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For info on the Panama youth day vigil tonight 6:30p Panama time and Mass tomorrow, scroll all the way to the end.

Yesterday on the official page of IL VOLO was published this beautiful message from our boys:

message 01

Hi  #ilvolovers! We are almost ready! We promised you a 2019 full of surprises and start immediately!

On February 22nd our new album “Musica” will be released, and shortly we will communicate in the stories the link to the PRE ORDER AVAILABLE FROM TODAY on Amazon.

We are leaving for Panama, tomorrow we will sing for the Pope, the emotion is great and in these days we can not think of anything else, but as you know, we are preparing for another important event … Sanremo festival and we can not wait to present the single “Musica che resta” on the stage of the Ariston!

You are ready?

Yes, you got it right, the new CD, the CD of pop-lyric music, will be released on February 22nd. In it, is the new song that will be presented at Sanremo MUSICA CHE RESTA will also be contained.

For now you can pre-order on Amazon.

This will be a month full of events, the Sanremo Festival is getting closer and closer.

Meanwhile, the cities of our boys begin to encourage.

I LOVE NARO the city of the baroque, has published this post:

message 02

“It would be nice that all the Narese would share this post in the Facebook profile since our fellow citizen Piero Barone brings ever higher our beloved city of Naro.

Musica Che Resta is a song by Il Volo.

It is the song with which they participate in Sanremo 2019.

For the trio this is the second time on the stage of the Ariston, after the victory of Sanremo 2015 with Grande Amore.

The song speaks of a love and the strength it gives to move forward:

“Love hug me, I want to protect you, we are the sun on a rainy day, tonight hold me, kiss my soul, we are true music that remains.”

The text of Musica Che Resta was written, among others, by a great name of Italian rock music: Gianna Nannini.”


message 03

This is the beautiful banner hanging above the bar in the middle of the square of Montepagano !! The inhabitants of Gianluca are really nice.

Also this event was published: Tuesday, January 29 press conference of IL VOLO where they will exhibit their projects for the year 2019 and 2020 ……….. surely they also talk about the tour !!!!

message 06


But in the meantime our boys are certainly not resting.

Yesterday they left for PANAMA for the WYD event.

G = Just arrived at the Amsterdam airport, ready for this flight to Panama, about 12 hours, but it will be a magnificent experience. Follow us on this journey.

P = Boys, we are in Amsterdam, we will soon board the flight to Panama, because tomorrow we will sing in front of Pope Francis, for the World Youth Day. Hello.

(the sweet Barbara is always with them)

Ignazio: Hi everyone! We’ve just wrapped up the shooting of “Musica Che Resta” video.

Gianluca: This Saturday we’ll experience a great emotion because we’ll sing a very special “Ave Maria” for Pope Francis in Panama.

Piero: As you know, when we’ll come back in Italy Sanremo Festival awaits us, to sing for the first time our new song. We can’t wait to present you, let you listen our new single “Musica Che Resta” on stage at the Ariston theater. 


In fact, two days ago the filming of the new video ended, little is known of it, but it seems to have been made in Milan.

G = We are recording the video with a great director, Mauro Russo.

MR = Come on Gianluca, you cannot say that we are recording the video, now we are not doing anything.

G = Look what kind. We are doing a masterpiece.

message 04

……. and there is someone who has a lot of fun, during makeup sessions….our Ignazio is too funny. 😂 😂


message 05

I am very excited! We will see the boys sing in front of the Pope and to thousands and thousands of young people from all over the world. Simply fantastic!

At 6:30 pm (Panama time) today, the vigil in Panama will begin and the boys may sing.

Sunday at 8.00 am (Panama time) there will be Mass, where our boys will sing the Ave Maria.

For those who want to follow the live streaming please try the link below.

TV2000 Live link – Click Here

(This link may not work for those in the United States.)

Also, EWTN is carrying live World Youth Day coverage on their cable channel.

If you don’t have that channel on your cable line-up you can view a live stream on the EWTN website.

EWTN Live Stream – Click Here


message 07

So, are you all ready for the great news of the next days?

I am waiting for you all for the comments and your impressions.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Gianluca is telling us about a novelty, today they will go to do a photo shoot, (or maybe a video) in the marble quarries of Massa Carrara.

G = Hello everyone, today we will have the privilege of doing a photo shoot in the marble quarries of Massa Carrara, I’ll show you how wonderful.

You got it, right ??

They are in Massa Carrara, in those caves, where Michelangelo wandered around to take the most beautiful marble, from which his fantastic statues would come out.

massa carrara 01

G = We are ready for today’s photo shoot, Paolo is removing the dark circles from me, I need it.

There is Ignazio who is doing his hair.

massa carrara 02

massa carrara 03

G = ready for this adventure?


The road to get to the top is not very easy, and there are cliffs and someone is scared.

Michele = But where the hell are you leading me?

I = Michele (laugh)

I = Here there is someone who is afraid …. Michele, Michele (laugh) Michele, come on, we are still low, we are high at 600 meters.

Michele = No, no. There is still the precipice.

I = Michele … Michele … Micheluzzo

G = It’s very cold, a nice hot tea!

massa carrara 04

G= We are returning to the base for the lunch break.

