With Il Volo you never get bored, once a project is finished they immediately start another.
Piero has just returned from a good performance at the New York Marathon and gave an interview to the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. Here is the video with English subtitles, made by Donalee of Il Volo American Fan Group We Are Love whom we thank so much!!

La Gazzetta dello Sport article – Click Here


There isn’t much time to rest after this marathon, because Il Volo has announced this new tour in China, and it’s imminent.
Great news! From the end of November we’ll be performing some shows in China. 🇨🇳
Here’s the first date, stay tuned for more announcements:
24.11.2023 – Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall, Guangzhou
In reality there should be three dates, but for now only the first date has been confirmed by Il Volo.

Meanwhile, our three favorites have locked themselves in the recording room and are preparing new projects that we fans will await with great joy!!
Ernesto is also part of the new project as a songwriter.
I can’t wait to hear the results, I’m sure they will amaze us. 🥰

The various Italian newspapers are talking about Il Volo to understand whether or not they will participate in the Sanremo Festival, but the news is not yet confirmed.
Instead, while browsing through the various articles, I found this interesting one published by Prima Brescia, a Brescia-based newspaper, because if you remember, I told you that the orchestra that recently accompanied Il Volo in their events was actually from Brescia.
Here is the article and I translate for you only the part that concerns Il Volo.

Prima Brescia article – Click Here

The orchestra conductor who directed the young opera trio Il Volo speaks from Brescia.

His CV has plenty to tell, but recently many people from Brescia have recognized him on television and on tour with the opera trio Il Volo. Maestro Edmondo Moses Savio reconfirms himself as a Brescian pride. His involvement with one of the most followed musical trios of all time, starting from that fateful 2009 year in which Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble formed themselves as a group, was as a preparator and choir director at the Arena di Verona for the two concerts, on 1 and 3 May this year which were broadcast on time by Canale 5.

From Manerbio (a small town in the province of Brescia) to the direction of the Il Volo Orchestra

An occasion allowed the Maestro from Manerbio to be noticed for his professional qualities and ability to perceive change and bring the latter to the heights of the voices and instrumentalists he directs. The collaboration continues outside the borders of Verona in various concerts, in the role of conductor: in Ascoli in Piazza del Popolo last 21 July, at the Arcimboldi theater in Milan from 2 to 9 September, in mid-September a private concert for the American Embassy in Rome, back in the Verona Arena for the Tim Music Awards last September 20th broadcast on Rai 1.
“After the post-production in May for Canale 5 I was contacted for a zero date in Ascoli, if everything had gone well I would have continued at the Arcimboldi. An experience that makes you deal with needs and requirements different from the traditional ones in which there is no time to ‘philosophize’ everything takes place quickly, in the same day – said the director – I continued the summer with concerts scheduled with the Giuseppe Verdi Opera Choir of Brescia, and in August the call arrived to conduct the concerts in Milan.”

From opera to pop rhythms

A change of dynamics in orchestral conducting in the world of pop in which the man from Manerbio has been able to navigate at his best.
“An experience that I consider a very interesting parenthesis between the lyrical and baroque repertoire that I frequent the most – commented Savio – My first approach to the pop world was with the album by Renato Zero, (Italian singer) but with Il Volo we have gone further, into a field that is not the traditional one of classical music, in this case there is the need to stick to the times of making TV, there is the need to hear recommendations that may apparently seem superfluous but are subsequently found and they must be managed on a practical side, as happened in the two experiences in the Arena. It can be strange at first, but then by activating problem solving skills and experiencing this environment more and more, you discover very interesting dynamics.”
The interview then continues talking about maestro Savio’s other projects.
In the photo the maestro with Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.

In recent days, Ignazio has published a beautiful photo of himself after going to the barber. The photo attracted the admiration of many fans and a newspaper wrote this nice article which I will translate for you. Read the final part carefully, full of beautiful words towards Il Volo.

Sulmona Oggi article – Click Here

Il Volo, Ignazio Boschetto changes his look and drives the fans crazy: what he did ?
Ignazio Boschetto of Il Volo suddenly changed his look: fans said they were over the moon with his new image.
The singer is certainly one of the most loved in the world of Italian and global entertainment, precisely because he was able to immediately attract the attention of the general public. He did it thanks to his friendliness and his talent, with which he was able to make space for himself in the musical field. It all started when he joined the musical trio Il Volo together with Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone. Since then, their musical path has literally taken off.

