Through the Fields of Ignazio’s Mind by Susan

Ignazio’s world is a world of imagination where we are led Through the Fields of Ignazio’s Mind. It’s a world where you can breathe beauty besides seeing it! Where Ignazio sings of visions that can only be seen through his eyes.

Our amazing Ignazio wrote the theme song for an Italian Series called Màkari.
In his beautiful song, Màkari, Ignazio sings of the beauty of his country, his region of Italy, Sicily. Màkari becomes a fairy tale land where we find love and romance, intrigue and murder. Ignazio brings a yellow story (a mystery) to life through his words and leads us into a new dimension, a new reality.
His words transpose this wonderful land into a fairy tale land. A place where all dreams can come true if you believe.
For Ignazio, Sicily is not his place of birth but it’s the place where he hangs his heart! Ignazio was born in Bologna, but his soul was born in Marsala.
Within reach of Marsala, you find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and scenery that can only be described through Ignazio’s eyes.
Visions of Sicily

Ignazio will tell you how at the age of 25 he has seen this beautiful land many times but for the first time he shares the beauty of this land with us through his beautiful song.

Sometimes I feel like I spend every day of my life writing about Ignazio! In the last three years I’ve written over 250 stories about the guys and, it seems as if half of them were about Ignazio and his projects. Because of all his projects in the past, I sometimes have written two or three stories a week about him, wearing many different hats. Entertainer, Lyricist, Manager, Entrepreneur! The amazing thing about it is, I can’t get enough of him! Ignazio lives in mind. I have an emotional attachment to him. I guess it comes from writing all those stories. With fictional characters, the writer develops the character but, when you’re writing about real pople, you come to a point where you are in their minds, and you feel their passions and emotions! And Ignazio certainly has lots of passion and emotion and I can feel all of it!
Some of the stories I’ve written about him were, Ignazio is a Beautiful Soul, A Man of Passion and Emotions, and Watching Ignazio Take Flight. A few years ago, I wrote a story called Ignazio’s Sicily. Today I want to go back to that story and relive some of its beauty for our new fans.
So, let’s step aboard the next ferry to Màkari and step into Ignazio’s imagination!

Land of Sages and Fools ~ Made of Devils and Saints!

As usual, it was Daniela Perani who made me aware that something new was going on. She sent me a video that said Màkari and I wondered what is this about? And then I clicked on it and heard Ignazio’s beautiful voice and I thought when did Ignazio record this? That’s when I realized it was a new series on Rai1 and Il Volo will be singing the theme song. And if that wasn’t enough, I learned Ignazio wrote the song. Our amazing Ignazio, when do you sleep?
When Ignazio told us two years ago that he had many surprises for us who would have imagined it would include a beautiful theme song? Truthfully, who better to write a song about Sicily and the region of Trapani than a native child! No, Ignazio wasn’t born in Sicily but, for Italians, you are who your parents are. Ignazio is Sicilian.

It amazes me that the young boy who went to Sicily kicking and screaming when he was ten, became the spokesman for Marsala, around the world, and now for the region of Trapani. Ignazio came to embrace the land of his parents and he loves all the wonders of Sicily.
Sicily is different than Italy. Yes, I know Sicily is Italy but, how the Sicilians live and, who they are is very different. Ignazio’s song invites us to take a better look at this other land in the south. It speaks of “a land of sages and fools, made from devils and saints.” Yes, that’s what Sicily is! They honor their saints while keeping their superstitions!
Ignazio invites us to live a new reality through his eyes. He invites us to see a different side of Sicily through his beautiful theme song, Màkari.
Ignazio begins his video by explaining to us his experience of Sicily as seen through his eyes. “It is a Sicily as told by a twenty-five-year-old who lived Sicily through stories, through images!”

