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The Three by Susan De Bartoli

No not these three!

These three! Ignazio, Giada, and Michele!

Those of you who follow my stories follow the people who I follow. Those of you who are new to Il Volo or new to my stories, let me introduce you to Giada Luppi and let me tell you about The Three!

Giada Luppi is a world champion roller skater and she is also a phenomenal singer.
Let me start by telling you a little bit about Giada the skater.
Giada has a story that is very similar to Il Volo’s story because like Il Volo, from a very young age she has dedicated her life to her career ~ in her case, skating.

In October 2021, I wrote an article about Giada after she won the Junior World Figure Skating Championships. So, you might ask yourself, why am I, a writer who writes about Il Volo, writing a story about a World Championships Figure Skater? Read my story and you will know the answer.

Giada Luppi is from Crespellano-Valsamoggia, in the province of Bologna. She has been skating since she was five years old. She has won two European Championships and five Italian championships, and she has won the Junior World Figure Skating Championships. This translates to two European golds, in 2019 and in Riccione, two world championship silvers and five titles at the Italian championships. Her win was in the junior world champion in the free single program at the World Figure Skating Championship. An amazing career for the young Emilian skater. Her artistic skills, strength and gracefulness is a perfect mix that has allowed her in recent years to establish herself nationally and internationally. Always to the rhythm of music, which never fails in her workouts, Giada prefers to work out to a lot of soul music, including Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, but also Giorgia, Mia Martini, Mina, Alex Britti.
Over the last week, we couldn’t help but notice Giada’s great achievements! She won the 2023 Italian Figure Skating Championships and she released a new song! Principe!

Giada has a beautiful voice that I could listen to all day! She has a soulful voice that is very expressive, and her passionate delivery is always impeccable! It’s amazing that such feelings come from so young a singer. She has feelings and emotions that usually come along with age. She’s deep!
Whether skating or singing, Giada always gives her best. She delivers on the rink and she delivers on the stage. I see a beautiful future for Giada!
After winning her medal, Giada posted…
I’ve been skating for 15 years now, yet every single time I enter the track it’s like it’s the first, it’s an unmanageable, terrifying and wonderful emotion…Indescribable…
I am proud to have been able to compete in the first place, despite my bone edema that I have been carrying with me since October and above all I am happy to have been able to choreograph both programs this year … I really hope that my emotions can be bounced from my heart to the track and to all the people who have followed me.
This Italian championship has been a tornado of emotions… Maybe the best of my entire career, maybe my biggest revenge… in short, a huge satisfaction.
I want to thank all the people who believed in me, sometimes even more than I believed in myself.
Giada thanked he coaches and her team for all their support and for being a second family to her.
Giada went on to thank, “my wonderful friends for always being close to me, and finally my Wonderful Angel ~ thank you for all the work we have done together, for training me with your patience and your love, for being there as a friend, for always being there at all times without ever leaving me … My beautiful butterfly this is our dream, we realized it together and it’s all ours… I miss you to💔 death.”
Who is this Angel Giada referring to?
Perhaps this interview will explain it!

Interviewer: Giada Luppi for the first time Italian Senior Champion even a little surprisingly, Ponte di Legno gold medal. How did it go?
Giada: I am very happy because I have returned from a bad injury which is always one of the wounds always that of last year’s world championships which I carry with me very sadly, but at the same time I am very happy for having brought home another medal and above all in the maximum missed category which was really an unexpected result for me and for all my team but I’m satisfied all the sacrifices were found screaming, second, second place.

Interviewer: What made the difference even with so much competition?
Giada: Yes, lots and lots of competition. And what made the difference I believe it is always mental work, ultimately mental and yes, be mentally ready, be ready to attack the track, despite the level being very high, always focus on yourself and try to give your best by thinking do not frustrate the work done at home.

Interviewer: What about these past very difficult months, I know there is a special dedication for this victory too.
Giada: Yes, I dedicated my medal to Michele Sica. He is a friend of mine and former coach who, however, has now flown to heaven (died). It was very exciting to skate for him because I believe he was there with me in sight always and I have to say I feel him. I just feel the presence of his person. He was always with me, and this gives me so much strength.
The relationship we had was both a friend of mine because we aged together for so many years and he also was my coach and my idol. When I was little he was already Segna in the top category, and he really always won. He was so much to me!  It was truly an honor for me to recognize him, it is a great pain.
As you can see Giada is a phenomenal skater but what does this have to do with Ignazio and Michele. Giada, the singer, is produced and managed by Ignazio and Michele.

