“UNO PER TUTTI” VERONA, MAY 1st, 2023 by Kirsten from Denmark

In spite of “just” having been in Rome back in December to enjoy the guys’ last concert in 2022, I did immediately get very excited when reading the announcement that IL VOLO would come to Verona primo May. A new craving arose… My husband would be away working in Norway these dates, so should I try to fly down on my own… Well, albeit Verona isn’t exactly around the corner from Copenhagen, Denmark, where I live, it is still “just” some 2½ hrs. away by air, so… And with concert tickets running half of the prices in my country and budget airline Ryanair offering very reasonable tickets to Italy, it didn’t take me long to convince my husband, that it would be a perfect thing for me to do while he was gone 😉. Talking it over with my good Italian friend Daniela – as you all know so well here – it was soon decided that I should come and she would help me with the ticket and practical arrangements. So she was on her toes at 10:00am sharp when the pre-sale opened and succeeded in getting us good seats on second row. Top! Jihaa – once again I was to experience IL VOLO live. 😀 💓
That the weather wouldn’t be particular good in Verona didn’t come as a surprise… I had followed the forecast for more than a week before my departure – but yet again, last June when my husband and I were in Verona it did likewise rain on the very day of the concert but cleared totally up in due time, so why shouldn’t it do that again? I was optimistic. Having said so I did, however, pack my long, warm woolen winter coat – in spite of Daniela having told me that it would be way too much for a spring day in Italy – but to-day I am truly glad I did and thanks to same I believe I avoided catching a huge cold or pneumonia as indeed it came in handy! Both on my arrival day – and on the very day – the weather was, however, pretty acceptable with a mild temperature, slight overcast and a tiny bit of drizzling only, so things were looking quite promising for a while. Till the very moment we set out for Verona. The first bit of rain drummed on the windshield. Well, it would pass, no doubt. But having reached Verona, parked and walked the short distance to the lovely square in front of the Arena, it was no longer just drizzling, nor a little bit of summer rain – it started pouring seriously… One hour before the concert we were admitted to the Arena, but everyone crowded together in the dry shelter under the historical buildings as by now it was raining cats and dogs! The street sellers had a big night exchanging their toys and souvenirs with a range of small umbrellas and rain covers – and the demand was huge. Soon we were a group of hooded people in all colors letting no-one detect the fine clothing that we so carefully had chosen to wear at this event and now all hidden by rain gear! We couldn’t be standing there forever, however, and we were directed into the beautiful Arena and to our seats.
Last time here I did almost lose my breath from the lovely sight and the wings of history when entering these more than 2000 years old roman ruins, but focus this eve was on everything else – namely on all the people working on and around the stage trying to swipe off waters from same and re-organizing entrance areas and covering up cameras etc. The possibility of a cancellation was still rather open, so I followed each single move carefully. Fortunately, most of the stage is covered by a big roof, but it was obvious that several meters into the stage the floor was wet and would continue to be so…  And what about microphones? The lightening? And the instruments? Would they be able to work in the now more than heavily pouring rain? Daniela and I had planned to meet up with several fans from Italy and abroad, but it was simply not possible to move around under these conditions. Once seated I did actually not get up a single time as it would mean your seat getting all wet again and water from your rain cover would drip down and sneak in under same. So sadly we had to give up on that. Luckily we had met a few people while sheltered by the entrance and others made a round in front of us waving a big hello. But a great social get-together never occurred. All the while the rain got worse and worse…  Soon drops from my hood ran down my face and clouded my glasses only to flow further and down into my lap forming little pools that evidently flowed over and made little waterfalls down to my knees and legs and soon made me soaking wet where not sheltered by the cover. Trying to take photos/videos meant having to get your arms and hands out in the free and allowing waters to sneak in from the sides, so in general I gave up on doing it as it was likewise more or less impossible to press the buttons or zoom with the by now drenching wet hands. Unfortunately, it did likewise mean, that clapping my hands would not be an option unless it was under the rain cover where it could hardly be heard… Well, but few minutes before 21:00 hrs. the musicians did, however, start to enter the stage – and a voice announced that the concert would go on and carried through to the end. What a relief 😁!
