Until We Meet Again by Susan

Didn’t they just get here? How could they be leaving?

This story is my farewell to the guys and my thank you for all the beautiful performances in the US!
I’m writing this story with tears in my eyes! I get choked up when I think of those last 2 ½ hours with the guys at the Dolby Theater! They sang their hearts out for us! I shed a tear more than once during the concert! Phenomenal voices!
I could feel the emotion. I could see how touched they were and how emotional they were during this last concert on the North American Tour!
This was a night full of magical moments. In the end we all felt joy but also emptiness because in our hearts, we were saying farewell, Until We Meet Again!
When I went back to my hotel, I was so down. I wasn’t sad, how could I be sad after such an amazing concert. No, I was melancholy. I felt like I wanted to reach out and hug each guy to let him know how much he’ll be missed. You know that empty feeling you get when the people you love go away!
But one thing I know for sure, I was so peaceful and calm after the concert, so I started to write this story. When I finally went to bed, I slept with sweet dreams of beautiful singing voices! The best sleep I had in a long time. I thank you guys for my peaceful night!
The thing that made LA different was that we were all feeling that crush of those last moments when we would have to say goodbye! It wasn’t easy for us, and it wasn’t easy for the guys.
If there is one thing I can say about this tour, it’s that the guys really enjoyed being back in America with all their fans who have loved and supported them from day one!  In every concert they let the fans know how important they were to their career but more importantly to them personally! We felt their love and they felt ours.
But that’s the end of the story. Let’s go to the beginning of the story….

All the concerts leading up to LA were totally amazing.  From the first surprise in Toronto ~ White Tuxedos! To their heartfelt expressions of gratitude in LA, everything was done with perfection and elegance!

The White Tuxedos….

Elegance is a word I’ve been using a lot while following the US Tour! The guys are absolutely elegant. Bel canto with White Tuxedos really does work. At first, I wasn’t onboard but then, I started seeing pictures which were truly elegant, and I started to like them more and more but when I saw them in person, I immediately realized they were drop dead gorgeous! We know Ignazio is tall and so everything looks gorgeous on him, but I must say the white tuxedos were also gorgeous on Gianluca and Piero. Do I prefer the white or the black? That’s hard to say. As I’ve said before you can put potato sacks on them, and they will look gorgeous.

The White Tuxedos were different, and they seemed to fit in with the new concerts. They seemed to just drape their beautiful bodies and they glistened in the elegant lighting! Just drop dead gorgeous….
Waiting to go into soundcheck I met up with some old friends and some new….

Kathleen, Annette, Sanna, me and Anna

My sweet friend Anna, me and Rose Marie

Maguerite Nourian and me
Maguerite was my favorite new friend. When Maguerite walked towards us, I asked her, “what is your name” and she said, “Marguerite Nourian.” I said, “I’m Susan De Bartoli.” Marguerite said, “you’re Susan De Bartoli?” I said, yes.” And she started to say, “OMG I can’t believe this.” She seemed to be in shock. I said, “What’s wrong?” She said, “are really Susan De Bartoli?” I said yes, and Marguerite said, “I can’t believe this. You’re the writer. You’re famous.” I said no I just write stories. And Maguerite said, “No, no you’re famous.” It took a while to calm her down, but I must say she made my day.
Many of you who read my stories have come up to me at soundcheck or at the concerts to asked if I was Susan De Bartoli. I was thrilled to meet all of you. I also was happy that some of you who knew I would be at the various concerts, brought your copy of my book along for me to sign, but I must say, Maguerite topped all of you. I thought she was going to faint.
Maguerite, I love you. You are the sweetest lady, and I will never forget you but, I only write Il Volo stories and books I’m really not famous!


From the moment we walked in it was obvious there would be some special guests in the show.

The first guest is singing when we arrive, but they are not ready for us so it’s out again. Finally, we return, and we find Isabela Merced on stage. You remember Isabela. She was the lovely bride in Father of the Bride.

As in all soundchecks, it’s no videos. After we went into soundcheck and went back out to wait until they were ready for us, we were talking with Marianna, and I was telling everyone that she is serious when she says no videos. I told everyone about soundcheck in Phoenix when someone thought they could get away with taking a video and she threw all of us out.
Soundcheck is a fun thing that the fans get to do and when someone is disrespectful of the guys it ruins it for all of us!

The Stage….

As I mentioned in my article about Radio City Music Hall, the stage has changed. The stage was always simple. Just the “Il Volo” sign. The trademark. That’s it! But now we find ourselves in the mist of a most elegant set. For all it’s elegance, it is simple. Shimmering silver drapes that reflect the red and blue and purple lights. It’s like an illusion. The guys appear and disappear within its shadows. Well done. Simple elegance. The guys are amazing in these lights! And it works so well with the white tuxedos! They glisten! It makes the tuxedos appear to be silk. I think the shirt are silk but I’m not so sure about the tuxedos, but they sure look like silk under those lights. And as I said the tuxedos appear to drape their beautiful bodies in these amazing lights.  It’s different! Very different! Very beautiful!