Giada has a very clear idea about her future. “I will compete a few more years because I think I have already dedicated so much of my life to skating and then I would like to devote myself completely to music.”
Certainly, Giada is not ready to hang up her skates. Giada’s proves skating and singing are not incompatible activities. She would like to carry on these two passions, on the model of the R&B star Usher.
Giada says, “Skating is part of my life, while singing started as an outlet and then became a necessity, something I can’t do without.”
So, what does Giada say about what skating does for her? “It brings out my personality!” And what a personality she has.
You can follow Giada on Instagram   @giada_lupacchiotta and on Facebook Giada Luppi.
Let me say one final word about Giada, the skater. Skating is her whole life, and Giada credits her mother for always being there for her. She has a mother who supports her and leads her by inspiration.

Giada said of her mother: “You and I always lift each other up. You are my light!”
In Giada I see a lot of the qualities of Ignazio.
So now let’s turn to Ignazio…

Enter Ignazio!
He is the voice that never ends! The voice that intrigues! The voice that takes your breath away! The voice that leads you to ecstasy!

During the pandemic, Ignazio proved to us that being in quarantine doesn’t quarantine your mind. No, it opens your mind to different ways of producing! This video showed just how brilliant this man is. He wouldn’t be held back by his circumstances. He felt a need to produce and even though the moment didn’t allow it, he found a way to overcome his confinement and sing out! An absolutely phenomenal performance by Ignazio! And let’s not forget the amazing men who accompanied him. Giampiero Grani, Alessandro Quarta, Bruno Farinelli, Gino de Vita, Pierluigi Mingotti and Andrea Morelli.
Ignazio’s experience and love of the production has led him to take a giant step into his future!

It seems our, sexy, romantic, Italian tenor/producer knows how to move and shake in the music industry!

If there’s one thing I can say about Ignazio, he is a dreamer and he always has his eyes open for young talent. Ignazio’s dream is to help other young people have the opportunity he had along with Piero and Gianluca.

From when he was on the competition circuit, Ignazio always wanted healthy competition and fair opportunities for everyone. His failure to see this in the competitions led him to almost give up his dreams. He never wants to see that happen to another young person. What better way to help these young people than to give them the opportunity to record with a small label run by a very famous person who is the epitome of music!  
I predict that someday that small label will become a leader in the music industry!

Let’s talk about that label!
In January 2020 Ignazio, at age 25 started his own production company ~ Floki Productions. Does that surprise you?  It doesn’t surprise me. It makes a lot of sense to me.
Floki Productions I’m sure is Ignazio’s dream.
And how did Ignazio come up with the name Floki for his production company? He says….
I took the name of my label from the Viking shipbuilder Hrafna-Floki Vilgerðarson. As a fan of the TV series Vikings, Floki seemed like the right reference for the desire to get involved in this new adventure, because if you want to reach the continent from an island you can jump into the sea at the risk of drowning or invent something.

Working through a small label gives you the opportunity to follow means, believing in people even before the project and following them step by step in their path, discarding logic on the side.
Ignazio signed Giada Luppi to a contract with Floki in 2021!

I mention that Giada has some of Ignazio’s qualities. For one, she is very determined, she is also sweet, and kind and she loves sharing her life and her career with her fans.
Giada like Ignazio is a song writer. She has written over 60 songs! So, I have to ask the same question that I’ve asked Ignazio. When do you sleep? She must be taking lessons from Ignazio!
And who might her manger be?

Enter Michele Torpedine….
With her debut single, in collaboration with Ignazio and manager Michele Torpedine, she entered what she hoped would become her career in the entertainment world. But in the meantime, Giada says, “I dream of singing and skating together, why not? I will compete for a few more years, then my life will be music.”
Giada continues, “In the future I would like to continue to walk the road of music, but without hanging up my skates. I will compete a few more years because I think I have already dedicated so much of my life to skating and I would like to devote myself completely to music.”
It seems Michele and Ignazio are happy to walk that road with Giada.
In his book, Michele talks about the guys and how when he met them, he met the right people. Michele said….