The stage was already lit up in a bright blue setting but few minutes later a big “fanfare” sounded and Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero marched in on stage from the right – most likely not as planned as at the second show they had a separate entrance ceremony – but, finally, caught in the bright spotlight, were our 3 beloved guys immediately setting in with the first tones of “Granada”. That this concert had a very special purpose did quickly show, as following Piero’s usual classical interpretation of this song Gianluca did suddenly step aside dragging an oldfashioned microphone across the scene changing the mood of the song into a typical crooner-swing style version before in the end Ignazio took over and the mood once again changed – now into a more modern pop/rock song. Yes, they had a message! Add to that their appearances. Albeit all dressed in black they were so absolutely not on the same page. Piero wore a fine black tux with a bit of bling-bling and a white rose looking exactly as elegant as one can expect of an opera singer. Gianluca wore a suit of the finest soft leather from top to bottom including a pair of rather tight fitting trousers with that typical 70-style sway at the feet that most of us recall so well and looking stunningly sexy, while Ignazio had jumped on the bandwagon of the latest trend wearing an oversized jacket and way too long baggy trousers true 1930 style, that in all honesty didn’t do him any good but made him look pretty heavy. Knowing Ignazio though he doesn’t really care what he wears and the choice must have been the one of a stylist and not particularly one of his, I believe. The whole scenario did, however, immediately signalize that this show was all about the IL VOLO guys showing and introducing to us their individual characters and personal choices of music genres and to prove that IL VOLO is much more than just 3 guys singing “O Solo Mio” together. A grand opening!
Not knowing what to expect of the show having just a few weeks prior to same learned of the fact that the guys would have a load of local Italian guest-stars join them, I was curious as to how that was going to function – but shortly following the guys singing a couple of their traditional songs the very first guest was asked to the stage – and it would appear that these guests were not to perform on their own but rather in duets with one or more of the IL VOLO guys. Coming from Denmark – and hence being a foreigner – I must admit that I had never heard of any of the invited Italian artists before, so I am sorry to admit that I cannot tell you whom they were and what they were singing..  Sorry. But there were quite a number of artists and having no program at hand, I cannot remember who was who. I trust, however, that Daniela will fill you all in as to this issue in her article. These artists performed their own hit-songs joined by one or more of the IL VOLO guys – and according to the response from the audience they were well known by the locals who were happily singing along in the rain, so we are talking about rather popular artists loved by the Italian people. And all of absolute different characters as well as representing various musical genres. Some were great –  some gave the duets an synergy effect and raise the songs to a higher level – while yet others admittedly didn’t exactly sound too good due to the voices not truly suit each other. I tend to think that some of these guests most likely were invited out of a planned strategy.  Namely to show and prove how fantastic singers and performers the IL VOLO guys are no matter whom they are coupled with nor what kind of genre of music they are introduced to. The guys shined throughout the evening and did most certainly show that they master it all including showmanship and hosting.
A few of the duets did stand out though – and I should like to mention among others the tall singer Mario Biondi with whom i.e. Ignazio did a fabulous soul song: “You make me feel like a natural woman” by Aretha Franklin and the Russian opera singer Aida Garifullina who coupled with Guianluca in a beautiful duet: “Angels” by Robbie Williams and looking stunningly pretty in a pink dream of a dress. Gianluca looked almost star-struck at her and did obviously enjoy singing with her. But first and foremost when Aida joined Piero in a piece from “La Traviata” a major highlight was born!. A brilliant match for Piero who in her got a partner of his own caliber – or above – inspiring him to perform better than ever. And did they ever look good together! Like a prince and his princess. Piero’s fine tux was in place! And they were about the sweetest when in the end they did a bit of waltzing. Piero shone as the brightest star!
Ignazio Boschetto (Il Volo) ft. Mario Biondi – You make me feel like a natural woman

