Il Volo finished the concerts in Eastern Europe, after they also recovered the concert in Croatia.
And now they have returned to Italy and exactly:


The beautiful Italian starry city is so called for the star shape of the city. The beautiful Piazza Grande of the city welcomed the concert and people were enthusiastic about it.
Here is this nice summary made by Azalea, the event organizer.
Please click on the logo below to view the video.

Look how beautiful this mix of songs is.




And now let’s polish our eyes with these beautiful photos:


Despite the sweltering heat, it was a beautiful concert, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio gave their all and the people responded with love.
Here are some videos.



Gianluca says:
“It’s hot eh!
You must know that the singer’s worst enemy is air conditioning. The singer in the summer is between two choices, either in the cool, with air conditioning but with the risk of a sore throat, or he sweats, and therefore suffers and you recognize a singer by how sweaty he is. Maybe some of you in the audience feel hot, maybe you’re a singer and you don’t  know it yet! (laughter, because everyone is very hot that night), if you are sweaty try singing, that you find out.😁
(Someone in the audience tells Gianluca to undress)
In a little while.
As Ignazio and Piero said before, we really lived a fairy tale, because life changed really suddenly, from school desks to travels around the world and this made us grow and mature quickly, an anomalous life for three boys of 14/15 years, but we realized that we are privileged because we are living our dream, which was our primary goal when we were children, especially in a period in which at 14/15 years. I don’t know if tonight there are fifteen year olds here, because that is the most delicate period in which you do not know who you want to be, what role to play in work or in life, so there is a constant search for who we want to be. So we were lucky and privileged because we immediately recognized what our vocation was and to make it a job. I want to thank the parents, but it is not the usual thanks, because the parents have a very important role (applause) because my parents have always made me do what I wanted to do, not what they liked, because sometimes the mistake is to impose, instead my parents recognized that what I had could be a potential, a talent, and they carried it forward, they always supported me, always. They accompanied me everywhere, until I reached what then it was my dream. So I want to thank them for their constant support as they are here tonight.   (Applause, then Gianluca introduces his song)


Look how beautiful this photo, taken by my friend Silvia at the end of the concert.
Gianluca could not take more of the heat and to keep the jacket on !!
It wasn’t just a good concert, but there was so much more.
Before the concert, in the backstage, Piero, Gianluca, Ignazio and Torpedine met little Jo.
Do you remember her, little Jo had a leg operation in the U.S. and Torpedine and Il Volo have always supported Jo and her parents.
Here they are backstage in this photo:

These comments that follow, are taken from the Facebook page “I sogni di Jo”, and are written by Jo’s mom.
There is a story behind this image and behind every dedication and everything that happened at yesterday’s concert by the guys from Il Volo. A story that began years ago. Before Jo’s first American departure to her dream of walking with her little legs. We met Michele Torpedine, thanks to a mutual friend, Antonella Pera. Torpedine is a man with an immense heart, delicate and very sweet as well as professionally exceptional. Michele fell in love with Jo and inquired about the story and our needs. He didn’t back down. Since then, he has supported Jo’s surgical path. He cares about his health and his happiness. The  Volo boys with him. Yesterday they turned every spotlight on the little girl. They dedicated her very special moments. Jo has always been a little fan of theirs. She watched the concert with attention and emotion, from under the stage, with particular attention to Ignazio who she really likes … “let’s say that he’s really beautiful, mom. But as handsome as a prince charming “… she always says this 😊. Also for this departure the boys and Michele did not hold back and continue to support us. Thanks from the infinite heart. 
And here it is… a magnificent Gianluca Ginoble who unknowingly dedicated my favorite song to my daughter. Thanks to him, to @barone_piero who with his cuddle passing and all the kindness he had and to @ignazioboschetto with his immense gesture made this evening unforgettable. Thanks to @mtorped for loving my daughter so. Thank you for being there and thank you, because if my daughter walks and if her legs have not been amputated, it is also thanks to you… who have supported and helped us for years.
Thanks Gianluca. For the emotion you gave me.
The love. Love calls love. All time. What is this! Love.  An evening full of surprises: after you will see the others. thanks Il Volo thanks Michele Torpedine.
Jo loves the boys. Seeing them live was a huge thrill for her and for us.
The guys have been helping and supporting Jo on our journey for about 4 years. If Jo walks today, it is also thanks to them. I will never stop thanking them. Also for this stage they have chosen to be there. The interventions are many and expensive … but they have never backed down.
Tell me love
-I am very lucky
-because Ignazio hugged me. Have you seen? He is handsome like a prince charming. Will you let me review the video?
Jo struggling with her first crush
You recognize the great artists from this. From kindness to “ordinary” people. From availability. From their dedicating time to you… even when they don’t have it, thanks guys, for ALWAYS being there. @mtorped @ilvolomusic @ gianginoble11 @barone_piero @ignazioboschettoMichele Torpedine Il Volo.
Thank you for always helping Jo since you crossed our path, and thank you for being there again and for supporting us in this enterprise towards our interventions abroad.
Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and Michele, you are wonderful people, with an immense heart, your success is also due to who you are, wonderful people.
My friend Silvia was present at this beautiful concert, the next day she sent this comment that I am pleased to share with you:
“This pandemic and this Vito tragedy has really changed the boys, it has led them to be more united than ever. Honestly in 2015/2016 I thought that something, over time, would break in the trio, but now they are really three brothers, the ‘I saw in their eyes, it was known between Piero and Ignazio, but now also between Gianluca and Ignazio, they look for each other, they hug each other, I would never have thought that Gianluca was looking for Ignazio, with his gaze, his arm, his shoulder, and Ignazio also seeks Gianluca, hugs him, they are really three brothers and I am very happy to see them like this. “
Thanks Silvia for your reflection, which makes all of us happy too.
Daniela 🤗
For those who want to support Jo’s medical expenses, these are the addresses:

IBAN: IT46Q0503414055000000002407
For donations from abroad: BIC-SWIFT: BAPPIT21T81
PAYPAL: iryanne25@gmail.com
Tax Code : SNTLCU79P26I234Q
CARD NO .: 5333171163198068
BUY the novel IRYANNE on AMAZON at the following link.
IRYANNE: One Love:https://amzn.eu/d/5cKdLRe


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

18 thoughts on “VOLO TOUR 2022: PALMANOVA and TORRE DEL LAGO by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all of the photos and videos the last couple of weeks. It is so nice to be able to follow the guys on their tour. I love that the guys are so appreciated all over the world. They are so kind and giving with their fans. Their voices seem to keep getting better and better if that is possible. And they seem to be singing some songs with so much emotion. Their generosity in helping others is so genuine. They are amazing young men. Thank you again for giving us so much information on their travels. I’m counting the days until September!

  2. There is no doubt, our young men have hearts of gold. Michele, Barbara and their parents have so much to be proud of. We love the Il Volo team. We wish the best for Jo and her family too. Please donate if possible. Jo is not the only one with a crush on Ignazio. Age has no boundaries. She is the youngest and I am one of the oldest. He is our lionhearted Prince Charming. I include Piero and Gianluca. Thanks Daniela and Pat.

    1. That’s right, RoseMarie, no doubt, our team has a heart of gold, and it’s one of the other reasons why we like these people so much !!

  3. Great article Daniela, as always. Thank you for keeping us posted on how the boys are doing and where they are bringing love to all.
    I like your friend Silvia comment about the brotherhood now being among the three of them. I always noticed certain disconnect between Gianluca and Ignacio, but never read a comment about it. Yes, I was very happy to see that they are relating to each other more comfortably now. It was breaking my heart to see distance between the two. It was not rivalry per se, but some kind of not being at ease with each other. Ignazio was teasing Gian often and at times it was hard to watch. At times would ignore him. Gian had to hold his ground, but there was not fluidity in their interactions. I felt that Piero had to be in the middle mediating the disagreements between Gian and Igna. I love to see them united and accepting each other as they are. Together they make magic. Love to you three. ❤️

    1. I assure you Lucia that Gianluca loves Ignazio very much and the thing is mutual. Many times it is a fiction that we see on tours to make us smile. Anyway Silvia is right, in Verona, I saw the constant encouragement between Gianluca and Ignazio, all three love each other very much.

  4. Beautiful post, Daniela–grazie mille. I loved Gian’s speech, and was so moved by the lovely letter from Jo’s mom. And who could help but understand Jo’s crush on Ignazio–the handsome Prince Charming!

    1. Judi, the words that Gian said are really beautiful, that’s why I wanted to translate them for you. Yes, Jo is not only sweet, but also a gourmet !!

  5. I can be more happy with Silvia’s comment, because I notice some distance between the guys, and I was very frustrated, and very scared to do any comment, but really I was very concerned. Today this comment relaxing my worries, and I’m very thankful to Silvia and for you Daniela…I daily follow IL VOLO and analyze anything, faces, approaches, distances …and that happen to me because I following this guys since 2009…and I loved the same as you can love a grandchild.
    Their brotherhood is important part of the IL VOLO MAGIC…GOD BLESS OUR YOUNG MEN AND KEEP UNITED MORE THAN EVER ”
    All my blessings for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.🙏
    Thanks Daniela for all your valuable information about
    IL VOLO, your work is very valuable 👍❤👏⚘

    1. Do not worry Millie, there is a lot of true affection between Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, and the situations of life have united them even more.
      I love their honest interaction and don’t hide their mutual love.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  6. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this beautiful post. The story of little Jo is so moving and the boys and Michele do so much for her, that’s wonderfull. They really have big hearts of gold. The videos and photos of the guys and little, brave Jo are amazing. They are one(three) in a million. Grazie😍

    1. Jo’s story is really moving, Jolanta and it’s so good to know that our young men have always supported little Jo. In September, she will have to return to the US for the next operation.

  7. I, too, Millie have noticed some coolness between Igna and Gianluca at the start of their careers, but put it down to the closeness of the fellow Sicilians. After all, Piero and Igna have shared a home country for quite a while.

    But, it is so heart warming to see the interaction now between Gian and Igna. When Vito passed away the connection among the three of them seemed to become more pronounced. They all lost someone very dear to them.

    Thank you, Pat and Daniela, for this great posting which will be enjoyed for some time. Dolores

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