IL VOLO TO AIDA by Daniela

We fans like seeing Il Volo very much, it makes us feel good, it puts us in a good mood, it cheers up the evening, and therefore every occasion is excellent.
This time it is the opening event of the operatic year at the Arena di Verona, which turns 100 this year and therefore an appointment that will be broadcast live Instagram worldwide, and the chosen opera will be AIDA from Giuseppe Verdi.
An important event for which many excellent invitations have been made, who are expected on the red carpet for a brief interview, among the guests also Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, here they are on their arrival on the red carpet.
What can I say …. what a vision, what elegance ….. beautiful, natural, elegant, they advance on the red carpet, they are immediately joined by Gigliola Cinquetti, a well-known singer, now 75 years old, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964 . They are interviewed by Milly Carlucci.
MILLY= But I see some guys that we all know, here they are, they are Il Volo.
PIERO= Good evening.
MILLY= And there is also Gigliola Cinquetti.
MILLY= Here we talk about music, the music that takes our hearts, and then I must say that over the years the Arena has become a symbol of Italian culture in the world, a bit like all our music, let’s say “high” music in the world, it is the one that acts as a forerunner and you have felt the affection of many different countries, when you arrive perhaps bringing Italian romances, you are the example of the crossover between pop and opera.
IGNAZIO= We try to make many understand that music has no limits, and how the Arena has broken down the barriers of opera, it has broken down the barriers of the small audience and has reached the general public, opening the doors of the Arena also to popular music and pop music, we are very happy about this, because it has given the opportunity to make this temple of music known to more people. (Ignazio says this because years ago the Arena was only for opera, now there are also pop shows).
MILLY= You have been here many times for pop reasons, in the sense that you have sung here many times on non-opera occasions, but have you never seen an opera here?
PIERO= Never at the Arena di Verona, this is our first time.
MILLY= Then we have a debut.
PIERO= First opera at the Arena di Verona, we are honored to be present on such an important evening, and to see an opera that has marked the culture of our Italy. We are very happy and honoured.
MILLY= All right, do you have a sheet music with you to follow along? You don’t have it, now we’ll give you the sheet music, but you need the ear, Gigliola is right.
PIERO= But I advise the public to go and look for the curiosities of Aida on the internet, they are 5 beautiful curiosities.
MILLY= Really beautiful. I’ll let you go and take your places.
PIERO= Thank you, thank you very much.

Michele Torpedine was also present at the event.

As for the opera, it started 10 minutes late because a light rain fell at the beginning, but nothing to do with the pouring rain of the Il Volo concert.
The show began with the Frecce Tricolori passing through the Arena and the Italian national anthem sung by a choir wearing long dresses in the three colors of the Italian flag.
Here is the photo posted by Piero.

Very good singers and the whole orchestra, on the representation, the theater director wanted to amaze with a modern effect, very impactful, but let me tell you that I prefer the traditional version, this is obviously my personal opinion.

It was a surprise to see our beloved Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on television for this event, our eyes widened and what can I say a little vision.
Reserve these beautiful surprises for us again, we are waiting for you.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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  1. I saw Aida at the Baths of Caracalla many years ago. Much prefer the original version too.

    1. No question, I love the traditional version, Linda. Caracalla? It must have been a beautiful show, with real elephants, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. I think about the impact of these three young men on younger people. As children we may or may not have been exposed to “good” music. But as fans of Il Volo we are now exposed to music of Toscanini, La Traviotta, etc. It broadens Music Appreciation in the next generation. I think of Il Volo as Ambassadors of music. When they sing songs from the forties, fifties and forward they bring that music into the 21st century. I love that they sing Elton John, Queen, Puccini, Bocelli and others with equal impact. It’s so important for the next generation to understand the music of the past to understand the past. Music is key to unlocking and understanding the past. Recognizing the venue is important for the past but the spectrum of music heard within covers the future.

    1. Muriel, I agree with what you wrote, Il Volo has got us used to listening to a little opera, but it has also re-evaluated old songs that young people don’t even know. It’s so nice that they can wander between the past and the future. Unfortunately the very young refuse to listen to everything that is not strictly current and they are wrong, there is no future without a past.

  3. Hi Daniela and Pat! Pat the photos are so beautiful, what I add! Daniela I saw the interview on YOU TUBE and now I understand what was said! I cannot thank enough you for your translations, I’m always regretting that both my husband and I had not learned at an earlier age, now I’m lucky to remember my name!! It was a shame that he and his siblings never learned to speak Italian, their heritage but their grandparents forbid it…wanted them to be real Americans….what a tragedy! They were spoken to in Italian but had to answer in English, every time we’d go to Italy he could understand but struggled with speaking….by the end of a couple weeks he was doing pretty well!😉🇭🇺 Carol

    1. Such a pity Carol, that your husband hasn’t continued the tradition in the Italian language. But you can always learn even now.

    2. How unfortunate that the he never learned to speak Italian. Most households still spoke their native tongue at home. My Mom was 100% Polish and I know they must have spoken the language at home. But by the time my sis and I were born she had forgotten a lot of it. She taught us a few phrases and words and how to count to 10.

