LATAM TOUR 2023: COLOMBIA by Daniela

I’m late with the list of various concerts in South America, due to Michelle Impossible’s translation, but now I’ll try to catch up quickly.
We continue the LatAm Tour with stops in Colombia.
Here is Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero upon arrival in Bogotà, very warmly welcomed!!

There is very little time to rest and therefore we immediately move on to the concert.
There are many nice full song videos, which I am attaching.




UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE (spanish version)





Beautiful collage of songs


Colombia, Bogotá waits for them and receives them with all the expectation and love that they have always generated in their public. We love you, we admire you and we are happy and grateful for your presence in our country. Welcome Always.
It is another fantastic trip that is done with all activities. Seeing them together is already cause for joy. Their brotherly love is the ideal complement to their beautiful voices and they should know that almost 50% is a component of their success!!!!!! … all their presentations in whatever activity they carry out have a stamp that they only imprint on each concert, at each moment, at each response, at each composition they perform, everything becomes warmer, more tender, more meaningful, they produce the double the butterflies in the soul, double the emotion in the heart.
If the songs are beautiful, they become sublime, pure feeling, pure emotion.
With the fact of having chosen them, what lives inside each one is revealed.
For their wonderful voices, for each tone of voice, for each harmony we have clues to a bit of their world.
Since there is a common factor between them, their great and blessed talent, their love for singing, their brotherly love, their admiration for one another, their dedication to the profession and their public, their sincere appreciation to their families, to Its origins and its great team: manager, assistant, teacher, band, technicians…, transmit to us all that beauty that the world contains where they are super talented, loving and charming hosts, intelligent, very different from each other but absolutely complementary. Hearing and seeing them is the closest thing to being in Paradise.
God allow your union to last, your brotherly love be the foot for many, many more successes. Let nothing and no one separate you or induce you to leave this great road that you have built for 14 years now. Wishing that time multiplies. ….it only remains to express
Sincere admiration, great affection and much respect from Colombia.  (Luz Adriana Toro Arango)

Very sweet moments  ❤

Sweet Moment 1 – Click Here


This is an Instagram comment by MUSIC TREND COLOMBIA:
Rarely does a three-voice ensemble have the chance to move with total confidence between some of the most famous songs in the world without failing in the attempt.
What happened to @ilvolo today at the Movistar Arena was simply perfect 👌🏻

This is the comment of LUZ ADRIANA TORO ARANGO after seeing the concert:
Yes, just perfect. One does not “die of emotion”, because God is very great. My heart stopped, I floated on a cloud of fantasy, I was in paradise during the entire concert. They are much more than what one expects. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Admiration Love and respect from Colombia.

This comment by MOVISTAR MUSIC COLOMBIA is also beautiful.
The music of IL VOLO won everyone’s heart! 💙🤩🎶
With a repertoire of poems made into songs, IL VOLO delighted us with its incredible voices. 🤩 Language was not a barrier for everyone to dance and sing at the top of their lungs, because music was the main language, turning it into a concert full of emotions and indescribable energy.
Music makes you feel alive, it makes you feel more connected to the world!

Il Volo participated in a television program: DIA A DIA CARA COLOMBIA
Very interesting this exchange of views on love, which I translate for you.
GIANLUCA= We should always do crazy things, right?
WOMAN= How crazy are you made for love?
GIANLUCA = I traveled very far to see a woman, in Mexico, I remember.
PIERO= Never, never, like him (Ignazio)
GIANLUCA= But he is the craziest.
PIERO= He fell in love with a Brazilian, and every month: “Where’s Ignazio?”
He went to Brazil, always Brazil, always.
WOMAN= Once a month did you go to Brazil to chase love?
WOMAN= Loving from afar, is it possible?
PIERO= I believe that love is nourished if they are together.
GIANLUCA = Out of sight, out of mind.
WOMAN= In other words, you don’t believe in love from afar.
GIANLUCA= Well, it’s very difficult, but everything is possible… isn’t it?… If you believe in something. That love is like learning to do something, if you want to learn to be a singer you have to study every day, you have to have a cure, right? Even for love, I believe.
IGNAZIO= I don’t agree, they are all words…
PIERO= They are all words…
IGNAZIO= Love is such a spontaneous thing that you don’t control it nor can you study it.
WOMAN= And you? You say no, you’ve already lived it, you don’t want to live it again.
IGNAZIO= Well, I’m a person who doesn’t set limits and therefore I won’t say no… but it’s difficult because… one of the most important things in a relationship is everyday life, right?
WOMAN= Spending time together…
IGNAZIO= Yes, fine, you go to work, you have your life, I have my life, but when we want to be together, we stay together.
GIANLUCA= (addressing the woman) What do you think?

