I’m Smiling Because ~~ August 12, 2014

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Hey Everyone!

It’s time for our irregularly-regular feature where we find out why you are smiling! 

To get you started…



 We’re smiling because we’ve just celebrated our One Year Anniversary! 




 We’re smiling because you’re all still with us everyday. 





smilingWe’re smiling because The Guys are taking a much deserved rest and doing things they love with the people they love.



Now, you know what to do…





I’m Smiling Because….


~~ Kelly

49 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because ~~ August 12, 2014”

  1. I’m smiling because just yesterday I introduced IL VOLO to a good friend who had never heard of them before ( !!! how can this be???) and now after seeing one video and hearing me talk about them she is utterly charmed and a new fan. It is so fun to introduce IL VOLO to someone and see the experience of falling in love all over again.

  2. I am smiling because at 78 I am trying to become a computer “whiz” so I could post things regarding the boys. I am smiling because my children and friends feel I am “loosing it” because I keep forwarding information about IL VOLO. I am smiling because someone set me up on Twitter so I could vote. Now I am not sure what to do with it. My devotion to the boys surprises even me. I am smiling because I get so much joy from their music.

  3. Oh Teresa! I did the same thing to my family! I sent them 5 pages of the Il Volo music they need to hear and even the order they needed to hear it in. They are all over the initial shock (nearly 2 years ago!). They treat it like my hobby. Bless their hearts, it’s their way of pretending I’m sane. As long as you are all here, I don’t care if I’m sane or not. How does that saying go? “insanity loves company”? Something like that.

  4. I’m smiling because I can come to this site every day and find something new to enjoy, I think a lot of people think I’m obsessed with Il Volo, and you know I think I am, I just can’t get enough of them. I’m also smiling because I get to see the ordinary things they do when they are at home,eg. enjoying time with their friends and family, fun on the beach, they are just real people with a GREAT gift that we can all enjoy. I smile because I can listen to them on my little Ipod wherever I go, especially when I’m on the bus, which is almost every day, I’m also smiling because even though I haven’t met any of you I feel like you are all my friends!!!

    1. You think you’re obsessed! I’m one-fifth owner of a website devoted exclusively to them!!! 😉 When I’m not writing here I’m listening to their music someplace else. Still…can’t get enough!

      1. Marie, you out do a lot of us and its alllll good. I just wish I had the nerve to get a IL VOLO tattoo!! But I am also having a hard time designing one with IL VOLO,a pirate and the Flight Crew insignia or symbol. Hmmmmmmm Do we have a special symbol/insignia?

        ( all because I want something to flash at Piero whenever I meet him again! See what I am doing there?)

  5. I am smiling because I just saw We Are Love on PBS again and cried through most of it. I am smiling because I have friends like you to talk to thru hard times as well as good times. I am smiling because Il Volo is still around and making us proud.

  6. I’m smiling because of all the wonderful things that were said to us during our Anniversary Celebration. All those words will keep me smiling for a long, long time!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

  7. I’m smiling because we are all here together loving our guys! And I am smiling because I watched the Taormina concert again! How can you not smile about that!!?? (Yes I am a bit obsessed with that video!)

  8. I’m smiling because I’m able to see all the wonderful posts on this fantastic website! I’m also smiling because of all the Il Volo sisters and brothers I have because of our love for Il Volo!!! Il Volo-us—– bring them on!!!!!!
    Have a great Il Volo day!!!!

  9. I’m smiling because everyone has a reason to smile. You can’t help but smile when you hear those glorious voices. I’m smiling because after being here a year we are smiling even more!!

  10. I’m smiling because this morning, I opened my email and I saw that IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW is following me on twitter. Thank you. Like many of you, in the beginning, my family thought I have lost my mind sending everyone videos of I’ll Volo to watch and report what they thought. Now they know that when the boys have a new concert, all will get a video. I’m smiling because I am so happy to have this site to come to and share/read about our guys. I love all of your comments. I laugh, cry all the time. I have been laid up for a week after carelessness on my part, caused a Pyrex full of food fell from the refrigerator shelf and landed on my big toe (not broken) and just now being able to walk on it without grimacing. Still purple though but better.At 68, don’t heal so fast anymore. I thank you all for your company

  11. I’m smiling because yesterday was w my husband’s 86th birthday! He’s an il VOLO fan also!!Hope

  12. I’m smiling bcause I found out that my sons friend is following Gianluca on twitter & my son isn’t so crabby towards me anymore about Il Volo. I’m also smiling because I hae all these glorious pictures of Ignazio in my pictue file.

