September seemed far away, but in an instant it arrived, and with the beginning of the month, also the series of concerts in Milan and exactly at the Arcimboldi Theater.
It is the first time that Il Volo performs in a theatre.
Andrea Spinelli’s interview in the newspaper IL GIORNO is beautiful, which I translate for you.
IL GIORNO article – Click Here

Row 43, seat 8. The last seat left for the show with which Il Volo begins its stay at the Arcimboldi this evening vanished yesterday morning around lunchtime. And it could not have been otherwise given the request which, doubling the three concerts initially planned, transformed this theatrical debut by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble into a sort of “residency”. Six shows in eight days that see them engaged in the Bicocca (the district where the Arcimboldi Theater is) until next Saturday with a revised and corrected version of that “All for One” brought to Italian homes last spring from the Arena of Verona by winning the audience challenge.
How does the show change in the transition from TV to theater?
Barone= Next year we will celebrate fifteen years of our career, so we preferred not to go on tour and re-propose the Verona show, even if in a slightly more intimate way, on a single stage. That of the Arcimboldi.
Ginoble=We built the repertoire of the show with the idea of consolidating our musical evolution: three child prodigies, who have become three interpreters of character, each with his own personality. That’s why the innovation of ‘All for one’ is precisely that clearly outlines the characteristics of each one, in addition to that of the group that everyone already knows.
Why Milan?
Boschetto= Because the Arcimboldi theater is one of the most significant modern theaters we have in Italy and because bringing an arena performance into such a setting ends up making it necessarily resonate with a different intimacy.
Barone= And then in the two TV episodes we sang 60 songs, while in the theater we sang half of them: the best of.
In December you sang at the Forum.
Ginoble= Yes, but, having never performed in Italian theatres, we are curious to see the audience’s reaction in such a different setting. As happened on TV, to give vent to our personalities there will be solo moments. Five each. Piero will sing his opera arias, I will pay homage to Elvis and Ignazio the great female pop voices. And, speaking of Elvis, the show begins with the Straussian ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ also used by him in his shows in Las Vegas. An idea of Ignazio.
Speaking of audience reactions, where was the most unpredictable?
Barone= Once, in Vera Cruz, Mexico, we sang in an amphitheater with a small lake between the stage and the audience. At the end of the concert, people took to the water to come and hug us.
Ginoble= A young thing. Because there we have a younger audience than in Italy. Here we have, in fact, only the hit ‘Grande amore’, while there we have five or six. This has allowed us to grow together with our fans.
Tomorrow you will sing first at the Monza racetrack and then at the Arcimboldi.
Barone= When they ask you to sing the Mameli anthem before the Italian Grand Prix, how can you say no? In recent years, as well as in Monza, we have also done it in Imola, in Mugello, and it has always been an incredible emotion.

And in fact, I want to start first with the institutional event in Monza, to then dedicate myself completely to the concerts.


Always impeccable our boys!! ☺

And now we come to the concerts.

An amazing start, curtain closed and then the three of them, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. After the roar of the audience,
………silence and a beautiful Hallelujah a cappella opens the evening.

Spectacular, goosebumps.
Magnificent beginning followed by Grande Amore, and then greetings to the audience.
IGNAZIO= Hi Milanoooooo.
GIANLUCA= Good evening everyone.
IGNAZIO= (to Piero), Do you want to talk or do I?
PIERO= Speak
IGNAZIO= Good evening, welcome, we are finally back in concert.
In the theatre, our first theatre, it had never occurred to us to sing in the theater in Italy, but as a first impression everything is already much more intimate. We are much closer, we don’t have the risk of rain like in Verona. 😁
Thank you all so much for being here tonight, thank you.
GIANLUCA= I would say that after a break…..we are particularly excited, because after a break of almost 3-4 months, after a summer of vacation and relaxation, now we can start again, we need to warm up properly, but as Ignazio said, it is the first time in the theatre.
Finally we can have our Italian audience so close, in a more intimate concert, where we can perhaps best express our emotions, singing like never before.
PIERO= The need for the theater arose from the two television evenings that I hope at least many of you saw, from the Verona Arena concert ALL FOR ONE, to demonstrate to those who know us and those who don’t, our three personalities. Our deepest personalities and vocal characteristics and so tonight will be a musical journey across almost every genre.
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

There are so many videos and so many beautiful photos to see.
I’ll make a selection for you, but they are all beautiful.
Lots of amazing solos.
What a pity that I could not attend these concerts.


