazio at Eurovision but they sounded wonderful as always. They are so looking forward to their upcoming tour as are all of us! I hope everything goes smoothly and there aren’t any interruptions.

    I am happy that you will be seeing Il Volo very soon Daniela and I look forward to hearing all about it! The Morricone songs are very beautiful as are all their songs.

  21. Thank you so very much for taking the time to translate the dialog/interview of this show for us. So much appreciated! It seems the conversation has been very relaxed with the guys in their best mood. Great. And also truly great to find our guys invited to take part in this celebration – truly verifies that they are more than accepted and appreciated in Italy these days👍❤️ As to your question as to their appearances,well… they looked good as always and albeit they wore individual clothes I do believe that there was a red thread, namely that they represented light Grey to Black with Pierro being all light Grey, Ignazio being half light Grey and half Black while Gianluca was all Black. Gianluca seems to be in a personal transition period in his life which shows. Must admit that I am neither particularly fond of the re-introduktion of pants with a wide sway at the foot – like in the 70th – while I found the lave shirt elegant. His new hairstyle is not my cup of tea – I dont mind long hair, but the big curls down his forehead are not doing him any good… Dont know ig he is trying to look more “artistisk” with the invontrolled curls or if he is I’m the process of letting it grow real long in order to make a ponytale orbknot? I hope He Will comb it all backwards in the future or return to his fantastic 2019 look. But he is still absolutely handsome😜❤️.
    I can hardly wait till Friday – see you in Verona on the 3rd Daniela👍😋❤️🇩🇰🇧🇬

  22. Upsidaisy what a lot of spelling errors above!!! Is there a way I can correct them technically? Reds Kirsten

    1. Blame it on the stupid spill chicker love. Mine is soooo incredibly inventive. How it manages to turn pollo l’ape into pear I have no idea! I do keep trying to teach it, succeeding with my laptop, but my Kindle Fire has other ideas. It will learn Italian whether it wants to or not – so there!!! 😉


  23. Trying to picture Ignazio’s unfiltered reaction to Gianluca’s get up. The fly on the wall is still laughing. Plenty of stuffed shirts in Boston but not in peek-a-boo black lace. A Covid induced crisis?

  24. Hey Roz – what’s it like today in the UK watching the Queen living large? All those horses and red uniforms?!$$. The kids are practicing the WAVE.

    1. Haven’t seen much of the trappings to be honest. Just a wee bit on the evening news. Nothing happening where I live, though I dare say there probably is at Elsecar Park and such like. When we were in Carlisle last week the council were erecting stalls, cutting the grass and what have you. So there must be something going on there this week.

      I know Carlisle had something going on during the last wedding, I am sure you know the one I mean! At least they were not invited to stand on the balcony with the other Senior Royals. Nice to see the Duke of Kent, though he is looking very frail, quite a bit younger than Her Maj, only 86!

      Supposed to be a two day bank holiday, today and tomorrow, plus Saturday and Sunday of course. Roll on next week when normality returns, including our needle and natter group in the library. 😉

      I would have liked being a fly on that wall too, though come to think of it, I would have probably got squashed, or sprayed with fly killer, so perhaps not. Maybe a big furry bumble bee would be a better option, at least they are useful, or even a ladybird (ladybug in the US) 😉 It would have been interesting to know what Ignazio said though, especially as I have heard Gianluca mention Ignazio’s lack of sartorial elegance several times.


  25. Ho comprato una mappa del mondo ed io a mio marito*, “Lancia una freccetta*. Dovunque atterra, ci andremo in vacanza”. Quindi stiamo passare due settimane dietro il frigorifero.

    *Non ho un marito. Non sono sposata.
    **Non è un tipo di formaggio.
    ***Gli errori sono tutti intenzionali. 🙄

    I bought a world map and said to the other half, “Throw a dart. Wherever it lands, we’ll go there on holiday.” So we’re about to spend two weeks behind the ‘fridge.

    *I don’t have a husband. I am not married.
    ** It’s not a type of cheese.
    *** The boo boos are all intentional. 🤨

    Per quanto riguardo il nuovo look di Gianluca 🤦‍♀️ …
    Regarding the new look of Gianluca 🤦‍♂️…

    1. Only just found this, where has it been hiding??? Definitely made me laugh. 😉 😉 😉

      Roz – who has just been sidetracked by yet more Italian music……………

    2. …io ho detto a mio marito..
      …stiamo per passare…

      Note to self – proof read, Woman.

  26. Over the last while, I didn’t think I’d be giving Thordis’ comments “a like” any time soon, but found her musings so comical I just had to like her THIS TIME!!!

    1. Disagree with me any time you want. You have to go a long way to offend me. I can almost hear the groans when others read my comments .

      I thought I would lighten the mood because many people got their proverbial knickers in a twist over Gianluca’s clothes.

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