    1. Oh, Loretta! I’m smiling now because your son has given me hope that someday my son can smile along with me instead of being crabby about Il Volo. I’m also smiling because I found Il Volo – Minions and made that picture my background on my computer. It’s the first thing I see when I boot up! Happy Il Volo day!

      1. Linda I didn’t think my son would change either but his friend is a super guy & he is the one following Gianluca. Funny thing is my son & his friend & I used to go together to see Il Volo & then my son didn’t want to go see them after he saw them 3 times but seemed to resent me wanting to see them for whatever reason which didn’t stop me from going by myself. Now he has changed because he saw that I travelled to Elgin Illinois to see them by myself this year. So Linda there is hope for your son as well. I got a super picture of Ignazio for my computer background as well of him singing but the pose is just at the sexiest expression on his face, FANTASTIC.

  13. I am smiling because I read all your comments & now know 3 new things about myself!!! #1 I am an IlVolover!!! #2 I am passionately obsessive & obsessively passionate in my feelings for them!!! #3 I have Ilvolosanity!!! Really knew 1 & 2. #3 is new & I love it! I am smiling because I can say here how much I love Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero & no one thinks I am crazy! Most of my large family is happy that I found Il Volo & that they have given me so much joy & happiness! One or two family members think I’m nuts! That’s ok. I am smiling because I have met all you beautiful people here & you are all now, a big part of my life! We have enjoyed each other’s reviews of their Concerts!!! Made me feel as tho I had been there too! I am smiling because 3 youngI Italian boys with voices like Angels came into my life & so enhanced my days!! Best of all, I got to know them, to talk to them & they know who I am! They are soooo special!! All of us, We Are Love!!! 💖 💖 💖 🎶 🎤

  14. I’m smiling because the first thong I saw when I we t to Twitter was a new message from the flight crew. I’m also smiling because it’s a beautiful day here in New Mexico.

  15. I’m also smiling because my fingers don’t work so good on my Kindle. Sorry for the errors on the previous post but I hope you figured it out.

  16. Kelly, I just love it when you publish an “I’m Smiling…”. It reminds me of how many things in my life I have to smile about. Like counting your blessings.

    Here’s another thing that’s making me smile today.

    I am in possession of the story of “The Minnesota 2014 Il Volo Convention” which took place this past weekend. What a time they had! I’ll be sharing it with you all this weekend. I promise it will make everyone smile!

    1. I’m smiling because I just finished putting together my scrapbook of the Minnesota Il Volo Convention and now I can re-live that great experience by looking through it over and over.

      1. We were sad that the guys were too busy to join us in the celebration of our love and passion for them, but hope that maybe they felt some of it crossing the ocean all the way to Italy and into their hearts.

  17. I’m smiling because i discovered our beautiful Guys way back when, because I discovered this amazing web site last October and because it is a bright ,sunny day here in Palm Beach Gardens FL and it”s great to be alive !!

  18. Hi gals, Hurray Hurray A whole year. seems like yesterday. I’m glad the boys are enjoying their time at home. I keep playing over and over the videos we have of them. Can hardly wait to see them again. Joanie

  19. Hi I tried to forward the May entry in the last e-mail with the concert on the TLUC where every one was crying including me. It didn’t go through, If you have any suggestions let me know. I want to share our guys with my friend. Joanie

    1. Joanie, right below the YouTube video you will see the words “about”, “share”, and “add to”. Click on “share”. That will highlight the link just below. Copy then paste the link on the email to your friend. TA-DA!

  20. I’m smiling because this site is here for all of us to express our love for Il Volo, each other and all Ilvolovers everywhere!!!

  21. I’m smiling because even though I’m very sick I have a week off from work to recover and I can come here any hour of the day to find something to smile about! I’m also smiling because someone in the comments above mentioned having an Il Volo minions picture and that made me smile a lot because I run a blog on a different site and my two main themes are Il Volo and minions. I have introduced two new people to Il Volo and I have several other ilvolover friends there and being able to share the love always makes me smile!

