And here we are at the second review, this concerns the concert in Rome on December 23rd, the last Italian concert, and it was written by my friend Kirsten Langer whom I had the pleasure of meeting this year at the Verona concert.
“Kirsten, I’m so glad you and your husband were able to come to Rome for this concert, thank you for writing us this lovely review and it was a pleasure to help you in this adventure. 😘”
Enjoy reading!!



And yet it wasn’t at all an X-mas present as the concert was scheduled for October but postponed to December due to Corona. But a gift it was indeed!
A fantastic concert – they have never been singing any better and all three guys were on top of their game and high spirited.
Unique individual voices – out of this world when in harmony! Add charm, energy, jokes, big smiles, a great and varied repertoire, beautiful music from the orchestra and warmth and love that reached way out beyond the edge off the stage and right into the hearts of the audience who loved them from the very first strophe and gave them standing ovations over and over.
They are world class! I’ll be back, definitely!

Where to start…

Let me introduce myself. I am Kirsten and live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I have been a dedicated IL VOLO fan for a couple of years and experienced my very first live concert this summer in Arena di Verona, Italy, a beautiful event – and, by the way, where I did likewise met up with our great and sweet Daniela ☺.
Already by then I had also purchased tickets for their autumn concert in Rome, to which my hubby and I had planned yet a small holiday but, alas, then the concert was moved to December and on none the less than the 23rd – the day before Christmas – which in my country is celebrated in the evening on the 24th.  Only one airline offered flights back in due time – did we dare take the risk? What should we do? I was about to give up but couldn’t get it over my heart to cancel the tickets, which had been so difficult to obtain, so I just left the issue unsolved for a long time. However, when our son offered to host and prepare everything for X-mas Eve, we decided to go through with the project and made arrangements for 48 hrs. fling to Rome 22-24 December.

I was all excited once again ☺.

In Rome, we found splendid weather, two days of warm sun, accompanied us.

Fan club arrangement with flaws … and you need a lot of patience!

Things got even better when firstly the guys announced a book signing event in Rome on the 22nd – jihaa, we could just make it – and then even better the Fanclub offered a Soundcheck arrangement on the 23rd followed by a personal meeting with the guys during which they would answer questions about their new book and greet the members.

WOW, now it got truly exciting! Almost too exciting… and the mood did drop a couple of degrees when the venue for the Rome book signing was advised. A huge Shopping Mall way outside the city centre to which local transportation would be more than 1 hr. each way – or some EUR 100 roundtrip for a private taxi. I was prepared to do the latter, but Daniela kindly suggested we skip it due to the bad location, the limited time and not the least, that we were to meet up with the guys the next afternoon and hence no doubt could get the book signed there. Reasonably enough, so we dropped the idea and Daniela found us a bookstore close to our accommodation by the Piazza Navona, where we could purchase the book easily while still enjoying the beautiful sights of historic Roma. (Thank you ).

(My dear husband in front of the obelisk at Piazza Navona. The sky is blue )
Next hurdle appeared – we had no idea as to the time for the Soundcheck and were told that the same would not be available until very shortly before… – but we had to pre-order a private taxi to take us to the venue, Palazzo dello Sport, which appeared to be located yet a long way from downtown Rome some 30-45 min. drive, so how to coordinate?
Once again Daniela was of great assistance to us kindly checking up with the Fanclub postings on our behalf and keeping us updated. (Thank you again). The time was announced 2½ hrs. before meeting time! Well, we had guessed the time pretty much correctly and made the transfer in fine time, but still…. Not to miss out of anything we were at the assembly point around 17:00 hrs. – 20 minutes before time. We did soon find a little group of people with admission tickets in hand as well.
A young lady appeared (apparently from the Fanclub) and showed us to the gate in question and then nothing more happened. We waited… and waited… and waited.