Then, they were interviewed in the LA POSTA program for Ecuadorian TV. (I translate briefly)
It’s an interview to publicize the arrival of Il Volo in Ecuador, so the questions are aimed at this purpose.
The interviewer asks why they have dedicated an EP to Latin songs and Gianluca replies that they have always had the opportunity to sing these very beautiful songs. The woman says that there is a lot of reggaeton there and it is remarkable to return to the songs of their fathers with beautiful voices.
Piero also says that he loves the way of dealing with life in South America, always with a positive attitude. The woman asks if it is the first time they have been to Ecuador and Ignazio replies that they have been other times. So they talk about the beautiful beaches and she asks if they like Equadorian food and if they are going to visit Quito, but Piero replies that they will only stay one day but next time they will try to stay and visit the city.

Il Volo also had an exclusive interview with CTV Faranduelando, here’s what they said about them:
“We talked to the Italian trio Il Volo, about their new production in tribute to Latin America entitled ‘Three voices one soul’.  Enjoy this great interview with Il Volo.”
(I translate briefly)
Gianluca begins by saying that in 2013 they paid a tribute to the great Josè Josè and from that moment they fell in love with Latin American music and now with their EP they have decided to pay homage to romantic music.
When asked how does Latin music influence Il Volo’s music, Ignazio replies that Latin American music is very close to Italian culture, both are very romantic and since Il Volo always says they bring Italian culture into their music, the idea was to bring all the tradition of Latin America to the younger generation.
They are asked if Il Volo will make a video for the song Tan Ennamorados and Piero replies no, they are too busy in the tour, the EP is already out and they will sing the songs in the concerts, and then they are concentrated in a new project.
The new question is how Il Volo felt singing with the mariachis.
Gianluca replies that it was a challenge because powerful voices are needed but also full of passion and feeling to better interpret the song with the marichi.
Piero replies to the last question about what Il Volo thinks of current Latin American popular music.
He says that Il Volo respects every musical genre, music is for everyone, and the three of them are nobody to criticize. The musical genre of Il Volo is a genre not very well known by the new generation, and that’s what they try to do, it’s a genre that has been sung in the past by great artists and also the young people, as happened to the three of them, yes can fall in love with these songs. Everyone recognizes himself in a musical genre, everyone can listen to what he wants, we respect all musical genres and all artists who sing.

I would say that the tour is going very well, but damn there is no time to breathe and immediately another country to add to the concerts.
Tell me what you think and…… see you soon!!
Daniela 🤗


I was sending this post, but I saw a video recently posted by Ignazio on Bosky TV.
Activate the subtitles, and read carefully the purpose of TOGETHER IS BETTER.
Once again a demonstration of great heart and generosity.
“Solidarity does not tremble: help us save!!”


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



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  1. Thank you for your articles. There journey has been a long one, but an aspiring one. I have been watching Facebook and Instagram reels. I have never seen so many fans in the Latin countries so excited and grateful for IL Volo music. There music has the power to make us all smile,and bring us to all types of tears. Glad to be a long time USA fan. Again, appreciate the articles and nice that you represent Gianluca, Piero, Ingnazio.

    1. Many thanks Patricia for the compliments. All of us, but Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are amazed by the great enthusiasm of the Latin fans.

  2. Missed out on commenting on Michelle Impossible column.

    The music videos with this posting are just out of this world!! Such wonderful sounds and Gianluca seems to be enjoying himself SO much! He usually isn’t so demonstrative but is having a great time with the fans, especially the young ones. Looks like, when the time comes, he’ll make a good father!

    A note about the beautiful words of Luz Adriana Toro Arango: I could read her thoughts all day. She has such an expressive way of putting everything. Hugs to you all, Dol

    1. I can tell you Dolores that particularly here in Italy, Il Volo is considered music for “old men” and the newspapers say that their fans are all of a certain age, so it is very stimulating for Il Volo, especially for Gianluca who is the younger, seeing that their genre is also appreciated by younger guys, this really pleases Gianluca and a smile is on his lips.

      Luz writes very well with much love, and I told her to give me a full review of the concert!

  3. Dol, I had planned on mentioning Gianluca too–you beat me to the punch! Yes, quite a different guy–more outgoing, happy, and having a blast. It seems a well-balanced tour as to the programming–mostly Spanish, naturally, but some Italian and English as well. It amazes me too how fluent these guys are getting in Spanish and English, considering how their formal education stopped at such an early age. Daniela, a great job as always of finding the videos and translating the interviews–you’re the best! And Pat for putting it all together so beautifully.

    1. I agree Judi, their Spanish is very fluent, it’s the first language they learned right after Italian and it was easy for them who were really little more than children. Their first producers also spoke Spanish and therefore learned “on the job”.