I have many enemies, which will increase after this book but, I met the right people: Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone.

Yes, as you can tell from the title of the book, when I met them and put them together as a trio, they were so young… to think that ten years have already passed! With them and with their families, good people, a relationship was born that goes far beyond the professional one.

Together we joke and laugh, then we get serious, enjoying worldwide successes: but the human side, their being real and clean, for me is an added value, which is priceless. And, especially in this environment, is a rare commodity.

It’s so hard to be told ‘thank you.’ For this reason, the boys, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are different: grateful, so much so that I had to tell them to stop making my name and thanking me during interviews or at the end of the concerts, everything seems prepared.
Michele has always been thankful for being able to get back into the game with such honest young men. Recently Michele talked about this at an event which he attended with Giada. No doubt Michele decided to take Giada on because he saw in her a nice respectable young lady who has values like the guys and who will allow him to continue on this wonderful path of honesty and integrity.
So, this is also the story of how Michele found a new life first in Il Volo and now in Giada. The best way to explain this is probably to say Michele realized after Il Volo that honesty and truth can be found in the young.
Recently, Michele joined Giada at the Eurocommunication Awards. It was an award ceremony dedicated to women where Giada won the award for her dedication to sports and fair play in the sport!
To reward Giada’s already consolidated sporting career was Ruggero AlcanteriniNational President of the Italian Fair Play Committee, who gave the young champion an official CONI badge.
Below the video is some of what was said by Michele and Giada.

Michele is a record producer, television personality, drummer and Italian music manager of high-level artists.
Interviewer: We are with Michele Torpedine producer to the stars.
Michele talks about some people who he managed before Il Volo then he talked about Il Volo.
Michele: Let’s begin with the afternoon of the three. I had many disappointments, despite all that I had.
At a certain point, the director of Ti Lascio una Canzone had an idea to put the three together for a song.
I signed them immediately.
As to Giada, Michele said, “We rely on her, and we know that she will be participating in a new era of music. I certainly hope it is condensed very well.
Interviewer: Giada is a world champion of figure skating who has also launched herself into the world of entertainment most recently with the beautiful song “Principe.”
Interviewer (to Giada):  Thank you very much. We are already ready for the artistic roller-skating champion who is starting a new adventure.
Giada: Actively I’m trying to throw myself into my musical bed. Because in addition to my recent passion for figure skating and being led to win a championship this year, I have a totally different matter which is singing music and so I’m trying to bring myself to this stage where I would like to transform my life. I would like to transform the music and my position level of my work.
Interviewer: And so how much of your sporting life are you putting to help you.
Giada: In my musical world in any case, I want to bring music and sport together and as much as possible I am always part of music and the music I feel as part of the sport. So, I’m trying to integrate everything and bring it together myself. That is, that the will always wins so much more.
What I will say about Michele is something I always say about Ignazio. He is, they are, brilliant!

              The genius of Michele will live on in Ignazio!

In my interview, I asked Giada the question that everyone is thinking about right now. “How did you meet Michele and Ignazio?”
Giada said: I was at a competition in 2018 and I met Michele. Not long after that he contacted me, and we started a collaboration. After that he introduced me to Ignazio. Most of the work with Michele right now is to combine the music with the skating.
My final question to Giada was, “What would you like people to know about you.”
Giada: I dedicate myself a lot to songwriting. I write my songs on piano.
It seems Giada is also an accomplished pianist who writes her own songs.
I told you I see a lot of Ignazio in Giada. A very ambitious young lady who takes her career in skating and singing into her own hands and makes a beautiful presentation whether singing or skating! She is a composer, singer and skater who choreographs her own programs for competition! Again I have to ask the question! Do you ever sleep?
So now you have heard the story of The Three no, not Il Volo but Ignazio, Giada and Michele. I can see that Giada has had a phenomenal career in skating and I have no doubt she will have a phenomenal career as a singer!
For your listening pleasure I give you the REAL THREE!
Il Volo full concert in Taormina June 1, 2017 NotteMagica Tour

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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