(In the photo my husband is waiting in line.)
No action at all. Around 18:00 hrs. The young lady did finally come around again, starting to tick us off manually and hand us a bracelet. So far so good, but then – again waiting and more waiting. Finally around 18:15-18:20-18:30 we were let into the concert hall only to find the Soundcheck already in full swing… We rushed towards the front seats passing Michele Torpedine who nodded and smiled kindly to us 🙂.
Gianluca was rehearsing one of his solo while the two other guys were hanging around the stage. In a corner of the stage Gianluca’s girlfriend was seated on a chair and apparently he is still very fond of her as he went forth and back to cuddle and kiss her constantly.
Then they rehearsed a couple of songs and that was it! 10- 15 min. at a maximum. They gave the Fanclub group (I think we were about 50-70) a quick hello and smile from the stage and off they were… That is, Ignazio went to chat and fool around with their guitar player for a bit, but soon he was away too. We could hear Gianluca sing a bit of a bossanova song in the distance but not visible. Piero is long gone.
We were then awaiting the guys to re-appear for the book chat, but instead a lady came firmly asking us to move to our official seats.
Eh??? This could not be true? But no signs of the guys or anyone from the Fanclub to give instructions, so we rose. I hate to think that the guys would skip this scheduled meeting on purpose… or they should have forgotten? It seems so far from their general attitude towards their fans. There got to be some communication error down the line or some other good explanation. I hope so. Yet they ought to have figured out that in similarity with Turin and Milan would likewise have a meeting scheduled for their Rome fans… Needless to say, I was disappointed.
Well, sometimes one can be a bit lucky too, as suddenly we spied Gianluca behind the barrier with a little group of fans in the one corner. Signing autographs and taking selfies. We rushed over and he did most kindly😘 likewise sign my book and offered to take a selfie with me. ❤
Kudos to Gianluca for appearing albeit not in the way that was scheduled. Few seconds later he was, however, all gone again. We hung around the spot for a bit, and then suddenly we caught sight of Ignazio passing by in the distance. At this time my good old teenage rock-attitude took over and I called him over trying to explain that I came all the way from Denmark. He stopped, gazed for a split second and then came to the barrier and quickly grabbed my book and pen and signed as well as let a few other fans have selfies.

Then he rushed off again as swiftly as he had arrived. Piero was never in sight. But 2 out of 3 are, of course, better than nothing – but somewhat let down I cannot avoid feeling.

I shall not bother you with yet another hurdle story when it appeared that the seat-figuration of the hall apparently had been changed over the years and, therefore, the seats I had selected no longer were placed in the first section but now rather far back on the floor in a not too good place… Well, to make a long story short we ended up being offered new seats that luckily appeared to be even better than the original ones, namely now on the 6th row next to the middle aisle with a very good view of the entire stage.
And it must be said that the young ushers were very kind and helpful to us but likewise apparently had experienced this situation before. After all, some of the tickets were already sold back in 2019/2020!
A long wait was now ahead of us as you are not let out once in… and the concert was not to start till 21:00 hrs. “Palazzo dello Sport” is absolutely an ugly and dull venue – all concrete with plastic chairs and no décor and with no cozy bars or eateries available. It’s a sports center able to hold a lot of people, and that’s it. So a plastic glass of lukewarm cheap red wine and a bag of potato chips made it out for dinner.
At this stage we were beginning to wonder if the trip was worth the while – but then the concert started!.

And what a concert!!!

At 21:10 hrs. It all began and the three guys entered the stage to the fanfare-like “Ecstasy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone – the famous Italian film music-writer to whom they dedicated their latest album.
And in a split second all our troubles were forgotten and we were fully encapsulated in the wonderful music.
They were wearing their nice new velvet tuxedos looking their best, they were very elegant indeed. 😘😘😘

They seemed in great spirits and full of energy. Lots of smiling and joking around. No one in particular in charge – all of them bidding in with presentations, stories and jokes. The latter was apparently rather humoristic at times as people around us were giggling and laughing – but not speaking a word of Italian we did, of course, not catch that part of the experience.
The repertoire was to a certain extent the same as in Verona, yet with the omission of some of the classics such as some of the Italian Bel Canto songs and i.e. Delilah. But we were lucky to enjoy two of the most beautiful Morricone songs, namely “Se” and “Your Love”.
As usual they did each sing two solos –and Ignazio’s “All by Myself” was once again incredibly well performed and had the audience giving him a standing ovation.
Standing ovations were likewise in abundance to Piero for his two opera pieces incl. “No Puede Ser”.

He seems to get better and better each time I hear him. What volume and control of his voice. And his following huge smiles verified that he indeed himself likewise enjoyed being on stage presenting them.
Gianluca did a very beautiful and emotional version of Elton John’s “Your Song” that was very well received with standing ovations by the audience as well, while – personally – I think it is time for him to let go of his Elvis favorite “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. He does it extremely well, but he can do better and needs some new challenges.
Standing ovations were indeed also much in place for the two duos – respectively “La donna è mobile” by Ignazio and Piero and “Hallelujah” by Gianluca and Ignazio.

The latter was extremely emotional and when everyone in the audience was waving their lit cellphones the atmosphere was breathtakingly beautiful…
Apparently there were interesting people in the audience and Gianluca introduced and pointed out to us his grandpa Ernesto, of whom he is very fond and dedicated a song to him. Actually, he was seated just a few seats further down our row without us having noticed. After the show Gianluca’s father came to fetch him and must have been seated elsewhere. Gianluca had, however, yet a great introduction to do – namely the Oscar-winning famous Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (and Eleonora’s grandpa). He and some family/friends were seated just across from us, and when Gianluca a bit later came down into the audience while singing: “Here’s to You”, he went straight to their row to greet and hug them personally. A beautiful moment to encounter.