Aida Garifullina & Gianluca Ginoble (Il Volo) – Angel


As indicated in the name of the show a larger number of songs by our guys were anticipated – and I believe we were pampered with some 4-5 songs from each of them. Some we have heard before but also totally new ones. Piero delighted us with several opera arias the names of which I do, unfortunately, not know. But he  delivered them brilliantly and did once again prove that his many hours of studying opera have so absolutely not been in vain. He is improving for each time I hear him. Very soon he is going to reach his next goal – to stand on the famous La Scala stage in Milan. He is ready! Bravo Piero!
Ignazio had chosen to show us various types of songs including one in which he accompanied himself by guitar – and then he did once again go down the lane of interpreting a mega hit song by a world famous female singer, and this time none the less than one of Whitney Houston’s, namely: “I will always love you”. Who would ever dare follow in the footsteps of Whitney Houston? Our dear Ignazio, of course. And boy did he ever nail it! I don’t know what it is with Ignazio and why he wants to sing songs by these famous female singers, but he is capable of making the songs “his” – taking ownerships of same. Fantastic! And I heard that he was singing Celine Dion’s immortal “My heart goes on” Wednesday night. Likewise with great success. He is awesome…. A rascal you do never know what to expect from, but you can always be sure that he delivers!
Gianluca had a ball on stage not letting us forget that he is a great admirer of Elvis Presley and that type of music and next to his beautiful version of “Can’t stop falling in love with you” (probably song to his girlfriend seated in the audience) he went down the same road singing the popular 60th rock tune “Crazy little thing called love” by Freddie Mercury/Queen dragging the microphone behind him and imitating moves and steps from Elvis/Travolta/Mercury’s 50th and 60th shows. I don’t think we have ever seen him so freely and loose on stage before – and he loved it. No doubt he has been working hard on these performances rehearsing steps and moves over and over and crossed some personal limits too doing so. Personally, I don’t know what to think… His voice is so beautiful and he sings fabulously – but dancing is not his force and these performances seems more like fantastic resemblances of his idols rather than Gianluca showing us the best of himself… I know I am a bit harsh here. In Denmark we have a saying: “Whom you love you chastise” – and I cannot hide that Gianluca is my favorite Il VOLO and I love him in all aspects. So out of love to him I wish he would have more confidence in himself and the courage to interpret the chosen songs in his very own way instead of resembling others. To me Gianluca has a much greater voice and a much larger potential than any of the singers he tries to imitate. He has been given a voice beyond compare – a unique gift – and he owes to himself and the world to make good use of it. Hence, if he feels more comfortable sitting on a chair with closed eyes fully emerging into a song – then let it be. I recall with great fondness his version of i.e. “Mi Mancherai” – standing totally still on the stage but having the audience fully in his hands and giving me the chills. He mesmerizes us when he becomes one with the song. He is capable of much more and ought to challenge himself further in songs like i.e. “New York, New York” (by Sinatra) or the main theme of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Sorry, Gianluca. I’m giving you assignments ;-). Having said this, he enchanted and surprised us all following with a Beatles medley – beautifully performed. I have always thought it would be interesting to have the guys sing Beatles as actually many of these songs have some extraordinary cords/harmonies that – at the time – you did not normally hear pop groups use or sing. And I bet IL VOLO would be able to do something awesome with these songs. Well, we didn’t get the harmonies but we got a lovely medley beautifully presented by Gianluca. Kudos!
In similarity with others I had a certain extended fear that the special concept of this concert might have given us less IL VOLO and more other Italian artists. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The extended length of the concert – 3½ hrs. – gave them ample time to not only sing duets with all the guest performers but likewise to sing more individual soli than normally while likewise pampering us with a large selection of their regular repertoire. So many that I cannot even recall them all, but among others: Il Mondo; The Ecstasy of Gold; Telefonado; Amore Così Grande; Volare; Grande Amore, A Chi mi dice, My Way and many others. So we were in no way let down – on the contrary. We got more than a “normal” IL VOLO Concert while all the guest performances were true VALUE ADDED BONUS! So we need to have full confidence in the guys knowing that they will always deliver! On top we got a full 24 piece symphony orchestra, an opera choir, a beautiful light-show, a lovely TV hostess who didn’t take over but filled in the gaps in a fine way and as such: A BRILLIANT SHOW! And in spite ending up soaking wet and cold – would I have done it again? You bet I would! It was worth all the trouble and each single rain drop. My only regret: I would have loved to clap my hands red in excitement and giving standing ovations over and over – but I didn’t due to the rain and the effect that would have followed. So sorry guys.
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

33 thoughts on ““UNO PER TUTTI” VERONA, MAY 1st, 2023 by Kirsten from Denmark”