At the end of the song, Ignazio leans on the piano and sings “there is one more reason to tell you…… that we stay here”


Ignazio= E POI




E LUCEAN LE STELLE – Click Here to View the video


Ignazio= YOU MAKE ME FEEL (Ignazio plays the piano)






And then there are songs whose moments amaze you, like this one where Ignazio sings with Piero:
And moments of extreme sweetness, such as when, during the third evening, Gianluca gets off the stage and goes towards his girlfriend, takes her by the hand and brings an amazed Eleonora to the first steps of the stage, they sit down and hand in hand, Gianluca dedicates her a beautiful song with a deep meaning, LA CURA by Battiato.
The most important words of this beautiful song reiterate the love and dedication for always:
“I will save you from all melancholy
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
Yes, I’ll take care of you.”
A truly unique and special moment, full of love. At the end of the song Gianluca says “It’s our anniversary”.
A treasure of a man, our sweet Gianluca. ❤ ❤
And here is the lineup of songs sung the first few nights, but there were also some song changes the following nights.
Really challenging concerts!
1.   Hallelujah
2.   Grande Amore
3.   Almeno tu nell’universo
4.   Suspicious minds
5.   Mamma quel vino è generoso
6.   Nessun Dorma
7.   Io che non vivo
8.   Crazy little thing
9.   Una ragione di più
10. Lucevan le stelle
11. Estasi dell’oro
12. Se telefonando
13. Marechiare
14. My heart will go on
15. Beatles Medley
16. My way
17. Caruso
18. Medley Endrigo
19. Una poesia anche per te
20. La cura
21. Misere
22. Il mondo
23. Can’t help falling in love
24. E poi
25. No puede ser
26. Volare
27. Grande amore reprise
A nice Medley from the concert on September 4th.

The photos are numerous and beautiful.

You won’t believe it but it seems for once that the Italian critics are positive.
Many newspapers and news programs spoke well of them, including the national ones on RAI 1 and RAI 2.
A lot of people who didn’t know them at all are getting to know them and they like the “new face” of Il Volo.
Often, during the various evenings, there are “surprises” like when Ignazio sang accompanied by a violinist.
Or Gianluca who sang Angels by Robbie Williams on the fourth evening.
Gianluca= ANGELS
Or Ignazio who in the concert on September 3rd sang accompanied on guitar and vocals by Nico Arezzo, remember, the boy who is under Ignazio’s FLOKI label.
Ignazio+Nico= YOU MAKE ME FEEL


Radio RTL102.5, the most listened to radio station in Italy, was also present at the concert and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio were interviewed live from the RTL studios on 6 September.
I will make you a future article with an exhaustive translation of Il Volo’s visit to the radio.
In the video below, Il Volo with the two RTL 102.5 speakers present at the concert.

CLICK HERE – to view the video

And then also Federica Panicucci, who you will remember had presented, as sent by Canale 5, the two concerts at the Arena.
Here she is with our loved ones. The photo was published by Federica herself with this comment:
“Talent, genius, professionalism.
An amazing show. Thank you Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, for the unforgettable evening.”

Truly a week of beautiful concerts and well-deserved success, for their skill and their dedication to always improving.
I conclude with some of their words said in an interview:
“In recent years we have learned to know each other, there is great mutual esteem between us. I always tell Piero that I can’t wait to sit in the royal box to see him perform an opera. As we grow up, our personality and our artistic desires also develop, beyond Il Volo.”
Individually we also like to do other things. After 15 years we would like people to understand that there is much more.”
So, go ahead with your projects, we are sure that you will not disappoint us and we are ready to follow you and support you in your choices.
It will be amazing as always!! ❤❤❤
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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  1. Gracias Daniela,por tu artículo ,siempre captando y traduciendo y transmitiendo con tus palabras con fotos con videos lo esencial ,lo que realmente conmueve de ese Maravilloso grupo que es el objeto de mi profunda Admiración. ! Desde Colombia un abrazo fuerte de tu seguidora Luz Adriana Toro.
    Me permito comentar algo sobre ellos ,surgido siempre del fondo ee ki Corazón de rendida amante de IL VOLO ! ,de los tres !!!!

