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Keepsake Book ~~ The Guys Receive Them in Palermo!

Hey, Everyone!

We received this e-mail from Lydka this morning:

Hello Marie,
I have to ask because I’m curious.:-) I saw photos in which boys received presents from fans.It can be seen on the pictures that they also got a book and Piero views the book and me came to mind this idea, that maybe it is book from Il Volo Flight Crew ! 🙂 Marie, is it possible?

She provided pictures from someone named Victoria (Lydka, tell me if I’m wrong so I can give correct credit [CORRECTION:  Thank you to Philly Sara for taking/posting these pictures!]), and…..

…YES!  It’s more than possible!  IT’S TRUE!

I knew that they had received them, because LiJoy told me before she boarded  the plane for home last night, but it is still very exciting to see how it happened.  For some reason it never occurred to me that they might have received them during the show!

Thank you, LiJoy, for taking our gift to them! 


Here’s how many people saw the presentation of our Keepsake book!