On 21 January Il Volo was a guest in an episode of the Brazilian show CALDEIRAO DO MION presented by Marcos Mion.
The show was probably recorded before the Christmas holidays and only now broadcast.
Gianluca Ignazio and Piero are in excellent shape, dressed in informal clothes, beautiful, good and nice as always.
Here is the video.

(I start by saying that I can’t speak Portuguese, but I’ll try to translate roughly the sense of the pleasant conversation between Il Volo and Marcos.)
After the beautiful presentation, Il Volo enters the scene and immediately sings Volare.
At the end of the song Ignazio thanks in Portuguese, Marcos is amazed that Ignazio speaks Portuguese and Ignazio confirms that he speaks Portuguese and then there is a nice exchange between Ignazio and Marcos, because Ignazio tells the Marcos that he doesn’t understand why in Brazil, but also all over the world, when people try to speak Italian, the voice goes “eeeeeee” and they move their hands (and Ignazio imitates the way they move their hands).
IGNAZIO= But the Italians don’t do that. 😁
MARCOS= It’s my technique, because I have been in Italy for a long time with my family. (Marcos speaks alternating even a little in Italian)

GIANLUCA= You speak well (he means in Italian, while Ignazio makes fun of Marcos for the way he speaks Italian – laughter) 😁
(An exchange of sentences begins between Gianluca and Marcos who finish the sentences in the Italian and Portuguese way)
IGNAZIO= (he introduces himself into the discourse between Gian and Marcos) Do you know that ….OA…it’s the typical Sicilian way?
MARCOS= Yes, good, good.
IGNAZIO= (he says a few sentences in Sicilian marking the final ….OA)
MARCOS= You sing a lot…
IGNAZIO=…we are singers!!! 😁😁😁 If we were dancers, we danced a lot. 😁
MARCOS= Yes, you sing a lot, what music????
IGNAZIO= Music!!! 😁😁
MARCOS= Do you sing a capella?
IGNAZIO= Ah, a cappella… (and Gianluca immediately intones a piece of Il Mondo, great applause)
MARCOS= Bravo!! The audience gets up to applaud Il Volo.
PIERO= Thank you!

MARCOS= (addressing Ignazio) Translate for them (but then invites a translator named Marcelo.)

MARCELO= He (Marcos) asks if you can help him make a presentation in Italian.
PIERO= The important thing is that he talks like this (tightening the pronunciation)
MARCELO= (to Marcos) Don’t close the pronunciation.
(Ignazio suggests something to Marcos. The writing in Italian appears on the bottom: CALDERONE CON MIOZZONE )
(Then the music of an Italian tarantella starts and Marcos re-enters the stage saying and singing in Italian)
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CALDERONE , I am the hottest presenter on Brazilian television.”
IGNAZIO= You know what I say, that you are the best presenter of Brazilian television.
MARCOS= Ladies and gentlemen, they have arrived, sing again!
IGNAZIO= Yes, we still sing, we know that there are many fans of Roberto Carlos (famous Brazilian singer-songwriter) here.
MARCOS= Wow wow
IGNAZIO= And so we’re going to sing COMO VAI VOCE (their new single is a song by Roberto Carlos) .
MARCOS= COMO VAI VOICE, it’s very nice, and it’s the first time.
PIERO= It’s the first time we sing in a TV program in Portuguese, so please forgive us for the pronunciation.
MARCELO= (translates what Piero said)
MARCOS= It will be black. Go sing. Ladies and gentlemen, here at Calderone, Il Volo. (start the song)
MARCOS= Marvelous, it was beautiful….(he embraces everyone).…I am ….as they say fascinated…
IGNAZIO = in love
MARCOS= I’m in love, it was beautiful, impressed.
GIANLUCA= Thank you very much, thank you.
IGNAZIO= You are invited to our concert this year and all of you to the concerts (Piero intervenes)
PIERO= I know the dates (and he list the dates)
MARCOS= It was very exciting, there was also a show in the audience, very beautiful.
IGNAZIO = Thank you very much.
MARCOS= Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca: Il Volo!! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Then, Il Volo was interviewed via video by a Brazilian journalist for the newspaper Metropoles.
Or rather, Piero and Ignazio have been interviewed, because Gianluca is not present. The interviewer and also Piero speak in English, so I try to translate Ignazio’s answers, who replies in Portuguese.

