The Il Volo adventure in South America has begun!

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, as announced, left on Sunday February 19 for Mexico, to be able to participate in a television program and hold a press conference.
And here are three videos upon their arrival at the airport in Mexico.

Video 1 – Click Here

Video 2 – Click Here

Video 3 – Click Here

Translation: They came out more handled than market fruit but happy. 💗💗💗
But who wouldn’t have been happy after such a welcome, after 4 years of not returning to Mexico, certainly their fans haven’t forgotten Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero!! 😘
They held a press conference early on Monday morning in the presence of many journalists.
Here is the video. (there are English subtitles)

The words said at the beginning by Gianluca are beautiful, thanking their Mexican fans and saying that it is wonderful to return after 4 years of absence due to the pandemic, in this country that has always welcomed them with so much affection.
Piero also explains that the TRE VOCES UN ALMA project was conceived as a gift for their Latin fans who have not been able to see them for 4 years.
Kindly, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero also performed IL MONDO a cappella. I think I understand that the journalists were very happy with the interview, in fact there were numerous newspaper articles and tweets that talked about Il Volo!!

IL Volo was also interviewed by Sergio Mejia for the OYE DIGITAL program.

In the place where the press conference was held, Ignazio noticed something 😁, always funny our Ignazio!

Ignazio Video – Click Here

Then they intervened in a television program VENGA LA ALEGRIA.

Here’s the video.


Then they attended the ticket signing event, which was only for 100 people, if I’m not mistaken.



The following morning they participated in the early morning program SALE EN SOL, here’s the video with English subtitles.

SALE EN SOL – Click Here

And after a long day of meetings, off to Guatemala.
Let’s start with an interview on EN MUSICA 92.5 radio. (English subtitles, thank you Donalee)

EN MUSICA 92.5 – Click Here

And there’s also time for an interview with Radio Romantica 105.3.

A meeting with Sony Musica Guatemala!

Sony Musica Guatemala – Click Here

But time is running out, and it’s almost time for the first concert, right here in Guatemala.
Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are subjected to a very tough tour with very close dates and many events to attend, but they are holes, and this is what they like to do, so guys….. good luck!!
Daniela  🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. How busy and how tired they must be, but ever the entertainers first, they carry on. Very admirable and very true to their fans!!

    Too bad the videos are mostly not available, but the ones that were are worth watching.
    Thanks again, Daniela and Patti for your unfailing coverage!!
    Hugs, Dol

    1. I’m sorry the videos didn’t work for you, Dolores. I now put just the links and they usually work. And you’re most welcome for the posts. It’s hard to keep up with these guys! 😂

    2. Dolores, I’m sorry you can’t see many videos, I assure you that Pat and I try them several times, unfortunately not all videos are active on you tube and so there can be some inconveniences.

      1. Thanks! The link to the iTunes store told me it wasn’t available in Canada! Last I checked Canada was still part of North America–but for some reason it just won’t work.

  2. Thank you so much for this. It puts all the info in one place. It is so very kind of those who create this updates. I wish I could attend a concert but I am in the UK. I love Il Volo and they bring great happiness and love into life and I thoroughly enjoy following them around the world if only virtually. ❤️❤️ I and I am sure many others really appreciate all your effort and hard work xxx

    1. Hi Mary i live in Wales and have just got tickets for Bulgaria and the price is good ,looked at package Holiday the prices are very good ,have a look see what you think Pam

    2. Thanks Mary for the compliments, in fact there aren’t, for now, stages planned in the UK, but who knows, maybe they could be added, fingers crossed.

  3. Thank you to Daniela and Pat for the posts!
    I woke up on my birthday, Feb 20th, and saw
    that they arrived in Mexico City and already
    doing interviews! It was the sweetness in my

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all updates. Fans in South America are lucky to hear the songs from the new album. I really love it, it’s beautiful and I listen to the new songs over and over again. To be honest I like the best when the guys sing in Italian, but the new songs are so beautiful and they sing them amazingly. Grazie per tutto

    1. You’re welcome, Jolanta! I like it best when they sing in Italian too. But I have to say that a few of these new songs are “getting under my skin” the more I listen to them! 😊

    1. Actually, Mark, I think Gianluca now, is exactly what he is, I mean before he looked much more physically mature because he is the type of man who looks younger than his age and so he kept a beard and used the blow-dry your hair, to actually look more mature. Now, however, he is shaved and leaves his hair natural. I had a cousin who was a guy like him, he always looked younger than his real age.
      Of course I preferred Gianluca’s earlier version.

      1. Not only his looks, but his clothes too! He used to be the poster boy for classical elegance. Not any more…His transformation is so complete that when we went to our concert my husband didn’t recognize him!
        I too, prefer the “old” Gianluca…

      2. Hi Daniela, thank you for all of this….FB is. Pain when it comes to letting the videos be shown elsewhere…that’s a Shame! I agree about Gianluca’s look….my son has always looked much younger than his age and he’s a musician, so he grew a beard and let his curly hair grow! His wife gets so mad when he shaves and cuts his hair because he can lose 10 yrs.instantly and she can’t! It’s the look Gian wants and maybe Eleanora wants it too….that’s what counts. I think we’re just fortunate to have the three together however they choose to look, we’re just fans but we don’t own them! Like our children, at some point we have to let them go. Thanks to you and Pat for another job well done!!👏🏻👏🏻❤️😘🤗🎼☮️🙏🏻, Peace, Carol

      3. You’re welcome, Carol! I think any time a guy shaves his beard it makes him look younger. Don’t know why Gianluca feels the need to do that after all these years. I agree that Eleanora must have wanted him to do it as it happened after they got together.

  5. Many thanks to Daniela & Pat for lovingly sharing this editorial I love like many others around the World finding out about what our gorgeous boys’ are up to – gosh!! – they certainly lead amazing lives – the pics are great – thank you to Donalee for translating – what would we do without you beautiful souls – the Latin Americans really love Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca – much love.

    1. Yes, Jude, this tour is a tour de force for Il Volo, but they are always very generous and their photos are always an excellent vision for us fans.
      We really thank Donalee for her instant translations!

    1. I’m sorry the videos would not play. I had to turn on Closed Captions (CC) on the press conference and then clicked on the gear button to choose English subtitles.

      1. I also found after you changed the subtitles to English if you clicked on the bottom right to enlarge the video to full screen, the subtitles were much easier to read.

    2. Linda, I’m sorry that the machine translation didn’t work in the interview, because they said really nice things. I tried the English translation several times and it worked, and after your comment I tried again and it only works in Spanish. Sin! Thanks for pointing this out to us.

  6. the boys have a busy time with the interviews and a lot of travelling ,i could not get the videos also ,thanks but thanks for info ,regards

    1. Sorry about the videos, Pamela. It is clear that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca love this job, and consequently they favorably submit to the interviews. They tolerate frenetic rhythms, but I think being received by the fans with so much affection repays them for so much effort.

  7. Thanks again for all the photos, the videos did not work, when I clicked I just got the page for American Fan Club, not your fault, however did enjoy the photos and also I am one that definitely prefers the old Gianluca look. These guys all look happy and they are truly loved by their Latin fans.

  8. Any chance they’ll put out the book in english? They love their heritage and are very faithful to their Italian roots, but I can’t help but feel a little left out. We here in the US embraced them when they first started this journey of song. They are giving their Latin fans 110% and it’s so great to see them enjoying the tour as much as the fans enjoy their music.
    Would love to see another US tour in the future. Do you think they will put out a DVD of this tour? I’d really like to see them put out a dvd of the Jeruselum Christmas special.

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