The Orchestra….

The Orchestra is made up of many string instruments, flutes and horns of every kind. The drummer and guitars and of course the beautiful Giampiero Grani.

Speaking of Giampiero Grani, I ran into him when I was having dinner in Phoenix and again in LA. A real nice guy! An exceptional pianist and director. Look at that amazing smile!

Almost Showtime….

I don’t usually include interviews in a concert review but this one I had to include. This is an interview the guys did with Matto in Australia when they were in Phoenix. I think it describes their feelings about the US Tour and the upcoming Australian Tour. Simply beautiful!


What the guys brought to these concerts is a new energy, an excitement that they passed on to the fans. 


I’m from New York but I have to say LA, you’ve got spirit. The LA fans are wild about the guys. I thought Radio City Music Hall could show their love but LA you do a pretty good job! I think you beat NY! As the curtains open the screaming and cheering begins.
Where do I begin to describe what I am witnessing?

Let’s start with Gianluca….
Gianluca, you do have the moves! You’ve just been saving them for LA.

Gianluca always brings beauty and finesse to the production. In LA I saw a very different Gianluca. He comes to life in a new and different way. Always elegant, the consummate entertainer but on this evening, he captures the audience with a new charm, “Une nouvelle énergie, une nouvelle essence de vie.” (A new energy, a new essence of life.) He moves around in a way that is so different for him. He is not just bringing his voice he is bringing his all. You will notice this throughout the concert. Bravo, Gianluca!
How about Piero….

You know I have been commenting on Piero’s voice over the last few months. In New York Piero charmed me! In Phoenix, he delighted me and in LA he blew me away!
The video I posted first is just a part of the song from LA. I couldn’t get a full video that would work but following this video I did put the full video from RCMH! Sorry sometimes it’s just not there!
From LA Concert

Piero’s voice has stepped up so many levels over the last two years. The true operatic voice has come to life. Piero was always the showstopper but now he brings a voice that is vibrant and is indescribable! It’s an energy you can feel from the moment he opens his mouth. He doesn’t end with the drama he begins with it! We feel all that he feels, and we are energized by his beautiful voice, and he brings us to the most exciting dramatic climaxes! He is the Beginning and the End! Bravo Piero!
From Radio City Music Hall

And then there’s Mr. Personality, Ignazio….
Ignazio you truly are Mr. Personality! You bring everything to the production.  Maybe I should call you Mr. Production!
Again, the video I posted first is just a part of the song from LA. I couldn’t get a full video that would work but following this video I did put a full video from RCMH! Sorry sometimes it’s just not there!
From the LA Concert

Ignazio has always been the movement within the concert. Every concert needs to move forward but it can only do that if it has the means to do so. Ignazio is the means. All the joking and conversation moves things along. But suddenly it’s different than it was. The joking has become some of the most interesting conversations in the concerts.
From Radio City Music Hall

But Ignazio is not just the movement in the concert, he is the Voice that sends us on a journey to ecstasy! Our beautiful lyrical tenor has brought a new elegance to the stage. He has a presence that has taken over the production. He is elegant and charming, and he fills our hearts with joy with every note that he sings. He has become a man among men. He enchants his audiences and leaves them in seventh heaven at the end of his songs. One lady said, “Be still my heart!” I totally agree! His voice has become the voice we dream of in the quiet of night! The calm within the storm! His voice is the stuff dreams are made of! Bravo, Ignazio!
So now that all the guys have been presented, I will add some videos from the most amazing concert I’ve seen this year. Yes, all their US concerts were phenomenal, but this farewell concert truly touched my heart.

Let’s go to some special moments with their guests!

The guys with Isabela Merced

Scott Hoying joins the guys to sing “Hallelujah.”

How about some funny moments along the way?

Let me say this next video may be funny but, it speaks volumes for these concerts! Very well done!


Let’s go to some beautiful moments along the way!

They say, life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments. There were so many special moments in this US Tour. 
In conclusion, I must say, I think the new concerts are elegant. The white tuxedos are magnificent! There was a beautiful maturity in this tour. Their whole style has changed. There was an ease and charm that I never saw in the old concerts. “Un nouveau souffle de vie.” (A new breath of life) I close my eyes and I can hear and see their beautiful performance. “Magnifico!” The unforgettable performance that will stay with me Fino a reincontrarci! ~Until We Meet Again!

Gary & Sue

Gary & Sue it was a pleasure sharing all those wonderful moments from the LA concert with you!

And let’s not forget Sue’s special moments. And I thought I was their greatest fan! Sue was mesmerized!

Hear are a few special moments from the concerts!

And some fun along the way!

And fun meeting the fans!

Of course, I had to put their biggest fan first! Ignazio, shut up, I get to go first!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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27 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again by Susan”

  1. The concert for the Floridians was magic. I do wish they would repost it on YouTube or another site for those who could not see it.

