Il Volo Flight Crew ~~ Our First Year in Review


These are a few of the things we reported to you in our first year. How much do you remember?  Answers below.

u -photog Elgin 6-14 1 - Il Volo-9932 real close

No, I don’t plan on using this picture in every post.  Just leave me alone!  Besides, it’s my best side.  His too!


August 9th was our proud startup. We held our breaths hoping some of you would follow. You all did!

 Paul Sorvino sang with the Boys in los Angeles. (thanks Anne)

 We were all up in arms about a newspaper review of Il Volo in Vancouver. “Opera is in trouble.” Complaints were followed by an “apology” from the editor. What was the name of that paper? How about the name of the author?


We Are Love Tour - Detroit - 2013
We Are Love Tour – Detroit – 2013


 North American Concert Tour – “We Are Love 2013”. We reported on all of them!

 Our Guys realized a dream come true this month. What was it?


♥♥ Happy Birthday Ignazio


 We reviewed the South American Tour this month. Screaming Senorita’s and all.

 We asked you to “Rock the Vote”. For what award?


Tree Lighting at the Grove
Tree Lighting at the Grove

 The Boys were back! We followed them to the Tree lighting at the Grove in L.A. and the CD signing in Santa Monica.

♥ Three of our Flight Crew members had a private audience with Il Volo at the Mall of America.

 We upgraded our blog to a dot-com. We became an actual website and registered our domain name!

♥ We reported a bunch of promotional appearances for their new album “Buon Natale”. Name at least one of the shows we told you about.


O Holy Night - Assisi Natale 2013@Adolphe Adam
O Holy Night – Assisi Natale 2013@Adolphe Adam

♥♥ I gave you “T’was the Night Before (my) Christmas” My favorite Poem. Probably because I ended up with the present!

 The Boys performed in Assisi. Where?


s - new words final

 Our Guys were on much deserved vacations.

 It was a slow month that’s why among other things we… began Gianluca’s Birthday Project, learned about Perry Como from Linda, began Michele’s “Italia” series, Told Kelly why we were smiling, Read about Power, Passion and Joy from Lijoy, brought you an RAI recap and I thanked you for “Flying with the Crew”.

 We also learned from Linda that one of our Guys sang at weddings to help pay for his music lessons. Who?


♥♥ Happy Birthday Gianluca!

 Toward the end of the month we were finally able to announce to you the long-awaited “2014 Summer Concert Tour” Schedule!

 Instead of performing Il Volo was happily in the audience. Where?


 Myron reported about speaking to Ignazio on the phone at his sisters Pizzeria.

Il Volo held their first major concert of the year. Where?


 We watched Il Volo win the Latin Billboard Award for “Latin Pop Artist of the Year (Duo or Group)”. If you would like to, once again, see Gianluca’s best imitation of a Pogo Stick here’s the YouTube Video:

 On April 28th we reached a major milestone – one-quarter of a million views! How many countries were viewing?


 May was filled with promo’s in their home country.

 Ignazio got another tattoo. I reported that one!

 Michele showed us Photo’s taken by Piero while on an outing. Where?

♥♥One of my favorite things in May was their appearance on TLUC.  My eyes filled with tears like the announcer and judges who knew them before they were the fabulous Il Volo!  Plus the Boys looked hot!  Here it is again for my your viewing pleasure.


Summer Concert Tour 2014
Vienna, Va.

 The 2014 Summer Concert Tour – Finally!

  Piero’s Birthday

 You told us your wonderful concert experiences.

 Bless their hearts, Two of our Flight Crew Members purchased and presented a Birthday cake to Piero from all of us. Who performed that selfless deed?


 The Boys sang to a full house in Taormina – twice!

 Ignazio wrote, “When a woman says not is NOT.” Who did he give this sage advice to?


Well, there it is, our first year in a nutshell. Our nutshell included 413 separate featured posts about news, stories, recipes, history, travel, 1st hand experiences, poetry, games, photos, videos, music reviews, lists, and everything for or about Il Volo.

You commented back to us 14,000 times!

What a year!

Thanks Flight Crew!




August – The Vancouver Sun. So called reporter – Erika.
September – They performed at the Radio City Music Hall.
October – The People’s Choice Awards.

November – Good Day L.A., Young Hollywood, Yahoo Music, Home and Family, Washington D.C. PBS Station.
December – The Basilica of St. Francis.
January – Piero was the one who sang for his lessons.

February – the Vatican – an audience with the Pope.
March – Russia
April – 110 on April 28th – Today 131 different countries. Who even knew there were that many countries!

May – His home – Sicily!
June – Loretta and Penina. Thanks again Ladies.
July – “Oh my Buddy” His pup.

56 thoughts on “Il Volo Flight Crew ~~ Our First Year in Review”

  1. Thanks again, Marie! I love your new photo. Agree, it’s HIS best view as well. If I had one like that, I’d use it too. I do have the memory of kissing that Left Dimple! I’m so glad to have been a part of this phenomenon! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our cause.

