Il Volo Professional ~~ Interviews with Photo Shoots, Throwbacks and Beware of the Boogie Man — Or Something Less Serious

 Hey, Everyone!

It’s been a relaxing time for The Guys — for which I don’t begrudge them one minute.  The pics and tweets they have been sharing show them completely relaxed and happy.  I love it!

But it does make my job of tracking their professional work a little bit harder.  Thanks to LiJoy for her help in pointing me in the right directions.

~~ Kelly


Photo Shoots in Newsprint

Several news and magazine articles have been released in Italy in preparation for Il Volo’s upcoming concerts in September, all of  them including some pretty nice pictures of our guys.

The releasing of the articles has also inadvertently made a few things very clear for those less familiar with The Guys and their history by making some classic mistakes.  So if you fall into that category, listen up.  If you were watching Gianluca’s tweets this past Sunday, you might already have your facts straight:    😉

Social Media Teaching Linchi Kwok Blog

1.) They are IL VOLO.  If you have another name or title in your mind, get it out.  Get it out; get it out; get it out! 

2.) They are two tenors and a baritone.  Please give each of them credit for their individual voice.

3.) They do not sing opera.  There is a difference between opera and Il Volo’s style. 

Got it?  Good!  If you don’t, they would be happy to explain it all.  😉

Enjoy the pics!


Grazie a Elio D’Ascenzo per le foto! Prossimo appuntamento/concerto il 5 settembre al Teatro D’Annunzio a Pescara!;  Gianluca Facebook


Bing Translation: Thanks to Elio D’ascenzo for photos! Next event/concert on 5 September at the Teatro D’annunzio in Pescara!


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Il Volo Takes Flight in Abruzzo

Appears by the photos to be based on the press conference in Pescara.

Translation from All About Il Volo —>

Gente Magazine

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And a Surprise from All About Il Volo (first paragraph) —>

You’re gonna love it!    😉    Trust me!

Throwback to Juarez

I know a couple of weeks doesn’t really count as a throwback, but here’s the full video of the interview from Juarez (the one in which The Guys invited us to experience FICH 2014)

Il Volo on FICH TV Juarez; interviewed by Daniela Baeza and Agústin Barrero

FICH Juarez

Translation provided by All About Il Volo here  —>

A Biography for Il Volo?

s - aaa It’s been all over this week that Il Volo is going to soon have a book written about them, and that seems to be true.  The author is reportedly and independent, Italian journalist that has written about The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and One Direction.

While it is always exciting when we see more and more people recognizing The Guys and their amazing talent and becoming more and more enamored with their story, there is some question as to whether this book has been authorized by Il Volo or any of their management.

No date has been set for publication, and it appears that it has already been pushed back from February of this year.

(All About Il Volo —> )

A True Throwback

 No intro needed.  Just sit back and smile.  🙂

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  1. Wow, we say it all the time…but thank you SO much for all the hard work that you do. You have no idea of how in the dark I would be if it wasn’t for this site. You keep us up to date with everything! Because of you, I’ve become an even bigger fan over this past year. Thanks so much again for posting this! I’m on a mission to find one of the magazines they are in! Hope I can find one in the U.S!

  2. Thank you so much for this report!!! I so enjoyed the translated interview! I couldn’t open the last video but that’s ok. My Apple mini IPad sometimes tells me things won’t play on a mobile device ! Hope we hear a release date for the new album soon! Hope they come back to the States also!! I don’t think I can wait a year!!

  3. This is just great, Kelly. Thank you! Loved the earlier interview when they were so young. Seems like such a long time ago, but it really wasn’t.

  4. I just love the interview translations and watching the guys interact with each other on the videos.
    The Throwback videos are priceless !! So adorable and still so adorable but now our little boys are all grown up !!
    Thank you Kelly-I really enjoyed this !!

  5. Thanks so much..enjoyed every last minute of this, especially that you provide translations. Can’t get enough of the past, present and future of Il Volo. Keep providing us with this great stuff

  6. Kelly the past videos are priceless I didn’t know they had to many interviews. Where did you fiind l35 of them. I am still going through them, thanks so much. The video where the boys received a gift from the woman interviewer. Ignazio was so dumbfounded that they received gifts. Priceless.

  7. Kelly, loved it all, but that last throwback was so sweet. If they only knew back then how much they would worm their way into so many hearts!! Just want to pinch those innocent baby cheeks! Seems like a few months ago.

  8. Thanks guys! I have to say that I got lucky with the videos. I was just looking for a throwback from 2009, and there they were. 🙂

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