The tour continues unabated and we are now in Ecuador, again a wonderful welcome.


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca only have one day off between one concert and another but during that day they have continuous interviews and the same questions are often repeated and therefore I will try to translate only if there are interesting and different things.
For example, this is a really nice video. During a stop, Gianluca tells this girl that in one day they will be in Argentina and asks her to say a local tongue twister. She says it and in the end Gianluca says, no, I can’t say it, it’s too difficult.
But then he tries and the result is good!!😁😁😁
In this interview in Los 40 Ecuador the boys are asked some questions.
QUESTION= The most sleepyhead.
GIANLUCA= Ignazio, he is a vampire.
Ignazio says he sleeps little at night, which is why he sleeps when he can.
QUESTION= Who is the one who eats the most.
GIANLUCA= Piero and Ignazio.
Then Gianluca also adds himself and in fact Ignazio says that yesterday he was eating a hamburger sandwich and a potato chip came out and immediately Gianluca was ready to take it.
QUESTION= The most punctual.
But then Gianluca asks a woman from the production and she replies Gianluca much to Ignazio’s amazement  😁😁
At the end they explain their EP Tre Voci Un’alma.
Then Il Volo was a guest in a television program: GAMAVISION
In this  video Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca say it’s been a long time since they’ve been back to Ecuador and they talk about the concert saying they’ll try to have fun.
Then they are asked the question that is very dear to the Equatorian fans, that is if each of them has a girlfriend.
Piero replies that he is free, Ignazio too and Gianluca says that he is busy in Italy and they tell him to send her a greeting.
Eventually Ignazio invites everyone to the concert and Piero says it will be an Italian night, with three Italians singing Italian classics and there will be fun.
Some moments of the beautiful concert.


One day and then immediately off to CHILE.
Here they are upon arrival at the airport.


A moment of relaxation and an excellent lunch.
The show begins and the night becomes magical, who is good, who is ugly, and who is bad?? What an emotion!! ☺




And another VOLARE video – Click here




Another Here’s to You Video – Click Here




This was posted from Gran Arena Monticello where Il Volo performed:
Il Volo 🎻 at the #GranArenaMonticello ❤️ was crazy!
The Italians 🇮🇹 Il Volo 💫 delighted their fans with great songs 🎼 and their vocal talent 🎤 it was definitely an amazing experience 😍
His charm    and his perfect harmonies 🎶 made the concert an unforgettable evening 🤗 so much so that the audience gave them standing ovations 👏
Come with us to see 👀 the most shocking moments of the concert 💞 and tell us which one was your favourite? 🤩
Thank you guys! 🇮🇹   We look forward to seeing you soon at the Gran Arena Monticello.
And this nice summary of SWING MANAGEMENT


Magnificent concert in Chile, but time runs fast, so, off you go, Argentina awaits!!
They arrived in Argentina, Buenos Aires.
All ready for the sound check.


IL MONDO + dialogues to thank the Argentines for being present, and for being so happy, after 4 years of detention due to the pandemic. Il Volo is happy to be back.








HALLELUJA  Brief but beautiful to see the crowd with the little lights

Gianluca makes all the Argentines sing the songs of the last World Cup they won.




ll Volo Live in Buenos Aires Promo Video -Click Here

And there have already been 6 concerts in less than 15 days, and they have all been a great success with the public. Multiple interviews and participation in shows, lots and lots of love for Il Volo, and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have felt all this love and have reciprocated with just as much love!!
But Brazil is waiting with 7 concerts……guys, rest your voices well when you have time, please!!
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

33 thoughts on “LATAM TOUR 2023: EQUADOR – CHILE – ARGENTINA by Daniela”

  1. Fabulous as always. Daniela will you do a translation of Ignazio speaking in Portuguese at one of the Sao Paola concerts before he sings Oceano? Thank you.

    1. I was just about to ask, what’s with Ignacio’s black fingernails? I finally got sort of used to the tattoos and now he’s painting his nails black!

