The IL VOLO tour in U.S. started very well, in a short time there have already been three concerts, but let’s go in order:

10 September: DETROIT

Some friends were there, and I can tell you it was great.
They donned their beautiful white suits and then finished off with their traditional blues.
I don’t want to dwell on this concert, because among the audience there was our JANA, who had an important task to do after the concert. She herself will  tell you in a post the concert and the meeting at the Meet & Greet.
We look forward to your review Jana !! 🤗
So I’ll just put some photos, also because the security didn’t allow to make videos at all. Here in Italy I have not had any limitations to videos, too bad.
Thank you Deborah Beaupre for the photos and for the video of ECSTASY OF GOLD!! 😘
Please click on the photo below to view the video.

Ecstasy of Gold link


Detroit is also famous for its cars, and the guys took the opportunity to get into some really beautiful cars.

The next stop is CLEVELAND, but 11 September is a date that no one forgets and our dear ones Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca dedicate the National Anthem in memory of so many missing people. ❤ 🇺🇸

12 September : CLEVELAND

This time the boys wore their blue suits from the beginning, I don’t want to be wrong, this is just my thought, but I think they did it out of respect as the day before was the anniversary of the disappearance of the Twin Towers.
Cleveland, like Detroit, welcomed Il Volo enthusiastically and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio responded with love.

Rose Marie Paliobeis was present at the concert and wrote that during the concert the boys  asked all people to stand up, and sang the National Anthem a cappella in memory of September 11th. It was a very touching and emotional moment.
Pat and I looked for a long time for a video that had captured this beautiful moment and here it is, thanks Lisa Joy, you were also present at the concert, happy to be able to see Il Volo again after a long  time !!


In Cleveland there was also Judy Thurman with Beverly Olson. Read what a nice gesture Piero made.
Last night at the concert in Cleveland with Judy Thurman. Piero grabbed my phone to take a selfie, but his solo part in the song started, so he quickly snapped this. What love!

……. and Ignazio receiving a gift 😁
Please click on the photo below to view the video.

Ignazio, lady and teddy bear

O SOLE MIO!! Ignazio, you are always the same !!❤😁
Please click on the photo below to view the video.


Thank you Judy also for the beautiful photos.

And how nice this short piece of “SE”.

September 13 CHICAGO

And now it’s Chicago’s turn.
Deborah Georgini Beaupre, Jeannette Giglio and Susan Tafanelli were also present at the Chicago concert, and they told me it was fantastic. ☺

This time Deborah managed to make several videos and many photos, thanks Deborah !!
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca started the concert with their white suits.
The audience was very enthusiastic.
From the videos, I could understand that there were other songs that they didn’t sing on the Italian tour, like this beautiful one:
Please click on the photo below to view the video.

Even the beautiful “NELLA FANTASIA” was not on the Italian tour, too bad!

GRANDE AMORE and immediately we feel melancholy, because we know that the concert is over !!

Three wonderful concerts, but the tour continues, but where will they find the strength and in particular the voice to face everything in such a tight time frame?
The next stop is Indianapolis, which of you will be there ??
Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear beautiful voices.
And finally, listen to these great interviews.


Classical FM Interview – Click Here

Scroll down the page to where it says “Listen to the full conversation with Mark Wigmore, here:” You can click the play button to listen to the interview. THEN, if you would like to save the audio click on the three vertical dots at the end to the right of the little speaker button and then click download. 😄


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

46 thoughts on “IL VOLO TOUR 2022: DETROIT, CLEVELAND, CHICAGO by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all your great work. So nice of our guys to sing the National Anthem! 3 gorgeous guys with the best voices, yet humble, respectful, kind and great to their fans. This is why so many people love them. They are so unique. Enjoy the concerts everyone. 🎼❣️

  2. The Star Spangled Banner was done beautifully by our young men. It gave me goosebumps. Before the concert my friend and I went to the Starbucks in our hotel. We were in line and I turned to my left and saw this young man with a curl on his forehead. I called out “Gianluca?” He turned and smiled pointed to me and said “Hi, I remember you!” He offered to take a selfie with us. What a thrill! I only regret not paying for his order. I told him it was the first concert for my friend. He told her she would love it. She did.

    1. RoseMarie, you attended a great concert and also enjoyed two memorable moments. Surely the National Anthem was very touching, and I thank Il Volo for the sensitivity they have in these memories, and to meet Gianluca …….. but what a good fortune, and then he recognized you and you made a beautiful selfie ….. what more can I say !!
      I’m glad your friend liked it, I had no doubt!

  3. thanks Pat and Daniela for all the great photos and videos and information about the start of their tour. Every concert looks wonderful and I can hardly wait until it is my turn to see them in Phoenix. I enjoyed the interview you posted from Toronto. The interviewer was one of the better ones and it seemed he had prepared and done his research before asking questions. As always the guys are so natural and easy going and sweet. I know all the fans are having so much fun at the concerts so far.