To the first question, Ignazio replies that for Il Volo it has always been said that their music is a combination of opera and pop, but in truth they are three singers who sing traditional Italian music and traditional music from all over the world, such as in this last single where we sing the music of the great maestro Roberto Carlos, “Como vai voce”. They have always sung traditional music from all over the world, so that the new generation can get to know it.
To the third question, Ignazio says that it will be the first time they sing in Portuguese on tour, (Piero corrects Ignazio by saying that it is only a song in Portuguese) and as always there is a lot of emotion, but they are also happy because the pandemic had forbidden them to sing in Brazil.
To the fourth question, Ignazio replies that they haven’t had much time to visit Brasilia, they have only seen the hotels where they were staying, but they want to take some time to visit Brasilia, which is also the capital of Brazil.
At this point the interviewer apologizes to Piero but wants to have a word with Ignazio in Portuguese.
So he tells Ignazio that he speaks Portuguese very well and understands it well and then asks him if he understood what the song “Como vai voce” means for Brazilian culture.
Ignazio replies that almost two months ago, they came to Brazil for a private event and the first thing he said to Piero was “I feel at home”, he has a strong connection with Brazil, because he had a sweetheart, now he doesn’t anymore. He had lived Brazil, not only in terms of tourism, but like the Brazilian people and he understood a lot about the sensitivity, the happiness, the naturalness of knowing how to live with little, he understood a lot about how they face life, it’s different, it reminds him a lot southern Italy, and perhaps for this reason he feel at home and have a strong connection with Brazil.
When asked next, Ignazio says that music can help to get through a difficult moment. Il Volo uses different languages, they’ve always done the Spanish language versions, because they have to create a connection with the people, it’s very important. Singing in other languages is not very difficult if there is training. To sing in Portuguese they had a Brazilian coach in Milan, and it wasn’t that difficult.
The only problem is that Ignazio learned Portuguese from Carioca (hence with a markedly different pronunciation), but it was nice, and so he asks if he has any advice for him?
To the following question the interviewer asks Ignazio if he loves samba and pagode (type of music) and Ignazio confirms that he loves samba and all Brazilian music, he says that he has listened to a lot of music of that kind.
The interviewer asks if there will be a version of Il Volo with pagode, so Piero asks what pagode is and Ignazio explains that it is like a typical Brazilian reggaeton.
Finally Ignazio sends a greeting to the fans in Portuguese, he says that they are very happy to come and give a concert in Brazil, especially after the pandemic, and will also come and sing in Portuguese for the first time, even if only one song. They thank a lot for the support of the fans, who are always very present.
Final greetings from the interviewer.


Very nice this collage by Frances Cummings!
And these instead are the beautiful words of Gianluca in another internet interview.
Gianluca Interview – Click Here
Our young men always have nice words and stand out for being able to give interviews and interpret songs in different languages, truly admirable!
I had already anticipated that rumors said that Il Volo would be the guest of a broadcast on Italian TV, here is the confirmation.
Saturday, 4 February Il Volo will be a guest in the show “C’è posta per te” on Canale 5.
So see you soon with the video and the translation of what will be said to “C’è posta per te” (You’ve Got Mail).
Daniela  🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you Daniela! I was hoping for translation from these interviews, and as always you come through for us, even when they speak Portuguese 🤩😍🥰

    1. Hi Anna, yes I try to understand and translate, even if I don’t know the language, I like to help you understand. I just finished the new translation!!

  2. As always, thank you, Daniela for all your great updates with pictures, videos, translations. You are amazing!

  3. Thank you Daniela and Pat.
    Ignazio shows in his answer
    a sensitive and empathic understanding of the
    similarity between those that live life with very
    little (areas of Brazil and Southern Italy) and can still
    be happy and rich in culture and music. Hoping
    they can explore more of Brazil on the upcoming

  4. Gorgeous!! – so much I appreciate – thank you to all those beautiful souls who are involved with Il Volo – they lift our spirits on a daily bases – thank you too to Daniela – Pat & Susan for your love & kindness to us all who can not get out & about.

    1. You’re most welcome, Jude! Right now I am also one of us that can’t get out and about. Knee replacements are in my future. I should be good to go to see the guys next year! 😀

      1. Pat I feel your pain! I’ve had 2 1/2 knee replacements, such a relief from pain. Hope it’s soon for you. God Bless and take care of yourself, we all love you…..Carol🙏🏻❤️🌻☮️🎶

      2. I went to the orthopedic surgeon today and I will have my right knee done on March 28! 😊

  5. Thank you Daniela. We love all of these posts and appreciate the translations. What I love is their wonderful attitudes. They inspire everyone to be happy.

    1. Victoria, don’t miss reading the next translation which I think will be published between today and tomorrow, you will like it very much. Then I wait for your comments.

  6. Thank you Daniela. Two nice interviews. I love the collage of the guys. Very nicely done. They look so handsome. Piero mentioned the new song is in their new album that is coming out in a few days. Is this the surprise they told us was coming? I can’t wait to hear a new album.

    1. Yes, Cathy, I believe that this was the surprise and it was aimed, in particular, at the South American public, but I think we will enjoy it too, because even if they are songs that are perhaps little known to us, they are always beautiful songs and sung at the top.

