Surely you have already had the opportunity to see this video, and I know that the video also has the possibility of having the translation, but as I know that some of you have difficulty activating this function, I preferred to translate this very special moment of which our Ignazio had us participate, also in order to explain the situation well and the words that are said. So, I hope I’ve done something that you like. ☺
But first I want to translate this message from Ignazio, which anticipates the video.
IGNAZIO = Guys, the video just came out on you tube.
We went to visit some children at the Bellaria hospital, didn’t we, Pelle? Is the video out?
PELLE = Ah, yes!
IGNAZIO = We went to visit some children at the Bellaria hospital, together with an association called BIMBOTU. Watch it, click the link below, it’s a beautiful video, it was very nice to go and find these children, we brought some things, watch it, it’s very exciting, I was excited to see it again.
PELLE = Me too. I enjoyed watching it again and importantly, watch it all the way to the end, and it’s the first in a long series.
IGNAZIO = And subscribe to the channel, it’s free, on you tube. Bye, watch it!!

(The scene begins with Ignazio and his friend Stefano , called Pelle, taking some boxes).
IGNAZIO = Are you ready?
PELLE = I’m here, born ready.
(They get into the car and while Ignazio is driving, he contacts someone by telephone)
IGNAZIO = Good morning Alice.
ALICE = Good morning
IGNAZIO = Hello, first of all, Bellaria San Lazzaro right? (it is the name of the place that Ignazio is reaching).
I’m not doing bullshit (Italian way of saying he’s not wrong).
ALICE = You’re Ignazio, right?
ALICE = Because I didn’t save the number (phone number). Okay, sorry. Yes, we are in Bellaria San Lazzaro.
IGNAZIO = We’ll be right there, we’ll be there in a minute. (Ignazio and Pelle arrive in front of the entrance to the structure, Giulia is waiting for them).
How are you?
GIULIA = Good.
IGNAZIO = We are very happy.
GIULIA = Well, so are we.
IGNAZIO = We woke up energetic, he was at 10.37 am, but he woke up.
GIULIA = Blessed are you. (Together they enter the ISNB structure, Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna).
Welcome to our department. (being a hospital ward, everyone wears surgical masks) This is our kitchen that we have set up for the kids and families who live here. (It is a support structure for the hospital, where children who undergo therapies and also their families are hosted). Every now and then we do some workshops.
IGNAZIO = Sometimes we could come and cook, he’s the cook.
GIULIA = Really?
PELLE = In fact, I was watching because I’m curious and I’m liking it.
GIULIA = Ah, excellent.
IGNAZIO= Whenever you want, you call me and say “Ignà, when you want, come and cook”, and we’ll come here to cook for you. I have an idea (of what to do) and you cook (Pelle).
(Ignazio and Pelle brought boxes of sweets to be delivered to the children/teenagers present)
Hi Angelica, (a young girl who is hosted in the structure) I’m Ignazio and he……
PELLE = I’m Stefano.
IGNAZIO = …..his name is Stefano, but everyone calls him Pelle. (Pelle = Skin)
IGNAZIO = Since his surname is a bit disgusting, Pellegatta (Catskin).... so everyone calls him Pelle.
PELLE = Boschetto spoke (ironic,  he want to say that Boschetto is not a wonderful surname either, Boschetto= Smallwood) 
IGNAZIO = today I brought you some things. Do you like Chupa Chups (lollipops).
IGNAZIO = But you want to keep the line. Do you train?
IGNAZIO = He trains too (Pelle). Since you’re the first, we’ll let you open it (the package), okay? Do you want to?
(Angelica and Ignazio begin to open the package.)
You look sorry? (to Pellle).
PELLE = I look, I observe.
IGNAZIO = (addressing Angelica) He looks, understood?
Please, when choosing friends, find them useful, who do things, not who look.
Here are a few things for everyone, there are Goleadors (a type of candy) that you don’t like because you want to keep fit.
ANGELICA = My sister likes them.
IGNAZIO = Ah, does she like them? Well then they might be of interest to her.
(Another young boy arrives, a guest of the structure.)
How are you?
BOY = Good.
IGNAZIO = Fist (post-Covid greeting method).
Do you eat sweets? Because she doesn’t eat them, she wants to stay fit.
(Another young boy arrives)
How are you? Good?
I am Ignazio and this is Stefano. (Pelle)
PELLE = Hello.
IGNAZIO = You write messages to girls on instagram ?
ANGELICA = Where do I put this? (she is holding a box of sweets)
IGNAZIO = But, I don’t know, in the bathroom, is there a place in the bathroom? (the usual Ignazio joker) 😁
IGNAZIO = (addressing the second young boy) Of course you too can give me a hand, he (Pelle) is already enough, he looks and does nothing.
ANGELICA = My sister is crazy about these!!
IGNAZIO = But everything to your sister, excuse me?  Have we taken all the things for your sister?
ANGELICA = In the end yes.
IGNAZIO = (addressing the second young boy who slightly, physically, reminds Ignazio as a younger and more robust) When I was younger I was like you, indeed, you are like me.
GIULIA = He likes to sing.
GIULIA = He likes to sing and play the guitar.
IGNAZIO = Ah! Then I’ll bring you a guitar, I didn’t know.
What genre do you like?
BOY = Rock.
IGNAZIO = I love you (and hugs the boy).
He is Pelle981 on Twitch (channel, like Twitter), if you have it, look for him and he plays, that is, he does this job: he plays.
Hi Luigi (another boy enters, a guest of the facility), I’m Ignazio and he’s Stefano.
