Il Volo Professional ~~ Breaking News: Premios tu Mundo Finalists…

premios tu mundo

The Finalists for

Duo o Grupo Favorito are:

1. Camila Mexico

2. Chino & Nacho


4.) Reik



We voted them into the Final Four!!! Did we vote enough to give them the win?

Tune in to Telemundo on August 21st to find out

(Check your local listings for times)!!!!

Tickets to the Awards show in Miami, FL are on sale through Ticketmaster, though it is unknown at this time if Il Volo will be in attendance. 


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11 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Breaking News: Premios tu Mundo Finalists…”

  1. Oh I really hope, hope, HOPE they win first place! I so want them to continue the high they have been on since the Latin grammys

  2. I wish I could go but that is bad time ( why can’t they read my mind and know when it is a good time for me ? ? ) I would love to be there to support them – win or loose.

  3. When the groups to vote for were posted I went on YouTube and checked out the different acts. IL VOLO sound was the best. Even if they do not win they are humble enough to be happy for their fellow artists.

  4. This is so wonderful for our guys!! I so want them to win! Win or lose, no matter, they are all time winners thru out the whole World!!! 💕 💖 💖 💖

  5. They deserve to win, so I will be ready to jump to my feet like Gianluca when it is announced that they have, in fact, won!!! Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca you will always be No. 1 in my heart!!!

  6. I know Our Guys are friends with Chino & Nacho, so I’m rooting for Il Volo to win and Chino & Nacho to come in second. I voted 10 times every single day! Hope all of you did, too.

    Gian, Piero, Iggy, you truly do deserve this award because NOBODY can sing better, work harder, or please fans more than you !!!

  7. They are getting everything they deserve, finally !!!! I know in the future they will receive many more awards but I am waiting for the day they win an American award. I know it will happen 🙂

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