And we have reached the week of the great free concert in Ascoli Piceno.
Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno is certainly a beautiful location, in fact it is also called “the drawing room of Italy”.
Despite all the various problems related to the delivery of the free tickets (we remind you that the concert was offered by the companies Fainplast and Panichi) everything went very well. In an adjacent square there was also the possibility of following the event on a big screen.

But let’s let today’s newspapers do the talking, I translate this article from PICENE CHRONICLES, for you.

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Almost two hours of concert for the trio composed by Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. Two thousand people sing the great classics of an ageless songbook.
Tributes to Endrigo, Morricone, Battiato, Dalla, Elvis and Sinatra. Then the final riot on the notes of “Grande Amore”:
“Being able to express emotions through the voice is a privilege”. Success of the evening offered by the companies Fainplast and Pamichi.
It ends with Piazza del Popolo standing up, mobile phones in video mode and the public singing “Grande Amore”, the song that in 2015 saw them triumph at the Sanremo Festival.
And if this too is not a triumph, we are close. From Ennio Morricone to Sergio Endrigo, from Lucio Dalla to Frank Sinatra, from Mia Martini to Celine Dion. A varied repertoire, no doubt. However, the timbre is unique. And it is that of Il Volo. The three “tenorini” who from TV, little more than teenagers, have known worldwide success, performing everywhere.
And that in Ascoli they find a new “debut” full of affection, reciprocated: “This is my second home, (Gianluca) we are happy to perform here for the first time”.
The confirmation comes directly from Gianluca Ginoble, from Abruzzo from Roseto, who together with the Sicilians Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto (born in Bologna but raised in Marsala) give life to the three musketeers of the Italian musical tradition.
A vibrant square (there were about 2,000 people) could not help but certify their vocal quality, after a 15-year career and after the direct experience of almost two hours of concerts, with an orchestra of 30 elements and a songbook skillfully weighted to enhance the quality of the trio and keep alive the memory of the great classics.
There are those who, on this Friday evening, have stood in line for hours, arriving to stay overnight in front of the box office, for what is undoubtedly the main event of the Picene summer. In the nearby Piazza Arringo there is also a huge screen that allows the many who have not been able to enter to enjoy the concert anyway.
A special evening therefore, offered by the companies Fainplast and Panichi as part of the multidisciplinary festival “Palco di Travertino”, organized by the Compagnia dei Folli.
Returning to the live, what to add. The beginning is fulminating, thanks to the Morriconian atmospheres of “L’estasi dell’oro”, from the epoch-making film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.
Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, in impeccable black suits despite the stifling heat, embark on a journey that leads them to rattle off one masterpiece after another, among which it is worth mentioning Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, Se telefonando, La Cura (I hope I’m up to it, says Gianluca before performing it, chapeau), Caruso, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Almeno tu nell’universo, Once upon a time in the west, My heart will go on.
And then again the homage to Endrigo with Canzone per te, and Lontano dagli occhi, then Can’t help falling in love by Elvis and My Way by the good Sinatra,
“We all come from four difficult years. First the pandemic, then the war. Many people have suffered and still suffer today. This is why last year we decided to include this song in the setlist. Since then we always sing it to dedicate it to those who didn’t make it and are still struggling .”
It is the prodrome to “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, followed by the standing ovation of the public.
“Being able to express emotions through the voice is a privilege. Our life changed when we were very young, we started traveling and touring the world. I repeat, we are privileged. Values and roots, however, have remained fundamental to remain what we really are and to constantly improve.”
More intense moments, therefore, which alternate with smiles, jokes with the public, the question “Olives or arrosticini?” (Ascoli is famous for its olives, Roseto for its arrosticini), Gianluca, despite the difficulty, gets along with a diplomat: “Let’s create a new recipe, we put them both on a skewer” and a visit to the audience during the performance of “Here’s to you”, a song taken from the film Sacco and Vanzetti.
But it is on stage that the three find their natural habitat, as consummate performers at the expense of their still young age, thirty years on average, and with the strength of a journey that began in 2009 thanks to the TV program “Ti lascio una canzone”. That’s why “O Sole Mio” the first song they performed together, can’t be missed.
How can’t miss “In the blue painted blue”. The square sings, here too, inevitably. And before the Sanremo finale, thanks, first of all to their manager Michele Torpedine, and then to Barbara Vitali, a real guardian angel: “They created us artistically, without them we wouldn’t be here”.
A thank you to which the listening public can do nothing but join. Especially after such an evening. The one offered by Battista Faraotti, who wanted to pay homage to Ascoli on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of his “Fainplast”.