PELLE = Pleasure, Stefano!
IGNAZIO = I am very happy to be here, because due to my job, I am never at home.
When I’m at home I like to come and find these associations where they really help and I think that you too feel comfortable here, right? (turning to the boy )
You can talk, I swear I won’t eat you, and he (Pelle)  seems big either, but he won’t eat you.
We wanted to say thank you for hosting us. Will you take me somewhere? (in this way Ignazio asks the boy to let him visit the structure). Hello everyone!
WOMAN = (A woman’s voice, perhaps the robust boy’s mother).
We arrived today. (She means that the boy cannot guide Ignazio in the structure because he doesn’t know it well yet)
IGNAZIO = Ah, did you arrive today? I took the worst (meaning he can’t accompany him in the facility – laughter) 😁
Are you from Bologna?
ANGELICA = Province of Carpi.
IGNAZIO = And you?
BOY = I from Correggio
LUIGI = I’m from Bologna.
GIULIA = Gabriele has also arrived.
IGNAZIO = Gabriele, pleasure. I am Ignazio and this is Stefano. How old are you?
IGNAZIO = What is the thing you would eat now?
GABRIELE = Kinder (chocolate egg)
PELLE = No, Ignazio, you’re on a diet.
IGNAZIO = Think for yourself!
(while Ignazio offers a chocolate egg to Gabriele he sees the robust boy)  Look at those little heart eyes he has?
Thanks to all of you and to all the staff. ☺
GIULIA = Can you sing us something?
IGNAZIO = What song do we know that we all sing together? I won’t tell you mine because you don’t know them.
PELLE = You are old Igna (ironic)
IGNAZIO = Ah, I’m old….come on, tell me a song.
So, we can sing “Io tu e le rose” (it’s an old Italian song).….do you know it??😁
ALL = No!!
IGNAZIO = “La Fisarmonica” , no! (another song from the 70s.)😁 “We are the champions” by Queen? Yup? You all know this, right? Here we are? Are you there? (and Ignazio starts singing the refrain of the song and tries to make the stout boy sing the two final words – applause) 
Thank you very much, see you soon, (Ignazio greets all the boys) …. young lady (he greets Angelica), bring something to your sister.
PELLE = On the last day (he means when she gets home) you get something and bring it to your sister.
IGNAZIO = (embraces the hefty boy) Don’t harm the little girls on instagram too much!  
(A hug to the younger boy, meanwhile Angelica takes a chocolate egg)
ANGELICA = It’s for my sister!!
ALICE = He is Tommaso, anyway. (another boy)
IGNAZIO = Tommaso, excuse me, pleasure, Ignazio.
(in addition to the desserts, the board games that Ignazio and Pelle have brought are also shown.
Gabriele asks Ignazio and Pelle for an autograph) 
GIULIA = (She leads Ignazio and Pelle in the various rooms of the structure.)
I can challenge you to table football, but I advise against it.
IGNAZIO = Excuse me, miss, what’s her name?
GIULIA = Gabriele
IGNAZIO = Gabriele where do you want to play?
PELLE = I watch this match.
She (Giulia) is the champion!
(Ignazio takes the ball and pretends to open it like an egg) . 😁
We are not in the kitchen!
IGNAZIO = Ah, isn’t it an egg?? Sorry! Go!! 😁
GIULIA = What’s in the prize, guys?? Shall we reward a Kinder egg?
IGNAZIO = A Kinder egg, go!!
Go Gabriele, go Gabriele, go Gabriele…..NO!!!
I made you score this goal!
PELLE = (To Ignazio) Are you putting the point on yourself?
IGNAZIO = Ah, sorry! (The game ends, everyone shakes hands). I won’t give you the Kinder egg (because it was defeated 😁…. below is a nice group photo )
IGNAZIO = (to Luigi) Do you support Juve? (Italian soccer team, favored by Ignazio)
LUIGI = If I want YES.
PELLE = Sure, he can change his mind.
IGNAZIO = I understand, but it’s not correct…
LUIGI = So I’m rooting for Juventus!!😁
IGNAZIO = Bravo, bravo!!
(Ignazio lends himself to various photographs with the hospitalized children and their families). 😘
Bye bye!!
PELLE = Hello everyone!!
(This is followed by a fake scholastic interrogation made to Ignazio and Pelle by the teacher of the structure, since the boys have long hospitalizations, they also have to study during those periods)
IGNAZIO = Well, I swear I’ve studied.
IGNAZIO = I know everything!!
TEACHER = The fall of the Roman Empire.
IGNAZIO = I was very sorry about this fact. 😁
PELLE = Maybe she wanted to know the year it happened! 😁
IGNAZIO = Good times those.
TEACHER = (to Pelle) And by whom was the discovery of America made?
PELLE = Surely someone discovered it (Ignazio tries to suggest, as students do at school)……it’s Italian…perhaps Christopher Columbus?? The year ….1492??
TEACHER = Now let’s do algebra?
IGNAZIO = Algebra, yes.
TEACHER = The addition of fractions ….. what should I do here?
IGNAZIO = They add up….
TEACHER = I have to do the minimum……
PELLE = Least common multiple!
TEACHER = Well done!!
IGNAZIO = The guaranteed minimum, because there is always a guaranteed minimum!!😁  Are we promoted?
TEACHER = Yes, yes, but you have to review the lessons.
IGNAZIO = We have to study, all right.
(to Pelle)
Today we are with Giulia, let me introduce her to you.
GIULIA =  Giulia!
IGNAZIO = She’s very strong at table football.
GIULIA =  Tell us about the association.
We have opened this channel, where we will create this format, where the idea is to receive emails with requests, wishes, which we will try to fulfill.
We wanted to start with an association, there are many that help children with illnesses, special cases and really help people. Unfortunately people don’t know these associations, or know them little, so our idea is to be able to make them known more through that channel, through my work, his work (Pelle), to make known as many associations as possible, and today we are from you.