Ignazio had one of his great moments too, when he sat down on the top of the grand piano and sang one of his well-known ballads profoundly and heartfelt. Saying Ignazio you never know what to expect. Always in a good mood with a sneaky smile in his eye he never let us down.
This evening he seemed in an even greater mood than before and he gave us his now famous “disco-ball-show” happily dancing forth and back the stage in a for-the-moment improvised choreography sporting his new silver-shimmering tuxedo jacket bringing the big smiles about.  Who doesn’t love him?
As to tuxedos the guys seemed to have a bad clothing-day, each changing into a rather different and colorful jacket for the second half not matching each other in any way what-so-ever. Taste cannot be discussed… so I shall refrain from commenting on this new idea – only that Gianluca’s orange/red tiger print jacket is absolutely awful especially dressed with a red shirt; Piero’s black bling-spotted suit would be nicer with a pair of plain black trousers –and Ignazio’s “disco-jacket” is just too much and needs a thorough fit. He he he. But yet again, they can wear a brown potato-bag and we will love them .😁😁😁
Being Christmas time they concluded with three season songs, namely their little jolly “Christmas Medley”, the pompous “Adeste Fideles”.
and finally, of course, their new “Happy X-mas (War is Over)”.
During the latter everyone in the hall was once again waving their lit cell-phones creating a warm, intimate and lovely atmosphere. As an “extra” number they closed off as usual with “Grande Amore” and suddenly two hours had disappeared in no time.
But if the show was over for us – the party seemed to start for the guys – as instead of leaving the stage they did suddenly go “all bananas” with Ignazio climbing the grand piano and high standing calling manager Michel Torpedine, travel manager Barbara Vitale and some further staff to the stage and a huge hugging and kissing ceremony followed with the guys running across the stage from side to side with the arms high in the air, finger kissing the audience and hugging each other as had they just won the World Championship in football! They seemed almost in ecstasy and it was truly fun to watch how happy they were as if they had not expected to do so well themselves…
They were SO happy and sweet.

(In this photo: Ignazio gets on the grand piano and the manager Michele Torpedine, the tour manager Barbara Vitali and the other members of the Il Volo staff are called on stage to embrace and kiss.)
At the end of the concert a lot of fans rushed towards the stage to get better photos of the guys or hand them X-mas gifts and shake hands. The teenager grows in me again, and I follow along . Only to find Gianluca kneeling down right before me and the group of people I stand next to, so I get a close-up photo as well . ❤

What a beautiful concert – what a fantastic show.
Compared to the concert in Verona they seemed a lot more lively, talkative and all over the stage. I/we loved each single minute of it and yes, it was indeed worth all the worries and flaws!
Cannot wait for their next concert. I/we will be back – most definitely. ❤❤❤
Warmest wishes for a Happy New Year to all members of The Flight Crew and love from Denmark:

Here are some of my short videos and photos, I hope you like them!!






Please click here to view Christmas Medley



  1. Thank you Susan for printing this and Kirsten for this wonderful review! Just watching clips of this concert showed how much love they have for their fans and how much love their fans have for them. I’m so glad everything turned out well for you, Kirsten, and you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Happy New Year! IL Volo forever!

  2. Thank you so very much Maryann for your kind words. And yes indeed there is a unique and awesome love in the air between not only the guys themselves but likewise with their audience – and their staff. I have never, ever experiened such a genuine love shared by any other artist (or other people in general for that matter). A very happy New Year to you too Maryann. All the best – Kirsten .

    PS: The credit for the set-up here on Flight Crew and huge assistance I have been given as to uploads of photos and videos goes in this case to Daniela and Pat, whom I would like to thank so much for a fantastic collaboration. Daniela and Pat – the time and efforts you put into this fansite is just incredible – it is so much appreciated! Love – Kirsten

    1. Thank you Kirsten, you are very kind, and in any case it was nice to be able to help you share your emotions with the whole crew!! A hug. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Kirsten and Susan, for taking us to the concert. Three beyond amazing voices which change one’s life and, you’re right, they just keep getting better and better.

    1. You are so very welcome Judith. Yes, those guys do change our lives. I do still lack fully to understand how and why they have been able to capture so much of my heart and fill so much in my life – but I accept it and enjoy it. There is not an explanatioin to everything in this world. And yes, they do get better and better and I look forward to follow their evolvement both musically and personally in the years to come. Take care!