    Ellos son Inmensos, !que veladas maravillosas ofrecen ! , que sentimientos inmensos producen con cada canción, con cada intervención ,con cada gesto con cada muestra de cariño entre ellos ,con cada sonrisa, con cada amabilidad con el público.
    °Cuando cantan juntos (es la mejor parte siempre, para mi ), Se ve a leguas a la gente embelesada con la conjunción de tonos y armonías, logrando que la audiencia se rinda de una sola vez y para siempre a sus pies!!
    !Es allí ,al verlos juntos ,cuando todos emprendemos vuelo al Paraíso de dónde nunca quisiéramos regresar !
    °Cuando hacen dúos es maravillosa la expectativa que producen y las explosiones de entrega que generan .
    °Cuando hacen sus solos , llevan a la gente por caminos llenos de agradables y coloridos paisajes .
    Es decir sólo ellos tres son capaces de hacer de una velada una experiencia maravillosa, y es valido esto para los afortunados y envidiados asistentes a los distintos escenarios, como para los que nos aferramos a nuestras pantallas para ver sus videos , sus transmisiones ,sus reels ,en las publicaciones oficiales y profesionales como ilvoloflightcrw y todo aquello que podamos captar gracias al internet
    Parafraseando al Caballero Barone : ¿Que sería de sus fervientes seguidores sin esa ilusión diaria en mi caso, de verlos y oírlos a los tres juntos ,como el grupo que son ?
    Es más :
    ¿Que sería de ellos sin cada uno de ellos?
    Admiración, cariño y respeto desde Colombia.

    1. Dios mío, Luz Adriana, tienes unas palabras tan bonitas para nuestros muchachos. Más hermoso que cualquier cosa que pudiera decir pero que ya siento. Ciertamente has expresado mis sentimientos con palabras. ¡Muchas gracias!

    2. As always Adriana Luz, you wrote beautiful and truthful words. It’s just like that for many people listening to their songs is a balm and here in the theater people were able to sing along with theirs, how wonderful. 🙂

    3. Such a nice long comment but it would be even nicer if we could have it translated so we could read what she has to say.

  2. So many videos to enjoy, Daniela and Patti, I haven’t gone to church because I will experience a bit of Heaven listening to our Il Volo today! Now, I’ll start the videos — so many!!! Hugs, Dol.

    1. This was certainly a very large and wonderful post by Daniela! I’m glad you liked it, Dolores. So much to see and listen to! 😍💗🎵

    2. Dolores, you make me laugh by saying that you won’t go to church because you have to enjoy a little bit of paradise……I hope everything was to your liking.

  3. Thank you so much love love them. They just keep getting better I hope they come back to the US in 2024

    1. Angela will definitely be back. Yes, their improvements are so evident, they didn’t rest “on their laurels”, they continued to study and improve.

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat for translating and so many beautiful videos, it was such a pleasure to watch them. These were such wonderful concerts in the beautiful theatre. It’s a pity you couldn’t be there Daniela. Grazie mille. Bacci e abbracci.

    1. Thank you so much Jolanta!!
      I am happy not to have been able to go to Milan, which is so close, too many commitments in this period for my family, but there will certainly be new opportunities.

  5. So happy to get this, Daniela and Pat! And so happy it all went so well for the guys (would love to see a few of the best comments by the Italian press.) Surprising that this is a first for them in an Italian theater, as they’ve done so many in the U.S. and elsewhere. I didn’t recognize Nico with his beard and longer hair (and Ignazio looks terrific with his hair shorter now, but then he always does.) With all the great videos and photos, this post is a keeper!

    1. Yes Judi, first time in Italian theatres, but I would say successfully.
      Nico is no longer part of the Floki label, but this does double honor to Ignazio who wanted him on stage without ulterior motives, but only dictated by friendship. Great Ignazio!

  6. I’m glad we could make you happy, Judi! 😄 Daniela did a wonderful job gathering all the photos and videos!

  7. Thanks Daniela and Pat for this great post giving a very fine impression of these lovely concerts. As you know – my husband and I were attending the concert on September the third and had a fantastic evening. We were sad that you were not able to join us for this concert – but it was wonderful to meet up with you and spend an evening with you in Brescia👍❤️ I have still not fully captured the concert experience yet – and still being in Italy enjoying our summer holiday on an intensive self drive tour – it will take some time before I am back home, By then I’ll write my personal review and make it available to you and The Flight Crew should you be interested. Right now I’ll enjoy yet a week of beautiful Italy and warm and lovely weather.
    Warmest regards – Kirsten, Denmark 🇩🇰

    1. Naturally I await your review, without hurry. Our evening in Brescia was lovely and I was very happy to meet you and Steen. Now enjoy the good weather here in Italy and when you return home think about the concert you saw and write about it.

