And after 11 years from the first promotion, Il Volo returns to Australia, but this time for three concerts.
The Australian audience has been waiting for many years to be able to attend concerts there in Australia, and now, after a long wait, is satisfied, because there are three concerts : one in Melbourne, one  in Adelaide and one in Sydney.
But as usual, let’s go in order.
First of all, let’s take a dip in the past, when 11 years ago Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, really children, came to Australia.
Here they are guests at the Morning Show.

How sweet to see these old videos, and to reconfirm how much skill there was already in Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

And here is a promotional video made by John St. Peters, an Australian singer and presenter who recommends not to miss the Il Volo concert in Australia.

So, after having done the beautiful concert in Los Angeles on October 15, the boys immediately left for Australia, a long plane ride awaited them, 15 hours of travel plus the long check in and arrival and a difference of 18 hours more time than in Los Angeles, and a concert to do in Melbourne on the 18th, really amazing how they could do all this, but they did !!!

October 18: MELBOURNE

Let’s say right away that the lineup of songs has changed, many songs have been removed and others from their repertoire have been added.

The audience greets them with a great roar, here they are!
A beautiful collage


TORNA A SURRIENTO  with irresistible Ignazio



After the concert, IL Volo released this thank you video.
Our First Tour in Australia 🇦🇺 and we started last night in Melbourne with a sold out show. Amazing audience!👏

Our First Tour in Australia – Click Here

Next Stops – Adelaide – Sydney

October 20, ADELAIDE






IL MONDO – Click Here

MY WAY you will laugh with Piero, and HALLELUJAH

MY WAY and HALLELUJAH – Click Here

At the end of the song after the applause, a fan calls Gianluca, from the seats above, and Gianluca answers, everyone laughs.
The fan says in Italian that she has been following them since they were little. Gianluca thanks everyone because they have been following them for so long, thanks for the support and love even from so far away and says they will try to come to Australia more often, people respond with a roar of agreement.
(the rest of the speech is in English)

In Adelaide, Il Volo was also greeted by Radio Italia 1, an Italian broadcaster that broadcasts from Adelaide.
Wonderful to have Il Volo in Adelaide.
Congratulations to Frank Scali for bringing them to Australia. And to Radio Italia Uno
President Dino Musolino for helping bring this extraordinary trio to Adelaide.
We do not miss out this time.

In Adelaide there is also RADIO ITALIANA 531,  which followed and broadcast part of the concert on the radio.
In the afternoon Il Volo was interviewed by Radio Italiana 531, a nice and friendly interview, a chat between friends talking about football, cooking, about the beginnings of Il Volo. Radio Italiana 531 also asked Piero Ignazio and Gianluca if they are aware of how much love there is for them in Australia!
But here are the words of Radio Italiana 531:
“Stefano and Marco, interviewed the band Il Volo on the day of their concert in Adelaide at Thebarton Theater, on the occasion of their World Tour.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca opened up and made themselves known better, between official promotional moments and fun and authentic moments.
We had a great time with Il Volo. 💗
Here is a nice video taken during the interview.

Interview – Click Here

And then in Adelaide, there are things that happen and are good for the heart, things like these that Marisa Borrillo tells us:
“Sometimes you have to believe that anything is possible! 🙏 We are so happy to have received backstage access for the opportunity to make Carlo’s longtime dream a reality!
Our sincere gratitude goes to “Loretta” who made it possible!
Thank you LORI 💗  and the guys 💗  for taking a moment of their time to make Carlo happy 🙏💘
🎼 IL VOLO … 🎼’re VERY GOOD …. you are AMAZING !!! 👏  ❤

Before the Sydney concert, Il Volo was intervened in the TV program: TODAY EXTRA, here is the interview.
And it is already time for the last concert on Australian soil.

October 24: SYDNEY

The Australian tour ends this evening.
This concert also had to reserve some surprises, and so it was.
The very warm audience laughed a lot this evening.



YOUR LOVE – Click Here






Ignazio unleashed, in this last concert, as you can see from these small videos.



This is the reason for Ignazio’s laughter, he read the sign held by this woman!