This song speaks volumes! Where did the words of this song come from? Ignazio’s heart! There is something very mysterious about the song. Besides the fact that it speaks of a land of sages and fools made from devils and saints, it also speaks of truth! A truth as seen through Ignazio’s eyes.
Ignazio’s words allow us to see Sicily through tradition, home and love!
In the video, Ignazio talks about the summers he spent in San Vito Capo in the landscape of Màkari. What is it that draws him back year after year? Is it the “silence” of the land that screams for you to open your eyes and look around at the wonder of the landscape or, the traditions of the land that go deep into your soul?
It seems to Ignazio Màkari is joy and love and so he will never forget it! And what does that say! Simple! This is Ignazio’s story!!! His story of Sicily, the land he left to pursue his dream and the land he is drawn back to time and again.
Think about the words of the song! Is Ignazio talking about the writer who leaves his home and returns after a long period of time or the entertainer who travels the world? The similarities in his life and the life of the writer are striking, that’s why he was able to write such an emotional song! I feel like Ignazio wrote the song and then they made the show. His words are very enticing, they pull you into the story. They talk about all there is to know about Màkari and Ignazio tells the story, through the imagery of his words!

The mystery of it all is the relationship Ignazio has with this land! Having become a part of this land at the age of ten, it is amazing to me that Ignazio developed this great bond with Sicily. Yes, Bologna is his home but, Sicily is the place he comes home to!!!
Ignazio says, “it is an honor to talk about my Sicily through a fiction that tells the truth of this Sicily.” Ignazio loves that through all the mysteries and mystique of the program, the show speaks of love, which is something that he loves and, he loves that that love is combined with yellow (mysteries)!
Sicily is amazing for Ignazio because it’s different for him every time. He sees a Sicily that is always offering something new while being a part of something old. Always remembering what was while looking forward to what will be! This speaks to Ignazio’s soul!
Ignazio’s thoughts and emotions are everywhere in this song. In an interview with Inga and Claudio Gioè, the actor from Màkari, Ignazio reminds us of his words, in the song, about His Sicily. “Whoever comes to Sicily, cries twice,” (once when you arrive and, once when you leave). I think that sums up Ignazio’s feelings for Sicily.” I think the words of this song will be on the lips of everyone for many years to come! A Classic!

The final verse of the song is sung by Ignazio with a few beautiful words in Sicilian and he is accompanied by a classical guitar. “Sing louder but do it in silence because here no one hears us, sees us. This is a story a little curious, a little grumpy, it speaks to me of love. For traditions, for my roots, Màkari is home and my heart sings for you!” These are emotional words, very touching!
In the video below, with the translation that follows, Gianluca and Piero expressed their feelings about the project. Gianluca said, “I have anxiety waiting for this moment, so I renew my congratulations to everyone for this great project and we are delighted to be part of it.”
We also learned something very interesting in this video. We now know what everyone’s plans are for the future! Gianluca says he would love to be an actor. I always thought he would be a model. He certainly has the body and looks for it! But who knows maybe he will show up in one of the episodes of Màkari?
And Piero the sweetheart that he is, told us how proud he is of Ignazio and how happy he is to be a part of this project! Piero, all of us are very happy that all of you are embarking on this new adventure together!
Thank you to Daniela Perani for translating the video for us.

Ignazio: Let’s say it is a Sicily told by a twenty-five-year-old who lived Sicily, through stories, through images. Màkari is a landscape that I experience every summer because I have many friends in San Vito lo Capo and every summer I take the opportunity to return to this place.
It is a song that talks about my Sicily, land of sages, land of fools, made of devils and saints, but I have also seen some images from the series and this series is also about love, which is something that I love, love combined with yellow (they are detective stories).
It is a song linked to traditions, from how it speaks, and for us, at least for me who wrote it, it is an honor to talk about my Sicily through a fiction that tells the truth of this Sicily.
In days it will be available on all platforms, for those who want to listen to it. Sony is working to make it available on all platforms.

Gianluca: I also have a great passion for acting, so, hoping one day to undertake this journey as well, I wanted to congratulate all the actors.
We got to see some small parts, so I was also happy to be able to preview some parts of this fiction that we will all watch. We can’t wait, I have anxiety waiting for this moment, so I renew my congratulations to everyone for this great project and we are delighted to be part of it.