  22. I’m smiling because I have been thinking I want to share some thoughts with you all: Do you know that Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps (among others) their mothers travel everywhere with them. so I am happy to see Gianuca’s father travelling a lot with them, and further since he has travelled so much with them, I think he is well qualified to be an asset to their team, and he also takes beautiful pictures of them and the places they go which we really appreciate. the thing is that some performers don’t like family around, but our boys love it. my wish would be that he be hired by their team. at any rate, I am sure that he could give up his job as a truck driver and Gianluca could afford to pay him. He is a great asset to him and I am sure to the managers too, it makes their job easier when the boys are stressed out and missing home.
    Another thought: I reminisque a lot on their magical journey from middle class families to world famous singers travelling the world with the best of everything at their feet. this is a story that needs to be recorded for history and I am sure someone will do that sooner or later. I just love to relive this story when I go to bed at night. it is so mind boggling, I just can’t wrap my mind around it.
    last thought: I just imagine Ignazio, when he gets home, just switching off and going to his sisters pizzeria and serving the guests dressed in some funny chef’s outfit and making all the guess laugh as only he can. my boy knows how to unwind. he is just one of those naturals who can entertain you from the time he wakes up to the time he falls asleep(then he is adorable). just love him.

  23. I have to write again after reading Loretta’s post of all those glorious pictures she has in her file of Ignazio. I’m smiling because Loretta, I’m worse than you I must have around 500 pictures of them and also all of their reviews and write ups. it’s quite a large file, and I kind of have it in a draw where nobody goes, but I’m smiling more when I think of what my family are going to think when I die and they discover that their mother had a secret file of three teenager boys!. thank God I will not be around to see and hear the remarks.

      1. Watch the dimples come and go and ditto the beard! What a blast–put them on a slide show!

    1. Deanne my family knows what I am doing because I laugh about it & tell them because I enjoy seeing them shake their heads. I am kidingly told I am a stauker & obsessed & an 83 year old groupy. I don’t care because I love these guy with all my heart & will follow them as long as God lets me. My sweetheart is Ignazio as he is yours & Marie’s & anyone else’s who sees his beautiful smile, kindness & sense of humour & sheer love of life. So when I die I will still be laughing at them but I also know my youngest son will be playing Il Volo music for me.

  24. I am smiling because…three young men with gifts beyond compare who live on the other side of the world from me…have enhanced my life in every way. Their music lifts me to another realm. Their genuine, kind, loving hearts always shine in their smiles and every word they say. Their humble persona makes me love and respect them more each day. I continue to be amazed and thankful each and every day for what they give to us.

  25. I’m smiling because o the happiness Il Volo brings to me just by being their wonderful selves

  26. I’m smiling because, in surfing the net, I came to All About Il Volo and found the following: “August 11, 2014 – Pescara, a gonfie vele la prevendita per il concerto de “Il Volo” – by Francesco Rapino on L’Opinionista (in Italian) – The article talked about the Il Volo concert in Pescara and also the dates in Marostica and Napoli. The recent mini tour in Mexico was mentioned, in special the huge audience that attended the event. According to the author, Il Volo will be recording the new album at the end of September on several studios and will be searching for new locations in North and South America and preparing a new tour. At Christmas time they will be on US.” And that means, as far as I can tell, that the new album will be issued in time for Christmas!! Isn’t that something to smile about???

  27. Yuck, I had written a nice reply a few minutes, ago, (and accidently deleted it.) cause I get a kick out of the older Il Volo fans like the lovely 78 yr old gal who wrote that her family thinks she’s crazy. I’m 63 and I’m one of those old ppl obsessed with Il Volo. My 23 yr old son says I’m crazy..actually he says I’m sick to be in love with really young guys, it’s creepy! Well if it’s sick then I’ve got a really bad case, and the only med that helps is more Il Volo. Need meds numerous times a day. I also need a genie to grant me three wishes! I’ll tell u later, us old folks gotta go to sleep, goodnite all

  28. I’m smiling because on Tuesday Ignazio finally showed back up on twitter. He didn’t tweet anything but he favorited my tweet that was a throwback to when I was only dreaming of meeting him. It also had a collage I had made of pictures of me and him. He made me so so happy by favoriting that!! I haven’t stopped smiling!!

  29. I know it’s a day later but I just get such a kick from reading the comments. I’m 73 and I don’t think I got as many “happy heart” feelings from Elvis as I get from these guys. I also feel like they could be my grandsons. I already have 7 and the guys would fit right in the middle. I just feel so privileged to be able to come to your site and see pictures and videos. Thank you for doing it..

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