We have posted about the Boston concert, but time runs fast and Il Volo is unstoppable.
On September 23rd there was a concert at ATLANTIC CITY, Borgata Casino Hotel but once again, someone who was present that evening, will talk to you soon in another post and in an exhaustive way about the concert, and so I’ll go ahead.

September 25: OXON HILL, MGM Theater

You know well that to write you these posts, I scan the various pages, taking here and there, where there are beautiful videos and photos and I try to put together the whole event.
This time I found few things, but then I saw what Joanna Asha Goclawska posted, whom I thank infinitely for her beautiful photos and her short but intense videos.

Thanks Joanna, great job !!






What can I say, Joanna did a really good reportage, and I also really enjoyed reading the short comment that accompanied her photos and videos of the concert:
 “Il Volo, an Italian pop operatic trio. About 3 months ago, I heard a song on the internet that I liked very much, so I searched on Google for the singers and found out about Il Volo and the next concert. I liked the concert! 
Great trio with great vocals and a sense of humor!”
And here she is Joanna, on the night of the concert at the MGM Theater !!

Then I also found this short video of the beginning of the concert and I wanted to post it, to make you feel the excitement of the first moments of the concert, when Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca appear on stage ………. indescribable joy !!


And what about these two beautiful photos posted by çmas2350?
In this beautiful shot there is sweetness, affection, tenderness, all in one photo !!
The comment was: “My mom almost had a heart attack.”

And in this photo, there is joy, hilarity, amazement !!

And since you enjoyed reading Ticketmaster’s comment, I am posting another one, which I really enjoyed.
“This for us is the second concert of IL VOLO, and we were blown away again. How can three young guys have so much talent?
They sing operatic, pop, rock and classic love songs with equal perfection and with no need for amps, synths or other gimmicks (harmony is so good, they wouldn’t even need an orchestra behind them, even if musicians with whom they travel are excellent themselves).
I’ve never been an opera fan because I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs. But their voices are like velvet, and their version of Nessun Dorma is incomparable (in fact, their version of any song is unmatched, Frank Sinatra has to think ‘I wish I could sing MY WAY so well’).
They are also so nice and really know how to put on a show. No one in the audience ever leaves an IL VOLO concert disappointed. Please let me know when they get back here.”
There is nothing to add, only that the next stop will be RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL !!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

51 thoughts on “IL VOLO TOUR: ATLANTIC CITY and OXON HILL by Daniela”

  1. I haven’t even looked at the videos yet. I just wanted to thank Joanna for the pictures, all excellent.

  2. I have been to Ct Boston and soon Bethlehem. A last minute decision because I don’t want it to stop. They are amazing, thank you for the comments, pictures and videos.

  3. Daniela, thanks so much for this article. I attended the concert and the sound check in Oxen Hill and they were absolutely fabulous! At the sound check we were told we could take photos but not videos however, the photos could not be posted If anyone posted the photos the sound check would be cancelled. At the beginning of the concert an announcement was made that we could not take photos or videos. I was happy with some of the photos I took at the sound check but of course I did not post them. I am sorry now that I didn’t take photos at the concert so I am delighted to have the ones in your post taken by Joanna.
    This was my first lL Volo concert and I will never, ever forget it. The guys were fantastic!!! My friend who was with me said she and her husband have attened many concerts of other famous artists throughout the years but by far this lL Volo concert was the best! Needless to say, I can’t wait to go to another one in the future. Although I do not recall who said it, but one of the guys made the comment, “We will see you next year.”
    Hopefully they will, if not in 2023 maybe 2024.
    Pat, thank you too for your technical support.

    1. Mary Jane Lavin, I am very happy that you enjoyed the first concert so much.
      And I’m also happy with your friend’s response, this shows that concerts like those of Il Volo are unique.
      Thanks for telling us about your great experience.

    2. Mary Jane, I’ve lost track of which message said that our men sang two hours without a break. I’d like to know from your friends who have seen so many concerts if this is a common
      thing. They sang two hours and then met the fans?

      1. Hi Julie. Thanks for your response. I’m not able to go to concerts so I’d like to know if this is another way they are exceptional. I’ve mentioned before that they are in good shape which might make it possible for them to provide a stronger performance.

      2. Yes, this is fully correct. They dont make an intermission but goes on continously for two hours. They change their suits enroute when there is a solo or duet… amazing!

  4. So glad everyone is enjoying the concerts. Like Joyce from New Jersey, I don’t want them to stop. I’m heading to RCMH in a few hours with my granddaughter Sophie who has never seen them live. We are both so excited to go to Sound Check too. Then I’m off to Clearwater next. I want the music to continue on. And on, etc.

    1. Rose Marie, I’m so happy for you, you’ve seen the guys multiple times and still have a concert to see. Yesterday at RCMH must have been beautiful, let me know Sophie’s thoughts.

  5. Thank you Flight Crew for the wonderful sharing, recaps and comments. It feels like I am on tour with them. Keeping good thoughts for southern concerts coming up. Grazie mille

    1. Karen, I saw a date published today. Soon we will know all the tour that awaits you.
      Thanks for the compliments, I’m happy to help you virtually follow the Il Volo tour!