  1. Viviane France 17h11

    Thank you Kirsten for this superb account of your very drunk concert on May 1st in Verona! It’s amazing what these three boys are able to stir up the administration of the whole world even in the pouring rain!!! this is amazing, what a talent!!! we had my husband and myself more luck since we were at the concert on May 3 and it was a delight! the place, the sets, the guests and the choice of songs already old and new, I would have listened to them all night!!! these two concerts are unforgettable!!! Thank you for sharing !!! ❤️

    1. Thanks a lot for the very nice words Viviane. Yes, it is amazing what these 3 guys can make us do ;-). I was really surprised that in general the entire audience stayed on for the entire 3½ hrs. concert. So glad for you that you had tickets for the May 3rd concert and truly could enjoy the setting of this beautiful venue and be able to have full attention to the performances on the stage. If I had realized that the concert on May 3rd would be a different one with other songs and other guests, I would have tried to extend my stay in Italy and done both concerts as apparently they were both awesome. I’m happy I experienced their summer concert in Verona last year and hence know how these surroundings add to the ambiance and how lovely it is when the guys come down and walk between the audience. Maybe we’ll meet in Verona – or somewhere else in Europe – at one of their upcoming concerts. All the best – Kirsten

  2. Kirsten, thank you for sharing your concert in this great article and thank you Pat for posting. Kirsten, my favourite is the part where u talked about sitting in the rain and water dripping everywhere with “waterfall” LOL and i could “feel” the “wet” as i was reading it! well written! I commented in another post that it reminds me of when the late Princess Diana and the then Prince Charles watched Pavorotti in the rain – just as you did. If you’ve not seen it you can find it on YouTube. I also agree with what you said about Gianluca, though I think him very brave to be so bold in his style and performance. I think he is maybe practicing some of his acting skills and he did look like he was having a good time. give him time and he will come into his own style – and we can look forward to this. i think the TV producers must love him because watching his Suspicious Minds performance on TV, the way they shot him, it was like his own little show! beautiful!

    Piero dancing with Aida was dreamy!
    And I love Ignazio no matter how long his pants haha. maybe because last year the clothes were so tight all the time and he doesn’t want to feel “a salami” anymore. His singing is magical, “la voce magica”, as Piero would say.

    1. Amy I’m truly happy that you enjoyed reading my story and even felt the rain dripping on you doing so ;-). And thanks a million for the nice words about my writing. I do actually enjoy writing and telling about my experiences – in all aspects – so only happy if anyone would like to read it as well :-).
      Yes, you are right – I do also think that Gianluca is trying to use his acting lessons to evolve and let himself more free on the stage – so let’s give him more time to see if he finds his own way in the process. And no doubt he had fun on stage doing these new moves and acts.
      Ha ha I like your reference to Ignazio expressing in South America that he felt like “a salami” in their new white tux… he did probably not that like that set particularly well and would rather have gone on stage in clue jeans and a loose tee ;-).
      Take care and thanks again for having taken the time to comment on my story. Kirsten

      1. Ups – spelling errors… but guess you know what I mean (blue jeans)

  3. Thank you Kirsten, you have a way with words that makes us feel as if we were there. There was some negativity about the guys sharing their stage with other entertainers, I hope this concert showed them that our boys can handle anything, I believe this was the best concert ever. They showed everyone their individual personalities and how they they love singing together. I am so glad you and Daniela were together, even in the rain, she is a sweetheart.

    1. Rose – thanks a million for your kind words about my writing. I am very glad that you liked it and felt my words made you feel as were you on the spit yourself. Then I have succeeded.
      Yes, there were negativity about the guys bringing in local artists to their show – and admittedly I wasn’t too fond on the idea when I learned about it myself. But I think that this reaction arose due to the very late announcement of same as it was not known when we purchased our tickets and hence we – or at least I – thought I was going to fly down to a show in similarity with the ones I had previously experienced in Verona and Rome last year. And I hated the thought of loosing stage time with our guys. But as mentioned they did in no way let me/us down and gave us full value for the money and in addition the great duets with their invited guest artists which in some cases did lift up the songs to even greater heights. And we were given 1 1/2 hrs extra show time both evenings, so we were pampered in stead of let down. So I am pretty much ashamed of my own negative thoughts n this respect prior to the show – and I have learned that we need to have full faith in their choices – they do most certainly know what they are doing and they do always deliver! And they gave us a fantastic show!
      And yes, I was indeed lucky and happy having Daniela next to me. She is a wonderful lady that I am very fond of having gotten to know and befriended – we had a great time together filled with laughter and fun moments – and no doubt we shall never forget this particular concert almost drowning us. It will go down in history😜👍❤️
      Warm regards – Kirsten