From left: Battista Faraotti, his son Daniele, Stefano Panichi, Gianluca, Ignazio, Roberta Faraotti, Piero and Simone Panichi.








At the end of the song Il Volo greets the audience and Gianluca greets his two Sicilian colleagues as he, from Abruzzo, is in his second home. (Because Ascoli is in the Marche region, bordering on Abruzzo, much frequented by Gianluca as Ascoli is the city of his twin friends)

Roberta Faraotti, posted this nice comment:
Unforgettable !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Il Volo made our city shine and excited our hearts!!
 We worked 7 months.
A work team that defining exceptional is an understatement.

And here is the comment passed by the news of the Marche region.
We’re on the subject of shows.
Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli was not enough to contain the fans of Il Volo and their first performance in the Piceno capital.
Two hours in the company of timeless Italian and international hits, 70 years of songs with a few leaps back to opera. The listeners sang and danced together with Il Volo, a gift to the city of two local companies, through the tax mechanism of the Art Bonus (the possibility of companies to pay for events and be able to deduct a part of it, a rule made by the Italian State to disseminate art).
A much appreciated gift from Piazza del Popolo which proved to be the perfect setting for the music of Il Volo.
A summer with almost no concerts except for two exceptions to the rule, the Arena di Verona and Ascoli Piceno.
IGNAZIO= Absolutely, this summer we took some time off, because we are preparing the Arcimboldi concerts in September in Milan at the Arcimboldi theater (there are now 6 concerts in September).
GIANLUCA= I have many friends here, best friends, like a second family, for me it’s like being at home, I’m very excited to sing here for the people of Ascoli and for all the people who love us and have followed us for years.
PIERO= Are Sicilians allowed to be interviewed here in Ascoli?
SPEAKER= It’s allowed!
PIERO= It is the first time that I personally come to Ascoli….
IGNAZIO= Me too.
PIERO= ….I was really impressed by the architecture of the square, Italy always surprises, we have magnificent places and also the people here are really delicious.
Truly a beautiful event, all successful, despite the great heat.
Beautiful location and what about Il Volo? 
Wonderful voices, elegance, kindness, I have read many comments from the people of Ascoli and they are all enthusiastic.
The articles in the local newspapers are also very beautiful, which give credit to Il Volo.
Once again a beautiful concert, thanks Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
……. but there is still a lot to read….. see you soon:
Daniela 🤗 


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you Daniela, lovely rundown of the FREE show by Il Volo. I really think people everywhere love these 3 talented young men.

    1. It’s true Janice, they are loved everywhere, but don’t worry there are still many boys, especially here in Italy who speak out against Il Volo, and many people abroad who still don’t know them.

  2. Thank you so much Daniela. I would dearly love to see the boys in concert but the way you keep us up to date with all they do helps compensate for my disappointment. Meanwhile I live in hope that they will come to the UK sometime soon.

    1. Hi June Lamb, I’m glad you like my updates. Stay with us, there is still a lot to read and see. Thank you!

  3. Daniela and Pat,
    What a beautiful article! I really felt like I was right there. The newspaper articles were fantastic. Such well deserved love and admiration from the Italians, which they so rightly deserve.
    Their genuine humble attitudes of gratitude and kindness, shine through in every concert, year after year. They encompass so many outstanding qualities, besides their magnificent voices, that always sets them apart from everyone we see in the music industry today. ❤
    Thank you for this post and every post you give us!😊

    1. Hi Jane, you’re right, I was very happy reading those beautiful newspaper articles and there were also other very beautiful ones, but they were newspapers from the Marche-Abruzzo area. I would like to see national newspapers talk about them like this.
      Thanks again to you!!

  4. Once again Daniela thank you so much for bringing Piero ,Ignazio and Gianluca to us through your translations and photos. It must have been a wonderful concert with their spectacular voices. Now I am looking forward to the concert in Arcimboldi in September as I know somehow you will bring that to us. Many thanks again and have a wonderful summer.

    1. Surely Marion I’ll give you a good report, and maybe (fingers crossed) I can even go to at least one of those 6 concerts.
      But before that moment we will also have to read the event of August 3rd, I think it will be beautiful.

  5. Thanks for the update Daniela – so much appreciate them. But boy you must be sitting by that computer 24/7 as indeed these guys are on the go constantly! I have a hard time figuring out where they are the one day only to find them another place the next… So good to have you to keep track of them :-). Guess you are already busy with stuff relating to their current sporty charity activities… and I cannot wait to learn the details of same as I didn’t realize that they were likewise to play tennis! I did only think it was soccer… anyhow I am sure you will sort it all out for us. Thanks a million again Daiela – and likewise to you Pat – for your fantastic work for us!

