And here we are at the time of the first concert of this LATAM TOUR 2023, and Guatemala will host the first stage of this long South American tour.
There is a lot of anticipation for this concert, tickets are sold out and here is this video documenting the people patiently waiting to enter.
So nice to see the first fan who has all the Il Volo CDs with her, too strong!!
She says she has been following them since 2009, she says that Il Volo sings beautiful songs very well. Her favorite song is O Sole Mio, then she says she doesn’t have the new EP because it’s digital only and of course she answers right when asked for the boys’ names: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!! 😊
And here we are at the beginning of the concert, how exciting, we start with ECSTASY OF GOLD.
All the videos that I offer you of the concerts are short videos taken during the evening, hardly anyone has filmed entire songs.
The lineup of songs has changed, there are always the “IL Volo classics”, but several songs in Spanish have been included.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca started the concert in a very elegant way, wearing beautiful leather jackets, all the three in total black, very beautiful, but then they changed the jackets for some very shiny ones, and in any case always elegant.


A long high note in Ignazio’s solo: ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO.
Nice summary video from CLARO GUATEMALA.

Click Here for the video

I am so happy with this success for Il Volo in Guatemala. Reading the various comments, I found this beautiful one from a fan, which I’m sure you will appreciate a lot.

Definitely, each and every one of them makes each moment of their presentation something beautiful and wonderful!!!!, something sublime!!

Every moment with them sticks in the soul and is never forgotten.
His staging, his jovial dialogues, his complicity, his brotherly love, his puns touches….. complement those beautiful voices, those beautiful harmonies.

Those unforgettable and always adored interpretations of their classic and unforgettable Italian and international songs, their duets, their solos, but best of all their trios, which are the essence of the group, where these three wonderful voices converge, these three complementary personalities in a unique mold that gives personality to the group, without anyone losing their nature.
The interpretations that elevate the classic Latin melodies to superlative levels, in their deep, educated, harmonic, professional voices; all this envelops the hearts of all his listeners, those present and the video listeners, in a fantastic cloud of harmony, brotherly love and sweetness.

It is incredible that the feeling of being in a fantasy world does not stop appearing every time they appear together on stage.

Without pretending more than what is a beautiful feeling for me, I dare to say that I am sure that this is how El Paraíso must be and how it must feel, or at least it is very close. . … Total admiration, a lot of affection, great respect from Colombia.

(Luz Adriana Toro Arango)

What magnificent words…………………………but we leave immediately, destination El Salvador, there are two days before the next concert.

In San Salvador immediately there is an interview with LA PRENSA GRAFICA, here it is (enable subtitles in English).

Sure, Gianluca always points out the importance of letting young people listen to traditional music, and that’s why they made the EP of traditional Latin songs, so that young people don’t forget their roots.
Very nice that Il Volo takes care of romantic music, beautiful music ……. in this world of rap, reggaeton etc. etc.
An interview follows: DIARIO El Salvador. (english subtitles)

The same interview is also transcribed by El, accompanied by these beautiful photos.

Then an interview with radio GLOBO. (english subtitles)

Below is a passage in a TV program entitled VLM (Viva La Manana).
Nice this short of video, where someone among those present shouts to sing a piece of song and Gianluca replies that they will sing tonight (in concert).
Then Piero greets everyone and says that they are IL Volo, that they come from Italy to come and sing in this wonderful country.
Then Gianluca adds that they will do it tonight and that they can’t wait after 4 years of absence. Ignazio greets everyone. Piero adds that it will be a night of music by three Italians. But the presenter insists on doing a small piece of song and so Piero Ignazio and Gianluca start TAN INAMORDOS acapella. Applause.

And here we are at the moment of the concert.
Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, elegant in blue suits.







UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE (spanish vesion)

IL MONDO (spanish version), and more


Greetings from the El Salvador fan club.


A nice video that summarizes the concert from LA PRENSA GRAFICA.

Diary of El Salvador wrote like this:
The pop-lyrical trio Il Volo delighted the Salvadoran public tonight with a selected musical repertoire where romanticism reigned and the spectacular voices of the three young Italian tenors (Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble). Successes of Ricardo Montaner, José José, Luis Miguel, among others, resounded in the voices of the Italians. 🎼🎤🇮🇹 – David Martinez.
Also nice is this summary video of the concert made by EL UNIVERSAL SV where you can see the arrival of the people and the Salvadoran violinist who opened the Il Volo concert, very good, very good everyone.