  2. Susan, thanks for the memories. It was nice to meet you in person instead of the “printed” page. Our young men are so special to us. A wonderful infusion of talent, kindness and humility. May they continue this journey they are on forever or at least as long as long as they want. I will follow as long as I can, God willing. I’m already waiting for the next American tour. South America is next for them. I know Australia is rolling out the red carpet for them now.
    Ciao, Rose Marie Paliobeis

  3. Susan, Thank you for the well done recap of the
    tour. Piero has spoken in the David Serero interview
    about the voice maturing. He has probably used the
    last 2 years to devout the strength and quality of
    his instrument. I agree, I noticed the difference.
    I also enjoyed El Triste this tour. The melody stuck
    with me for 2 days. Hypnotic. Isabela added a new
    layer which I have also replayed several times.

  4. Susan your stories are always so perfect. You put in words the way I feel. I loved them when they started but now they are perfection!

  5. Hello Susan, thank you for your amazing stories. I fully understand your sadness after a concert has finished. I attended their Melbourne concert, which has been a long time coming, and was euphoric after it finished, but strangely very sad that is was over and that I might not ever see them in person again (Australia is a very long way from home for them). They are so charismatic and wonderful in person, I will always cherish meeting them in person, love from Melbourne Australia

  6. Thank you, Susan, for once again providing us with videos and comments about our exceptionally talented Il Volo. I enjoy the videos so much because you can play them again and again. Although I did go to see them in Toronto, i was so in awe of them I don’t think I could really appreciate the fact that they were there in the flesh, not on a video!!

    I especially noticed a lady in the front row in Los Angeles when they were singing Se. She seemed to be wiping tears from her eyes. I definitely know the feeling. They bring me to tears with most songs because they strike the depths of your soul. Il Mondo was terrific and when they sang Il Treste it brought back memories of Jose Jose, whose song it will always be.

    Gianpiero Grani seems to get such joy out of them and smiles so much, you can tell he appreciates them as performers as well as friends.

    Now, I can only hope to see them once again.
    Thanks and hugs, Dol.

  7. What a beautiful summary of the US tour! I saw the Clearwater performance then the live stream. After Australia i hope the guys get a well deserved rest and beautiful holiday season. Looking forward the next chapter. Thank you

  8. I was at the Atlanta concert. Piero said we were the warmest audience so far. What about the light from above dropping the mike for Ignazio to introduce My Way.

    1. I was at the wonderful concert also( my first Il Volo concert)Yes the audience was really happy to be there and to see them!!There were standing ovation after standing ovations, Ignazio joked that we were gettng a work out by jumping up and down so much! Thery were just
      fantastic!! The Meet and Greet was so nice and let me see how sweet and nice they were! So down to earth!! Yes I well see them again and again!!!!

  9. Thank you for a beautiful summary of the US tour. I saw the Clearwater show then live streamed Sunrise 2 nights later. After Australia I wish the guys a relaxing holiday season.

  10. Thank you for your great review Susan. What wonderful memories of this amazing tour. Next tour, we meet!

  11. A very beautiful & news worthy editorial – who wouldn’t love everything you have written about about the boys – you seem like a lovely soul – I am grateful to you to hear about the US tour – just wished you were here to cover the Australian leg of the tour – the boys are so loved globally – really appreciate Susan – thank you.

  12. I was at the Chicago and Indianapolis concerts that were fantastic, but I’m still under the spell of the Phoenix concert. I can only imagine the LA concert, but your description was right on ! I only wish I could have been there. Thank you for this report. You can express all our feelings so well – you truly are the Writer ! I’m glad I met you in Phoenix.

  13. Thank you Susan for the kind words. I’m so glad I was able to meet you. Also, thank you for this wonderful story you wrote. Reading the story brought back so many memories of that amazing concert it almost felt like I was reliving it again. Take care dear and I hope to see you again on their next tour.

  14. Thank you Susan, love your stories. I saw three
    Concerts in person plus the live stream and I want more. Can we get the on tv regularly? Each one is exceptional and together even more so. I listen to them daily. I hope we get some insight into future endeavors after Australia. The anticipation keeps me going.

    After seeing a couple of concerts looking for bread, when I went to Bethlehem, I baked a loaf of Jersey bread and gave it to them at the soundcheck, or rather to someone who worked there. Ignazio announced that someone made a bread for them on stage during the concert. I felt like I contributed a bit..

    Awaiting the return of Il Volo, keep up wonderful work and stay safe and happy all…

  15. Oh what a beautiful night it was at the Dolby! 💖Thank you once again for an exceptional story about the guys and their fans. I feel honored to now call you a friend🙏🥰 you truly write in a very capturing way- feels like being at the theatre again! I was lucky to see them twice ( and you) in this tour as well as the live stream- truly amazing young men! Voices of heaven! My friend said “ once you’ve seen them onstage you get addicted and want more” – couldn’t agree more! I will be in Roma next for their concert and non vedo l’ora!!!
    Thanks to the guys for touching our hearts and souls, and Thank You Susan for letting the memories of their tour stay with us!!
    Until we meet again!
    Much love ❤️

  16. Thank you so much for your recap of the American tour and for all your stories, I always look forward to reading them and watching the videos you include.

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