And here is the surprise of the evening, SMILE will sing in four, with the participation of the good singer NAOMI PRICE.

SMILE – Click Here



And here are the words of Naomi Price:
“What an honour to sing with Il Volo as they closed their first ever Australia tour last night. Three elite voices at the top of their game, but more importantly kind and generous men who welcomed me with open arms.
Thank you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca

Like all good things, everything has a beginning and an end.
Gianluca thanks with these beautiful words:
“@ gianginoble11 Canada, the United States and Australia.
Thanks for your love. We had a great time together. Soon!
After so many successes, it’s time to go home.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will soon return to Italy, a week of rest, but then, immediately to work, there are good projects to prepare, and many surprises for the fans and even three concerts in Italy, before the end of the year.
Get all ready, because these guys will surprise us a lot !!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Another great one, Susan. As usual, thanks for the interviews, videos, photos etc. in Australia. It’s hard to believe their tour is over; just seems like everyone was looking forward to it. But it seems to have been a very successful one. Yep – all bood things must come to an end.

    1. Judith, I wrote the post and not Susan, but it doesn’t matter.
      It was certainly a great success, and it was not taken for granted, after such a long absence, the audience soon forgets and then people could be bored by the continuous changes of dates that took place, but I think there is a lot of love around them, and once again people proved it to them.

      1. SO sorry, Daniela. Don’t know where my brain was; I did know you had written the post. Again, my apologies.

    1. The tour has just finished and I think there are many projects to be completed and then in the first months of 2023 the South American tour, this is what is known so far. We all look forward to the new dates to be able to plan our days of joy!

  2. THANK YOU , Daniela for this article!!🙏 After the tour here in there States, I don’t think we can get enough of them!🥰 Love love their voices and also how “ goofy” they are!🤗 I am heading to Roma for their concert and can’t wait!!🙏🤞
    Til next time!🥰

    1. What good news, Sanna, the concert in Rome is just before Christmas, surely there will also be Christmas-themed songs, and maybe, even some nice surprises.

  3. Daniela, thank you for all the info & videos of Il Volo! After watching, reading & listening to this I can’t take the smile off my face. They are truly awesome! Loving them😘

    1. Roz, if I’m not mistaken you are English, and I wanted to tell you that a fan, while she was waiting at the Meet & Greet, had the opportunity to speak with Barbara and she told her that next year Il Volo plans to go to England as well.

      1. Yea, good show. 😉 I have joined the fan club just to make sure I don’t miss anything. I’ve been going to do so for ages, if not longer, so this was the kick I needed.

        I intend going to the sound check, M&G, and anything else that might be going on/off. Oooooo sooooo excited now. 😉 😉 😉

        Hopefully they will come to Leeds, Sheffield, or even Liverpool. Just so long as it isn’t May the 13th as that is the day I see Andre Rieu in Sheffield. 🙂

        Now if I could just get my Italian Tenors over here next year…….. 🙂

  4. Grazie di tutto Daniela !!!!!🌸💕
    Thank you for all the documents and the brilliant article, awesome really many compliments I always run to read your articles for the way you describe them

    Cannot wait to see IL VOLO in Milano décembre e 17th!!!So excited my first concert

    Could someone help me out please and tell me how I can register for a sound check and a meet and greet and if there is any in Milan???

    Truly thankful

      1. Thanks Ever so much Daniela Excuses , I did not see thé previous answer yet I did not receive the alert
        I am going to see now thanks !!
        sincerely many compliments on your Australian article you did amazingly thanks for everything
        Buona serata🌸💕

  5. Thanks Daniela for this lovely article! Loved it. So nice to read about their concerts in Australia! Thanks again ❤️👍🎶🎶

  6. Appreciate the time you spent putting together one of your best posts ever! So lucky to be able to see parts of the Australian concerts. This is one I will save forever! Grazie Mille

  7. I was the lady with the sign .. it was incredible to be a part of Ignazios laughter ..a truly wonderful concert.. we were determined to make their last one memorable & fun for them .. I’ll never forget it .. we’re still on a high ♥️♥️