  8. Thank you Daniela for including the video of Gianluca singing to Eleonora. I remember that Ignacio made the remark that Gianluca “trades in” his girlfriends every two years.
    So now we are at the two year mark with Eleonora. Looks like he has found the right one at last.

    1. Gail, that video touched my heart. Gianluca is a great treasure and this time I think he is very much in love, for once Ignazio was wrong, Gian and Eleonora celebrated two years together and I am happy about it. I also saw shyness in Eleonora’s attitude, I think that her “way of being” in the photos doesn’t correspond so much to her character.

      1. You are right, Daniela. After seeing candid pictures of them during their holidays, Eleonora certainly doesn’t come across as a “shrinking violet”. I just wish her beautiful hair had not covered her face so much in the video and we could have seen her reactions more. Gian appears so much in love and I hope it is returned by Eleonora. Dol

  9. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all the wonderful photos and videos. I’m so glad to hear that some of the Italian press has finally recognized how talented they are and have given them some good reviews. It certainly took them long enough to realize what the rest of us have known right from the beginning.

    1. Cathy, I am extremely happy about this, something is changing in the reports of the Italian press. There is a wonderful review that I can’t wait to translate for you.

  10. I was so excited to open the computer today a find this gem of reporting…well done Daniela and Pat. It was a feast for the eyes and ears and always my heart! Thank you thank you!!
    All the translations…. I’m looking forward to the radio interview with our three lovelies💖💖💖.
    The videos were wonderful and so many, it was almost as good as being at the concert…..but then probably not! I have enjoyed every minute of the hours I spent reading and listening, you girls really out did yourselves.
    I was also very touched by Gian’s song to Eleanora, what a beautiful couple and love. He really is special, every woman’s dream…and there is something so sensual about the Italian language….but the way they look at each other…ooooh ! Eleanora is finally looking more comfortable (alittle) being in front of the audience ….it’s was sooo sweet and he’d is. Do you ever wonder if Piero and Ignazio wish for the same!? I wish it for them!
    I’m sorry you didn’t get to any of the concerts Daniela, that must have been hard being so close (at least compared to US). I still dream of coming to Italy to see them but also can’t wait for their tour here in 2024??….I’m hoping!
    Much affection for both of you for the work you do to bring theses stories to all of us….Grazie Mille Carol🎼🎤☮️🥰🙏💛💜💙🧡❤️💚🌻🇺🇸🇮🇹

    1. You’re so welcome, Carol! I am happy to be able to help Daniela share these stories. This post was a “beast” as I told Daniela! 🤣 And I loved it! Hugs to you! 😘

    2. Carol, what great compliments. Of course, being present at the concert is another thing, but sometimes you perceive the various nuances better by watching and re-watching the videos, which allow you not to miss any moments, while in presence you are so enveloped by the euphoria and the atmosphere and in for a moment everything seems over.
      I’m translating the entire radio interview, don’t worry it will arrive soon.

  11. Oh Pat and Daniela, aren’t they just more wonderful with the passing years. They give you so much to share with us. This was such a treat to read, and it is because of your dedication to us and these “boys” we love.

    1. I’m so glad to be able to help, Kay. I think the guys continue to get better and better. 😊 They take my breath away.

    2. Kay, as I said, these guys never disappoint us, their improvement is so evident, and we are all aware and happy about it.

  12. Daniela and Pat, you two have reached the height of reporting on our young men. You certainly outdid yourselves this time. I am happy that the Italian press (at least some of them) now realize the treasure they have in their hands. We knew it from the beginning of their career. You have continuously given us the best, most up-to-date, information possible and we appreciate it immensely. I’m looking forward to another tour of the USA, the country that first welcomed them with open arms.

    1. Thank you, Rose Marie. Like I told Carol earlier this post was a “beast”. Daniela gathered all the photos and videos. That is the hardest part. I just get to make it pretty!

    2. I, on the other hand, want to see them at work in Greece, I think there is a lot of expectation from the Greek fans and you, who will be there, must absorb everything and report back to us. It will be great!