  2. thank you again Daniela for the videos ,the boys dont have much time between concerts to relax ,are they not afraid their voices will not give up on them [hope not ] but travelling ,interviews and then singing it must take its toll on them ,i hope they stay safe and have a long break soon, regards

  3. So many videos!!! I’ll have to put aside many hours to watch them all, don’t want to miss any one of them.

    I wonder, as a very senior lady, do they ever get even a bit nervous out among all those people? It must be claustrophobic at times! But, they do have security in the crowds to keep them safe and in one piece.

    So wonderful of you, Daniela, and Patti to keep us up to date on all the South American concerts. Thanks!! Hugs, Dol

    1. I gave you a lot of material to watch Dolores.
      When the kids go down to the audience, they are surrounded by security who try to open gaps between the people for them, it’s impressive to watch, but it’s nice to see the love of the people.

  4. Thank you so much for the translations. In English (and even Italiano) I can follow their interviews and the lyrics totally move me, In Spanish, I’m lost and miss the connection that comprehension affords. So mille grazie, ancora.

  5. I continue to be amazed at how Gianluca has come out of his shell!! He interacts even more with the audiences than Igna and Piero. Imagine singing World Cup songs!! Becoming a fan favourite!! And, the way he took over with the young person who waylaid Piero on the stage during the finale. Way to go, Gian!! Hugs, Dol

    1. It’s true Dolores, Gianluca is perfectly at ease, I think it is due, because the press, there in South America, loves them, and therefore must not think that what is said or done can be interpreted in the wrong way and therefore he relaxes.

  6. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for translating and posting these beautiful videos. The audience
    in South America is so enthusiastic and they love our guys so much, it’s wonderful. The tour must be very exhausting for them, but I hope
    they take care of themself. We wait for them too.

    1. Jolanta, it’s so nice to see how much love surrounds these guys, they are loved everywhere, and not only by the people, but also by the press who respect them, I’m so happy for them.

  7. Thank you Daniela and Pat for keeping us posted on their Latin America tour.
    I worry that even though they may have good security in those crowds, that Covid still looms over us. At least in the US it’s still present, maybe not in the South. They are young and in good shape but they are exposing themselves to so many people.
    On a different subject, is it possible to get a private message to Ignazio (or Barbara)?

    1. You’re welcome, Gail! I also wonder about COVID in those crowds. I’ll let Daniela answer the private message question.

    2. Gail, I know the possibility of Covid is still high, but I hope that those who have had all the vaccinations, in case of contagion, can be reduced like the flu, at least that’s what is happening here with us now.
      Unfortunately, to send a private message to Barbara or Ignazio, you need to have their friendship and I assure you that they don’t give it easily, indeed they don’t give it, therefore it is really difficult to communicate with them.

      1. Thank you for answering, Daniela. I thought it must be impossible to communicate privately

  8. Thank you both for this wonderful review of the boys in So. America…wow this makes the rest of us look too reserved!! Maybe it’s because most their audience down there are kids and young women? I too worried about them and the constant travel, Covid and wearing those gorgeous voices down….hopefully when they’re done with the tour they have some downtime to recup! Great job, next best thing to being there in person…almost!😉
    Thank again Daniela and Pat for giving us so much about our amazing Gian, Piero and Ignazio.💖💖💖🎼🎶🎤🎵☮️

    1. Carol, the world of fans is beautiful because it’s varied, otherwise everything would be the same!
      I don’t think Il Volo will rest much after this tour, because they will only have one month, but they have to prepare the concert in Verona which should be completely different.

    2. You’re welcome, Carol. I agree, here in the U.S. we are really tame compared to the Latin American audiences. I would be bouncing around just like them if the venues here would allow it. We can’t even have our cameras out a lot of the time. Very disappointing!

  9. They seem to be so much more relaxed and look like they are really having a good time. I did notice the change in Gian, so outgoing now , in fact I notice Piero also a lot more relaxed and seems to be having so much fun.. Glad to see how much loved they are and so successful on this latam tour. Thank you for all the great videos. Nice work Daniela and Pat

  10. Thank you so much Daniella for all the wonderful updates, songs & goings on about our guys, and translating all their comments. I love reading about everything they do and enjoy all your great reports

  11. bedankt daniella om ons te laten mee genieten van hun optredens, hun liedjes en de vertalingen. ik woon in België, hopelijk kan ik ook eens een optreden live mee maken!
    nog bedankt voor al je artikels dat je post,

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