The Il Volo tour continues at a fast pace.
It is so good to see how much love our young men are gathering. Certainly Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have lacked familiarity with the American audience in the last two years and now they are deservedly gathering all the affection from their American fans.

September 15: INDIANAPOLIS

Also for this concert the choice is to keep the blue suits.


Deborah and Jeannette were in Indianapolis, it wasn’t expected, and Deborah wrote like this:
“Well did you ever have the desire to do just one more? Sometimes things just fall into place! It appears we needed one more adventure, so in a spur of the moment decision, off we went to Indianapolis, Indiana!
What fabulous seats we had in the second row! Since I already posted my best videos from the Chicago concert, I did not plan to get anything at the Indianapolis concert!” 😁
Grazie Mille Deborah, per video e foto!!


Please click on the photo below to view the video.


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Please click on the photo below to view the video.


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Our friend and reader Jill Rhodes was present at the concert, here’s what she wrote:
“It was my first gig last night in Indianapolis. Done at the sound check, I had front row seats in the center, I met some very nice people while we waited for the concert to start. I had a photo with Gianluca at his invitation during the performance. It was all I was hoping for, and now it’s the next day, and I seriously wonder if it really happened! I have to go to another concert while I’m still on this planet! I guess there can’t be enough of these great guys!”
Jill, we understand very well what you felt, the first concert makes you want to see others ……….. it happened to all of us!!

September 17 UNCASVILLE

What can I say, the pictures speak for themselves, so many people at the concert, so much joy for everyone!
White men’s suits and crackling start with Ecstasy Of Gold, of course!



Please click on the photo below to view the video.E LUCEAN LE STELLE
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Lots of people but very few videos received, we thank Rose Marie Nestico for her videos.


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Funiculì Funiculà

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Please click on the photo below to view the video.SURRENDER
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And thank you Lisa Joy, for these beautiful videos. 😘


Michele Torpedine also posted this short video, with this comment:

“Another success in the United States.” 🇺🇸


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also recorded this message for Atlanta! 
Always nice to see the concerts just performed!
I am enjoying reading the wonderful comments that are made on Ticketmaster after the concerts, and they are all beautiful.
I am very happy . . . Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero work hard and deserve this success.
Next stop: BOSTON 😊


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

55 thoughts on “IL VOLO TOUR 2022: INDIANAPOLIS, UNCASVILLE by Daniela”

  1. I been reading your articles the last year. Been following them ( Il Volo)since the beginning on PBS. It’s amazing how three young men stayed together for all these years and stayed humble. My first concert was at Mohegan Sun, Sept. 17 which was a birthday weekend. No doubt, for me it was very emotional. Especially when they sang Would he even know me now. It was a surprise, because they usually don’t sing that song. Great song and lyrics. They have had the best journey in there life. May you keep writing, and let us have as much joy in reading your articles.

    1. Patricia, I’m so glad you saw your first concert and you liked it !!
      Thanks also for following our articles, I’m glad you like them.
      I love that song too !!

  2. Another round of successes! Could someone please tell me what time the Sound Checks have been starting? Just to get an idea to plan ahead. Thanks!

    Also, when you post videos via Facebook, I can’t view them. Please post them as you have before. Thanks!

    1. Exactly which videos are you not able to see, Sally and peckyintoh? Facebook is getting incredibly picky about what you can insert into blog posts. Some videos I have to do a screen shot and insert it into these posts and then make those photos clickable links. It is very annoying and time consuming. I’m not sure I can do anything about it but I would like to know which ones can’t be viewed please.

      1. Pat, I couldn’t get Un Amore, E Lucevan, O Sole Mio, Il Mondo, Funiculi, Surrender, and earlier Would She Even Know Me. But I’m getting some of the Facebook ones, as you can see. Too bad they’re making our “sharing” more difficult for you.

      2. Thank you Judi for getting back with me. Are you clicking on the actual photo to try to view the video? I’m just trying to narrow down the problem.

      3. I don’t know how to describe the ones that block me. You give a link and it comes to a Facebook page which says, this video is not available. That started with the Toronto concert. I hope others can be more specific.