(english subtitles)

And so the first two concerts are already over, Il Volo couldn’t have started their LatAm tour in a better way.
But once again I want to conclude with Luz’s beautiful words. 
Daniela 🤗


All the projects they undertake, all their tours, all their activities together, all the songs performed by the three of them, reach superlative levels.

They give a beautiful and unique touch to each song, each project, each activity, which they choose for their repertoire.

They especially have that beautiful touch of feelings and emotions hidden in their hearts and that springs up in every word that comes from their true artists’ soul. What beautiful sensations arise in the soul when seeing them, hearing them because all their presentations are wonderful; to enjoy from beginning to end with these melodies, so beautifully interpreted, indisputable is the immense emotion to appreciate, enjoy, and dream when the THREE UNITED sing, it is there where we are transported to paradise, a place from where we would never want to return.

May God allow them to never be separated, that intelligence, voice, tenderness, joviality, fraternal love, professionalism, support from their families, support from their cities of origin, support from their manager and assistant, from the master pianist and his band, and other equipment; be always present so that thus united, they can conquer a thousand more universes, because this world is already theirs. Great admiration, immense affection and much respect from Colombia.

(Luz Adriana Toro Arango)


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you again Pat and Daniela for another great article, another thorough coverage of their current tour. incredible thing about Il Volo is how they can keep getting better – better performance and better looking! Their LATAM style seems a bit more edgy and it suits them, I think.

  2. I haven’t watched the videos yet, but the words of Luz Adriana Toro Arango say it all. She is so able to condense the virtues of our Il Volo and the thoughts and prayers of each of their fans.

    Thank you, Daniela and Patti for enabling us to be there, too. Hugs, Dol

  3. Thank you both for the videos of the boys in concert ,they are having a great time and enjoying thier singing ,i hope they have a break soon as i wouldnt want them to have a break down with all that traveling they are doing ,i have got my tickets to see them in Bulgaria cant wait ,regards to you both

  4. Dear ladies of the Crew. I belong to many groups on Facebook but none of them cover as much as you do here. And most of the comments are not comments but GIFs, I prefer the Crew above all others and I look forward to emails telling me that you have posted a new one, I jump right on it because I know it will be a good day with lots of information. Thank you so much. This was great.

    1. I am glad we can get all the wonderful images and videos to you, Rose Marie! Daniela is very good at scouring the internet for all she can find about our guys! I also do not like all of the large GIFs that people use to reply to posts. What happened to using just words? 😂

  5. Thanks a lot Daniela and Pat for this beautiful summary of the concerts in South America. The concerts are wonderful but how could it be otherwise. Yesterday I have found on YouTube a promotional video of one of the concerts in Brasil and how I was surprised and happy to recognize the after concert movie of the last year concert in Łódź. Of course I was there and it was wonderful concert. This is link to this video
    Grazie mille

    1. I’ve now watched all the videos, even the very short ones and enjoyed them all. I want to thank Jolanta, especially, for her link to the video she provided. Thanks!! Hugs, Dol

  6. Oh Wow!! – well done Daniela & Pat – thank you for another stunning editorial – the boys seem to be able to reach out – grab one’s heart & lift it to a higher place – Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca are going to historically change the course of the music scene for the better – these boys are sensational – very chic & good looking on the outside – beautiful souls on the inside – no wonder we love them so much. – thank you again you amazing girls – much love.

  7. You gals are on right on top of everything our guys do! Thank you once again for wonderful news from our southern Americas! What an incredible journey they’re on! Please God grant them to be safe and healthy always. I loved the videos but I couldn’t get the translations, it happens! The writings from Ms Arango were beautiful and really reflect how we all feel about Gian, Piero and Igna and the gifts of love and music they extend to all of us from their very souls.💖💖💖🎼🎤☮️🙏, Peace, Carol

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all the wonderful videos and photos. It’s so nice that you do this for us to keep us up to date. The boys seem to really be enjoying themselves and the fans are showing them so much love. It’s nice to be able to listen to the interviews. I wish when they’re in the United States they could do more interviews and get more coverage. I love hearing them talk and telling us about their lives and how they feel about different things.

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