  4. Wow – you are a trooper to go through all that ! I don’t think I’d be that patient, but you had an overall, great experience.
    Understand your dedication.
    Treasure the memorable adventure!

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words Chicago Love. I’m really not such a good trooper and my patient was really tested to the limit. And the young lady from the Fanclub did probably not like the “looks” I gave her from time to time just standing there not doing anything or very little ;-). Anyhow, as I wrotee in the review, from the very second the guys sat foot on the stage and opened their mouths all troubles vanished in the air and was forgotten and I/we were fully encapsulated in their wonderful music <3 And I will most certainly treasure the experience. Take care.

  5. Kirsten, thank you very much for an interesting and touching story. I read it with great emotions. I’m waiting for my first live concert Il Volo on May 27 in my country. I’am very happy and can’t wait for this show. Greetings from a fan of Il Volo from Poland.

    1. Thank you so much Marlad for your very warming words – I am truly glad that you enjoyed reading my review and got touched by it. Oh yes, you lucky person, IL VOLO will visit Poland this spring – I so much envy you. I would love so much to have them come to Denmark/Scandinavia, but I do also realize that it is probably not going to happen for a long time as, unfortunately, they seem to be totally unknown here. It will take Mr. Torpedine quite a huge marketing job to get enough interest created to fill a concert hall, unfortunately. A great advantage for you to have them perform in your own country is the fact, that they will be chatting and joking in English in order for you to understand. While, I love to be in Rome – and especially Verona – I do realize that I miss out of a lot not understanding a single word of Italian.I wish you a fantastic time coming May – you will love it! <3 Greetings from Denmark.

    2. Hej,witam fana z Polski.Będę w Krakowie na koncercie.Jest to drugi koncert po Łodzi w ub.roku.W Łodzi koncert przepłakałam w większości ze wzruszenia,w tym roku myślę,że będzie inaczej.Tak bardzo kocham tych chłopaków.Nazywam ich moimi synusiami a synów mam starszych.Do zobaczenia w Krakowie-pozdrawiam Elżbieta Scholz /na fc mam tak napisane-odezwij się do mnie,ok?/

  6. Dear Kirsten you are a survivor …🤣🤣

    Thank you for thé wonderfull post vidéos and photos
    Thanks for tajine thé Time and the generosity to share with all il Vo Fans!!

    I understand the feeling Milan organisation was not better than the one in Rome…. but the ultimate experience is Them with their voices, Ignazio with his smile and funny humour …..Gianluca that last but not least is always ready to go back, to sign books and to look around and go back towards a fans if is needed!

    no matter what we can go up trough….snow… heat…weak organisations…. as you said, is worth the hassle …we might go through all that but after all that’s a Fans and they do deserve it all !!!!

    Thanks a million
    Grazie tantissime
    Kindest regards

    1. Oh Alessandra – you have me almost in tears with your sweet words. And believe me – I love to share my experiences and joy with you and all other IL VOLO fans over the world. It is so grand to find people far away sharing – and not the least understanding – the emotions I have when I hear and see IL VOLO. It is so difficult to explain to others unfamiliar with the guys – I feel that many of my closest Danish friends are sharing their heads over me when talking of them and putting up videos and pics on my FB profile – they do simply not understand the huge impact these guys get on your life once they have captured your heart. But people in this forum do <3 And yes – all trouble forgotten once the guys enter the stage – so I am ready to go through fire and water again to get to yet another of their concerts. Take care!.

  7. Kirsten, so glad you you were able to enjoy the performance and were helped by Daniela. Without her, I can’t imagine how it might have ended up. In the end our Il Volo can deliver with their voices. I wish I was surprised at the disregard for the fans at the sound check, but I experienced a feeling of invisibility at the sound check I was able to be a part of. I don’t understand why knowing how loyal we are, that they only allow us into a small time of the soundcheck. We are quiet and respectful. We are the ones who travel so far to see them and participate in the magic. So glad you were able to be there and share this with us.

    1. Kay, I could tell that Kirsten has a great personality so I definitely think that even without my help she would have achieved everything, but it was nice to be able to interact with her and be able to help her.

    2. Thank you Kay? (hope that’s your name). I so much agree with you as to the Fanclub or who-ever sets up the sound checks – I don’t get it. As indeed we were all quiet and respectful to the guys while they were rehearsing and doing their job on stage. So no reason for not letting us in at the very beginning. And indeed we travel from so very far just to be there and support them and show them our love. Next to me in the line were two ladies from the US, a young girl from Belgium and some East European fans, who – in similarity with my husband and I – had travelled to Rome entirely for the IL VOLO concert. More loyal fans they do not get, so the organizers should do everythig possible to give us the best experience without being of any problem to the guys. Alternatively, they should not offer this option at all as dissapointed fans are not good in the long run.