Piero: I am very happy, but all three of us are, to have married this project. In fact, Gianluca and I are very proud of Ignazio, of the work he did in this song, and it was exciting to record a song by Ignazio in the recording studio, to hear it in the commercial, every time it is exciting.
We want to thank Carlo degli Esposti, Marco Cingoli and Luigi Pinto for choosing us, it’s not something to be taken for granted.
In the final piece of the video there is a small verse of the song, which is accompanied by a classical guitar. Ignazio sings.
The text is in Italian with a few words in Sicilian, here’s what it says:
“Sing louder but do it in silence, because no one here hears and sees us, but Makari is home is joy is love. I don’t forget Màkari anymore.
Chista è na storia nu pocu curiosa nu pocu scuntrusa mi parla di amuri (Sicilian dialect – This is the story a little curious, a little grumpy, it speaks to me of love.)
For the traditions, for my roots, Màkari is home and the heart sings for you.”

One final interview. Claudio Gioè the star of Màkari and Ignazio are interviewed.

Interviewer: I know that maybe it has an important soundtrack the boys of Il Volo sing.
Claudio: It is the theme song they gave us which was written by Ignazio Boschetto who is precisely from those parts and therefore he almost felt called into question and sings it together with Il Volo.  It’s a beautiful song that they really gave us.
Ignazio:  Hi everyone. Well let’s start by saying I am, we are really happy to be part of a project like Màkari because it tells part of our Sicily. Here is the pleasure, we are Sicilians, and it is a landscape that I am used to seeing. I personally have many friends in San Vito Lo Capo and when I can, I always take the opportunity to go and stay for a while.
I am happy because I had the opportunity to tell through my song, what is seen in my Sicily. I told the story through images from my grandparents and family members. The song talks about a real and sad truth of devils and saints distracted discomforts. It tells that when one comes to Sicily he cries twice. Once when he arrives and once when he leaves. I want to congratulate Claudio for his art in telling it was fantastically. I also want to greet all those who have been a part of this fiction.
Claudio: Thank you from the top of their global popularity, they truly have always kept this great humility and I thank them very much and give them many compliments.
One final thought! Ignazio’s words in the song call out to many people expressing his feelings on many matters! I would like to go back to those last words of the song so that you can listen very carefully to Ignazio words! “Sing louder but do it in silence because here no one hears, sees us.”  Think about it! Who is Ignazio writing about?
Màkari we’ve been waiting for you!

What an amazing song! Ignazio you never cease to amaze me. As usual you took my breath away, not just with your magnificent voice but with your beautiful words. No doubt they were from the heart. They truly hit home! They speak of where your heart is! And from the bottom of my heart I say, thank you for the song and thank you guys for the beautiful delivery!
One more thought! Màkari is a song that is written from the heart. Ignazio’s heart! As you know, Ignazio has a kind and compassionate heart and that is evident in this song. The song goes deep into the heart of those who hear it!  The song is a story in itself. It supersedes the story. As we examine the words we see Ignazio throughout the story. It truly is Ignazio’s story.

Thank you all for following me Through the Fields of Ignazio’s Mind. And now for the full song with the words below in English!

You know how many times I’d like to leave
from this land of devils and saints
but Màkari is home, it’s joy and pain
this is my land.
Land of Wise Men and Land of Fools
of people who take heart, take it and give it!
Whoever comes to Sicily, cries twice!
Màkari is my home.
This is a story a little curious, a little grumpy,
it speaks to me of love.
For traditions, for my roots,
but Màkari is home, and the heart sings for you.
Sing louder, but do it in silence,
because here no one hears us, sees us,
but Makari is home, it is joy and pain,
Màkari I do not forget, I forget no more.
This is a story a little curious, a little grumpy,
it speaks to me of love.
For traditions, for my roots,
but Màkari is home and the heart sings for you.

On more than one occasion Ignazio has sung Màkari on his Bosky TV. This is when Ignazio sang Màkari in Sicilian accompanied by Stefano and Peppe his two sidekicks!


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  1. Thanks, Susan and Daniela. Truly beautiful – post, videos and country. Makes you want to get on a plane and visit Sicily!