P = Hello

G = It’s very cold …… what a marvel.

G = I show you, there are some sculptures …. there are oxen ….. there is the quadratore (stone cutter) ….. then look how wonderful. Bye

massa carrara 05

massa carrara 06

Maybe it’s not just any photo shoot, but it could be the cover of their new CD, you think, do you like the setting?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


I will translate this beautiful article.

Il Mattino Article – Click Here

pope 01

The dream finally comes true and the three young artists of IL VOLO can sing in the presence of Pope Francis their special Ave Maria dedicated to him on the occasion of the 2017 Jubilee of Mercy. The occasion will be the World Youth Day, which will take place at Panama from 22 to 27 January next.

The three artists will perform during the vigil ceremony of the evening of January 26, in Campus San Giovanni Paolo II, where it is expected the presence of over a million people and the simultaneous transmission worldwide monovision of the event that will precede the Mass that the Pope will celebrate on Sunday 27 January.

“How to describe such a profound emotion? We are three young people – say Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio  – among millions of young people like us, with the privilege of completing a dream: to sing on such an important occasion for such a special audience, the Pope and the beautiful youth.”

pope 02

They had promised it to Bergoglio on the occasion of the private audience granted to them to donate to the Pope the first copy of their song Ave Maria Mater Misericordiaè with the intent of being able to perform it live in his presence.

This event will be an opportunity to meet young people from all over the world and live with them an experience of faith and communion.

With all of them Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio will sing a few pieces of the Latin American popular repertoire on the same occasion of the vigil. “2019 is the year of our tenth anniversary – the three artists add – and could not start better, giving us a unique opportunity that will accompany us forever in the memories of our career and our lives.”

pope 03

Here the Pope’s program:

January 23 = 9:35 hours departure from Rome, arrival in Panama 4:50 pm

January 24 = Meeting with the President of the Republic of Panama and later with the bishops and inauguration of the WYD.

January 25 = Meeting with the inmates and Via Crucis.

January 26 = Mass from the S. Maria la Antigua Cathedral.

6:30 pm Vigil with young people in the San Juan Pablo II camp.

January 27 = 8 am, Mass for WYD, visit to the Buen Samaritano house, meeting with the GMG volunteers in the Estadio Rommel Fernandez.

At 6:15 pm, return to Rome.

IL VOLO should sing at the Vigil with the youth, where they will sing songs of entertainment of the Latin American tradition and then at the Mass of the WYD where the Ave Maria Mater Misericordiaè will be sung.

pope 04

It is because of Poland that we expect this to happen, because of the missed opportunity for IL VOLO to sing in Poland at the World Youth Day 2016.

What a thrill, singing in front of the Pope and the immense audience of people.

We will be glued to the television to see this incredible event.

Ever more proud of our boys.


Credit to owners of all photos.


An evening like so many, I scroll the television programs, and find nothing interesting.

Some images capture my interest, they are on RAI 5 and the images concern Sicily.

I stop to look at this beautiful island that I had the pleasure of visiting, far and wide, last year.

It is a beautiful program that combines images with beautiful verses of poets who have described these beauties.

taormina 01

At a certain point it speaks of Taormina and of the beautiful Greek Theater, and while an “off camera” voice describes the theater, in the background a music that I recognize well : UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE, performed by IL VOLO

With amazement I’m even more interested in it, it’s a cultural program and who thought that IL VOLO was suitable to decant its beauty. 

I did not expect this surprise.

Daniela Ci, was able to reproduce the video of the moment in which there are our boys.

Look at it, it’s worth it.

I translate the background words, because they are really beautiful.


The theater of Taormina is so wonderfully situated, that there is certainly no other comparable point in the world.

Where are the people who could do such things?

Where are the men capable of building, for the fun of the crowds, buildings like this?

Those men, those of the past, had a soul and eyes, which did not resemble our own.

In their veins, with blood, flowed, something that disappeared: love and admiration for beauty.

J.W.GOETHE Trip in Italy 1787

Beyond the high rock wall that rises to peak, not far from the beach, there are two rocks, connected by a semicircle, whose shape, whatever it was by nature, has been transformed by art, so as to make it a hemicycle amphitheater for spectators.

At the foot and transversely to the stepped hemicycle, the scene was built, joining the two rocks and thus completing a gigantic work of art and nature.

If we place ourselves at the highest point, occupied by the ancient spectators, we must recognize that never, probably, a theater audience will see something similar.

taormina 02

I had the chills, looking at those images, listening to those beautiful and appropriate words of the ancient poets and listening to the sweetness of our guys’ song ……. and you?


Credit to owners of photos and video.


Today we want to share with you some good news.

Our new Facebook page is born and it’s called IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW FANPAGE 

fan page 01

for those who already have Facebook or for all those who want to follow us in this mode.

On this page you will find all the posts that are published on this blog and edited by Jana, Kelly, Pat and Daniela and anyone who wants to post, but there will also be all the photos, videos and the latest news, published in real time by Daniela Ci.

She already publishes on the Instagram page of Flight Crew, and now it will keep us updated also on Facebook.

It will be easy to interact and even post likes or comments.

Heres the link:


The page will look like this from mobile phone

fan page 02

and like so from the PC.

fan page 03

We await your comments !!