  13. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the the information on the boys concert ,i like when they show their individual voices ,Piero should now consider his his love to go into Opera he is amazing ,the song Misere sang by Piero and Ignazio was was fantastic ,one day maybe Ignazio will go his way with producing and finding new talent he will be great at it ,i am now getting excited to see them in Bulgaria ,regards

    1. Pamela, I also really love their individuality, while appreciating the overall harmonies. The a cappella song was fantastic. Happy concert in Bulgaria, tell me everything.

    1. Dalva thanks for the compliments, it was impossible that you didn’t like this series of videos of beautiful songs.

  14. I’ve been thinking again about the concerts in Milan. So recently, in Verona, they gave two long concerts. When the Italian public were given a chance to see them in person so soon at three concerts, they demanded an additional three.
    Is it safe to say they have arrived? In spite of the spiteful press?

    1. Gail, let’s say that they are very loved by the Italian public. The press has always been spiteful towards them, always proposing them as “old”, in fact they are not followed by a young audience, but something is changing and you will notice it as soon as I publish a couple of newly published interviews.

  15. Brava Daniela, and thank you! From all they do there is excellence and joy. I love their adventures and their challenge to us to follow along and be entertained. I hope 2024 brings another chance to experience their amazing voices, and personalities, in person. Bravi ragazzi!

      1. Daniela, I just love the way you “talk” to us in your columns, saying “wait, I’ll look for the article for you”, as if we were speaking face to face. Such a lovely way of reporting, and so personal to each of us! Hugs to you and Patti, Dol.

  16. Hugs to you too, Dolores! It really does feel like we are all just sitting here face to face talking. 😀

  17. There’s so much to this post to digest, I’m still working on it and letting other things fall by the wayside-wonderful doesn’t do it justice! WOW!

    1. I hope you were able to read and see everything, Mark, because those three, they never stop and there is always so much to read.

  18. Once again an excellent job. I have been watching the videos every day and it looked like the concerts were awesome and the audiences were so appreciative of the guys. The only thing my day was ruined when I read that article and they said they weren’t going to tour next year. I had already planned on purchasing a front row seat. It’s not like I am young, 81 next February and not sure how long I have here. I loved the duet with Piero and Ignazio, All the performances were super and I wish I could come to Italy but wouldn’t know what they were saying and that’s half the fun of the show. Thanks to all who contributed to this great work above.

    1. Beverly, I’m glad you enjoyed everything.
      You don’t have to worry if you heard that they might not come to the concert, things are evolving day by day. Would you have thought before the pandemic hit, that we would be stuck for over two years? Everything was already planned and everything was upset, but then everything worked out.

  19. How can anyone, least of all the Italian media, find anything wrong with what the guys do, say or sing? I understand that you said they weren’t critical this time but they have been? You know I have a deep love and respect for Il Volo as a group and as individuals. I’ve watched American talent be drawn into the world of alcohol and drugs while these guys who travel happily with their families ( Ok, their Mothers) are strong young men of quality character. No drugs to mess them up.
    I really want to talk about their beautiful love, The song Gianluca sang to his beautiful Eleanor brought tears to my eyes. It was respect in Spades. That so rarely happens in America. But Gianluca acknowledged a special date, meaningful only to the two of them. I really thought that when he knelt before her he would pop the question.

    I’m always on YouTube looking for new videos of these amazing young men. And I’m rarely unable to find them. The Flight Crew does such a great job of keeping us up to date on all their activities and concerts. That you are bi-lingual and able to translate for us helps us understand what they’re talking about. Thank you.

    The New York City marathon is close so will Piero travel alone for it or is there a concert in the Park planned? I’m an hour north of Boston and five north of New York City and I’d crawl on my hands and knees to get there were you to say they had an open concert planned. How much I’d love to see them live.

    Thanks to the whole team for all their work in supporting the boys. For allowing us to vicariously enjoy their concerts and appearances.

    Much love,
    Muriel from New Hampshire USA

    1. They also traveled with their fathers. Piero’s father traveled with him as his mother doesn’t fly, and the other two fathers also came several times.

    2. Instead Muriel is exactly like that, here in Italy, the press has always hindered and criticized them and we have often thought that this situation was thought up by someone who has very influential friends in the world of music.
      Now there seems to be a change, and it’s about time. Yes, it’s true they have always had impeccable behavior, they were small and traveled with their mothers or as Penina says well, even with their fathers, this aspect didn’t seem like a positive thing for our journalists either. Evidently what is beautiful is what is rude, aggressive, brazen, badly dressed, everything that our young men have never been.

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