      I am sorry though if in my above review I come across as a little sour lady – I am definitely not – but I find that it is likewise important to tell the truth and not just be softsoaping. Personally, I would have liked to be aware of the fact that it is more the rule than the other way around that you have to wait for hours and do only get in half way through the sound check and that you shall not expect them to come down to say hi and sign autographs. In that case my expectations would have been lowered and the dissapointment less or none. And the Fanclub could clearly indicate in the invitations that we are invited to join a part of the sound check only – then expectations could have been correctly adjusted.likewise. Anyhow, the concert lived up to all of – and above – my expectations, so it was a happy ending after all :-). <3

  8. Kirsten thank you. I Am glad that listening to Il Volo in Rome cancelled negative impressiona due to all the before concert difficulties.
    The happiness after the show most probably was due to the fact that the Rome concert was the last one of a long and tiring tour. They had even various private concerts. I myself had bought their book on Amazon, did not attend the signing in Milan nor gi to their show in Assago, Seat in 4th row. Just have a feeling that they have too much pressure on them, i prefer to listen to their CD.

    1. Ursula – I can reassure you that all the pre-concert troubles were totally vanished the very second the guys set foot on the stage and started singing. I loved each single minute of the concert and left enlightened and in high spirit. And I cherish the few seconds I got with Gianluca after all – that fullfilled the experience 🙂

      I must say though that while I love to listen to their CDs (have made a huge playlist for my car as well) I find it a different and very emotional experience to be present at their live concerts. The Rome concert was an emotional roller coast ride (in the good sense) having me almost in tears at times while shortly after they would bring a big smile to my face and have me sing along. That emotioanlly, I do not normally get when “just” listening to them. But watching one of their videos bring me almost to the same state of mind – especially the one from the recent X-mas concert in Jerusalem. The close-up footage clearing being able to observe their facial expressions while singing – or joking – gives a further dimension to the experience and I can watch those videos over and over. Yet, I am still looking forward with great anticipation to learn of their upcoming Summer schedule hoping that there will be a date and place suitable to connect with a new holiday in Italy/Europe. Take care.

  9. Thank you Kirsten and Pat for this report, the high as well as the low moments. Interesting to find out about some of the nitty-gritty aspects of a concert experience. I have been to 4 sound checks and they were all different in length – that’s preparation for a concert and they take it seriously, so I’m glad to witness at least part of them. I, too, am not fond of the colorful outfits, prefer the plain black or blue suits, that allow Them to shine instead. Again, thank you very much for this detailed report and all of the music clips – my little concert for today.

    1. You are so very welcome Malja. Only happy to share my experences and glad that you enjoyed reading them and not the least to see/listen to my video clips. Only, I am sorry though if I come across as a little sour lady telling you my feelings of the pre-concerts arrangements as well – I am most certainly not ;-). It was not vital – but I thought it might be helpful for other fans to know and realize in order for them to set expectations right and avoid future disappointments. And if only briefly, I did indeed enjoy the part of the sound check I did manage to experience – and meeting Gianluca for a few seconds was an extra highlight of the day as well. <3

      I was in doubt as to say anything about the guys tuxs – but my story needed a bit of humor, hence my comments in this respect. Personally, I love to see them in their dark formal outfits as, unfortunately, it is so rare these days to experience well dressed young men/artists (at least here in Denmark), but, of course, they were looking great in their new colorful outfits too. Whether they turn up in swim trunks, jogging suits or tux, they are some very handsome men, and I will still love them. I had hoped though that they might have chosen to sport their new – in my opion – very elegant slightly sparkling Armarni Tux that they wore in the Disney Christmas Parade late November. They were so well fitted – especially did Ignazio look his very best with the slightly figured jacket. But they are probably saved for more formal events than a concert in Rome. Take care.

  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Kirsten. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a posting as much as yours (although I know you had much help from Daniela and Patti, who are such wonderful ladies, too).

    Such cliff-hangers wondering where you would see them, and when. I was right on the edge of my seat with you!! I see you were in the sixth row from the stage. In Toronto I was in the seventh row on the other aisle and the view was great. Too bad the videos my step-daughter took were lost and I don’t have them, but I do have the audio.

    Your camera panning was a joy to watch because it was slow and even, not jerky as some are, but beautifully done. Thanks!

    Hope you get to another concert and become a fixture with the Flight Crew. Hugs, Dol

    1. Awww Dol – you make me blush – thank you indeed so much for your very, very sweet words. I am truly happy that you enjoyed my review and you were feeling like being there in the seat next to me. I love writing, so when I succeed to reacch anyone with it, I get extra happy. And English not being my native tongue I am, unfortunately, some times misunderstood as I do likewise also often use Scandinavian humor (read irony, sarcasm) which is not used in the same way in i.e. the US. So thanks for making my day :-).