  2. Dear Board Members, Thank you all for having such an awesome fan site as the Flight Crew! Only one year? Wowza! I had no idea I was getting in so early in your operation, I thought this website had been around for a long long time and that I was a joanie-come-lately to the party. What a great party it is too! I don’t know what I would have done without you. OH yes, I do know it would have looked like this:
    1. I wouldn’t have been so well-informed about our beloved Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca
    2. I wouldn’t have had the joy of sharing my joy of IL VOLO with other lovely people. Everyone of you help make this place great.
    3. I would have been in despair of ever seeing them on the 2014 concert tour since they were NOT coming to the Pacific Northwaest.
    4. I wouldn’t have met Jeanine , a new friend and comrade in plans to go to Saratoga and see IL VOLO
    5. I wouldn’t have gotten to meet Elaine, Vicki , Gerri and others at the concert.

    Thank you. Without Il Volo Flight Crew, I would have been a sad pirate. Thanks and congrats again.

    1. Without our pirate we would be..well, I guess pirate-less. I think I was going someplace else and forgot by the time I started typing. Anyway, our Pirate, we wouldn’t be having as much fun without your humor and just plain sassiness! Glad you’re “aboard”!

    2. I so loved meeting you too. I look at the picture of us my friend took often. I know that when (not if) I go to another concert I will have my friends (you!) to be with. Love Gerri

  3. Thank you, Marie. It was indeed a remarkable year! Thank you to all the Board members for giving me a place to share my love of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. It has been a wonderful year, and I know this year will be even better! Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for your review of the year since initial start up. You & the board members do everything just right! I do want to tell you that Paul Sorvino sang with our Boys at the Gibson Theater in LA on 8/28/13 ! That is my birthday& I was so excited to see them for the first time!! It was a magical, wondrous, enchanted evening! They sang Happy Birthday to me at the M&G! They were gracious & charming as they always are. Was there with a favorite Grandaughter , her friend & my IlVolover friend,Marlene! That was the best BD I will ever have! It was such a beautiful evening, the music so marvelous with Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero right before us on the stage!

  5. Marie, thank for sharing all these memories and thanks to all the Board Member for all your hard work, I am enjoying this site so much and confess I don’t always think about how much work it is to put it all together, you are a great team, these memories have been great !!!

  6. I know I’m never wrong either!! My family will attest to that!! They sang beautifully together & Paul said what he wanted to tell us about O Sole Mio was a true story. When it was written many years ago the composer lived next door to Paul’s family. There had been a storm & the skies cleared with a beautiful sunny day! The composer looked about & his eyes lit upon a beautiful blonde haired girl with big blue eyes! This young girl was Paul’s relative, a great aunt or great Grandmother, some relative. The composer thought the light shining from the girl’s face more beautiful than the sun! The song was born! Tried to find the video where Paul is
    telling this story but I am not too good with finding things! All this enhanced the beauty of our first Concert experience!!! Did not mean to write so much! Again love Flight Crew & hearing all the wonderful stories about our guys!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  7. Dear Marie I want to thank all the Flight Crew Board for keeping all us IL Volo Lovers around the world so informed on what our wonderful guys are up to. I can feel the passion when you write your articles on the guys and love it because when I hear the guys or see a film clip on you tube I know exactly what you are feeling. Congratulations to Flight Crew Keep up the wonderful work.

  8. Marie–Thanks for the walk down memory lane. It seems like so much longer than 1 year, probably because I was following you all on the old site; couldn’t bring myself to actually post something on the internet! But seriously, I am so impressed by you and the other board members who work tirelessly to bring us all the latest news on Il Volo. I don’t know how you do it! Rest assured it is much appreciated by all of us. It is wonderful to have our community of Ilvolovers to hang out with whenever we can.

      1. Hi Penina waiting for some health news. Not doing much of anythng. Reading blogs mostly. Just heard that Robin williams died which is a shock, I liked his sense of humour if he wasn’t spoiling his comedy act with swearing. He was only 63. Hope he is at peace now.
        How are you faring?? I read what you you are blogging.

      2. I’m okay Loretta! I don’t “do” heat and humidity so I am just more or less staying in the air conditioning and listening to our three angels!

  9. Wow! I get so involved in getting pieces out, I som
    etimes forget to read and enjoy them. Loved the walk down memory lane, Marie. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. 🙂

  10. Another wonderful thing to remember is how our guys grew more comfortable on stage as the concerts progressed, culminating in the absolutely wonderful concerts at Taormina. If you all haven’t watched the entire concert posted by Guiseppe Magali, you are really missing something wonderful. Almost like being there! I’ve watched the whole 2 hours 3 times already and can’t get enough of it!

      1. Go to youtube and type in IL VOLO Taormina 2014 and look for the Guiseppe Magali one.
        They are at their adorable best!