IGNAZIO = Who are you? What do you do? (He means as an association)
GIULIA = I am Giulia, I am part of this beautiful association called BIMBOTU. Bimbotu was born in 2007 from the will of Alessandro and Federica, husband and wife, who had a personal experience of their son’s illness, who is fortunately doing well now.
This was 15 years ago and they decided that the difficulties they had to face as parents, as a family, they didn’t want other families to have to face, or at least give those families support. So since 2007 we have been dealing with assistance in the wards, therefore from the simplest things, as we have done together today, being together with the children and their families, chatting, lending a hand, offering a coffee….
IGNAZIO = So are you volunteers or…..??
GIULIA = We currently have about 200 volunteers….
IGNAZIO = 202 now (he offers himself and Pelle as volunteers)
GIULIA = We are active in this hospital, therefore the Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna at the Bellaria hospital, also at Sant’Orsola and Maggiore (other hospitals).
We are dealing with children and families who arrive from all over Italy, as you saw today.
IGNAZIO = Are all pathologies treated here?
GIULIA = In particular, in this department, we follow the pathologies of the central nervous system and also eating disorders which is a world to which we too are only recently approaching.
IGNAZIO = I knew a person, very close to me, who suffered from bulimia and it’s very complicated, it’s very psychological and it doesn’t make you think, it’s not a matter of drinking or eating badly, because maybe people think: “Come on, you ate too much, what are you doing?”
Instead bulimia is a serious matter, if you think you need support, talk to someone, because it’s important. There are certain things that should not be trivialized or talked about and approached in a superficial way.
GIULIA = Absolutely yes, in fact, even the volunteers we have all follow a training course to be able to better face the experience within the departments and the volunteers who are in contact with the kids who have eating disorders follow a further specific course on the subject, first of all to always be updated and informed, precisely because there is always a tendency to trivialize it, it is a taboo that is rarely talked about, and getting information is essential to be able to help those suffering from this pathology.
PELLE = Also to know how to approach children and teenagers.
GIULIA = Exactly.
IGNAZIO = That’s why you have wards inside the hospital, right? Because there is also the support of doctors.
GIULIA = Yes, exactly, indeed it is the hospital that hosts us as an association and each volunteer brings what they know how to do. For example, when I come here, even if my job is in the office, I play foosball, then there are those who play the guitar, those who sing, those who draw, everyone brings their own way of approaching…..
PELLE = A piece of yourself…
GIULIA = Yes, a piece of himself.
In addition to being present in the wards, we also have apartments where we welcome families arriving from outside Bologna free of charge, because they often have very long hospitalizations, and on average we welcome around fifty families a year, and we know and assist around 800/900 children and families in the various wards.
IGNAZIO = I often go to visit (hospitalized) children because…..I don’t know, we are all important,….but there is something that attracts you about a child or a young boy, something that pushes us to do our best and always give more. Every time when I enter the hospital wards and I see a child with a drip, or without hair, I see situations that are unacceptable to me, and I always have a reaction of not knowing how to behave, not knowing if I can accept that situation so, to a volunteer or even for you when you arrived, how was this impact? ❤
GIULIA = It’s not simple and in any case I don’t want to get emotional in front of the camera, I’m telling you about my personal experience, when I started being part of the BIMBOTU team I asked myself:
“Giulia, do you feel up to it?”, because in any case it’s not obvious, it’s not easy, and at the beginning I too was struggling in the first approach, I wondered how I could be useful. Being yourself is the key to first being able to empathize with children and their families. ❤
IGNAZIO = Those are the things that make you feel good.
If I wanted to support this association, how can I do it, where can I find information? 😉
GIULIA = Volunteering is a great way to help, because donating can be done in many ways, so you can donate your time, or you can make a cash donation that always helps because we have many activities and many services that we offer , we always offer them for free, so financial support is also very important.
IGNAZIO = So for those who live in Bologna, or in Emilia Romagna (region with capital Bologna), or near Bologna, if you want to come and spend your time helping someone, to volunteer for BIMBOTU, you can do it. 😘
GIULIA = We have the headquarters of our offices which is in San Lazzaro and then there are also other ways to donate and support this very important cause, for example, if one is a tailor, he can help us to pack objects to be exhibited in our solidarity banquets.
PELLE = So everyone can put their own, (make available what they can do)