      I don’t feel that my footage and videos are that fantastic – but they are mine (and some taken by my husand as well) – and that matters to me. We were truly well seated, so it was possible to get good shots and to use the zoom now and then – but being an old cell phone the quality is somewhat negotinable. And that I was able to capture actually anything – being all excited and sometimes did just click without much focusing because I would rather experience the guys live than through the lense of the phone – is a big surprise ;-). The lightshow (which I did actually not care especially for compared to the beautiful one used in Verona) did not help out photographing either as those stribes of light get very strong at tines and blurrs it all in a white light or give a hazy layer. Anyhow, I am very happy that we succeeded in getting our own footage and I am very happy to share it with you all.
      Warmest greetings – Kirsten

  11. My experience with the fan club was completely negative. At some point they announced that they had changed something and after that I was never able to access anything. They never responded when I asked for assistance. Of course, I did not renew. It is really not a good way to treat people who have paid to join.

    1. Oh Frank, so sorry that you had those negative experiences. I agree to lacking answers or little assistance. I had a rather rude reply when I tried to get them to forward to me the printed membership card that European fans were supposed to receive by mail – and for which I paid extra EUR10 in postage. But, well, when I realized I did not need to present it any longer, then I did just not care. I do not chat in that forum nor expect to find the latest updates – they are so much better here in Flight Crew, where you get it all served on a silver platter. But I stay put with the official Fanclub just in order to take advantage of pre-sale tickets and possible special Sound Check invitations etc. – so those some 20 USD are given out pretty well after all. But for great information, good stories and sound discussions, The Flight Crew is the place to stay! Have a good day.

      1. I think exactly like you about the IL VOLO official fan club …I stay on and use it for the ticket pre sell, the last events the sound checks etc

        I think like you that just for that is worth the money
        And yes I agree they are not accurate with Fans and not especially friendly…. That’s why I think that this kind of things they do not reflect the Il VOLO vision of things…and sometime can put them in bad situations and missunderstanding

    2. Frank – there is no “Reply*” option under your question further down as to how to downloadd the “Christmas Show from Jerusalen”, so I post it here hoping that you will see it. It is actually pretty easy – there is a download sign/box right on the video in question (the one from

      solution is the standard one) and then it is just some patience as it took my computer quite some time to load it. It is in the MP4 format and should automatically show on most up-to-date computers. I burned it on a DVD as well but, unfortunately, my good old Video Player did not recognize this format, so I had to invest in a Cromecast Card to watch it on my TV-screen. But it works perefectly on my computer and I can now watch it whenever I like to :-). Just get at it!

  12. Frank, just hang in there and keep following the Flight Crew and all the postings for Il Volo fans, such as myself. You won’t be disappointed. Dol.

  13. Kirsten, I have forgotten so please tell us again how you first found IL VOLO (since telling us that they are not known in Scandinavia).
    Some news from Abruzzo is breaking my heart. The truffle hunting has become so competitive that some dogs who are used to find the truffles are being poisoned. (From the New York Times)

  14. Hi Gail. Oh, my story as to how I foud IL VOLO is really kind of funny. Some 3 years ago I stumbled across a video in my FB feed. Actually, I did barely see it – but the music caught my attention immediately. Some beautiful harmonies in the Italian language. Who could that be? So I took a closer look – and WHAT – 3 young teenager boys appeared. No way, it had to be a joke, some technical voice-over or what-ever. Then I read the captions: “The sons of The 3 Tenors!” Now I knew I was fooled, as, I had never heard that these famous tenors should have such young sons and that they would actually all have been blessed with beautiful voices and sing together. But their singing and voices and sweet looks had captured me, and I could not get them out of my head.

    I watched the video over and over and then I decided, I had to learn more about these guys, who-ever they were. So I posted the video on my FB-page and asked my FB-friends, if they had any ideas as to whom they were. My Danish frieends had no clue – but then one of my American friends responded surprisingly asking me, if I really didn’t know them? No, I did not. She filled me in and told me that she loved the guys and owned most of their CDs. Now my curiosity was awaken for real and I started out surfing the internet for more information – and, upsidaysy – overnight the guys turned 10 years older. And now all with beards! Ha ha. I could hardly recognize Ignazio now being tall and slim, so I thought he was a new member for a bit. By now I was, however, not just captured by their music and voices – I had simply fallen “in love” with them and an addiction started. And once I get into something, I don’t just do it 80% – I go in 110%, so suddenly I found myself joining blogs and fanclub sites to learn more and truly get aquainted with them. And here I am today – totally in awe with these guys traveling to the end of the world to see/hear them and acting as a teenager! I had never seen that come…

    PS: The video I stumbled across was from an outdoor show in Germany I believe in 2011/12 singing “Il Mondo”. They were just soooo cute. Ignazio rather rounded constantly smiling with a glimpse in the eyes and the sweetest dimples; Piero with a funny spiky hairdo and the red glasses and Gianluca with shy half glued eyes looking mysteriously.