      2. Penina- I too can’t get enough of this masterpiece !! The entire magnificent video of this concert should be made into a DVD for all the world to enjoy over and over again.

  11. I so agree with you, Marie. That truly is your best side. 😉
    Great recap of a great year! I can’t wait for the next year to come.

      1. Why, yes it was. Just you wait. You do remember it’s the 9th floor, right? Two separate balconies right? Two strong sisters with me, right?

  12. I am looking for 2 large pictures of Ignazio singing to his Mom the song Momma at Taoramino. I thought they were on Mundial but they don’t keep their pictures on their site for very long. If anyone knows the pictures I mean the first pictures is Ignazio & his Mom are lookoing at each other while he is singing & the other picture is she is hugging him & his eyes are closed. If anyone knows the pictures I mean please email them to me at l j free or tell me where they are so I can get them myself. Thanks anyone.

    1. I found one pic but I am not sure it is one you are looking for but it is at that concert. I sent it to your twitter site @favouritesinger. Hope this helps and I will look for other one.

  13. Wow, sometimes it pays to stay up late! Just went to ATIV and surprize, surprize!! Lo and behold, we will be making yet another Il Volo purchase1 A book is coming out soon, all about our guys! One Direction, Justin Bieber, MOVE OVER we’re comin through. It’s time. YEA! Next will be the disney documentry that has been mentioned several times. OMHeaven! How proud can we be?

      • Kitty, Saw this. I actually made a post announcing it. Then I changed my mind….It is


        by Il Volo Management or anyone connected with the guys. May be just someone trying to cash in on their popularity. Beware!

  14. Whew!!! I can’t tell you how glad I am to be back on the site! Every so often I have a problem logging on, and I have to figure it out again. I am technically SO illiterate!!

    Now— Words cannot express my admiration for all of the Flight Crew Board for the tons of work you have put into this site to make it THE BEST!! Little did I know, a year ago, that this blog would take off like a rocket!!! Remember how awful the site was, and how 6 of you decided that it was time to “do your own thing”? Thank goodness you succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, attracting fans from all over the world!! My heartfelt thanks to each of you for making so very many people so very happy! Marie, I LOVE the Year in Review! Just exactly what we needed to remind us of all Our Boys’ accomplishments plus remembering the gorgeous pictures and videos that all of you Flight Crew members posted throughout the year. Through the months, I also have enjoyed the comments and stories that all you sweet fans have shared… Some made me laugh, some made me cry. All made me feel a part of a very special fellowship of Il Volo lovers. Aren’t we a GRAND GROUP? And, again we have our Flight Crew Board to thank.

    This year, I had one of my biggest wishes come true—I finally got to go to a concert and a Meet & Greet. What a thrill that whole night was— Sheer magic!!!

    Now I have another great wish, and that is to meet all of you, give you a big hug, and tell you that I love you!

    1. Someday, Helen, we’ll get that hug! Thanks for being there motivating us this whole time. You are our Grand Lady of the Flight Crew. We love you Helen!

  15. Thanks Marie-this is an amazing recap of the past year. It’s hard to believe so much has transpired in such a short time. Our Guys are conquering the world and The Flight Crew is conquering the Internet !!
    I feel so lucky to have found this site last October. What would we do with all our love and passion for Il Volo if it were not for this incredible site were we can vent it all without being looked at like we’re crazy !? ( many of my friends and family think I am !!!) You all work so hard and I just want you to know it is greatly appreciated everyday. It feels like an extended family here and next year I hope to meet some of you, passionate people, at the concerts.

  16. Well Joanie, we all may be just a little crazy. We are the lucky ones. Linda and I have a pact. When our families put us away we’re going to the same institution! We are looking forward to it. We figure we will be so far gone that we’ll imagine daily visits from the Fab Three. Please join us!

  17. Marie and our gang ! Bravo on the wonderful work you all do. This site just keeps getting better and better. I have been so busy with all my own travels this summer that I sometimes ONLY have this site to keep me up on what is going on. That is very valuable for me. Keep it up. THANK YOU.

  18. Marie, sorry, dont know about those kind of things. Never questioned or thought about it being untrue since it was posted. Could it be a case of jumping the gun? Can only hope!

  19. I feel very lucky to be a part of this Crew. I joined in December and it’s always so fun to come here and see what The Guys have been up to and what shenanigans are being planned. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

  20. What a great year IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW has had. I loved reliving the highlights of IL VOLO’s year especially their winning the Latin Billboard Award. I believe the best concerts they ever did were the Buon Natale in Assisi and the Taormina concert. Of course the 2013 and 2014 tours of the US were great, goes without saying. I loved the video here of the February tribute to Gianluca’s birthday! Thanks to all the admins. of the Flight Crew who do such great work to bring IL VOLO closer to the fans! I absolutely loved meeting Marie C. in 2013 and Helen Bridgeforth in 2014! Those were “highlights” for me!

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