Now, waiting for their next work projects, Ignazio showed off a brand new look and all the fans went crazy.
Ignazio Boschetto changes his look: he is very different.
The famous singer of Il Volo appeared on social media very different from how we were used to seeing him: the artist has in fact decided to renew his appearance and his shot is now making the rounds on the web. Until now, everyone was in fact used to seeing him with semi-long hair and an irresistible beard: this was precisely the aspect that has always distinguished him since the beginning of his career.
Now things have changed, and Ignazio has opted for a clean cut to his hair but, above all, for a mustache that has attracted the attention of fans. A photograph of him while he is at his trusted beauty salon, which guaranteed him an impeccable look, is making the rounds on the web. Fans are already excited and can’t help but notice the singer’s beauty, despite his change in appearance.
In fact, numerous comments are arriving from followers, who have not missed the opportunity to comment and compliment him. “You are magnificent,” one of them wrote. And again: “This look suits you very much”, “You are truly divine”, “Splendid Ignazio”. It must be said that the messages from web users come from all over the world, also because the famous Il Volo trio is much loved all over the planet. The group has in fact fully represented Italy throughout the planet since the first moment it set foot in the world of entertainment.
Since then, the three have stood out for their grace, simplicity and above all for their impeccable talent. A voice, that of Il Volo, which will certainly remain in the history of world music.

And now let’s enjoy this beautiful ice skating performance done a few days ago in Slovakia, I don’t know what event it is or even the name of the skater, but I’m sure of its musical basis: Il Mondo sung by Il Volo!!! ❤️

To view the ice skating performance – Click Here

This week has also been intense with work, who knows what they will be recording in the recording studio, there will certainly be many new features and also many changes, the time has come for Il Volo to show its professional growth, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, not they are more kids to guide in the world of music, they are mature men who have worked hard and who now want to demonstrate their artistic maturity to everyone. And we will be there to applaud them!! 🥰🥰🥰
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Haven’t read all of the article yet, but if they are locked in a recording room, maybe it’s good news and we’ll FINALLY have some more CD’s we can listen to. It’s been a very long time since their last offering. Can’t wait to buy them up, if possible. Now on to reading the rest! Hugs, Dol.

    1. Dolores, I too want to listen to their new work, there will certainly be many changes and perhaps there will be many complaints, but I am confident in their talent and taste.

    2. I think we are all anxiously awaiting the new sounds the new music, their new steps in to the world of music if you had great guidance in the past, but now it’s time to watch them step out and be who they are. I can’t imagine any of it will be any less than spectacular, waiting anxiously in West Virginia

  2. Viviane le Strat 17h04
    Hello Daniela, your article is so magnificent! our Il Volo boys have grown and progressed over the years! this maturity, this change of look their extraordinary vocal performances, they continue to progress!!! I have only seen them on stage twice in Cervia in July 2018 and this year on May 3, 2023 in Verona, I live in Brittany France, I don’t know if I could travel again for the third time but let’s hope that they come to Paris it would be more accessible for me now given my state of health! Soon China, then Japan, the whole world loves them and they deserve it!!! Thank you dear Il VoLo for giving us so much happiness!

    1. They are truly loved all over the world and deserve their success, Viviane. I’m sorry we didn’t meet in Verona, of course I was there on the day of the big rain!
      Let’s hope they come to France soon.

  3. Viviane Le Strat 17h09
    Hello Daniela, your article is so magnificent! our Il Volo boys have grown and progressed over the years! this maturity, this change of look their extraordinary vocal performances, they continue to progress!!! I have only seen them on stage twice in Cervia in July 2018 and this year on May 3, 2023 in Verona, I live in Brittany France, I don’t know if I could travel again for the third time but let’s hope that they come to Paris it would be more accessible for me now given my state of health! Soon China, then Japan, the whole world loves them and they deserve it!!! Thank you dear Il VoLo for giving us so much happiness!

  4. Thank you Daniela. It’s always a joy to read of what the 3 Il Volo guys are doing. I, like many others, have watched them grow up to become the most handsome and talented young men.

    1. Sherry, I think most of us have followed them since they were little kids and a “Grande Amore” developed within us!! Impossible not to adore them.

  5. Merci Daniela c’est toujours un plaisir de te lire même si on les connait très bien ta façon de les décrire et de raconter leurs histoires nous fait voyager ! Ils ont tellement de talent des voix hors du commun je les aime les trois mais ma préférence va a Ignazio pour sa voix qui vient d’une autre planète et son humour qui nous fait bien rire !Ils sont tous les trois tellement gentils et humbles Merci encore Daniela

    1. Bonjour Paule, merci beaucoup pour les gentils compliments.
      Que puis-je dire, Ignazio est très aimé, cela ne fait aucun doute, en réalité tous les trois sont très aimés, mais comme c’est naturel, chacun a ses propres préférences.