      4. Thank youfor letting me know. 😊 I have just now placed web links as text below each of the videos that some people cannot view. I think these will work and that will have to be the way I do the ones that give me trouble in the future.

      1. This may not be an answer for everybody but I have signed up with Facebook and then generally ignore it. It doesn’t suit me. But sometimes I get something from my sis or somebody that can’t send it to me any other way.

  3. Thank you Daniela and Pat and the other contributors.
    Recently Irene mentioned that she didn’t like the white suits. Yesterday a video popped up on my YouTube with Gianluca singing If I Can Dream, so I looked for the original by Elvis. He first sang it for a TV special where he was wearing a white suit!
    I also noticed that Elvis ended up a bit winded. This was in 1968 before the drugs really took over. Gianluca managed this song easily, which is a good payback for staying in shape as they do. We’ll be able to enjoy their remarkable performances for a long time because they take care of themselves.

    1. Yes, Gail, I had seen that when Elvis sang this song he was dressed in white and double-breasted, and I think the idea of ​​the white clothes came from Gian, looking at Elvis.
      I agree with you, Gian sings it very well until the last note.

    1. Thank you, Judi, for letting me know. 😊 It is just as I expected then. I have just now placed web links as text below each of the videos that some people cannot view. I think these will work and that will have to be the way I do the ones that give me trouble in the future.

  4. Daniela, I was at the concert in Uncasville. It was incredible. I had a front row seat slightly to the right. The guys keep exchanging places so I got to see each of them up close. I was in heaven. It was my first sound check. It started at 3:30. We waited in line an hour then they let us into the venue. We waited some more then went into the arena and waited again. The guys came out , were very nice and chatted with us. While they were still rehearsing we were ushered out . Unfortunately they never got to come down and talk with us. I was hoping we would have gotten to speak with them. But it was a wonderful, unforgettable night. There is no one like Il Volo! Thank you to the ladies who sent the videos. Mine are not as good. I have tickets for Bethlehem and am looking forward to another magical night. Pat I also could not get into any of the click on facebook videos. It says the same as Judi mentioned.

    1. Thank you, Cathy, for letting me know. 😊 I have just now placed web links as text below each of the videos that some people cannot view. I think these will work and that will have to be the way I do the ones that give me trouble in the future.

      1. Thank you Pat. I really appreciate you trying. It keeps saying the same message. That’s okay. There are plenty of videos out there. But thank you again for all your hard work.

  5. Thanks, Daniela, and everyone at Flight Crew. It is so nice to be able to follow the guys on their tour. I think Ignazio’s performance in “Nessun Dorma” was the best I have heard from him on that particular song. Any idea of why he seemed to be so happy, and even laughing at one point, in “Nella Fantasia”? The white suits are a fun and flashy novelty but I also think I prefer them in the blue, grey etc. Thanks, again.

    1. Judith , I don’t know why Ignazio laughed, but I think it’s something that happened just before that song, in fact Ignazio entered that the song was starting and Piero tried not to look him in the face, perhaps just to avoid being dragged to laugh.

  6. Pat, thanks for trying so hard with the Facebook videos, but your new links didn’t work for me either. I tried all of them–same exact result, “video no longer available.”

    1. It must be because the people posting these videos don’t set the permission for the videos as public so everyone can see them. Usually it’s people who have Facebook groups that not everyone can view unless you join their group. I guess I won’t use those links anymore…If they can’t be embedded, it won’t go in the post.

  7. Daniela or Pat – It’s probably too late to ask this question, but I’ve been watching the Chicago youtube clips. Do you know what someone in the audience shouted out to Ignazio that the audience and orchestra thought was hilarious and that made him so delightfully embarrassed but pleased?

    1. Judi, I do not know as I have not seen the video and do not know which one you are speaking of. If you put the link here or tell me the name of that YouTube video I can listen and see if I can hear it.