  7. Olá Daniela! Obrigada pelas postagens e parabéns pelas traduções. Perfeita!
    A apresentação do Il Volo no Calderão do Mion, foi, sem dúvida, um belo presente para nós, fãs brasileiras. A repercussão foi grande, pois o programa tem alcance nacional e ver o trio cantando Como Vai Você, encantou a todos, inclusive a quem não os conhecia. Vi nos comentários das redes sociais, muitas pessoas querendo saber quem eram aqueles rapazes lindos e de vozes espetaculares. Creio que o grande público do trio, se concentra nas regiões Sul e Sudeste (onde serão os concertos) mas eles já estão conquistando o resto do Brasil.
    Vi que neste post não tem a entrevista (via vídeo) que os rapazes deram ao LatinpopBrasil. Essa entrevista foi feita um pouco antes da entrevista ao jornal Metropolis. Está disponível no youtube (
    Um abraço para todos!
    Dalva Nunes

    1. Oi Dalva, fico muito feliz que a tradução tenha corrido bem, até porque me esforcei muito para interpretar o pouco que entendo.
      Estou feliz que nossos rapazes tenham sucesso na América do Sul e, por favor, mantenha-nos informados sobre isso, sua opinião enquanto você mora lá é muito importante.
      Você confirma que belas vozes e belas músicas sempre serão admiradas, aliás algumas músicas, se bem cantadas, não conhecem o limite do tempo.
      Sim, havia a outra entrevista, mas vi que as perguntas já haviam sido feitas durante esta transmissão ao vivo, então pulei.
      Aguardo seus outros comentários sobre o progresso do sucesso de nossos entes queridos.

      Hi Dalva, I’m so happy that the translation went well, also because I tried so hard to interpret the little I understand.
      I am happy that our guys are successful in South America and please keep us posted on this, your view as you live there is very important.
      You confirm that beautiful voices and beautiful music will always be admired, in fact some music, if sung well, does not know the limit of time.
      Yes, there was the other interview, but I saw that the questions had already been asked during this live broadcast, so I skipped it.
      I look forward to your other comments on the progress of the success of our loved ones.

  8. Again thanks to Daniela and Pat for a job well done. If Igna keeps speaking Portuguese Daniela will too. I hope this new Latin CD will be released world wide unlike the Amame cd which was not. Ciao amici.

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie! Daniela continues to surprise me with the languages that she can understand. 😊

    2. I hope so too RoseMarie, but I don’t think the CD will be for the whole world.
      Thanks as always for the compliments. Waiting for your comments on the next translation, you will like it, Ignazio at the top!!

  9. Thank you for more of thier time in Brazil ,Ignazio has so much talent not only music but languages to ,thank you again

    1. Yes, Pamela, Ignazio has many talents, including knowing how to learn quickly what interests him, and when he was Ana Paula he worked hard to understand the Portuguese language.

  10. What can I say but Thank You both again! Such a nice interview with the Portuguese fellow and I’m sure Igna surprised him with his ability to speak the language.

    I tried to get the interview with Gianluca but it was unavailable. Dol.

      1. The same with me, Carol. And I look forward to your comments regarding my postings. Hugs, Dol

    1. Dolores, I’m sorry you didn’t see Gianluca’s interview, here are his words. The video captures his face while he speaks in Spanish.

      “Music can save lives, especially when we’re young, we don’t know what to do.
      We need to know each other more, and music can open a door of life, and art is a way to express our best. So if we make music, not just for success, not for money, that’s totally material, we make music because we can better express our feelings, to feel better, to have meaning in this life.”

  11. Thank you so much for keeping us update. Your work is always much appreciated. I’m waiting for the next translation, maybe “C’e posta per te”☺️🤔.

  12. Oh that we could be there for one of their South American concerts. At least we can get bits and pieces later. I’m very excited about the new album and hope it will be available for purchase in the US. Than you Daniela and Pat so interesting.

    1. Yes, Kay, I’m sure you will also appreciate good South American music. It would be interesting to be at one of their concerts in South America, I think they will be full of warmth!!

  13. Another great job Daniela and Pat! Our guys are so special, it’s amazing to me that they have all this energy and fortitude to take them around the world every year!….ahhh to be young! Daniela your language skills are so amazing, I’m envious of people who have mental acuity to translate all the languages that are spoken in these interviews….without you we’d be lost!! Thank you once again! I could not open the Gian’s interview either (no social media)🫤
    Blessings on all of you, Carol❤️🙏🏻🌻☮️🤗🎶🎵🎼🎤👏🏻

    1. Carol, thanks for the compliments. Yes, our boys are special, but you will like their beautiful words even more in the next translation.
      I have enclosed Gianluca’s beautiful words to Dolores, read them, they are very profound.

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