  4. Kirsten, thank you for your lovely account of that gorgeous concert. I’m envious of all of you that saw either of them in person and I am determined to attend one of their concerts in Italy, preferably Verona or Taormina! What a joy even soaked, glad you and Daniela didn’t end up sick!
    I agree with all your observations, Gianluca is always my favorite but……oh I’d love to see him doing what he does best, romantic ballads. With that voice he surpasses Sinatra and even Vic Demond (who he most resembles in my mind), but his style is so Sinatra! I love his take on Elvis, (please don’t ever go towards his gyrations!), I thought he did an outstanding version of the Beatles, Queen, Satachmo ( one of my favorite songs), Angel with Aidia was stunning, as was his duet with Angelina, a match for Lady Gaga and Bradley, doing “Shallow”!
    Piero’s voice just grows and grows, can’t wait to see him light up an Opera! His duet with Aidia was so stunning, I listened with my mouth agape!
    Ignazio never disappoints, always entertains and stretches his voice….he gives all the iconic women who’s songs he sings competition! He surprises and blows us away! I do wish he could find clothes that fit him comfortably and add to his lovely appearance rather than detract….. I think he’s so good looking and I know his heart is pure gold, something he shares with his brothers.
    Oh and I agree with you about Gianluca singing “MI MANCHERAI”, I could listen to his heart like that all day long, that and “Anamacore” (spelling)! Maybe we expect too much after all the songs they choose to sing always make us happy!!
    I look forward to some day meeting you.😉, Carol

    1. Thanks a million for your lovely comment Carol. I do hope that one day you’ll have the opportunity to cross “the pond” and come to Italy for one of their concerts there. No doubt the historic arenas in Verona and Taormina adds a lot to the experience – even with a chance of getting a bit of rain ;-). Personally, I would love them to once again make an outdoor concert in the village of Matera – the setting for their 10 year jubilee video – that was soooooo beautiful – and apart from a bit of light on the historic buildings no further sets or props were needed. I’d be on the first plane down there should that occur.
      I do so much agree with everything you write. Only – in spite of being a genuine rock-mamma of the 60th – I am not familiar with the name Vic Demond! I shall have to look him up. Personally I was never a great fan of Elvis – but of all his songs though and his beautiful velvety voice. Living in Europe we had british singer Cliff Richard, who went down the same line but to me what a lot more refined and less “vulgary”, if you know what I mean. And it was sort of like this – either you were to Elvis OR Cliff but not the both of them just as with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. And I was a Beatels girl. But all of them made fantastic music! And our Gianluca outshines them all – but like you, I do prefer his romantic ballads when his voice turns into melting honey…..
      I can only agree with you on everything you mention. Piero has grown tremendously in his voice and control of same and Ignazio keeps surprising us constantly with the songs he challenges himself with – and get away with doing :-).
      Thanks again for your lovely comments – and yes, maybe, we’ll succeed in meeting up at one of their concerts :-).
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

  5. I agree Gianluca should not try to be like Elvis. There was only one Elvis. Gianluca should just stay in his way which is perfect

  6. I agree with you about Gianluca becoming too much like Elvis and about Ignazio’s wardrobe choice. His frame is large already and that suit was not complimentary. As always Piero was impeccable, but isn’t he always. Thank you for the recap. I wish I had been there.

    1. Thank you so very much Irene. Yes, it would have been nice for you to have been there yoyrself, but luckily we have the Canale 5 TV versions on YouTube to enjoy – and without getting wet 🙂 Hopefully they will not be removed from same.
      Best regards – Kirsten

  7. Thank you Kristen for sharing your experience at the concert with us. You described it very well. I too did not know any of the Italian singers except for Mario Biondi from them singing Credero together. I really like him and loved his duet with Ignazio. They were great together. I agree with you that Aida and Piero were a perfect fit. I would love to see them in Italy someday. I always enjoy hearing from people who have been there to see them.

