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We have posted about the Boston concert, but time runs fast and Il Volo is unstoppable.
On September 23rd there was a concert at ATLANTIC CITY, Borgata Casino Hotel but once again, someone who was present that evening, will talk to you soon in another post and in an exhaustive way about the concert, and so I’ll go ahead.

September 25: OXON HILL, MGM Theater

You know well that to write you these posts, I scan the various pages, taking here and there, where there are beautiful videos and photos and I try to put together the whole event.
This time I found few things, but then I saw what Joanna Asha Goclawska posted, whom I thank infinitely for her beautiful photos and her short but intense videos.

Thanks Joanna, great job !!






What can I say, Joanna did a really good reportage, and I also really enjoyed reading the short comment that accompanied her photos and videos of the concert:
 “Il Volo, an Italian pop operatic trio. About 3 months ago, I heard a song on the internet that I liked very much, so I searched on Google for the singers and found out about Il Volo and the next concert. I liked the concert! 
Great trio with great vocals and a sense of humor!”
And here she is Joanna, on the night of the concert at the MGM Theater !!

Then I also found this short video of the beginning of the concert and I wanted to post it, to make you feel the excitement of the first moments of the concert, when Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca appear on stage ………. indescribable joy !!


And what about these two beautiful photos posted by çmas2350?
In this beautiful shot there is sweetness, affection, tenderness, all in one photo !!
The comment was: “My mom almost had a heart attack.”

And in this photo, there is joy, hilarity, amazement !!

And since you enjoyed reading Ticketmaster’s comment, I am posting another one, which I really enjoyed.
“This for us is the second concert of IL VOLO, and we were blown away again. How can three young guys have so much talent?
They sing operatic, pop, rock and classic love songs with equal perfection and with no need for amps, synths or other gimmicks (harmony is so good, they wouldn’t even need an orchestra behind them, even if musicians with whom they travel are excellent themselves).
I’ve never been an opera fan because I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs. But their voices are like velvet, and their version of Nessun Dorma is incomparable (in fact, their version of any song is unmatched, Frank Sinatra has to think ‘I wish I could sing MY WAY so well’).
They are also so nice and really know how to put on a show. No one in the audience ever leaves an IL VOLO concert disappointed. Please let me know when they get back here.”
There is nothing to add, only that the next stop will be RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL !!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


September 20

A lovely evening in Boston’s magnificent Wang Theater.
Il Volo, dressed in blue suits right from the start, delighted everyone present.
At the concert there were Mary and Mark Minton, here’s what they wrote to me:
“Hi Daniela, the concert in Boston was great! We met John from Connecticut there. It was great to see him again. The guys were in black for the whole concert and they looked very handsome. I was in the third row in the lane and Piero gave me a ‘fist bump’ when he walked around singing HERE’S TO YOU.
They sang all the same Mohegan Sun songs on Saturday. (Mary and Mark were also at the Mohegan Sun) The meet and greet was very busy and we only had a few seconds with the guys to take a photo. I’m sorry the concerts are over for us for now.”
(Mary and Mark also saw two concerts in Taormina this year.)
“We will have to plan another trip to Italy next year to see them again!”
What about Mary, you and Mark were very lucky, you have seen two concerts in Italy and two in the U.S. you also did the M&G, and Piero fist bumped you as he passed and sang. All beautiful !!
Thanks Mary also for the beautiful photos !!
I’m also glad you saw John.
John, when you want, write us again about Il Volo !! 😃
And now let’s enjoy some videos, this time everything should work !!











A few more photos …… never enough !!

Another good concert has ended and from the reviews I read on Ticketmaster, everyone is happy to have attended a concert where the voices are unquestionably beautiful. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are friendly and nice, as well as beautiful. The lineup of songs is excellent and everything takes place in a very familiar atmosphere.
Even the Italian press is realizing that the tour is continuing its run, grinding praise and successes.
I want to end with a comment taken from Ticketmaster.
“I have never been to such a WONDERFUL concert !!!!! All three of these artists are so talented it takes your breath away!! The venue was great and ‘they demolished the house’. I would see them again in a heartbeat!”
They are IL VOLO: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

When It Comes to Tickets ~~ 2015

Hi, Everyone.People Waiting In Line

OK.  Tickets.  Where do we get them?

Meet and Greets.  Which cities are conducting them?

Who has the information?  Why aren’t they releasing it?

*record screeches to a stop*

Any of this sounding vaguely familiar?  😀  Yep; same questions we had last year when The Guys were on the way.

But last year we were new, fan clubs did not abound, and we were fishing in the dark.  I think we have a little better handle on things now, but we still receive a lot of questions, so we thought we’d go over it again.  🙂

1.) How/when should I buy tickets?  Each venue is doing something a bit different, so we recommend that you keep in contact with your venue box office or PBS station directly.  If you are not already a member of your local PBS organization, you will have to call and ask direct questions of them, because it’s usually only established patrons that receive “inside information” — get letters and phone calls informing them of upcoming opportunities.  If you do not know anything about your local station, go to pbs.org to look for your station and their contact information.

2.) What about online retailers?: As Myron mentioned, ticket selling has become a shady business in a lot of  ways.  A lot of these online retailers are preying on a fan’s desperation and willingness to “pay anything” to get good seats to see their favorite acts and are selling their tickets at a considerable mark up to the box-office.  It is also my understanding that a lot of ticket brokers are basically selling you tickets that they don’t actually have at the time of purchase, so in effect, you are purchasing tickets in anticipation of them actually being available.  That sounds risky to me; I’d personally rather wait.  Buy if you can’t, make sure you’re working with a reputable retailer such as Ticketmaster.   On a side note, PBS is an organization using this as a fundraising opportunity for their organizations/TV stations.  Keep in mind, you will be paying more for tickets obtained through them because of this.

3.) Troll the fan clubs.  ILVOLOVERS are the best at sharing information, so someone is always posting something new as fast as they can.  We try to get information out as quickly as possible as well, but sometimes another outlet beats me to it.  Our affiliate, All Things Il Volo, has committed themselves to trying to get the information out as soon as they hear of a venue going on sale, so you can go have a look there.  And as always, comment on a post when you see something we don’t have.  Please remember to include you source information with your comment.

4.) “Who’s Going Where…”:  You guys already know and love this feature when it’s concert time.  🙂  Marie has been great about keeping the list up so you can see where your fellow Flight Crew members are planning to go.  If this is your first time here, and you would like a look at the current list you can either search “Who’s going where” in the search box on the left side of your screen or click on the heading under “topics” on the right.  Check out the comments also.  It’s an awesome way to connect and get caught up in the excitement, and sometimes you guys are talking about things we didn’t think of/cover.

I hope this helps our new Il Volovers getting ready to attend their first concert!

~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ Breaking News: Premios tu Mundo Finalists…

premios tu mundo

The Finalists for

Duo o Grupo Favorito are:

1. Camila Mexico

2. Chino & Nacho


4.) Reik



We voted them into the Final Four!!! Did we vote enough to give them the win?

Tune in to Telemundo on August 21st to find out

(Check your local listings for times)!!!!

Tickets to the Awards show in Miami, FL are on sale through Ticketmaster, though it is unknown at this time if Il Volo will be in attendance. 


Click here —> http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Finalists-for-Telemundos-2014-PREMIOS-TU-MUNDO-to-Be-Revealed-Today-20140813#