    1. Yes, Janet, every concert is beautiful and I noticed that the songs vary, so there is always something you haven’t heard, if you go to more concerts, a really nice thought.

  4. Daniela and Pat – it was so nice to get your report on these latest concerts. The photos and most of the videos are of really terrific quality, and I want to give you both an extra “thank you” for searching out that video from Cleveland of our national anthem–it brought tears. And I’ll be very happy if they continue to do “Would She Even Know Me Now.” (But you know what–I think she would!!)

    1. Judi, thanks for the compliments, we try to do our best.
      The “a cappella” moment in Cleveland brought tears to me too, and I believe many others …
      Morricone’s beautiful song, I wish they had sung it in Brescia too.

  5. Oh Daniela and Pat, overwhelming. Your talent in giving this to us and their talent in these presentations takes my breath. They are not coming to my area this time and so I am enjoying all of the thrills you, my Il Volovers are experiencing..

  6. I don’t know what happened but several of the pictures that I clicked on had a message , not available. Did anyone else have that problem?
    I already commented on what a great job the boys did on the National Anthem. I too love the song Would he even know me now. Haven’t heard that for a long time so was nice they added it back on this tour.
    Best English speaking interview I think was by David Serero! He is such a fan too.
    As always another great post! Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Eleanor, I hope Pat will answer you for the technical question, I don’t know what to tell you.
      David Serero’s interview was really nice.

    2. I’m sorry, Eleanor, but I don’t know what the problem could be with the photos. I usually use the Chrome browser but I also tried clicking on them in another browser (Microsoft Edge) and they worked fine there too. Maybe try another browser. Are you trying to save photos or just look at the larger version?

  7. Thanks Daniela, Pat, and to all contributors too.
    I have to say the Classical FM interview was the
    best I’ve heard yet. Clear studio recording and
    a very knowledgeable interviewer. The guys
    responded well to new, first-time questions.
    Loved the acapella as well.

    1. You’re welcome, Martha! I really liked that interview too. I downloaded it so I can listen to it again and again.

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat! I love all the pictures. The National anthem had this NY girl in tears. How lovely of them to remember our sadness and invite the audience to participate. I get to see them for the third time Oct 7th. I’m bringing my husband. He’s anxious to hear them in person after listening for years to CDs daily!! Lol It’s one of our 50th Anniversary treats to ourselves!!!

    1. Although I’m a Canadian, Roberta, I too was in tears listening to our boys sing the American National Anthem. They are so thoughtful and kind in all ways possible. September 11, 2001 was a tragedy to many people throughout the world.

      1. And now they will live stream their Oct 9th concert from Sunrise Florida. All proceeds going to Hurricane Ian relief. Amazing thoughtfulness and show of compassion to us Floridians.

  9. Great job as always gals! Glad Lisa Joy was able to attend, you’ll see why I say that in my post. It’s coming y’all…. it’s just been an exhausting week and I’m waiting for some exclusive photos… 😉 Every time I hear them sing our anthem it always brings tears to me also. Yes, also had issues with a few of the videos. Wish I could have afforded to attend more!

    1. That video was made by Judy Paullin Thurman, who is the admin of the Facebook page Il Volo Virtual Tour Bus. I am unable to save her videos because she does not make them public. I will message her to see if she will send you the video.

      1. Judy said she sent that video to you, maybe twice. Please let me know if you receive it so I can let her know.

    2. Eleanor, what a nice gesture you did to hand over that beautiful bear to Ignazio. I am happy that this moment was immortalized and I am happy that it was the best night of your life !!! You will see that Judy, who made the video, will send it to you !!

    3. I contacted Judy Thurman who recorded that video of you and gave her your email. She said she’d be glad to try to get it to you! 😊

  10. Can not wait! Will see them in 2 weeks in Florida! My 5th live concert! But please, please no white! Come in your signature black tuxedos!!
    Wish you would gather all you beautiful writing in book!
    Love you, Irene

    1. Irene, two weeks and you will see them, you must already be excited !!
      Why limit yourself to the black suit, since you can see them in both their beautiful black and white suits? You’ll have fun!!

  11. Thanks Daniela and Pat! Wonderful concerts and interviews. I couldn’t access some of these videos though. Would love to have heard Would He (She) Even Know Me Now, my favorite cut on the cd; hopefully they continue to sing that and drop Delilah.

    I think the very best interview was with David Serero also. He is an opera star too and appreciates excellence. Loved the a cappella Star Spangled Banner, finally a really good video to keep. Their version is the best I’ve ever heard. An afterthought: I have watched the bee video with Piero and Ignazio from Croatia many times and it always makes me laugh. I hope everyone got to see it on YouTube.

    1. Sally, you’re not the only one who tells me she doesn’t want Delilah anymore. Morricone’s song is beautiful, I also hope they sing it often. I also like Conradiana very much.
      The Star Spangled Banner is truly fantastic made by them a cappella.
      I admit that I had not yet seen the duet with the bee, I went to see it and it made me laugh a lot.

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