  6. Hi Daniela, thank you once again for an informative and lovely article about our three favorite men! Watching them grow from cute teens to gorgeous men with ever increasing and magnificent talent has been pure pleasure. I’m very excited about possibly having new music out for our listening pleasure…especially since they were in America last year and not since 😭! I’m also excited to hear that Erny is joining them as a song writer, very anxious to hear what they have accomplished! Big hugs, Carol 🎼🎤💖💖💖🤍💙💛🙏☮️🤗

  7. Carol, don’t be sad, they won’t be touring the U.S. this year. (at least so it seems), but we will hear a lot about them and I won’t let you miss their news, if they then go to Sanremo there will be a lot to read, listen to and see.
    I’m also happy that Ernesto is starting a role as a music writer.

  8. A new post from Daniela is always a great way to start the day! And lots of news–China came up so quickly! And the article about Ignazio’s new look–but let’s face it, he’s a handsome guy no matter the goatee or hair style. Your Maestro Savio has really been busy with the guys, Daniela. (I’ve been wondering what has happened to their former conductor for many concerts–the one who did that cute ending with Ignazio on Unchained Melody?) And I loved the skating video too. Looking forward now to a new cd (I’m sure we’ll love it!) and maybe even a surprise for Christmas.

    1. Let’s say it, Judi, Ignazio is a nice guy!! Yes, maestro Savio was very busy with our kids, but I bet that when they go to China and Japan, maestro Rota will be there, because he follows more the classical trend. We will see!

  9. Thank you Daniela for including the skating video. I have loved hearing them sing Il Mondo since they first started. It’s my favorite and still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Can’t wait for the new cd. And Ignazio. So handsome.

    1. I’ve known that song since I was a little girl and Jimmi Fontana sang it, it was an immediate favorite and still retains its charm. I really like that skating video too and the music is tops!

  10. Thanks for a wonderful post, Daniela. I think Ignazio’s new “look” is fantastic however he always looks great. It’s hard to believe so many years have passed since their debut, but just looking at and hearing them makes one realize… Looking forward to some new stuff!

    1. Our children have become men, Judith, but they still retain their charm, in fact it has increased. I too can’t wait to hear their new works.

  11. Hello Daniela & Pat from Queensland – you have done it again – raised my heart rate to dizzy heights – you give so much of yourselves – your time – research & love to us – we certainly appreciate it – Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca are so fortunate to have you wonderful girls always sharing & caring the best of them to their fans – I feel Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca are doing more for World Peace than any Politician could ever do – the three of them could become roving diplomats!! – China – Wow!! – what an amazing accomplishment – the Chinese people will adore them – Japan – another Wow coming up Daniela & Pat – the Japanese people absolutely adore the Boys – I saw the concert on YouTube – Ignazio’s new look is sensational!! – & those dimples – oh Wow!! – another Wow – sorry lovely girls – I can’t help myself & I know you feel the same way – just love hearing from you – you are the sweetest girls I know!! – much love.

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments, Jude. I love being able to help Daniela share IL VOLO news with everyone. 😊

    2. Double wow for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca who are about to leave for China and then Japan, excellent results, even if no one here in Italy talks about it.
      Thanks for the compliments Jude and please slow down and enjoy everything we write.

  12. Bravo à vous Daniela, je vous suis depuis peu et merci …….
    Je suis Il Volo depuis 2018, je suis du Québec, Canada
    Comme plusieurs Ignazio est mon préféré, il a une voix extraordinaire et il est très drôle!!!!

    1. Salut Ginette du Canada, je suis Il Volo depuis 2015 et mon préféré est aussi Ignazio, mais j’aime les trois.
      Restez avec nous, il y aura toujours de quoi lire !

  13. That’s right Daniela with Il volo we never get bored. I’m looking forward the new CD and I’m sure it will be great and the debut of Ernesto as a songwriter, will be interesting. I like very much the new look of Ignazio. Thank you Daniela and Pat for keeping us update. Hugs😘

    1. Jolanta, who knows what they will propose to us, there will certainly be changes but let’s hope not upheavals. They have a lot to give without losing their identity. By the way, I wish you a happy birthday here too!! 🙂

  14. Thanks again so very much Daniela and Pat for pampering with the latest updates and background details etc. I enjoyed the interview with Piero very much. What a wonderful pleasant, humble and well formulated man he has turned into. He is pure delight to listen to. So down to Earth, low speaking and with deep passion. I really likes him more and more. And what a fantastic strong will and stamina he possess – when he sets a goal he’ll definitely go for it 110 per cent keeping focus all the time. I applaud him for his latest accomplishments within his musical environment but not the least in his private life and pursues. He is going to get far in life! And oh dear Ignazio going for a new look. I truly like his new hairstyle and not the least his almost clean shaved face. The latter allows for his cute and very charming dimples to be visible, so much better😋😜❤️ The whole makeover makes him look a bit younger which I find all fine. So thumbs up on my behalf.

