Il Volo Makes the Big Time on JEOPARDY!!

If you are a fan of JEOPARDY, you watched it tonight, June 15, 2023 and saw that Il Volo was part of a clue, in the category of Italian Words and Phrases!!!

I knew the first two and when the third popped up and I saw Il Volo, I went crazyI don’t even know if the contestants got the right answer or not.  I was texting our Il Volo group telling them!!  Chris, is the only one who saw it as well!!

Well, they’ve made the big time, being part of a clue on Jeopardy!  (of course the Rolling Stones “lyrics” had a category all to themselves in the first round, however…)  They have, in the past, been “sort” of clues, with various clues about songs they may have sung, or about Enio Morricone.  But this one had their name in TEXT ON THE SCREEN!!

My guess is that, more than likely, the contestants had no clue who Il Volo was, unfortunately.  As you didn’t really have to know who they were to get the right answer, which was Buon Natale!  But apparently, someone on the team that writes the clues, must be a fan!

Daniela – let’s hope the guys see this one!!  🙂

See clue/picture below….. 3rd clue, worth $1200


All of the category clues…



$400 – Piazza

$800 – Spumante

$1200 – Buon Natale!

$1600 – DAILY DOUBLE – adagio

$2000 – “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” 🙂





12 thoughts on “Il Volo Makes the Big Time on JEOPARDY!!”

  1. Jana, I was watching Jeopardy also….. I couldn’t hear the rest of the questions, I got so excited! The woman who answered I think was Italian and she did win the night. Il VOLO forever!!💖💖💖🎤🎼🙏🥰🥰🥰Carol

  2. Hi, Jana, This is awesome!! If it is OK with you, I would like to post this information on the Il Volo Fan Club website. I’d use your first paragraph in quotes and include your name, website and website address.

  3. Sure, no problem. Although I thought we had the only website? I know there are many Facebook pages, but didn’t know of another web or blog site? Do you mean the official one from Italy?

  4. I saw it too. I didn’t know how to tell you all about it so I stuck it into the comments at the end of Susan’s last posting.
    One of their writers came up with the question and the other writers thought it was reasonable to use in the show.
    They have arrived!

  5. Hi Jana: My husband and I very rarely miss a Jeopardy show! It’s like a ritual! We look at the clock and say it is Jeopardy time! We have been watching this show for our entire married life which is now 59yrs ! When I saw that question pop up I was floored! It was exciting to see their name in that question. Of course being of Italian heritage, we still say Buon Natalie, Merry Christmas ! Hope the news reaches our guys!!👍👍❤️❤️

  6. I watch Jeopardy EVERY day, or record it if I can’t watch. Unfortunately last night it was preempted by the weather. We had tornado warnings most of the evening. Of course I am very disappointed but safety first.

  7. I saw the program, and I was so pleased to see it. The contestant answered correctly, because she had spent time in Italy. It was awesome! I am, and always will be, a very big fan of Il Volo.

  8. I have been waiting forever to see them involved in an answer on jeopardy ! I was so excited I couldn’t get the answer out fast enough & my husband just looked at me & said “some fan you are !” 🤣

  9. Yes. I was watching Jeopardy when that answer came up. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you Jeopardy.

  10. Hi Jana, I was delighted to read about this Jeopardy hint and was pleasantly surprised by it. Evidently if they have proposed this hint, they think Il Volo is quite well known and I am very happy with this. Sometimes here too there are questions in the various quiz-shows and they insert Il Volo in the clues, but of course doing it yourself, it’s a whole other thing!! Great, keep it up!!

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