  6. Love these write ups about the boys. I was lucky enough to see them in Bucharest this summer but once is never enough !xx

  7. I too think Ticketmaster’s comments are right on! Gianluca’s Bridge Over troubled Waters is better than the original version! Honestly, everything they sing outdoes anyone else’s version. Thanks again for putting together a great read.

  8. Thanks so much for posting the video and the photos of the concert at MGM National Harbor. We were there. It was our third Il Volo show. The friend who came with us has seen them five times. We all thought this was the best of the shows we had seen. Thanks so much for sharing the photo of the mom and Gianluca. That is so beautiful. Gianluca came down the aisle towards us and shook the hand of my husband and then mine So that made the concert even more memorable for us.

  9. Thank you Daniela for sharing – loved the pic of Gianluca & the lady – IL Volo sincerely love their fans no matter what age they are – their humility sets them apart from all others – we don’t hear enough about the boys here in Queensland Australia so your emails are a joy to read – thank you once again.

    1. Jude, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca know that their success is due, in addition to their skill, to the fans who adore them and their gratitude is true and sincere.

  10. I was at borgata Atlantic city.,the boys were amazing 2 hrs straight …no break…it was outstanding…all seats taken….I love the meet and greet at the end…piero gianlucca and ignazio are adorable..can’t get enough…their performances are addicting..God bless them.

    1. Julie, it’s true, they are addictive, but is so sweet and harmless that it doesn’t hurt anyone. I saw your photo from the meet & greet, nice experience !!

  11. So glad to sense from Julia that AC had a full house. Everyone knows by now that an historical hurricane will hit the FL west coast today. 2.5 million people evacuated in the exact location of IL VOLO concerts next week.Airports are closed and the forecast is disaterous. Awful for our guys and their crew. They come back from coved and run smack into a hurricane. What next?

    1. I heard about the Hurricane in Florida here in Queensland & I was worried for the Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca their Orchestra & crew – it really is too dangerous for them to fly there – my heart goes out to them with a blessing & a prayer – may the Lord keep them safe.

    2. Thank you Boston Girl for your news update – any snipets of news I can obtain about the boys makes me so happy – keep safe & thank you again.

    3. Boston Girl, here too the news of the hurricane has arrived and it’s really terrible. First of all, let us pray that all the people will be safe. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca also had an earthquake experience years ago, in concert in Mexico, I seem to remember.

  12. O. Boy! I’m so excited. Somebody read my comment. We can only hope that their weather people do a better job than their advertising people did in the northeast US.

  13. Thank you Daniela and Pat and other contributors. The excitement builds; only 3 more days and we get to enjoy them live! I do wonder about the FL shows though. Their schedule is tight and the destruction there will be wide (I know; we lost our home in Hurricane Andrew). I think the guys will have to take that week off. I think we all should be focusing on helping those in the eye of the storm.

    1. Sally, just a little longer and you will see them, how wonderful.
      They have a fast pace, unfortunately there is a cyclone, we hope that everything can be smoothed out before their arrival and we pray for all the people involved. The news this morning said the cyclone is downgraded.

  14. As always – thanks a million for the wonderful articles, videos and photos you have assembled to share with us. I am totally in awe of the picture of the elderly lady with Gianluca… it is pressious and says it all. OMG what genuine affection and love both ways!
    Greetings – Kirsten, Denmark

  15. While singing “Here’s to You”, Gianluca stopped at the end of my aisle. With spotlight on him, clean shaven and shining, he is in fact beautiful and looks very young.

    While singing “Here’s to You, Gianluca stopped at the end of my aisle. With spotlight on him,clean shaven and shiny, he is in fact beautiful and looks very young.

    Susan, do you know how Maestro Quarta is doing after his illness?

  16. Sent to wrong post. Stillcan’t See what I’m writing .reply window is shot. Better shut up and find someone to fix. Forgive me.

  17. The concert in Fort Myers must have been cancelled, but there is still no official news. I believe I am right in saying the guys are traveling in their tour bus(Daniela will let me know if I’m correct, or not)
    Some of the pictures Gian Luca took, are on their bus. It’s easier for them than getting on and off planes.
    I hope they all stay safe, and prayers for the people who are suffering because of loss of life in Florida.

    1. Yes, Jill, they were traveling by bus, but Gianluca’s dad, who joined them, posted air travel, so it could be that they abandoned the bus. I don’t know where they are on the way to Atlanta, but I hope they travel safely. If I have news, I’ll let you know.

  18. I will shut up later! If they are travelling south in that bus they will run right into the hurricane. It has regrouped and heads for the Carolinas today. There must be somebody who knows where they are? West coast of FL is decimated. Feds are asking for ONLY ESSENTIAL TRAVEL!

  19. I must have missed something indicating where to send birthday wishes to Ignazio… please convey my wishes and my love. Thank you for this and also for your hard work.

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