    And so great to read the local articles that for sure are positive and appreciative of the guys. Trust it shall not be the last concert in this little town. Looks like a true lovely place and I should really have enjoyed sitting there in the middle of a lovely city square surrouded by beatiful architecture and under the stars in a warm summer night… in my dreams!

    All the best and love from cold Copenhagen, Denmark (16 C). Kirsten

    1. It’s true Kirsten, I thought I had nothing to publish to you after these and the Partita del Cuore, then Vip Master was added and I thought…..then that’s enough until September….but now there’s the event of August 3rd with Domingo and then a newspaper came out today with a nice interview of theirs. I’m happy to translate everything for you, but they never rest???

  6. What a pretty piazza! Looks like a lovely city, thank you once again for your translations and Pat for the videos….you gals are the best!! I never get tired of seeing their handsome faces or listening to their glorious voices! Gianluca was clearly thrilled to be singing in his second home!
    I too will look forward to the sports coverage, they are so well rounded….and always busy! It was also great to read what the local papers had to say about our guys…all of it so deserving, hopeful that spirit will catch on with the bigger cities press!! They are a National treasure…..and our International treasure!
    Thank you again…sending you some cool🧊💕💕love and lots of blessings to you and your families, Carol 🙏🏻🎶🎼❤️🤗🇺🇸🇮🇹

    1. Carol, the square is really very beautiful, I’ve never seen Ascoli, but I plan to visit it one day.
      Our boys seemed to be comfortable and their voices still great, despite the sweltering heat. Yes, Gianluca was happy to be in the cities he frequented the most.
      Thanks for your blessings!

  7. A wonderful reconnection to Il Volo. I second all that’s been said before me. lucky the people of Ascoli. Makes me feel a little remote over here in boiling Boston. Any news on the soccer game? Thank you from all the people who never say thank you.

    1. Hello, Boston girl, I’m a little late with the replies and therefore you’ve already read the event of the Partita del Cuore and also that of the Vip Master, don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated.

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat for another beautiful post. Every time I read about and watch the videos from the beautiful Il Volo concert in such beautiful scenery I think how much I would like to be there. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere and have everything. But thanks to you and all this beautiful articles we can move there for a while. Thanks a lot for keeping us update.

    1. Who are you telling, Jolanta, think of me who live here in Italy and I can’t follow them as I would like because of work. In particular I would have liked to go to Caserta, have you ever been there? Grazie dei bei complimenti!!

  9. Such a wonderful concert and beautiful location! Gianluca was so much in his element in his “second home”. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be there, too, Daniela and Pat!

    When he was singing “Grande Amore”, I noticed he was undoing another button or so of his black shirt. As if he isn’t gorgeous enough!!! And, when they sang “Here’s to you” he was practically mobbed by his fans and admirers, but took it all in stride and graciously so. Love that boy!!! Hugs, Dol.

    1. Dolores, we all love that boy and the other two too, I think all three are complementary, we like how they sing, but also their way of being, of behaving, of presenting themselves, they have received positive comments on this way of being too elegant, one more point in their favor. (as if they need it)

  10. I absolutely appreciate this very in-depth editorial on our Boys’ free concert in Ascoli Piceno Daniela & Pat – down under here in Australia – we would never have the advantage of seeing what they do if it were not for the creative reporting you do – reflecting on all the great things that Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca do – I really wonder if the World understands what a God given gift they are to us – they are clean – well mannered & conduct themselves like the Gentlemen they are – much love to you two beautiful girls – have a good week.

    1. I am so glad I can help Daniela bring these events to everyone. That is why we all love these guys…..we are lucky enough to be able to see some of these things that others do not. A big hug to you Jude! 🥰

    2. Don’t worry Jude, we at Flight Crew are coming to Australia to update you!
      I think that people (and now also some journalists) are starting to notice the difference, they are making comparisons with the current famous singers among the kids here in Italy and they realize that they are incapable artists and without good examples, nothing to copy. not even their way of dressing and behaving, often vulgar and rude.
      Il Volo wins over everything

  11. It would be hard to decide which was more wonderful–Ascoli’s magnificent square, our handsome guys, or the beautiful music they and the fine orchestra made–what an evening! Thanks, Daniela, for the many photos and videos, plus the translation of the terrific review. And now–what? An appearance at Placido’s concert–they are sure keeping you and Pat busy, and us Volovers happy!

    1. You said everything right, Judi, a wonderful evening and on August 3rd with Placido, I will give you a good report not only on the concert but also on that beautiful location.

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