      1. Yes, he knew a few phrases and words. Up until he passed on Thanksgiving 2017 he still regretted it but you know how difficult it was and still is to go against your grandparents, I find the same thing with my grandchildren, they want to please you. Charlie’s grandmother ran the roost!! Nobody wanted to go against her wishes. He loved his heritage so much, my kids relate to being Italian and nothing in my background of German and English but then so do I! Italy is such a warm and loving people and place. I cook mostly Italian having learned from grandma every Sunday after Mass!!
        I agree it’s a shame he didn’t (none of his siblings have either)learn to speak, what he knew was mostly Sicilian as that’s where his grandparents were from (Patti) and in Milan when tried to converse with a gas station attendant they criticized his “southern dialect”, he was so furious we never went back!!🇭🇺🇺🇸🙏🏻🥰Carol

  4. “Some guys we all know” must sound so sweet after what they have had to put up with from Italian media.

    1. Yes, dear Gal, when they see Il Volo so beautiful and elegant, they all boast of calling him…….but Milly Carlucci is another who loves them, she wanted them in “Dancing with the Stars”.

  5. Thank you for this report, all the photos, and the translation of the interview. Yes, the guys of Il Volo are ambassadors of music, of bel canto, but also of all things Italian. We all know that, and finally Italy also recognizes that.

    1. Maija, it’s a shame not to be there in that little square now, while our beloved boys were passing by!!

  6. Such a great night for our young men! I wonder whether Piero was humming along throughout the concert?? Perhaps some day in the near future, he will perform opera himself. Dol.

    1. Yes, Dolores, I think the only one of the three who didn’t get tired that evening was Piero himself.
      It must have been a big party for him.

  7. First of all – Thank you, Daniella & Pat, for keeping us informed of the happenings about the Boys – we thirst so much for your lovely write-ups – the”Opera Aida” I can see Piero singing this in a large Arena – listening to him singing some of the bel canto Arias in the last concert on “YouTube” was stunning!! – what a voice!! – I love the beautiful story & music of Aida – it stirs emotions – didn’t Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca look splendid in their dark suits – they looked every bit the tall elegant handsome Italian gentlemen they are – they really are putting Italy on the map – well done!! – once again I appreciate your very titillating Editorial – much love.

    1. Jude, Aida has always been one of my favorite operas, I saw it right there in the Arena, as well as Traviata, Rigoletto, Tosca. It’s a beautiful show, to be enjoyed and Piero will surely have enjoyed all of this.

  8. thank you both for translation ,i bet they enjoyed and i am sure Piero was singing in his head ,one day Piero you will be in Opera your voice is amazing

    1. Yes, Pamela, and don’t miss my next article, it really talks about Piero and opera singing.

  9. Fico sempre ansiosa para recebe novos posts. É aqui onde encontro a melhor informação sobre tudo relacionado ao Il Volo. Que trabalho excelente vocês fazem! Obrigada Daniele, Pat, toda equipe.
    Grazie, grazie mille
    Dalva Nunes

    1. Dalva, che belo elogio você nos fez, e queremos mantê-la sempre informada sobre o que está acontecendo com nossos belos jovens.

  10. Daniela, I saw Aida at the ancient Greek theater in Siracusa in 2014. It was wonderful, but over 4 hours on a cement seat with no back–yikes! And later found out that I had missed Il Volo in Taormina by a day–I still sigh when I watch the video of that terrific concert. The guys look wonderful in your photos–nice to see Ignazio in a suit that fits!

    1. Judi, how wonderful Syracuse, I liked it very much, but what a rage to know that only the next day you could also be in Taormina to see them, our magnificent trio.
      I agree, Ignazio is really elegant with this type of suit, it suits him very much.

  11. What a nice invitation for the guys, they looked so handsome on the red carpet. Piero must have been in his glory, hope his day comes soon to sing in an opera with that fantastic voice of his. Thanks as always for the translations and beautiful videos.

    1. Beverly, I would say our guys on the red carpet were breathtaking. How much beauty, but we know that there is also a lot of skill.

  12. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the photos and translation of the videos. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca looked very elegant as usual. It’s always exciting to see the Frecci Tricolori and to hear the Italian National Anthem! The singer Gigliola Cinquetti looks wonderful and I enjoyed watching some videos, including the song she won at the 1964 Eurovision contest. We really learn so much more thanks to you and Il Volo!

  13. Well done Margaret, I’m happy to have piqued your curiosity and so you listened to “Non ho l’età” with which we won the Eurovision Song Contest.
    The Frecce Tricolori always give a shiver on the skin, just like our handsome men.

  14. Thanks Daniela for the translation i have seen the hole opera Aida and also the boys on the red carpet on Rain1 but i didnt understand what they have said . So thanks again.

  15. It was first time to me at Opera Festival at Arena di Verona and it was georgeous,but unfortunatly we were there at second evening so we didn’t met them,Il Volo ♥️ Favorite band of mine.Once I have been Il Volo’s live consert in Crakow and I’ll wait next one on Prague.
    I hope have possibility to meet them next year in Verona perhaps or to have them to performe here in Finlandia 🇫🇮
    Sincerely yours Päivi Kiili

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