    1. You are so very welcome Cathy. And I am happy that tou liked my description of the show and event. I hope you will get an opportunity one day to experience them live in Italy. All the best – Kirsten

  8. Kirsten, I really enjoyed your report partly because I agreed with you on almost everything. :- )
    Gianluca also seems to lack confidence in the way he looks.
    He’s gorgeous (especially with the beard). He doesn’t have to be perfect. Like many short men he doesn’t want to be shorter than the women who are present, so the tall boots.
    And that strange lock of hair on his forehead I am sure is because he thinks his forehead is too high.
    It was nice that Frederica said he was “bello.” I understood that much Italian.
    I look forward to your next report.

  9. Hello Gail. I am happy to learn that you enjoyed my report.
    Yes, I must admit that it confuses me that Gianluca seems to lack self esteem and isn’t able to see how handsome he is. And OK he is not tall – but that is truly irrelevant – he has the most beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. So I wish he would forget it and not bother to wear heals or anything. And as to his “signature hair snippet” on his forehead – I believe he does it in adoration of Elvis/Travolta and other 50-60 rock stars… but I wish he wouldn’t do it as he looks much better just as he is. But I guess he has to come to figure that out himself
    All the best – Kirsten

  10. Just some thoughts:

    I agree totally with the wonderful accounts, yours and Daniela’s, of both concerts; they were magical even if I do prefer our three guys with no additional guests.

    Never having heard Miserere before, I was in awe of Piero — that was gorgeous! I’ve now listened to the Boccelli, Pavarotti and Domingo versions and I love them all, but Piero’s send chills up the spine! I don’t understand the Italian words, but I don’t care for the Biondi addition. Wouldn’t it be great if Gianluca sang that part with Piero?! Add that to the regular list of presentations and knock our socks off!

    I also agree that the boys looked best with Gianluca sans curl and heels but with the beard, Ignazio in loose but smart clothes and Piero in his usual elegance. Loose the clown clothes and wear your handsome best.


    1. Hello Sally. Thanks a million for your response. Like you I would like for the guys to include some of the beautiful duets from these shows in their regular repertoire. Not the least some of those performed by Piero – and “Miserere” could so absolutely be one of lthose. I don’t believe that Gianlucas low barrytone voice would be the right match here though – but Ignazio could no doubt carry it home. But I was thiking of another of Piero’s duets – namely “Los pescadores de Perlas” – the one he did with the pro. operasinger Gianfrano Montresor. I think that Gianluca might be able to lift that challenge with his barrytone – and THAT I would love to hear. Gianluca may not be exactly crazy about singing opera, but I am sure he can do it, if he wants, and it would be beautiful :-).
      I would also love for Gianluca to be able to sing his duets with respectively Aida (“Angel”) and Annalisa (“Shallow”) – but he needs a women match for same and I guess that even if Ignazio is dressed in a skirt of pink tull, it is not going to work…he he.
      Thanks for your input and all the best – Kirsten

  11. Thank you for describing perfectly the rainy concert! You’re a talented writer (which I am not), so I really appreciate your report. I wanted to experience a concert on Il Volo’s home turf, in Italy. I got tickets to both concerts, assuming they would probably be the same, although they’re never exactly the same- always a bit different. I’m glad I went to both. I’m only sorry I did not get to meet Daniela as we had planned, and most likely you, too. Perhaps another time, as I hope to attend another concert someday in Italy.

    Comparing Il Volo to other similar singers, I think what makes the difference is that Il Volo sings with such a “youthful exuberence”, a passion. One can tell they love to sing!
    Regarding Gianluca – sometimes the very beautiful people are self-conscious of their beauty and it makes them feel a bit awkward. I love his new look, although I’d like to see his naturally curly hair more. His baritone is great, no matter what he looks like. I’ve also noticed that Italian men are sure of their masculinity and aren’t intimidated by taller women. I’ve seen many such couples and admired them.
    Thanks again for your report.