    1. Oh Trudy! I’m so glad you made yourself known as the lady with the sign! That was absolutely hilarious and evidently Ignazio thought so too! That was so much fun to see! 😄

  8. Thanks Daniela, we LOVED having them here in Australia after waiting so long. The concerts were brilliant, they are sublime, can’t wait to see them again, hopefully sooner! Sending best wishes to all from down under x

    1. Zdravka, I would like to thank you for all the nice videos you took at the Sydney concert. I have only been to one concert so far, but I found the most memorable moments were the comments and in between their songs when the guys talked and joked and you captured a lot of those moments! 😊

    2. Zdravka, it is I who thank you, you did a beautiful video job and …… what luck …… some beautiful photos with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
      I think Il Volo was thrilled with the Australian experience, which will surely always be repeated on their future tours !!

  9. I’m still on a high from the three concerts I went to in the States, and your report and videos make me feel like I’ve been to another one. But this one I can replay over and over again. Plus the interviews! Thank you Daniela for putting together this wonderful report. Grazie mille !

    1. Thanks Majia, we will try to keep the memory of the concerts alive, until the next projects arrive. There are reviews that have not been published because the pace of the concerts was tight, but now we will publish them.

  10. Thank you for all the posts from the tours. Hopefully get to see these wonderful boys live one day. Perhaps they will come to London soon??🤞

    1. If all else fails and I have to come to London, perhaps we can meet up. I hadn’t seen Daniela’s reply, lost in the midst of space I reckon. Either that, or Robin Goodfellow (my unfriendly sprite) didn’t want to to see it. Hmmm, he has been very quiet lately, I wonder if he is up to some sort of mischief!!! 🙁


  11. Whenever someone says that this post or another post is the best one, I don’t understand how they can decide. To me they are all the best, each in it’s own way, because Daniela and Pat deliver the goods. By this I mean, they serve up the photos, videos, songs, concert highlights and backstories in many cases, as well as announcements about the guys whereabouts and movements and hints about things to come and look forward to. Each post is the whole package for the topic at hand. In appreciation!

    1. It is my pleasure, Mark, to help Daniela get her posts published so everyone can enjoy them. Thank you for the compliments! 😄

  12. I’ve just gone through the Australian videos and comments and although I’m tired, don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight with all those songs playing over and over in my head.

    Just wish they would have done “Would she even know me now” in their Toronto concert. It’s one of my very favourites, although I have so many favourites in their songs, like Mark says, it’s hard to pick even one.

    Thank you Daniela and Patti for your never failing work on the Il Volo Tour dates. Many hugs, Dol.

    1. Dolores, I’m happy that the songs are ringing in your head, it means that you will have good company, beautiful voices that will make you smile!

  13. Thank you ladies for all your work. The guys are wonderful. I too went to three concerts and watched the live streamed one from Florida. Loved them all.

    So thank for filling in some gaps. I find it interesting that I like everything that they sing, doesn’t matter style, tempo or language. They make me happy.

    1. You’re welcome, Joyce! I think the guys are beyond belief. Since I could not attend a concert this year I was so happy to be able to see the live stream from Sunrise, Florida. They make me happy too! 😊

    2. I too love everything they sing, doesn’t matter if I understand the words or not! They speak the universal language of love. Their music feeds my soul

  14. Yes, I went to the Melbourne concert, it was stunning! But, I’m 81, so when they come to Australia next year, I will be past such a long journey. And there are many people right here in Queensland who are of Italian descent, many of their fathers came out to work as sugarcane cutters, hard working men who raised families who are now the backbone of our state, so I’d love to know how to ask them to come to Brisbane in 2023.

  15. Another wonderful article, loved all the videos and Hi to the ladies that made Ignazio laugh so hard, I laughed so hard myself, also the video of Ignazio and Piero with the bee, that was hilarious. I did get to the Sunrise Concert this year, fantastic, I was so sorry I didn’t drive up to Disney World to watch them tape the Christmas Concert as I live only a few hours away but didn’t know anything till the last minute. I know everybody wants to see them all over the world but hope it won’t be long until they return to the states, really miss them not being here. Thanks again Daniela and Pat for all your great and hard work.

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