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In Case you Missed It ~~ Holidays with The Guys and an Invitation…

reporter_aeroporto_megacityHey Everyone!

The holidays keep everyone busy with family and friends–the way it should be.  🙂  So I thought you might have missed some of the holiday photos and greetings The Guys shared.  Aren’t they good to us?

I’m a poor substitute for Linda, but I will try to bring you up to speed.  We miss you, Linda!


by LiJoy
by LiJoy



by LiJoy
by LiJoy



by LiJoy
by LiJoy




I hope you all had a great holiday!  Now pack your bags and head to the airport.  We’re leaving for Piero’s home town to see him named Ambassador of Naro!

Il Volo FC Campollo di Licata Città dArte
Formal invitation; Il Volo FC Campollo di Licata Città dArte

Athina via LiJoy; Facebook

“Piero Barone‬ is the pride of ‪‎Naro‬.  Piero will be named “Ambassador of Naro in the world” by the Mayor of Naro, Calogero Cremona, on Sunday, Dec 28th, at 16:30 in a ceremony held at San Francesco Church. ‪‎Gianluca Ginoble‬ and ‪Ignazio Boschetto‬ will also be present in the event.”

Click here —> sicilian press covering the event ~~ Athina via LiJoy

Click here —> Piero Barone — Ambassador of Naro ~~ All About Il Volo




See you at the airport! gala

~~ Kelly