    The really sad thing is, however, that still to-day people in Denmark have no idea of whom they are. When I speak of them people think I am referring to Il Divo, who has a name here, but IL VOLO- nope! Once I had learned their story (not the least thanks to our Susan), I did realize, that I had actually seen and noticed them years before – without really knowing it – namely, when back in 2015 they represented Italy in The Eurovision Song Contest Show. I do truly recall my reaction from back then when re-seeing the video from same, namely, that I was calling out to my husband in the kitchen, that: “Wohoo, Italy is really going all in this year – sending 3 “Latin Lovers” to the show – but they can actually SING! (sorry guys for the descending cliche Latin Lovers). But then I forgot all about them again, as I do not recall following ever having heard them in our radio or TV. I know the same goes for Sweden and Norway, in spite of the guys having been in Oslo for the Nobel Price Show yeas ago. But being a closed show, it was a onece-in-a-time appearcance in that country. I feel sad for my fellow citizens, who are deprived the opportunity to get to know thee wondereful singers, so I am actually – and have been for some time – working on getting their name known here doing my own little private marketing of them – but that is another story. Hopefully, one day we will also hear and see them in Scandinavia, but Torpedine need to do a thorough peace of marketing in this respet, unfortunately.

    All the best – Kirsten, Denmark

    1. Thanks for responding, Kirsten.
      You could send your friends YouTube videos. My problem with that is that people usually remark how talented they are. Then they say it’s not their kind of music.

      1. Gail, the problem with people I know is that they have either never heard of them or that, that they are “those guys who sing elevator music”. Perhaps they just need to get the wax out of their ears (as my mother would have said!).

      2. Gail, don’t even get me started he he. My FB-profile is “spammed” with video clips, footage and praises of the guys but I feel that my friends are getting very tired of me in this respect. When ever I post a picture with my grandchildren I get 100 likes and sweet comments – when ever I post something IL VOLO I get 5 likes. I can simply not catch their interest! When I succeeded in downloading the beautiful, beautiful Christmas Concert from Jerusalem I forwarded the link to my closest friends in personal e-mails begging them to give the guys a chance, but I have only received a few words in response saying, yeah, they are nice, good for you. I don’t understand why they do not get straight into the hearts of my couuntrymen… only this spring there will be concerts with i.e. Andrea Bochelli, Il Divo, Michael Bublë and Andrë Rieu – all sold out – so people do enjoy that kind of music.

        I have tried to analyze the situation and all I can think of is, that the above mentioned artists do all have had a mega hit of some kind that was played over and over in the radios and made their names known. IL VOLO haven’t had such a hit in the North-Western Eurepe (sorry, not even Grande Amore was played here), so according to me they need to focus on finding the right catchy song and perform it in English in the hope of being “the hit of the summer”. That would do it, I think – followed by some interviews on the major TV-stations. Or if even one of the TV-stations would invite them as guest stars in a galla-show, it could do the trick – as we know, once people have sat down to one of their concert they will be turned over immediately.

        As prevviously mentioned, I have been working on getting their name recognized in Denmark the last couple of months having forwarded some 300 personal “Press Releases” to all Danish radio-stations, TV-stations, Concert organizers and you name it – but so far without success. When they released their X-mas single I did once again forward Press Releases to the major radio stations. But in spite of a few acknowledgements, I did not hear them played nor seen them added to any playlists. But I am not going to give up. Given a new opportunity I’ll be back reminding them of the name IL VOLO.

        Enough from me – take care and all the best!
        Kirsten – Denmark

      3. Wow! Kirsten you are working so hard for IL Volo. There must be a way to let them know you may be their number one fan.
        All the best, Gail

      4. Where did you find a download for the Jerusalem concert? I would be most grateful if you can share a link.

      5. I hope someone can answer Frank’s request. The only videos I have seen from this concert were of single songs.

      6. I cannot find a reply link to Frank so I write it here. Its a piece of cake to download if you use the video from

        Below the video there is a box for download – click it – and you find various solution options. Choose the 700 one and go. It takes some time to download so be patient. It is in the mp4 format. It opened automatically on my computer but my video player did not recognize the format when transfered to a DVD disk so I had to purchase a Cromecast card to view it on my TV. But it works beautifully on my computer. Go ahead and enjoy!