    1. Thanks so very much for your very sweet words Malja. You make me blush… I love to write and I am only happy if anyone should like to read it as well, so of course it makes me feel good that you enjoyed reading my report. 🙂

      Oh you lucky lady being able to enjoy both concerts in Verona. I didn’t have the slightest idea, that it would be two different concerts with different repertoires and performers – if so, I would have done everything possible to have stayed in Italy and taken both in. But luckily we have the two “Canale 5” versions to enjoy letting me in on the program for the May 3rd concert as well. And yes, I would have loved to be in the Arena in dry weather as admittedly the rain did have an impact on everything Monday night. But I am pleased that I had the opportunity to go at all, so who am I to complaint ;-).

      I would have loved to meet you in the Arena as well. Daniela had planned for me to meet serveral other international fans – but I did totally give up moving about in the rain and stayed put in my seat for the entire evening. But hopefully we’ll get a new opportunity in the future and then we can hug and share thoughts.

      Take care and all the best. Love – Kirsten

  12. Thank you, Kirsten, for your lengthy description of the May 1st concert.
    Gianluca, to my 91 yr. old mind, is the best looking of the three and equally talented. If I were about 65 years younger, I would love to run barefoot through his gorgeous wavy hair!!! Ha! ha! Dream on, old lady! Dol.

    1. I totally agree with you, Dolores! 😍 No matter how old we are, we are still young at heart! I am still 18 years old in my mind! 😉😁

      1. Yes, Patti, and in my mind I will never grow older than 40 yrs. My mother, who lived to be 94 yrs. old, said “she would never grow up” and I have the same idea. Hugs to you, Patti! Dol

    2. Hello Dol. Your comment makes me smile :-).
      Luckily age is only a number and inside we are all beautiful young ladies in our mid twenties – or even younger ;-). So I should like to join you in that barefoot run ha ha. Dreaming is allowed – and our 3 lovely guyes are indeed handsome….
      Warmest regards – Kirsten

  13. I just finished watching night #1 of the concert you attended. This was quite different from one I had watched previously while it was basically the same concert. I wish the Beatles songs had been shown but maybe in yet another iteration of the show it will be presented. I had a similar reaction to Gianluca’s dance moves. He’s so cute you don’t want to criticize, but when he’s sounding more and more like Frank Sinatra and his golden voice I think he needs to show us Gianluca on stage, not his interpretation of Elvis, Old Blue Eyes, and Beatles. You nailed it and I completely agree. We love you Gianluca, please be you.
    I envy you all not only for being able to see the guys certainly more easily than I, but you know the words to the songs. I love when the guys put the mikes out to catch the audience, it seems to make them so happy and special. I want to do that too!😊. I am always awed by Ignazio’s musical abilities no matter the instrument. He really becomes the music! I so adore him. Unless Piero is singing, and I get chills catching his beautiful voice. I can’t say I like one more than the other, they are each so talented with special vocal abilities and qualities it isn’t possible to choose just one. I recently was in hospital for a pacemaker and as a welcome home gift my son gave me both the CD and DVD of the Detroit PBS special and I go to sleep every night with the CD.
    I hope they come back to Boston and Dallas soon. There’s a chance I could see them for the first time.❤️💗 my pacemaker assisted heart!🫶🏼

    1. Thank you so very much for your lovely response Muriel.

      I think that you are mixing the two concerts up as actually, the concert which I watched on Monday, May the 1st wasn’t the first one presented by “Canale 5” – it was actually the other way around. The first TV Show is the official second show presented on May 3rd in Verona + a few songs from my show pasted into same – while the second TV Show is the official first one presented on May 1st in Verona, and hence the one I watched. The one in the rain. Confused? Yes, it is confusing and I don’t understand why they decided to reverse the sequience in the TV versions. You mentioned not seeing/hearing The Beatles Medley sung by Gianluca on May 1st. It is there in the second TV show, so you shall still have the possibility of wathing it. And he did it beautifully :-).

      I agree – it is truly difficult if not impossible to choose between these 3 guys. They are each fantastic singers and wonderful individuals so they are a “full package” that cannot be split up. And I do sincerely hope that they will never do so in spite evolving in different directions.

      I’m sorry to hear about your pacemaker but do hope that by now you are already feeling better and that you within a year or so will be top tuned and ready for a live IL VOLO concert. I am convinced that in 2024 they’ll tour the US again – and you will get that opportuity.

      All the best – Kirsten

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