    I can hardly wait to learn the content of their upcoming CD. I do indeed look forward to hearing it, but – as the always somewhat worrying person I am – I am also a bit nervous as to how different a sound and style they are going to present to us this time. I sense they are aiming especially at a younger segment this time, so will the songs appeal as well to us original fans loving them for their Bel Canto and more classical approaches? And will there be more soli and less harmonies? While I love their soli at concerts enjoying their individual beautiful voices very much, well, then the real magic doesn’t truly evolve until they sing together in harmonies giving us the true Il Volo sound, so hopefully they are aware and will give us that as well. Ernesto as song writer – I hadn’t seen that come. I know he was involved with the arrangements of Gianlucas soli in Verona this spring, but I thought it more technical stuff than genuine song writing. I have really no idea what to expect in that respect not recalling having ever heard him sing nor play the piano, so it’s going to be interesting… I thought that maybe Ignazio would have composed a couple of original songs having previously written the trailer tune for a TV Series, so that would not surprise me. OMG these guys keep us in such an suspense 😋😜❤️
    Thanks again for your great work and
    Greetings from Denmark – Kirsten

    1. You’re welcome, Kirsten! Our guys could sing the telephone directory to me and I would love it just as much! 😂🤣

    2. Kirsten, I also don’t know what to expect from their new work, but they will certainly be aimed at a younger audience, without ever forgetting their style and their harmonizations, which are their main characteristic. It all depends on how they will be received by the press, because honestly Italian music has fallen very low lately, thanks to really dull and out of tune singers who are praised by the Italian press and who are very bad examples even for our young kids who take a lot of cues of life from their horrible songs.
      Now we are really scraping the barrel and many good singers are rebelling against this type of success, tired of witnessing countless singers who are out of breath and who sing with autotune, brought into vogue by social media. So I am confident that this current climate can benefit Il Volo which on its side has ways of singing in harmony and fantastic voices that are always in tune, as well as themselves who present themselves as beautiful models of sobriety and education. Now I just hope there are good songs for them!! Ernesto has been trying to enter the field for some time, first as a music advisor, “Love is moving” was suggested by Ernesto, and other choices during this year’s concert in Verona were suggested by him, then I trust his nose.
      Now we just have to wait and then we will evaluate the results. At the beginning of December the names of the participants in Sanremo will be revealed.

  15. Please tell the powers to be that we need a new performance DVD. We have worn out the existing ones. Pompia was bad (the drummer drowned out ill Volo! Santa Crusa my favorite with Detroit naxt!

  16. I have a feeling that the much anticipated new offering, mostly by an already worldwide following, will do one of two things. Either it will enchant that following with new tunes they just can’t get out of their minds or it will greatly disappoint that following and cause much upheaval in their fan base, to the point of turning many away, just to try to get younger generations to come on board. Is it worth the risk to, what has been up to this point, an incredible success story, the vast majority of “would be singers” never quite achieve-actually never come close. I’d hate to see this experiment become a big bruise on their careers and dry up all the love they hold their hands by a world of adoring fans. We will shortly know what is to be, and perhaps I’m just panicking over nothing. All I know is, the Estefan thing seems to be never mentioned or performed in part or the whole.

    1. I wish they would release some of the songs on that CD they made only for South Americans. The Spanish songs are lovely.
      Someone should tell them that everyone likes the Italian and Spanish songs and they shouldn’t cut them from concerts in English speaking countries.

  17. I know I am a bit late to the party, but I haven’t been receiving any notifications for the past few weeks. I am having problems with the Interview with Piero after the marathon. I clicked on the link, which I actually found on one of the other Facebook websites. As I am not a member I asked to join, but as it is a group I have not heard from I don’t know how long it takes for admin to process my request.

    Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

    Roz 🙂

    1. Hi Roz! I just checked and your email address is still on our subscriber list. Have you checked your email spam folder for notifications? Sometimes I will have mail go there from people that I have received emails from in the past. For some reason some of them end up there. Was it the Il Volo American Fan Group We Are Love that you asked to join? That is where the video is. I am a member of that group but I don’t know how often the admin check for join requests. Let me know if you don’t get a response and I will try to contact the admin, Donalee. 😊

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