GIULIA = Yes, exactly. For more information, the website is, and then they can follow us on social networks with BIMBOTU OFFICIAL, also because we are super active and we always have many new projects to present, and they can subscribe to our newsletters to stay up to date and see what we are doing.
For example , we have started a fundraising campaign to be able to buy neonatal ventilators for the pediatric department of the Maggiore Hospital , and they have a very significant cost and therefore anyone who wants to lend a hand is welcome.
Often there are also those who call us and tell us:
“I do this in life, what can I do for you?” And it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. ☺
IGNAZIO = Sometimes, supporting an association, or doing charity, it’s not always and only to give money. Doing charity, helping someone or these associations can also be helped with one’s work, with one’s time, as Giulia said, with very few things.
Little or big help is equally important for people in need. Every gesture is important. ❤
PELLE = Since when are you with Bimbotu?
GIULIA = For almost two years.
IGNAZIO = Ok, the people who follow us, are also contributing to this. ❤
PELLE = We say it a lot and we push it a lot because we want to make it clear that what we say, we do and we will do  (it won’t be just words).
IGNAZIO = Anyway, it’s not an initiative that is limited to just the two of us, it’s from the whole Bosky TV community, it’s something we’re all doing together, to help everyone. ❤
GIULIA = Congratulations.
IGNAZIO = Thank you very much.
GIULIA = Thanks to you.
IGNAZIO = Thank you for having hosted us, for giving us this opportunity, we hope to see you soon, we will return.
GIULIA = Absolutely. We are waiting for you.
PELLE = I have to cook, now I have this thing in my head.
IGNAZIO = And I have to take the guitar to the rocker (strong boy).😘
(to the camera) Thank you so much for being with us, for watching this video. Support this channel, because thanks to your support, we were able to do what we did today. Hello everybody. ❤🤗
GIULIA = Don’t forget, bye!
PELLE = Thanks again!!
IGNAZIO = (Now Ignazio and Pelle are in the car). Good thing you were in Algebra, because I just…..
PELLE = Thank goodness, I only said one right word at the end.
IGNAZIO = I understand, at least we made a half figure, a good impression.
PELLE = Beautiful, even the teacher was happy.
IGNAZIO = Do you know what the beautiful thing is? We’ll have more meetings like this!!! ❤
I have no words to compliment Ignazio and Pelle for what they have done.
Truly something that honors them and all those who are supporting them.
It’s not the first time that Ignazio offers us these great gestures of the heart, remember when he donated equipment to the Bologna Pediatric Hospital?
Thank you Ignazio for being such a big-hearted person, we appreciate you so much for that and we are so proud of you!! 
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. Ignazio is an amazing singer and performer. But his kindness and compassion make him extra special. It is touching to watch him interact with children of all ages. He and Pelle work very well together. I wish them much success. Q

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      For what Ignazio and Pelle have done in this video, there are no words, their sensitivity towards the problems of less fortunate kids deserves a big round of applause!

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    1. Ginamarie: I thought you might be interested in this paragraph from Ignazio’s section of What I Carry In My Heart…

      “With respect to faith, I have followed a path of my own. I walked away from the church as a child, as soon as we returned to Sicily. Since I had already taken communion in Bologna, the parish priest decided that I could not attend catechism, effectively excluding me from this opportunity to socialize with my peers for a pure “formality”. I was so upset that for a while I kept away, so to speak.

      Best wishes

    2. Absolutely yes, these young people have a beautiful and kind heart and Ignazio certainly has a very special soul.
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