The Il Volo adventure in South America has begun!

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, as announced, left on Sunday February 19 for Mexico, to be able to participate in a television program and hold a press conference.
And here are three videos upon their arrival at the airport in Mexico.

Video 1 – Click Here

Video 2 – Click Here

Video 3 – Click Here

Translation: They came out more handled than market fruit but happy. 💗💗💗
But who wouldn’t have been happy after such a welcome, after 4 years of not returning to Mexico, certainly their fans haven’t forgotten Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero!! 😘
They held a press conference early on Monday morning in the presence of many journalists.
Here is the video. (there are English subtitles)

The words said at the beginning by Gianluca are beautiful, thanking their Mexican fans and saying that it is wonderful to return after 4 years of absence due to the pandemic, in this country that has always welcomed them with so much affection.
Piero also explains that the TRE VOCES UN ALMA project was conceived as a gift for their Latin fans who have not been able to see them for 4 years.
Kindly, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero also performed IL MONDO a cappella. I think I understand that the journalists were very happy with the interview, in fact there were numerous newspaper articles and tweets that talked about Il Volo!!

IL Volo was also interviewed by Sergio Mejia for the OYE DIGITAL program.

In the place where the press conference was held, Ignazio noticed something 😁, always funny our Ignazio!

Ignazio Video – Click Here

Then they intervened in a television program VENGA LA ALEGRIA.

Here’s the video.


Then they attended the ticket signing event, which was only for 100 people, if I’m not mistaken.



The following morning they participated in the early morning program SALE EN SOL, here’s the video with English subtitles.

SALE EN SOL – Click Here

And after a long day of meetings, off to Guatemala.
Let’s start with an interview on EN MUSICA 92.5 radio. (English subtitles, thank you Donalee)

EN MUSICA 92.5 – Click Here

And there’s also time for an interview with Radio Romantica 105.3.

A meeting with Sony Musica Guatemala!

Sony Musica Guatemala – Click Here

But time is running out, and it’s almost time for the first concert, right here in Guatemala.
Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are subjected to a very tough tour with very close dates and many events to attend, but they are holes, and this is what they like to do, so guys….. good luck!!
Daniela  🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.