  4. Thank you, Daniela, for the translation on Ignazio’s short video. His huge heart and multiple talents not only in music, but in bringing people together to do good, is helping to change the world. People in pain need help, medications, support, a loving touch plus the knowledge that they are not alone. This young man touches my heart day and night.

    1. Thanks Judy, when I saw that video of Ignazio I thought I should immediately add it to the post. Ignatius’ heart is very big and these causes immediately find support for him. I hope everyone was able to read what Ignatius said and find ways to help as well.

      Together is better!!

  5. I forgot to thank you Daniela for uploading the full ‘Michelle Impossible’ presentation – I was so happy to hear Piero singing his beautiful Aria & not being cut off in the middle of it all – I loved hearing what the Boys’ think about love & their concept of it – I really don’t think they would have much time for a true solid relationship at the moment – I think further down the track – thank you for posting the Boys’ latest concert in Columbia – I really appreciate your hard work & Pat too for putting this together – you girls’ are so unselfish with your time – much love.

    1. Jude, I too can’t stand it when good songs are cut off right at the most beautiful moment, but if they use short videos, it’s not the person who decides, it’s the cell phone that stops after a certain number of minutes. That’s why I always look for complete videos, but sometimes it’s hard to find them.

  6. These three guys stole my heart in 2020, and they will always be number 1 and always have my heart. Beautiful manners, personalities, and handsome beyond. Luv My Guys!

  7. Daniela and Pat, our guys are really keeping you extremely busy these days. I sincerely appreciate all the work you and Pat do to bring the translations, videos and photos to our crew and in such a short period of time given that you have other duties to attend to in your personal lives.
    I think this has been a wonderful tour for the guys so far. I pray everyday that they stay safe and well. 🙏
    Grazie mille!

    1. Mary Jane, it’s certainly a wonderful tour and Il Volo doesn’t stop for a moment, giving me and Pat a lot of work too :):):) but let’s try to keep those who don’t have facebook or have no way of being able to follow us updated the many news that are written every minute.

  8. Thanks, Mary Jane! Fortunately I am retired, which helps! 😊 And these guys are very busy lately. Sometimes I wonder how they keep up.

  9. IlVoloFlightCrew, thank you so much for all your content you generously share with love. We feel it and appreciate you greatly!

    I do hope our Guys are able to rest and play a bit on tour.

    I find that I love Ignazio more and more.
    In addition to his talent, humor, intelligence, incredible warmth, and kindness, he creatively engages the public in philanthropy. His gratitude in action is contagious and so inspiring🤗🙏❤️⭐️

    1. Chicago Love, thank you for the many compliments.
      Yes, our Ignazio demonstrates more and more his skill, but also his desire to assist people less fortunate than him, and how can we not love him?

  10. Wow, another report with all those translations, videos and photos! And so soon. Thank you so much, it’s such fun to follow the guys to all the different countries, and you make that possible. Thank you, Daniela and Pat!

  11. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the photos and videos also translation the boys seem to be having fun on thier concerts ,what can you say about Ignazio ,well he has the biggest heart ever ,he loves helping people and to go and learn about how to save lives ,i hope he gets the recognition he deserves ,so proud of you Ignazio ,Regards Pam [Wales]

      1. Yes Pamela, we can tell that the boys are working hard, but they are also having a lot of fun. I’m happy for them.
        It’s true, Ignazio has a big heart.

  12. Thank you soooo much for the translations. I love following this tour, but I have to say that my inability to understand their interviews and comments during performances has been frustrating. I am an Italian language learner and absolutely love to listen to them sing in Italian and especially when I can listen and understand their interviews and jokes. Obviously, I can see the fun they are having in Latin America. Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are superb in any language, I just feel like I’m missing out on the party when I can’t understand whats being said/sung while they are having so much fun. I love that so many fans love them all over the world. Vi voglio tanto bene, ragazzi

    1. Carol, I too love that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are so loved all over the world.
      It’s not easy to follow an interview with them, even if you’ve studied Italian, I too have difficulty following an interview in English, so many things get overlooked, it’s certainly easier if it’s written.

    1. Thank you so much Kay, I really think our guys are having a great time on this tour, but there are still many stops, we will keep you updated on everything!!

  13. Thank you Pat & Daniela again for another great article Love the videos and loved the words of Luz Ariano Toro I saw Ignazio live when he did that program and was lucky enough to translate it to english with my settings. I sure wish I was able to understand what they are saying but just love to watch them no matter what language. They really seem to be enjoying themselves on this tour and the fans love them like we do. There was one interview they asked how well they knew each other, unfortunately not in English Any chance that it will be translated in one of your articles. Comments said that it was really funny. Keep up the good work guys Love this site

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