      7. The question I asked was if the Jerusalem concert was available online and, if it is, could someone post a link. Someone in this thread mentioned sending links to the concert to friends. I know how to download a video. I was unable to find a video for this concert online,

      8. Frank – I did give you the link above, it is the one from Go to that page and search for IL VOLO JERUSALEM and up pops the video with the English captions. I did just copy/paste the entire URL into the mails of my friends, and they can immediately watcch it and download it themselves, should the wish. When I enter the link here on this page it does not show the link but opens up immediately here. So just go to and find it there. Hope this helps you. All the best – Kirsten

      9. Grazie mille! Thank you so much. I found it! We will be watching tonight! I am really excited to see this.

      10. Thanks again for your assistance in finding the video. You are the best! We just watched it. It was magnificent. They just get better and better. If anyone has not seen this, you really owe it to yourself to watch.

  15. Oh, my, thank you so much! This was the best email fan report ever! Grazie mille, cara Kirsten!

    1. Thanks a million for your kind words April. I feel honored that The Flight Crew let me post my revview and thoughts here but, of course, I feel truly happy when it is so well received as by you. Entirely my pleasure. I love to write and hope that I shall be given the opportunity again in the future. And grazie mille to you too. All the best

      1. I think it is so, so special that we can communicate through “our boys.” Me is the U. S. And you in Denmark. It warms my heart…:)

    1. Such a nice friendly face you have on your “avatar” icon. Wish more Il Volovers would put pictures to their icons, too.

  16. Thank you Kirsten. It is always fun to hear the experiences and impressions from others when they go to concerts. You did a wonderful job of describing it from beginning to end.

    1. Such a lovely post! Thank you, Kirsten! We have seen them many times—the first time when they were just “boys” and came to the US. The last time was in Atlanta. We drove there from Nashville. Not quite the trip you made from Denmark! What a lovely experience you had —really. Thanks again, Alana

      1. Thank you so very much for your kind words Alana. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. Oh yes, you lucky Americans have had the great opportunity to follow the “boys” since ther very start. It must have been so fun to experience them grow from shy little teenagers to pro grown men – what a journey they have had. A teenage video of theirs caught my interest – but “overnight” they turned 10 years older – so I have only had the pleasure of following them the last couple of years as adults. But the many videos available from back then – and Susan’s great stories down memorylane – have luckily given me a great insight in their early days enabling me to truly appreciate them today. Oh – driiving from Nashille to Atlanta is a pretty nice distance to cover as well – but we do it with pleasure given the opportunity. I am presently waiting impatiently to learn of their summer schedule for Europe 2023 hoping that there will be a city and date that could fit with our sumer holiday. Cause, I do just look so much forward to seeing/hearing them again. All the best.

    2. And thank you to you Cathy for taking the time to comment. It was my pleasure to write and tell about my experiences – so wonderful to have someone who understands to share with. And I am happy that you enjoyed reading my story from a-z. All the best.

  17. thank you Kirsten for your re view of the concert ,you lucky lady to have been to see them ,it looked a fab concert ,i am hopping this year i will be able to get tickets for one of thier concerts ,fingers crossed ,regards Pam [Wales ]

  18. You are so very welcome Pamela. My pleasure. Oh, yes, it would be nice with a concert in the UK (London) as I would really enjoy attending one where they speak English enabling me to understand their introductions – and not the least jokes – as I don’t understand a single word of Italian. And London is very accessable by air from Copenhagen…. so I would love to fly over. I believe they have been to the UK previously, so chances should be possible for a re-vist – but, otherwise, I can highly recommend you to fly to Verona to experience their concert in the historic “Arena di Verona”. That adds an exgtra dimension and is a beautiful venue. Sitting outdoors in a warm summernight under the stars … And it makes a fine combination with a holiday at i.e. Lake Garda or Lake Como. I keep my fingers corssed for you for the UK though. All the best.

  19. Wow Kirsten! Thank you for sharing your story. This is another post that could be turned into a screenplay for sure! LOL I was holding my breath, I was crossing my fingers. But it MUST have been a heck of a show for all to be forgiven (or mostly just forgotten). I think I would have had a meltdown and cried and then probably get dragged away by Security. So just as well I lived it vicariously through your writing haha Well done!

    1. LOL Amy – I love your comment. I’ll consider entering the film world ;-). I am happy that you enjoyed reading my story and were holding your breath along with me :-). And yes, it WAS a fantastic concert and show and all – almost – forgotten once they entered the stage. I still hope and trust that our guys were not aware of the situation – that helps me. Thank you again for taking the time to write me a comment and all the best.

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