  2. I love il Volo and all three are great in their own way. But I always felt the most admiration for Ignazio he is simply amazing❤️ thank you once again Susan for all you do

  3. thank you both for that moving story on Ignazio he has soo much talent ,a fantastic voice and many other other things he does ,i agree with you Gianluca showed go into be a model ,he cant act when he tries on stage it dosent come over good [my opinion ]Piero should live his dream and go into Opera he has the voice for it ,back to Ignazio i hope he will do all he wants and deserves to achieve it thank you again for that moving story,regards

  4. Thank you both for that lovely story it was very moving ,i think Ignazio has so much talent, as a singer he puts soo much passion into a song and has many things he does ,i agree with you Gianluca showed go into be a model he wants to act but when he tries on stage he over does it ,to me he shouldnt do it [my opinion ],Piero should live his dream and sing in Opera he has the voice for it ,back to Ignazio he will go far with all that talent i hope he achieves it he deserves it , thank you for the videos and translation of Ignazio song , as i said a very moving story regards

    1. How much longer for Il Volo?
      Thank you, Susan. Each is brilliant. Together they are brilliant times three. Ignazio has always stood out for me. I do hope he finds a partner to love that loves him back to the heavens. He deserves to live his beautiful sweet love songs. They each do. 💗💗💗

  5. Makari – such a beautiful love story. I wish we could see it on this side of the Atlantic! A lovely song with a lot of meaning to Igna. He is a genius, no matter what he puts his mind to.

    I was in Sicily in 2012 (alone on a bus tour) and, if time and circumstances were right, I would go back there in a moment!
    Such glorious scenery and history, is to be envied here in Canada, although we have the scenery we don’t have the history.

    The way one video was succeeded by another Il Volo performance, I could have watched all day long. The tribute to Jose Jose brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

    Nessun Dorma illustrates just what an amazing range Gianluca has. I’m thankful that he has outgrown his shiny suits and goes for more traditional clothes, with the odd sparkly jacket.

    Love them all so much! Hugs, Dol.

  6. Thank you Susan, Daniela and PAt for this beautiful story. I love Màkari and can not get the melody out of my head, I walk around humming it! Ignazio is an incredible talent and SO versatile! Top that of with so much sweetness under all his of sense of humor…then there’s his voice! ILVOLO has made me feel music in a different way , not just with pleasure but with something else deep in my heart….joy, peace, a calm.
    I love Sicily and have been there three’s never enough but then I deeply yearn to return to all of Italy, it’s my happy place. Will there be a time that we in the US and other places that can’t view on Italian TV could see the movie?
    Like always I feel such pride for Ignazio and three of our guys, his multi talents make him stand out!
    Sending thanks and blessings to all of you, Carol🥰💖🎼🎤🙏

  7. Want you to know that my mothers last name was Trapani before she married ??!!

  8. Again, thank you Susan for sharing this story with us. It was truly amazing. I had heard the song before but had no idea Ignazio wrote it. These three young men are such a joy to watch and listen to as well as handsome, talented and yet humble.

  9. The first time I ever saw these guys was a 2011 video of them singing Il Mondo. I had NEVER seen anything like it. I played it over and over. But Ignazio – that face, those eyes, that person. I thought what in the world is this guy made of? He looked to be exploding with creativity, emotion, delightfulness, imagination and on and on! He looks all around. He sees everything and everyone. Those eyes!!! I’m so glad he really is doing all of those things that I saw the first time I saw him!! You GO Ignazio!!! And Il Volo indeed! (Just another note: that thing he described about his eyes, it only serves to capture our attention! It’s all beautiful!)

  10. Wow!! – Susan Pat & Daniela!! – if it was not for you young ladies – we would never hear anything about our Boys’ in Queensland – a lot of hard work has gone into this editorial & I am profoundly grateful for the 3 very astute warm-hearted women who love these Boys as much as I – I heard & loved “Ma’kari” on YouTube – but had no idea Ignazio had written this beautiful composition – Piero also wrote a beautiful composition that I have heard on YouTube – these Boys are profoundly creative – sensitive – extremely intelligent with great humility – they are so special – there is no-one around quite like them – they treat their loyal fans like family – much love to you 3 lovely girls – have a great week.

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