      1. I have listened and even slowed down the playback but I cannot make out what was yelled to Ignazio. It must have been some kind of compliment. I thought I might have heard the word “blue”. Have you posted this question in our post about the Chicago concert? Maybe someone that attended it will see your question there. IL VOLO TOUR 2022: DETROIT, CLEVELAND, CHICAGO BY DANIELA

    2. Judi, I also watched the video you say, but unfortunately I can’t understand what Ignazio is saying, however, I think the reaction is a compliment for him, for his physical form

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat. My husband and I attended the Boston Concert last night. It was fantastic! This was our 5th time seeing them since 2013. There is no one like them anywhere. They are so wonderful, absolutely the best! We had VIP Reception seats, 9th row from the stage, center, slightly left, 4th seat from aisle. Piero, who is my favorite, walked down the aisle and we said hi to each other. It’s hard to pic a favorite though because they are all so great! Their voices are so amazing! They are so good to their fans. I didn’t take any videos or pics because I just wanted to enjoy the concert. We prefer seeing them in a smaller venue like we did last night in Boston. Thanks to you wonderful ladies in the Flight Crew keeping us informed. That’s how I knew they were performing in Boston, which is a great city to visit too.

    1. Patrizia, how nice to know that you went to their concert, you liked and enjoyed the evening, you were right not to take videos and photos, your eyes recorded everything !!

  9. Hi Daniela and Pat thanks for all that you gals all do to keep us currents with our boys. I’m going to RCMH for my first concert after being a fan for 13 yrs and counting! I AM SO EXCITED to finally see them in person, I CAN’T WAIT!!!❤️🤗🎼🌹

    1. How nice, Carol, you will be at RCMH.
      I’m sure it’s one of the theaters that guys like the most. I am very happy that you will be there, then you will tell us all about the concert !!

  10. Patrizia – I was sitting 2 rows in front of you at the Wang. I did catch Piero’s eye when he passed up our aisle. It was my first concert after watching videos for all these years. It passed in a flash, didn’t it? After a night in their glory, it’s hard to return to reality! Too bad the VIP tags didn’t note Flight Crew.. We could have said Hi. I could be persuaded to go to NY for RCMH but my yard needs a lot of work before cold sets in. Ho Hum!

    1. There is a link on the home page for a Flight Crew badge you can print out: It is about 3.5″ x 2.5″ You can download the graphic, print it out and place in a holder on a lanyard. That is what a lot of us do when attending a concert. The guys see it and we can identify each other as members of the Flight Crew! 😊

  11. Boston girl – Yes, it would have been nice to meet you. Maybe we should have a little pin with wings on it for The Flight Crew so we know next time.😁 So great that you got to see them in concert! A great experience seeing them live. We arrived at the Wang at 6:00 for the reception. There weren’t a lot of people. If you were at the reception, we may have seen each other. The next time IL VOLO performs in Boston, I may return. I enjoy spending time in the North End. Now that you’ve seen them live, you probably will see them again. Maybe we will meet one day.😊

    1. There is a link on the home page for a Flight Crew badge you can print out: It is about 3.5″ x 2.5″ You can download the graphic, print it out and place in a holder on a lanyard. That is what a lot of us do when attending a concert. The guys see it and we can identify each other as members of the Flight Crew! 😊

  12. O Patrizia – we were in the same room at the same time. Did you tell me that the sauce for the chicken was spicy? I was with the lovely Molly, my granddaughter. We should work on that with Flight Crew.

  13. Boston girl – No, that wasn’t me that said that, but we probably definitely saw each other, but just didn’t know it. I was with my husband. We were at the table closest to to the door. Yes, we should. 😊

  14. My husband & I were in Detroit for the concert on September 10th at the Fox Theater.
    There was no Sound Check. I do not know why.

  15. I am going to the Radio City Il Volo performance on September 27. I just received an email message from saying I must reply to the email to confirm my meet and greet. This seems like a spam to me because it is not to my current email address; and I the message should come from guest relations at Radio City. I’m sure there are people on this blog going to the concert and have meet/greet tickets. Did you get such an email that said you must respond to the email? Grazie. Rosemary

    1. Yes, I got one for the VIP Meet & Greet in Toronto. Replied and didn’t think any more of it. Don’t think it was spam.

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